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I finally did it.

This is a true account of how I finally turned my wife into an out of control whore for black cocks. I recorded the events on my computer which allowed me recreate the event in writing. I tried to be as specific and detailed as possible hoping that it may help you turn your wife. First, I must say that in the beginning I really didn’t believe that I could turn my wife into a slut nor did I believe that most white woman could be turned either despite what you read on the internet, I NOW BELIEVE I WAS WRONG. As a side note, it seems that in almost every story you read on int... Continue»
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Swapping Moms

Disclaimer: this is a story which really happened. It was told to me by my friend yadhav who asked me to publish this story.
Swapping moms part 1

How Yadav seduced lata

Two years back, it was the time that Yadav’s school life was finished and a long three months lie ahead of him to choose his future. All he had was free time. To relieve from boredom, he surfed the internet a lot and in one such ins
... Continue»
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Ashley's Going Away Party (sequel to The Teac

ASHLEY'S GOING AWAY PARTY (sequel to The Teachers’ Lounge Peeper)

I remember that sweet little piece of fuck meat named Ashley. It was several years ago when we got ahold of that delicious slice of pink.

She spied on us through the lounge window and got turned on watching us double fuck that slut Harwell. Harwell... what a great fuck! But Ashley... holy shit! No contest. That girl could fuck better on her first time than Harwell did after a half a dozen times, and we even DPed Harwell. We didn't even get to do that to Ashley, at least not the first time.

You might think it's weird th... Continue»
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Mrs. Carter's Boys Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lauri Carter was, in all outward appearances, the typical housewife and mother. She attended church regularly with her f****y, made it to all P.T.A. meetings, assisted with all charity drives, baked goods sales, school fundraisers, sl**povers, campouts, you name it. In fact, she was nominated, more than once, for a local Mother of the Year Award, winning once. She was the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect example to all, so much so that most of the other wives in town were jealous, more, envious, of Laurie, unable to understand how she did it all, what her secret was, to pu... Continue»
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Mrs. Carter's Boys Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Laurie awoke at five a.m., trying to remember the previous night, realizing that she was completely naked and that there must have been a tremendous amount of cum in her. She slowly and weakly gathered herself, raising from the end of the couch, smiling so hard that it hurt. She scampered off to her bed, knowing that Peter would not be home for at least a day and a half and that P.J., if he came home at all that day, would probably stroll in hours later. Laurie could rake up her robe and thong and run off to punish her pussy to the vague remembrance of her latest, exquisite ren... Continue»
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Next, Cum On In

Very early in our relationship, I noticed that my boyfriend (now husband) liked watching me with other men. In fact, that's how we met. I moved in pretty much as soon as we began dating. He was a sports fanatic and usually had guys watching some game. Sometimes I watched and sometimes I stayed in the bedroom.
In my first week there during a game day, I went to the room to lay down and fell asl**p. He came in to check on me and added he really needed a blowjob. I agreed and he went to make sure everyone was busy so he could slip out and get a blowjob. Without saying a word, he came back in the... Continue»
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2nd TV Cottaging trip, And so Friday Cums...

So... Where were we.. Ah yes. Post that evening (A Tuesday I think) I had a few exciting times in my hotel room, and I went shopping in an adult store for the 1st time. (I was literally shaking when I went in) I bought a douche set, some lube, condoms and a butt plug.

I also bought some lingerie(For my girlfriend I didn't have at the time ) and more shaving stuff , Again shaking like a leaf!

I didn't go into the toilets until the Friday, although I wondered past a few times on my usual route from work to car, I did see a couple of familiar faces either near or at the doorway of the toile... Continue»
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Hot Kenzie

This is not my story. I had copied it from xhamster years ago. Found on PC, so hot had to share.

This story in no way implies that any of the characters mentioned or
involved in it would do any of the things contained within the story --
i.e. I am not claiming that they are gay and the story should not be
construed in such a way.

The central character in this story is Kenzie (real name James McKenzie),
who these days is basically a celebrity DJ and a personal trainer in the
gym he runs with his mate. He first rose to fame as part of Blazin Squad, a
British pop/rap group, then... Continue»
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TV's 1st Cottaging Experience

I think I was late to the races with my bi sexual tenancies, I was 23 years old, I happened across an old park toilets in an old Victorian park. I wasn't from that area, I was just working there, It was on my way back from a job, to my car and I needed the toilet, so in I went...

It had 4 x stalls, and the usual trough on the left, I definitely disturbed some activity when I went in, a toilet door closed and people quickly adjusted themselves @ the trough...

It was only lit by one working light at the rear on the ceiling, so it was just enough light to see what was going on, without bein... Continue»
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Sissy CD TV Prison style GangBang

BBC Sissy Gangbang Part One

by Fiona Fucked

I want to hear from you about this email me: Bitch at Fiona Fucked dot com or check me on Xhamster

Now on to the story. Let me set the scene.

My name is Mike, as a "Gurl" I go by Fiona. I am a gay man, mid thrities,
white, 5' 9'

165, reasonably handsome, both in and out of women's clothes. One of the

ways I express my sexuality is to dress as a woman and get fucked by

other men. Preferably in a humiliating situation, with several guys fucking

Just one of my kinks.


This night was the second time I had gone with A... Continue»
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Married Milf Asian Gangbanged by BBC

Sorry for the english it's not my native
This happened during Tourist season in my local area. Where im from we use Mini Van's for public transportation mostly a bit older version. At the end of a working day i was waiting for some transport going home, and mostly the mini van's are overloaded with people so i tend to wait till one passes that isnt that full. And after a few mins i was lucky to be jumo into one that was empty. So i went sitting in the back wich i mostly do, the driver went and in the begin he just took his normal route, but after while he turned and got off the route and ... Continue»
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Cathy 2 Insemination Complete - Beta : AlphaCathy

Cathy - 2 - Insemination Complete - Cuckold Starts

My name is Steve and I have been married to Cathy for some 5 years. We are both 30 and had a great marriage. She is a leggy blond with great hips, a full bosom with rosy red nipples that stick out like bubble gum and a shapely arse. Her golden hair frames her pretty face and she has sparkly blue eyes and a beautiful smile.

We got on really well and I think that after a series of tumultuous relationships she saw me as someone safe, dependable who would provide for her. We did have great fun but after a while we wanted to start a f@mily a... Continue»
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Waterloo to Balham

Always caught short on my way to work, I'd have to pop into the toilets at Waterloo. Well named. I always used a cubicle because it was nice to sit down after standing in a tube train for the best part of an hour. The graffiti on the walls always intrigued me. Some of it was almost artistic. I didn't go for the hurriedly scribbled phone numbers with promises of cock fun. I liked the more figurative work. Someone had drawn a male torso with a hard cock sticking up proud from the side of a pair of skimpy black lacy panties. He was wearing the usual fishnet stockings. I felt my cock rise and touc... Continue»
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My first couple but not the last

It started with look through the personals in a daily paper I came across an add from couple in northeast so I rang the box number left message to call me
I had my own place at the time ,and few days later the guy rang me we arranged for them to come over on the Saturday night
I was nervous showered dressed in jeans t shirt no pants waited they where late I went to the door spotted a car driving slowly down the road looking at door numbers I waved to them having a description of the car they pulled up outside I watched them get out
They where older than I expected late 40s I'd guess he medi... Continue»
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The Nymph House – by SBarak1

The Nymph House – a story by SBarak1

This is the 8th story in the Nymph series

This is story #8 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’, ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. Please enjoy.

The Nymphs had finally invited me to their place for dinner. We had agreed on a Friday night. I was to be there at 7pm. They told me they were going to coo... Continue»
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I was on vacation when I stopped to visit two old friends. We went to college together and I had even fucked the husband a few times. We had dinner and it got late so I stayed the night. It was a warm summer so I slept nude and during the night I felt two naked bodies get in my bed and begin sucking hard on my nipples. I am a 32 double D and I do love to be sucked. Then I felt two male fingers enter my cunt and two female fingers join then and they began fucking my hole hard and I soon was covering their fingers in sweet cream. I knew the sex was going to be hot and wild as having fucked him b... Continue»
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Interracial threesome with Lisa

It's mid afternoon and I'm browsing through xhamster when I receive a message of Lisa asking me to meet her again. She told me that James was busy and he couldn't make it tonight. I replied telling her that didn't matter and asked her when, she said she wanted to meet up that same day :) It's 8pm when I arrive at Lisa's house and the first thing I see is James's car on the drive. She said he wasn't going to be here, but I'm not complaining. We had arranged to meet up for 7pm but I was held up at work. So I knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer. To my surprise Lisa opened it we... Continue»
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I can't believe this actually DID happen.....

Here's a shot of Sassy on the big screen. It didn't load onto the computer as well as it looks on the screen.
As for me pleasing myself while looking at Sassy's photos I would take all the photos I have right now {HINT:please send more} and run them in a slideshow format so I could more easily concentrate.
Where to begin? Oh, yeah, with a very good grip. I'd cycle through the photos along with several videos of equally alluring women who are being videotaped by their husbands as they are first given a very thorough tongue bath followed by an equally thorough ravaging.
My own thoughts would ... Continue»
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3 some

About ten years ago think I was about 37 ish fairly fit ,I began searching for couples interested in 3 somes I'd already had one 3 some with a couple in early 40s which had gone well,but was just a one off.
I was eager for another and after replying to few adds I received a reply from John and Linda ( names changed)a couple roughly my age ,after bit message exchange phone chat we arranged to meet one evening at my house on a strictly see if we get on, see what happens or just walk away if we didn't clic so to speak.
Linda was about 5-9" slim long dark hair to her shoulders bit Cher like nice... Continue»
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Fantasy 1

My Fantasy

Here she was lying in front of me on the bed. Naked as the day she was
born. She was on her stomach with her legs spread slightly exposing her pussy
and ass for me to see. She was 5'7' tall, 125 pounds of beautiful womanhood. Her
black hair and light complexion were flawless.
I sitting here slowly stroking my large cock while she is fingering her
clit. She is covered with sweat from our latest romp but she is still horny.
The only strange thing is that she is my boss. He... Continue»
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