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The Dressing Room

The other day I was out shopping. I was wearing a pair of super tight black leather pants with a zipper at the bottom, some white open toed 5" heels and a tight, white, cashmere sweater with a deep V in front. Not that as tight as that sweater was I needed to bring more attention to the girls, but I like to anyway.

I knew that the neighbor boy worked at Target so I wasn't surprised when I ran into him while getting detergent. "Hello Sam", I said.

"Hello Mrs. Jones. How are you?" he said nervously.

I was seeing him check me out. This was far from unusual. He made every attempt he could... Continue»
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double penetration with grandpas+89 y/o grandma

I was 22 years old, it was winter time, I was really bored so I just went to the bar. I didn't really like alcohol, I just went to the bar to hopefully find myself a grandpa. This was a village bar so there is mostly old people here. I wore tight sweatpants, my ass was pretty big so there had to be someone that wanted to look at it. I ordered myself a glass of wine and sat on the stool, my ass was really wide so it looked really sexy on a stool. There was a couple of grandpas that were staring at my ass and eyeing me, they were giving me signals for sex. There was an old man that sat in the co... Continue»
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My tranny girlfriend Kim and I had a nice encounter with a elderly hot lady in a classy hotalbar a week ago and she had left her businesscard.
See my blog for that story.
The whole week we had been talking about her, because she was so hot so snt her a few emails.
Yesterday we got a reply.
She wrote she had a booked a room in that hotel and that we were welcome to see her.
Kim put on het black silk skirt, and white blouse, making sure her cleavage was OK and we sat ourselves at the bar.
It didn't take long till the lady emerged from the elevator, this time dressed in a burgundy dress whi... Continue»
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double penetration with grandpas + fucking a 89 ye

I was 22 years old, it was winter time, I was really bored so I just went to the bar. I didn't really like alcohol, I just went to the bar to hopefully find myself a grandpa. This was a village bar so there is mostly old people here. I wore tight sweatpants, my ass was pretty big so there had to be someone that wanted to look at it. I ordered myself a glass of wine and sat on the stool, my ass was really wide so it looked really sexy on a stool. There was a couple of grandpas that were staring at my ass and eyeing me, they were giving me signals for sex. There was an old man that sat in the co... Continue»
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Bath House Bi Fun

I had a day off work last week so I decided to make the 45 minute trip to the nearest bath house. I got there for 10 am, just as they were opening. I paid my fee of $25 for a room with a single bed. The attendant told me I was the only one there and that guys usually didn't show up until noon. I went to my room, stripped down, threw my towel over my shoulder and made my way to the showers. I took a nice long steamy hot shower and soaped up my cock, balls & asshole really good. Then I decided to sit in the wet sauna for a bit. The Bath House has both a dry & a wet sauna, but I prefer t... Continue»
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Mario's present


This is a story that my husband wrote... Based on a true event :) When I say based, it's how he saw it - I don't write, but all I remember were flashes of orgasms and that fat dick...

Mario's Present

My wife Irma and I make a good looking couple, just entered 40s, we had a few swing experiences, and enjoyed it. Those were all spontaneous events and we liked it like that. After those we tried to find couples over various we platforms, but although some of the couples were good looking, we didn’t like the situation - without... Continue»
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hotel fun

Just had a very horny night in hotel with my wife. We had been to a show and returned to hotel bar. We had had a few drinks already and i had been telling her all night how sexy she looked and couldnt wait to fuck her brains out when we got back. She had a white shiny vesy top on tucked into a black knee high skirt with a black jacket on that came just below her ass with the standard high heels. Drinking more in the bar i noticed a couple of men sat on a table looking over at her quite a lot which i loved. I pointed it out to her several times to which she just blushed and laughed off. I kept ... Continue»
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First Time with Two Bi's

One evening Elaine, my g/f who is also my work partner (outpost nurse), photographer and sexual playmate, went to our favourite restaurant for fine dining. If I haven’t explained before, she was my first female partner and I used to say that I was bi-curious. I am not curious anymore, but as she well knows, I need a cock in my pussy to be completely satisfied. Dildos and vibrators and fingers etc just don’t do it. I’ve told that she is perfect for me and if she had a cock I would marry her. Nobody and I mean nobody gets me off and knows my body like she does, except for the cock part.
I... Continue»
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145. HOLIDAY i****t AND MORE.

145. HOLIDAY i****t AND MORE.
Well we were lying in the sun, in the aftermath of a sexual adventure, both me and the boy having just fingered the lady wife to a goodly climax the lazy bees buzzing in the bushes nearby, the odd fish skipping after a fly, splashing back into the tranquil water and disturbing the natural quiet. It was warm and idyllic, my son yesterday had been made a man by my lovely wife, lying beside us both, dozing, all of us naked, we hadn’t bothered with clothes, our holiday cabin being so remote.
The lad being the lad, quietly said to Joan, was she really serious a... Continue»
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The Bar 2.

Again, all this is fiction, etc etc.

The minibus wound its way through the outskirts of the town. It was unfamiliar territory for the girls. A new city on another tour with their football team. As part of a larger college football group, as the official cheerleaders they were travelling separately as there was little room left on the main tour bus.

It was a new adventure for the young women, and indeed their tutor, Ms Jones.

Ms. Jones was approaching 45, but very much in shape. She looked after herself and had a stunning 38D 29 39 figure most of the girls admired. And one or tw... Continue»
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My first time was a threesome!

I lost my virginity when I was 20 years old while I was on Vacation at the Bahamas. Already sounds great doesn't it haha. But I went on vacation with three other girls who at the time were my co-workers. We eventually became friends and decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas. Once the day came for the vacation we packed up and got on our cruise ship and set sail for the Bahamas. As it was our first vacation on a boat we wanted to let loose really quick so we ended up ordering a lot of alcohol. We all ended up having a lot to drink and we started to play truth or dare. My friends, Hannah, Alli... Continue»
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Chapter 1 Fishing

I was in a restaurant one night in Florida and there was a mature guy sitting at the bar with a woman who appeared to be his wife. Being what I am, I noticed that they were a handsome couple. She was rather short, slim and had long brunette hair. He had an average build, gray hair and was balding on top. I was with some friends sitting at a table behind them.

At one point, the guy turns on his barstool and I notice he’s freeballing! A cock and two balls are clearly visible up the loose leg of his shorts. At this moment, we made eye contact for just an instant. He stood ... Continue»
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More bisexual fun with Robert and Lisa, this time

So, In my previous story, I mentioned my first encounter with Robert and Lisa and how I discovered I was bi. I had since had a few little odd encounters, but eventually I moved to the same town they lived in and looked them up. I wanted to write about another encounter with them that I remember quite fondly.

It wasn't my first meeting with them after moving back that was this memorable, but several meetings in. I remember we hung out for a while just chatting about life in general and Robert and I had some other common interests we talked about for a while. Lisa had lost a lot of weight,... Continue»
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The Interview

The interview was going well.

The questions had all been handled very well. The interview panel had nodded in all the right places, all her right answers.

Apart from a few glances down to her extremely short skirt (Jo did feel like maybe her stocking tops were maybe just visible beneath the hemline of that skirt…) everything was just fine.

"So, all that leaves me to ask is… er, can we see those tits?” The interviewer calmly stated.

She was slightly taken aback. Did she hear that correctly?

“Yes. We need them out, most certainly.” said another panel member.

"Tits that size… oh... Continue»
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The Train Ride.

The following story is based in one of those old fashioned British first class train carriages. It holds six people, and has a door to shut it off from the outside world. Again, all characters are fictional etc etc.

The train was packed that evening, the commuters all heading home to the leafy suburbs. But luckily Jo had a reserved seat in first class. So there was no rush.

When she arrived at her seat the booth was already pretty much full. Three older gentlemen rather well turned out had already taken up their seats. Two other gentlemen followed her in behind. That’s a full cub... Continue»
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18yo Aussie Tom's First Time

As you guys may expect, I get a lot of emails from random people. Most of them are fantastic, like one I got last week from a Surf Life Saver who loves speedos (he sent a photo, I’ll see if he will let me post it). Some emails I receive are weird, some are vague and I still get some hate mail mostly from religious nut jobs.

I am propositioned for sex nearly daily from all over the world.

I wish I had the time to reply to these emails but unless you are a member, I’m usually not able to.

What I wanted to share with you guys today is a recent emailed I received. I’m not going to dis... Continue»
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wanking race

way, way back when we were still teens, my mate's parents went away on holiday, leaving him and his big s****r, alone, to fend for themselves. It wasn't as 'home alone' as it sounds. Big s****r was 18 and we were a big younger.

Porn, then, was VHS, usually copy of a copy, of a copy....! How we ever got off to it I'll never know. So it was, a Saturday afternoon, when I had the phone call. My mate had gotten hold of some porn! That was enough said for me, but there was beer as well and his s****r was 'out for the day'.

I was around there like a shot, as were 4 of my other mates.

W... Continue»
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Chris 4

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW!

Billy lounged on the motel bed, resisting getting into it, just laying on the top covers. He looked in the mirror and liked what he saw. He'd donned lacy red bikini panties, a black lacy garterbelt, seamed stockings attached to the garters, a red, lacy pushup bra he'd stuffed, black, 5" high heels dangling from his feet. He'd made up his face and donned a blonde wig and wore slut red lipstick. He slowly licked his lips, imagin... Continue»
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My First Swingers Party

After breakfast that morning Bill and I went fishing while Pat took my wife shopping to get a new outfit for the party. When they got back my wife was really excited but when I asked her what she'd bought, Pat told me it was going to be a surprise for me at the party but said she thought I'd like it. Now as I've said, my wife isn't at all adventurous as far as sex goes and that also applies to her underwear so couldn't wait to see what Pat had talked her into buying. When it was time to leave for the part I was surprised to see that bot my wife and Pat were weari... Continue»
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My second experience with cock.

My second experience with a cock begins when I am 19 years old. It was a Saturday, and like most Saturdays at the time I was working. So myself and a bunch of people decided after work that we were going to go get something to eat and then go to the bar. At that time I had a fake ID so I was able to drink. We'd all had a hard day at work so getting time to relax and unwind was much welcomed. We all just pretty much sat around and played a couple games of pool and it is set there and shot the shit. Before we knew it it was closing time, because I have had a lot to drink I chose not to drive. So... Continue»
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