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My Twin Aunts

We ended our relation as a threesome.
As my aunt and my Aunt Marie finished making love, I tried to make sense of it all. Aunt Marie had wanted me to see them. Did that mean she was telling me it was over for her and me? I didn't want that. That Aunt Marieent intensified my love for her and I knew I wanted to be with her, any way I could.

Aunt Marie reached her hand out to me. I took it and she said, "Can you still love me baby?"

I said, "Of course Aunt Marie."

She said, "I need you both."

Laila said, "We're both here." She also took my hand and urged me down on the bed. Laila b... Continue»
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Sex with My Cousins

Lana and Maggie are fantastic in sharing.
Few months back I went to Levant to visit a cousin; she's older now, married with k**s that are almost grown. When we were growing up, it was me she came to when she had questions about boys, and sex. Even though I was younger by about 5 years, her name is Lana, she's now 36, stands about 5' 3", 130, 36c-24-37, black hair.

I hadn't seen her in over a year, the last time was at a f****y reunion, and we couldn't get off by ourselves to talk, but the lust was still there. Her husband is a nice enough guy, but I really didn't see her with someone like ... Continue»
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Delia, Robbie and Me

My s****r, Delia, and I stood outside his bedroom door, both of us trying desperately to suppress a giggle. Our little b*****r was beating his meat again, and he isn't quiet about it. We could hear slapping noises, amidst the grunts and groans, as he whacked himself off.

"Oh God, oh God, Sib, suck my cock, baby...Dee, keep rubbing your pussy.... Ohhh."

Delia dragged me away from the door. "Did you hear that, Sybil? He's calling our names."

"I think it would be fun to make his fantasies come true."

"Do you mean fuck him?"

"Why not?"

"But that's i****t."

"And what we do with... Continue»
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Enjoyed by all ay boyfriends b'day party.

I had this bf for about two years. He was a used car salesman. I had been with him for almost six months and one night when his friend was over we ended up having a three- way. It was a great time, lots of fun. A month or so later another friend was over and it happened again. A few weeks later it happened again. I didn't mind, it was actually a lot of fun. The only thing better than one cock is two cocks. Well after about a year of this it turned out to be a regular occurrence. He was bringing guys to the house almost every week. He worked with a large group of guys so there was never a s... Continue»
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Night Out

It had been a super-long work week. The weekend had finally arrived so I hopped in my car and headed to the house. After having to meet multiple deadlines this week, I knew it was time to really unwind. After a hot bath I called up some of the girls for a girls night out. I threw on my favorite clubbing dresses, the one that shows off every plus-sized curve and every last bit of cleavage, and combined with a pair of spiked heels, tonight I meant business.

We agreed to meet downtown at a local restaurant that we all love called "Bellisimo's" which was famous for it's meatballs and sausages... Continue»
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Chapter 4: And Out The Door She Went (last part)

As the door closed behind them I walked to the front window in the living room to watch as they walked out to Lisa’s Camry that was parked at the curb. I couldn’t help but think that the time at the gym was not wasted on either one of these women. Their bodies were perfect and matched in every way. They were sexy, curvy, lean, full-breasted, long-legged sex toys all packaged up for a night on the town. Their asses made me want to drool just watching them. They were like matching bookends. Their nylon-encased legs looked a mile long with the seams running up the backs of them. I almost regrette... Continue»
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A Lesson I Love!!

My b*****r called me. He wanted to come east to visit his big s*s. I’m not really big, I’m about five foot four, a hundred twenty five pounds-soaking wet. I have a shapely ass, smallish, perky tits with large sensitive nipples that point upwardly. I have a darkish, olive complexion and dark hair. I’m pretty hot. I used to be quite the conservative bitch. I am recently single, about 3 months ago, my boyfriend and I split. My b*****r knew I was sad and depressed about all this. This is why he was visiting. What he didn’t know was that my ex had turned me on to d**gs.
I loved smoking crack. One... Continue»
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Five Is Fun

My husband came to me one day and told me he wanted to set up a MMMFF. He said he wanted to have his cock sucked while he watched me take on two guys. I readily agreed and he went about calling Ryan and a couple we met at our swingers club.

John was wearing a pair of black leather jeans, engineer boots and a tight black t-shirt. He dressed me in a pair of thigh high black leather boots with 5" heels, black leather mini-skirt (no panties), black leather under the bust corset and a black leather jacket with black leather gloves. When our guests arrived we mingled, had a few cocktails and rela... Continue»
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My Slut Entertains My Friends During the Game

you invited your two of your friends to come over to watch the game. you have me a heads up and told what to wear: a short dress and no underwear. you let them in and told them to make themselves at home. you called and told me to entertain you and our guests.

as soon as they come in i immediately drop to my knees and i start by unzipping mike's pants and taking out his cock. he's not really hard yet but i can tell his cock is huge. i put it in my mouth and begin to suck as i kneel on the floor infront of him. it didnt take long for him to get hard. i take his cock down my throat as i bob... Continue»
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Red's Visit to Africa, Pt. 1

Red was a student in America that had decided to take a vacation to Africa over the summer. She'd decided to go alone, and figured it would be good to make some new friends overseas.
She was a fairly short girl; her legs weren't exactly thin, but she wasn't close to being fat, either. Her ass rounded nicely, and her stomach was toned; her breasts were large C cups, and her smooth face was framed by her red hair. She woke up upon landing, the plane touching down in an airport in South Africa. She yawned and got up, collected her things, and went on into the airport to collect her luggage.
Sec... Continue»
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Here is a little fantasy of mine.

My wife and I are staying at a holiday village, and there are a lot of competitions and things going on. For a laugh we decided to enter me in the men dressed as female competition, which was to be held that night. I have never told my wife that I like dressing in her clothes, and although I think she suspects, she has never said anything. To my surprise it was her idea to enter me, " get into the spirit of things.." she said.

As the competition came closer Jen decided which clothes I should wear. She dressed me in her lace bodystocking, lace top... Continue»
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We go black

It has been a few days since me and my girlfriend had our first big black cock.
When I came back from work, her pussy was always full with cum, she had been fucking with that BBC everyday since.
It was weird but I couldn't be mad at her for having fun, she was honest about it and that what's important.

Because she enjoyed black cock so much that I had a surprise for her, a black gangbang.
With help of our regular black man, I've got 4 BBC's for her and she was going to get the fucking of her life.
That night she was happily surprised, the smile on her face when she saw 4 black guys with... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Taboo

I was sandwiched between my lover, Hondo, and my son, James, as they both double penetrated me, while Marvin and his crew filmed me being stuffed. They each wore a mask as they pumped me with their huge cocks. Together, they both sported the biggest two pricks that I’d ever had in my entire life and that was saying a lot, for a woman who had been a prostitute for the last 30 years and had fucked and sucked off over 7,000 different men in her life. One big white cock and one big black cock pounding my cunt and asshole while they both fucked me for the camera. It was Marvin’s idea to sh... Continue»
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First Swing, a true story

First Swing (c) Fred Lake 2013
This is an expanded version of the story of our first swinging experience, what Fred told you earlier. This happened over 30 years ago, in the mid-70s.
We had been married a couple of years. Wife-swapping (as it was then called) was new and naughty. You saw it mentioned on TV and in magazines but nobody knew anybody who had actually done it. And nobody wanted to ask around and find out. But with birth control, why the hell not swap around and have some fun?
I asked Fred about it, and said I'd be interested in trying it. He was all for it, but like me, had... Continue»
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exploring my female persona all help welcom

well i started dressing i female close when i was around 12. then when i was 17 i had a sexual relationship wit an older guy for almost a year.i had known him for a couple of months, he made passes tward me from day one. so one day i showed up at his apt, with submission on my mind. we played a couple games of chess, during which i would accidently knock pieces off the table then make a big deal about picking it up bending over with my ass pointing his way.i would flash a glance at him then smile when i would catch him looking at my. he finally commented saying how nice my ass looked and how h... Continue»
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A Saturday Sex Party...

In High School, I had many problems, bullies that attacked me and took their pleasures with my body. I had always considered myself to be straight, I had never even had sex, not even with a girl, before Charlie, Brace and Daniel had their way with me in their basement.

After that awful afternoon Bruce, Charlie or Daniel and ofttimes all three would take advantage of me. I tried to live it down and even tried to get my folks to transfer me to another high school.

Anyway, it was during summer vacation, I was on my way to the local park when Bruce called out to me. I started to run only ... Continue»
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He wants to be a cuck (part 2)

Morning came and I sat calmly at the coffee bar. This time my nerves and cock were both placid. I chatted up the cute barista as I again waited for his text. She flipped her short cute blond hair each time she turned to make the next ordered yuppy beverage. And then quickly would turn back to me to continue our conversation. When she asked how long I was staying and I told her I was local and just waiting for some friends, her smile broadened and she asked if I would like to grab a beer together some time. I gave her my phone number and said that of course I would love to take her out. I was s... Continue»
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cuckold lifestyle 71

Ever since I sugusted to my wife that I thought it would be exciting if she had sex with other guys she has took the ball and ran with it. She is always coming up with new stuff to make it as fun as it can be for me while she gets her brains fucked out by her regular male friends and even adds new ones from time to time. Tim has been her must regular male friend. He has fucked her hundreds of times both with me watching and on weekends alone with her. Two weeks ago she came up with a plan , she milked my prostate with a dildo for a half an hour , then she jerked me off , when she was sure I w... Continue»
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More Role Play

Tonight I was in charge of the role play and I had a great one for my bf. I blindfolded him and stripped him naked. I cuffed his hands behind his back and tied a big pink bow around his cock and fed him two Viagra. It was going to be a long night for that cock and we needed it to stay hard. I put him in the car and while I drove I stroked his cock. I parked the car outside the house up on the hill and before I let him out of the car I jerked his cock to get him rock hard. I wanted him extra hard as I took him in and showed off his huge cock to the party goers. Every one at the sex party was sp... Continue»
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First real swinger club

First Copenhagen
My first true swingers club (aka parenclub) was in Copenhagen, a place I visited on a Sunday afternoon. I found this club on the internet, and when I first arrived, I was given a key to a locker and a tour. I was little unsure of what happens, so I asked some of the other single men about etiquette, approaches, and what they recommended. Basically, the rules are to be very respectful. Watch and wait, hope to be invited, but when you think you might get a “yes” give it a go.

It was a small place but rather crowded with 5 women and perhaps 10+ men. It was not completely cl... Continue»
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