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Tina (my sexy wife), and I have been swinging for a couple years. When I told her I wanted to see her with other men she thought I meant wife-swapping and she got jealous and angry, accusing me of wanting other women instead of her. I assured her that although I did like other women, it was her and other men that I really wanted to see. That we could do it with just her and another guy of she wanted to. Then she wanted to know if I was gay...if I wanted a man and was trying to use her to get one. It took hours to convince her that I only wanted to watch her with other men... Continue»
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Your GroupaGuys Idea

The story of a group of guys and you as a ring leader has been lingering in my mind ... I keep going back to the Seattle hotel in my fantasies with you these days ... maybe because that's some of the greatest sex we have had.

The image of that faceless Puerto Rican covered in tattoos and the other two ... a white guy of average build but young - maybe early twenties - and a black guy who has a chiseled figure ... it really doesn't matter what they look like but that they do what you say ... that is what makes me ache right now as I type this.

So recall the story ... I think you took me ... Continue»
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Dogging advebture with Deb

Some of the Dogging adventures that we have participated in we did not tell anyone who my husband was, he was anonymous just one of the guys that showed up. Those are some of the most exciting dogging adventures we have because the guys do not know my husband is watching and participating. My husband say’s the guys treat me different, nastier and sexually erotic when they don’t know he is my husband.

Now my husband wants to take it to the next step. He wants to hide and watch me with 2 guys with large cocks without them ever knowing my husband is right there hiding and watching.

My hus... Continue»
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Jen walks to town through the park
Jen and Si were going to town for a bit of flashing fun; Jen was walking well in front as she went through the park. After a quick look around and thinking the park was empty, Jen hiked her short denim skirt up exposing her fleshy arse, clad only in a white string thong making her look panty less. Her ass cheeks wobbled up and down as she strode along the path past an old disused kiosk, “wow look at that, she’s got no knickers on”. Jen was shocked and grabbed at her mini skirt to pull it down as she looked to see who had shouted out. There were three young ... Continue»
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The Trap – Public Show

Hi all… I am overwhelmed with the sort of response I got for my first story “The Trap – Beginning!!!”.

I will not waste time describing me now, but to let you all know I look more like Amy Jackson in my stats.

I did not know exactly who Kailash was. Even the profile pic on whatsapp was of a Bollywood actor. But I went in a shock for a while. However, in a while I got a ping from him that he is about to upload this video on FB tagging me and also on youtube. I wrote in no time “NO – u can’t do this to me… who are you…
... Continue»
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My first glory hole with a couple

This story all begins when I was chatting to this bloke online, who said he had a glory hole at home which he recently made. He was offering free blowjobs from his misses, which definitely caught my attention. It sounded perfect at first, since I was horny as hell and they actually lived around the corner from me. So we organise to meet up later that night, the only condition being was that he was allowed to join in.

I was a little hesitant at first, but I said that was okay. I'd never really had my cock sucked properly by a man (see early story about that). So I was open to the idea, and ... Continue»
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Am I An Angel Or A Devil

Hi guys, myself Deepthi. I am from Bangalore and am 22 years old now. I am here to share my first real sex experience. In know its bit long but I want you all to know fully what happened to me. So please don’t mistake me…

First let me tell you all about my f****y. My mom and dad loved each other. Both in my dad’s house and in my mom’s house their parents strongly opposed their love. So they eloped and got married. During that time my dad was working in a private o
... Continue»
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Am I An Angel Or A Devil – Part2

This thing happened when I am in college with one of my friends. After the sex experiences I become very close to my dad. He used to buy me some bikinis and dresses whenever he goes out. Everything in my life changed after my close relation with my dad.

After my sex experience with my dad in abroad we had few sex session in my house. Now I am used to sl**p with my dad’s room daily. I used to give him some pleasure whenever he is stressed.

Okay coming to the sto
... Continue»
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Used To Repay Debts Of My b*o

Hi guys!! I am Priyanka back with another story. Hope you all enjoy it!!

I am a 26 year old girl working in a call centre in Navi Mumbai. Fair, 5’10” tall, short brown hair, brown eyes and most important 34 30 34 in size. I stay in a rented 1 bhk house. My uncle’s son, Abhishek, came from his native to study when 3 years back. He completed his study and now he was 23 years and 25 years when this happ
... Continue»
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Story of Erin Part 3

With Erin, we and I had some firsts. She was the first pussy I eat. Jody was the second one lol. I fucked Erin with Jody in the room and she as the first in basic threesome. It turned out that Erin had more experience then I thought, but that increased my excitement for her. With all the sexual stuff, we were hot for each other. Us being a couple made things more interesting. I had fall for her, and she for me. Things were going to go a bit further then I thought it be. When the holidays hit, we spend allot of time with f****y. Trying sex at her parents house was too much of a risk. The same ... Continue»
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Rica's curiousity

For those who have not been reading my stories about Rica and how I made her my slut I will tell you a little about Rica. She is from Indonesia 19years old and just a tiny girl but has big breast, long black hair and such a sexy body that was ready to explore her sexual needs when we finally met.
In the past we have fucked in her mom's bed, had fullfilled her fantasy being with a black man . Now I had plans to make another one of her curiousities become real so she will no longer be curious about ... I had called couple people I have known since I traveled to Indonesia and everything was per... Continue»
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Turning My Girlfriend into a Slut - Part 6

Turning My Girlfriend into a Slut – Part 6 – Tricked into fucking my friend

This is the sixth story of how I turned my girlfriend Amy into a slut. If you want to know more about her head over to my profile and read my previous stories. Please view my galleries and videos if you want to see her tits and ass. Please comment on them and let me know what you think. Feel free to send me friend requests and private messages.

I now had Amy well on the road to becoming a full on slut. She would suck dicks for fun, but the next big step was to get her to fuck another guy. I was definitely ready t... Continue»
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Wife's Big Cock Fiesta

To say that a month ago I was, on the face of it, prim and proper would be an understatement. Tim and I (Jane), met in our first year at high school and were inseparable from that time on and I guess it was always assumed by ourselves and our families that we would get married. Tim was everything I could have ever wanted - the proverbial tall, dark and handsome athletic sort, not to mention incredibly wealthy, once he had established himself in the f****y law firm which his grandfather had founded.

We married when we were twenty and for the most part, have had an idyllic marriage. The only ... Continue»
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I shouldn't be doing this!

Tyler sat on a bar stool, side on to the counter with his heels hooked in the rests of the stool as they waited for drinks. Annie scanned the room, and once she was sure I was looking, gave me a sneering look and turned to face him, moving closer to so that his bent leg was now between her thighs. As she laughed at something he said, she almost carelessly shifted her position so that his raised knee pressed against her pussy. She turned her head towards me to check I had seen and very slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her hips back and forth to the beat of the music, before downing her drink... Continue»
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fantasy fulfilled

truth or fiction?

I'd always considered myself straight up to my late teens and had had a few less than satisfying experiences with girls. it was when i realised when watching porn i was focussing more on the guys cock than the girls cunt and imagining what it would be like to be her that got me thinking.

it was the early days of the internet and i managed to have an odd meet with older guys for oral only but they were equally unfulfilling until i met with one guy who dressed me in stockings and panties. from that day i was hooked and only ever had sex dressed and began to build up a c... Continue»
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Trying to get Jen dogging
Si wanted to up the ante as it were; Jen’s trips around local towns deliberately exposing her ass when out shopping in her micro skirts and heels, as Si looked on from a distance were a great turn on and on occasion had ended in Jen being fucked. Although she pretended that she never enjoyed their trips out it was obvious she craved the excitement and Si knew once her hormones flowed she couldn’t help herself and often ended up being a total slut. To Jen it wasn’t real it was all a game and all in her imagination.
Si wanted to release the slut within her and watch ... Continue»
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Gym Boy

I love going to the gym and looking at guys bodies and dreaming of what they could do. Never hit on anyone (yet) but this is one of my dreams. I was late finishing at the gym and walking into the showers and what a suprise.
I was shocked when I walked in and saw Steve on his knees in front of Butch. Steve was 6'6", athletically thin with blond hair and green eyes, he was probably in his mid-20's and I thought he was in grad school. Butch was 6'6" as well and was huge with muscles rippling everywhere. He competed in weightlifting competitions and worked at the gym on the side. His red hair was... Continue»
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Tales from the Pussy (Part 1)

I've been in the swinging lifestyle now for 15+ years & this is a true story
based on one of my absolute favorite experiences!! (Bonus if this makes you cum!!)
Names have been changed to protect the parties involved..

It all started when I casually mentioned to my husband one night
after we had the most intense sex we'd had in awhile, that I thought
that Patrick (not his real name) was really sexy & that I'd love to have him
at least once.. Now mind you, I'm 35, & Patrick is roughly 25-26 years old @ this point
& built like an Adonis on two feet!! By looking at his package, I'd s... Continue»
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Mummy Ka Gangbang Part – 1

Mummy ka Gangbang - 1

Hi, ye bas ek fantasy story hai jooki kaafi lambi hai. Abhi main ek part post kar rha hun. Aage ka baaki baad mein karunga.

Mera naam rajat hai aur main delhi ka rehne vala hun. Meri age 20 saal hai. Main virgin hi tha is kahani ko likhne se pehle.

Humara ek bengali parivar hai aur hum bahut saal pehle delhi mein settle ho gye the. Mere parivar mein main aur mummy hai jinka naam seema hai. Papa ka mummy se bahut saal pehle divorce ho gaya tha. Divorce ke baad mummy ne kisi aur se shaadi nahi kari.

Ab main apni mummy ke baare mein btata hun. Unki age 42 saal ha... Continue»
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Story of Erin Part 2

So Jody felt bad, and decided to hook me up with one of her friends. First one up was a woman named Amber. She was short brown with matching eyes, who was thick in the hips. Our date went well, talked all night. Second date went the same, talked all night. Third date, I pushed to see her boobs, and got a Big Fat learned that she was a 24 virgin who wanted to wait until marriage. I was cool with that but the talks grew boring, and so did her.
Second woman, was well older but younger. Amy was 33, and living at home with parents at a trailer park. She was the type of woman who fucked... Continue»
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