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It's a wild wife life

Last fourth of July my wife was invited to a pool party at Chuck's apartment. Chuck is actually a friend of Tim's, the same Tim that has had sex with my wife for the last three years. Tim is the longest lasting of my wife's male friends and lately he has been talking to her about him sharing her pussy with some of his friends. My wife loves Tim's thick cock so much she would do just about anything he asked of her.

Since neither my wife or I have ever met this Chuck fellow I felt it wise for me to tag along just for safety. She tried to assure me she would be fine and that Tim would be ther... Continue»
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Me my Boyfriend and new boi Darren.

Me and my boyfriend whose about 18 years younger than me went out for his birthday. And he invited a few people out, anyway one guy he works with a young hot 19 year old tattooed and slim and well build body wise, nice cute blond toned. He stayed over a few times, wow I thought id love to see him fuck my lad. I knew he was after Darren, because he went on and on about him, he likes muscle boys. I do too. But more slim toned. And Darren was top of a long list.

So suddenly after quite a bit to drink we end back to ours, it was a good night, nothing particular had gone on a few drinks, and a ... Continue»
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Alex and Lily write a teasing story

This story was written by Alex and lily. Lily was abroad without Alex and they were teasing each other. Lily wrote the first paragraph and then Alex replied, and so on............

Lily - So, thinking about this some more.......I would like to go to a very posh party, eyes wide shut type.....formal dinner, beautiful long dresses, but with nothing underneath but black hold ups and high heels......during dinner we play games, but the couple who lose have to perform for the make sure we lose and you are told that you have to tie me to the cross, with my legs spread and spank me w... Continue»
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Ben was the master of his kingdom. He started it for the sex. Now everything was approved by him. The men were allowed to have several wives to breed. Women were to produce babies and serve Ben. When virgin girls were old enough they were taken to Ben naked and he was the one who popped their cherries and gave them their first fuck. Tonight the girl was brought to him and laid naked on his bed. The girls knew it was their duty to be deflowered by Ben and they were proud to do it. Ben had a long thick dick. He also love fucking the tight cunts hard and leaving huge loads of cum. Ben walked to t... Continue»
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Another Mountain Drive

My wife and I took a drive yesterday. We went on what is called the loop back behind Lincoln City. It has been very cold and there had been a lot of snow up in the mountains and we wanted to see it. We started out and as on all our drive we had our toys with us. She had hers up against her clit and mine was buzzing my cock. What a sight, seeing her leaned back, legs spread and pussy dripping. Between watching her and my vibrating cock it was hard to concentrate on the drive.
There was not much snow but a lot of ice so we took a gravel road that we know and headed down the road. My cock ... Continue»
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I have always had fantasies of other women. So I get off work early. Call up a friend (Mia)and ask her if she wants to come over for a few drinks before my husband gets home. She has had a rough day so she agrees. I pick her up on my way, grab a couple bottles of wine and proceed home. We'll we get to talking (and drinking) she tells me that amongst other problems her new boyfriend is terrible in bed and she just can't get off. This is my in! She's wearing some really hot short shorts and a flannel shirt tied in a knot above her belly button. Hair in pigtail braids and cowboy boots. So I start... Continue»
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Twins - Beautiful Thais in all holes

Twins have always interested me. Identical twins are particularly fascinating. When I got divorced and went to Thailand in search of a new wife that was not in my mind until I saw identical twin girls working as waitresses in a Bangkok restaurant. They were beautiful and I couldn't get them out of my mind. After a few visits I managed to persuade them to come to my hotel room with the promise that I would make a portfolio of photos to get them modelling work in the West.

They were nineteen years old and their pay at the restaurant was quite low so they didn't take much persuading when I off... Continue»
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The Birthday girl

Carmen birthday was due in a few days time within the next few days. Carmen woke up feeling a little different, lonely as she look to left to see the empty side of the bed where her husband Ali would sl**p, he was on a business trip, she missed him dearly and the love for each other wasn't there. She felt different after having this particular strange dream during her sl**p. Carmen dreamt of having a beautiful young black female slave to use and humiliate. The bed sheet rippled over her body as she laid comforting herself in the warm cool air that surrounded her in the bedroom. Carmen spreads ... Continue»
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Macbeth And The Witches (Again) Version 3

{Note to readers: Yet another, and entirely fictional, 'homage' to William Shakespeare's great "Scottish Play" Macbeth!}

The Scene: Macbeth, the Thane of Cawdor, and his captain, Banquo, had just completed an important battle. As they rode home, the weather turned nasty, with cold wind and rain lashing down on them. While trying to find shelter from this dismal situation, the huddled on their horses under the over hang of what had once been an arched doorway to a long destroyed castle. Eventually, as the rain began to lessen somewhat, Banquo decides to ride on. Macbeth chooses to linger ... Continue»
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First time dogging was incredible

I had wanted to try dogging for a long while. I was attracted to the thrill of it, the idea that you could fuck a woman without talking at all, that she wanted to be used by multiple men and that I wanted to be one of a group of guys getting serviced by a filthy whore. I searched a few websites and forums for locations near to me but, because I didn't own a car, it was awkward for me to get to one of these places. They seemed to be out of the city, on the side of motorways or in woods and forests. One place I found was about a 30 minute drive from where I lived in London. The directions involv... Continue»
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A Mother’s Secret 3 – Secret No More

This is part 3 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other two parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.

It had been a month since Jean had recorded her porn movie. In many ways she was trying to put it out of her mind. The memory still excited her. Never in her life had she ever enjoyed sex more! On the other hand some of her perverted desires would creep ... Continue»
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historia de fim de ano (real)

New Year's story
Boy do not even know !! I've been open so far and all roast
We met them at the motel there, we just left at 11 a.m.
And both my husband and I only got to the end in the morning about ten o'clock in the morning before it was only theirs
But since they are married, they did not let me take photos, the gifted and the one on the left of the picture I showed you, the other one had a thick thick but not so big one.
Hmm, did what with you?
Everything you can imagine
We arrived at the motel there we took a room they had already sent msg t... Continue»
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Start with the end in mind? (part one)

Start with the end in mind? (part one)

I was just about to abort my reconnaissance of a swingers club when the whole situation changed? The reason I was about to cut short the reconnaissance was? It was either a bad idea altogether which is why I was feeling uncomfortable? Or it was just a slow night in the club giving me a poor impression? However I then met Stella and Hazel.

Hazel and Stella walked into the sauna / steam room as I was leaving and playfully said “surely your not leaving we’ve just arrived”. Wearing the house white towels this comment encouragement to stay even mor... Continue»
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Kandie's Party

Guests should begin arriving at 12:30PM, she (the hosting Cd) said, so be here by noon. You’ll have time to get dressed, apply make up, and I’ll shoot some warm-up photos while we wait. I arrived promptly at 11:50AM. It’s always both exciting and a little spooky meeting a new gurl-friend as it was that day as I approached and rang the doorbell. But, she immediately made me feel warm and most welcomed. I couldn’t help but notice a table in her playroom where there were six of the largest rubber dildos I have ev... Continue»
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My Pleasure


"So.. am I the only one who can see Abe Lincoln, or is this some good shit?" Lacey spoke her wonderment aloud, not expecting an answer, as she had simply slipped from reality.

"Ya… I think you're done Lace. Abe Lincoln left hours ago." Charlotte nonchalantly commented, looking briefly at her friend through black thick rimmed rectangular glasses.

"Man, you're both cut. Pass that here." Reese holds his hand out expectantly, awaiting the draw.

"Not a chance, sundance. I exercise my right to medicate my body how I se-" Charlotte trailed off as she watchd Reese... Continue»
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You’re Kinda Pretty

“Okay. I understand. I’ll call you on Sunday. Bye.” I sighed into my cell-phone. Liz my best friend had been called back to work instead of meeting me for a girlie lunch and an afternoon shopping.

As I looked at my watch and fresh cup of cappuccino I was aware of two guys running across the road towards me as I sat at the pavement café. “Wow! You’re so pretty! You must be a model!” The shorter one gasped breathlessly taking hold of my free hand as he sat next to me. The other, taller, one held a professional looking camcorder. “You’ve saved my life!” he continued, as I nervously put my cup ... Continue»
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Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam

My darling husband and I were gathering dust one night, watching reruns of NCIS and eating Hungry Man dinners, when Donald sighs between audacious bites of backyard barbeque, and says, “Our sex life needs a little something.”

“It already has a little something, I replied. Your penis.” I’d already had a couple of wine spritzers.

“I don’t believe that my size, or lack thereof, has any bearing upon my present supposition.”

“Well, if it isn’t your quantity, are you saying it’s our quality?

“Perhaps, in a roundabout way, I am. I mean, l... Continue»
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It was a Saturday and apparently the hottest summer day on record and I was thankful that Mandy who had skipped our shared apartment two months ago without paying her share of the rent and the electricity and the water bill and the internet connection and sneakily emptying the grocery kitty fund on top of the fridge; hadn’t for some reason taken the large free standing air conditioning unit. I had surmised it was too big to put in herpissy little two door car. Well hey I was a tad annoyed with her. She had just dropped out of Uni study for a guy, just like that. And here I was newly moved in w... Continue»
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Express action: The Office Party

The office party never got beyond the boring stage. They never do when senior management pretend they are just part of the team like the rest of us wage salary slaves. No share bonuses in the company for us. I think we were celebrating ten years of the international business in Sydney, so some bright spark decided it should be on the tenth floor.

My heels were killing me. I wanted a relaxing spa bath. I needed some quiet personal down time after completing a deadline review just before six. And here I was clock watching at seven-thirty, thinking a polite exit would be okay at eight. I’d cal... Continue»
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My first evers...

So to begin with I am your average Hong Kong Chinese girl who works at an international office company. I have a lame boy friend who is always stuck on playing games and is not really sexually active. However he is a sweet heart, I just wish he'd give me what my body desires, and that's sex... Lots of it!

Often times in my work I come home late. Of course on occasion I have to work late hours, other cases... I get my sexual fixes from my boss. From giving head under his desk, quickies in the break room, you name it. He's married and has his own frustrations so we decided to take it out on e... Continue»
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