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confessions Part 3 taken

Days were passing by; I was teasing Assarudeen when there was a chance. There were quite a few chances of nearly getting caught. Mostly Muthu he was keeping a close eye what was going on. Then one evening everyone was getting ready to go and leaving office while submitting their work to us. The office became quite, me along with sheeba & assarudeen were busy trying to finish our work for the day. Muthu came and told assarudeen to get some files summoned by the auditor since he had to go out to get some tea for the auditor. Assarudeen told me to get them since he had... Continue»
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A Bicycle Ride at the Beach – by SBarak1

A Bicycle Ride at the Beach – a story by SBarak1

It was late spring and the weather was warming up. I had driven down to my beach house on Friday night after work to give the place a bit of a spring clean, ready for summer, and try out the water. This time of year the water at the beach was still cold, however I had a wet suit if the water proved to be too cold. The sea temperature along the southern coast of mainland Australia takes a while to warm up in our summer which is December through to February – March.

I was up early on Saturday, had a quick breakfast and was making good pro... Continue»
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Nice fantasy story I found online

Couple's Fantasy Goes Wrong

I'm Mike, a 46-year-old reporter for a newspaper in a Southern city of 35,000 people. I've been with the same paper for 23 years and have established myself a solid reputation as hard-nosed investigative journalist who worked his way through the ranks from sports writer to senior news reporter. I've ruffled some feathers in our town with my reporting and columns. My wife of 23 years, Rose, is a looker at 45. Her 5-foot-4, 125-pound body, short brown hair, perfect ass and youthful looks make her look 10 to 15 years younger. She loves it when she has to show her ID... Continue»
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A tease too far, found on net

A Tease Too Far

Joel paused for a moment, wiping the sweat from his brow. They had finally reached the shade of the trees on their woodland walk and he was glad of the break from the sun's rays. His wife, Kelly, looked back but didn't stop.

"Come on, slow coach," she called back.

She looked beautiful. Even without making an effort she still managed to look sexy. Her dirty blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, the white strappy top clung to her slim frame and her shorts perfectly outlined her fine arse. Joel stared at it as she walked away. It was firm but had just enough wobble to it ... Continue»
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My b*****r Mark is sixteen years older than I. That is a story in itself. He is a great salesman, he owns a car lot and has plenty of money. Mark is the kind of guy that could sell ice to an Eskimo. And he is very successful with the ladies, he always has a different hot girl with him every time I see him. It was summer time and I get to go with Mark to the auto auctions to buy cars for his lot. It is fun because it is just he and I and we get to stay in a hotel and eat out and stuff.
As we were driving to the city and our hotel Mark asked me how things were going. He knew I had gone thr... Continue»
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All characters are over 18

Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She raised him and together raised their feminine side to grow up as s****rs into beautiful transvestites girls. Discovering each others body and transforming together they soon became lovers, living perfect girl life together until zombies attack the city. The girls discovered that people could be cured by having sex. Girls were on their way to inform the news star announcer Jim J.J Johns that zombies can be saved when Lilly was turned into zombie and had sex with a zombie girl that delivered a weird tentacle... Continue»
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Left, Right, Center

I’ve been widowed for 10 years. My lovely wife of 32 years came from a rural f****y into which I was accepted completely. She had 2 s****rs and a b*****r: Mary (married to an asshole), Jean (single), and her twin b*****r Jeff (possibly gay). Jean approached me after my wife’s funeral and made it clear that she was available to comfort me if I ever needed it. Several days later, Mary did pretty much the same thing. This was in February.

The following summer, the four of us decided to rent a cottage on a lake in New Hampshire for a week. It was close to the water and fairly isolated. The thir... Continue»
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52 black fridays

Convincing my wife at try another cock was the hardest part. It took over a year of careful suggestions always being sure to not over play my hand. Then that one night the stars were aligned just right.

We had a friend of mine staying the night due to being what I thought was over served. As my wife and I were picking up around the pool after everyone had left I made yet another suggestion that she go inside and give my buddy a blow job. She was just buzzed enough to listen to what I was saying
I convinced her that he was so d***k that she could suck his cock without him ever knowing. Sh... Continue»
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You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – by SBarak1

You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – a story by SBarak1

I had finished a contracting role and had a few weeks off before starting my next assignment. It was time to catch up on some odd jobs around the house. I also wanted to pursue my professional photography ambitions.

I made a list and at the top was getting the roof guttering cleaned out. Living in a two story town house meant that it was not easy to access the top section of roof. So rather than trying to do it myself, I jumped on Google and searched for gutter cleaning businesses in the area. I made a few calls and submitted s... Continue»
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A Night at the Four Corners Bar and Grill

A Night at the Four Corners Bar and Grill

I received your call just after lunch, as I entered the clinic office. In your deep sexy husky voice you gave me the details of what to be wearing when I met you for our date tonight. The black lace shelf bra with matching crotchless panties you had purchased a couple weeks ago. That was a given as you hadn’t seen me wearing them yet so I knew you didn’t want to wait any longer. Patience was not one of your strong suits, but I knew what was and the trade off was worth it. You then instructed me to wear the lacy bodysuit that had long sleeves and ful... Continue»
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They Called Me Horse

Eric was a shy person. He hated being the center of attention and did whatever he could to not draw attention to himself.

He was home schooled for most of his life but then his parents thought that sending him to public school for his senior year would help him with his social skills before he went to college. Eric found himself suddenly thrust into a large school and he absolutely knew no one! He was OK that no one seemed to even notice him. At least no one did until he had his first gym class.

He was really shocked when he was informed that everyone had to shower after class. When it c... Continue»
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Paris Match The Soundtrack

Paris Match The Soundtrack

Track 1 Paris Match (Style Council)

My flight touched down shortly after seven in the evening. I grappled with my small suitcase and the emotions of both fear and excitement. I was anxious to clear the chaos of airport customs and head for the business district of Paris. It had been over twenty years since my last visit to the French capital and I had forgotten how rude people really were. Without much help from the natives I managed to find the correct train and within an hour I was at the hotel with a dynamic view of The Grande Arche.

I waited in th... Continue»
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My Dirty Ex and Her Husband

Dirty Rose and Thomas
My ex-girlfriend Rose is a freak.

When we were together, we used to fuck all night.

I can still see her today. She had raven curly hair, she was so damn sexy, you would get a raging hard on so bad you wouldn’t be able to stand it. She was so fucking good in bed and kinky as hell. If I wrote about all the times we sucked, fucked, screwed and made love, I would have finally written a masterpiece, dripping with passion and the juices of our bodies.

We did it in a park, in a car, in an apartment, every room of a friend’s house: the bathroom, the living room on t... Continue»
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The New Guy Part 2 (Chad & Marcie)

“There’s something different about you Marce; what gives?” Bianca my friend, colleague and the office gossip was sitting across from me chatting on our lunch break.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about B; I’m no different than usual.”
I was slightly on edge, there was no way I wanted Bianca finding out that I had been fucking the new IT guy for the last two months.
Chad was like no other guy I’d ever been with. He knew what I wanted before I asked for it and once more seemed to know my darkest hidden desires and acted on them.
I couldn’t help but feel my core bloom as I recalled our r... Continue»
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Cross Dressing Cock Slut Party

Sadly this wonderful story is just a fantasy, but who wants to make something similar a reality!?!

The evening had taken a while to arrange, but had finally arrived. All 5 guests turned up within 15 minutes of each other and as they did, I fixed them a quick drink and showed them into the living room to get to know each other. Alan was a suited businessman in his mid thirties. Dave and Brian were dressed casually in jeans and Tshirts and both in their mid forties. Jeff and Keith were my age, early fifties and dressed in a shirt and smart trousers. We looked like a bunch of golfing mates who... Continue»
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My name is Jane and I am an eurasian girl : I am half asian and half european.
You can see my pics and videos on my profile if you want to know what I look like. As you can see, sex is really important in my life.
It was not always like that. I was married before, serious and bored in my life. When I get divorced, I wanted to try new things, because I realized that I lost 3 years of my life with just boring and normal sex. I met many guys before I met my hubby. It was him who first proposed me to try group sex. I first thought that he just wanted to fuck other girls, that I was not en... Continue»
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Secret Visitors

You will lie on the bed and watch as I disrobe slowly for you. As I stand before you arms folded I ask you to rise. I take you over to face the mirror. I stand behind you. My lips caress your neck as my hands wander over the outside of your clothes, gently caressing. I undo your skirt, it falls to the ground and you step out of it. My hands roam slowly over the skin revealed. Feel my tip against your cheeks. I gently caress your inner thighs and your cheeks bare from the blue G string. My tongue probes your ear and the nape of your neck.

I slowly undo your blouse and, as it falls apart, we ... Continue»
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The chair of the White Queen.

The chair is the first thing I noticed entering the apartment, it couldn't be missed. Alone in the center of the lounge with all other furniture pushed against the walls. The rug rolled and leaning in the corner, gas fire lit so low as to produce no noticeable heat at all. The chair looks old, all iron scrolls and smooth wooden surfaces, heavy but very adjustable if you could believe the many knobs and levers.
Dental maybe? or medical? I don't know what its use was before today, whatever it's past life had been, it has a new one now.
Bolted securely to the floor, shiny metal brackets added... Continue»
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A Bicycle Ride in the Country

A Bicycle Ride in the Country by SBarak1

I always thought of myself as reasonably fit. I go for a run once or twice a week, go to the gym and ride my bicycle a few times a week.

The weather had been wet for the last few weeks and I hadn’t been able to get outside much. The weather looked as though it was going to clear so I got my push bike out and decided to give it it’s annual maintenance going over. I also needed to fix a problem I had been having with the gears. I couldn’t seem to solve the problem with the gears, so I put the bike in the back of the car and drove down to the loc... Continue»
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Donna at the porn cinema.

Last night I went to the cinema with a close friend of mine,Maurizio,have known him for some years,he is 59 years old and single,he lives alone,and he likes so much my crossdresser side of me,expecially when i wear boots,skirts,or stockings,He really goes out of his mind.He has never asked me to have anal sex,so,I dont ask him,but because he likes a lot my mouth,he dont waste time to kiss me and ask for blowjobs.

Was kinda near ten p.m. when he rang the doorbell of my door,all excited,I took my trench coat(outside was rainy)and i ran down the stairs quickly as possible.
I was dressed with ... Continue»
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