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The Stock Room (Written By sxysweetsthrnhoney &am

I wanna watch is all we heard before we turned around. We stopped making out and looked behind us. The first things out of our mouths were “Please don't report us to the boss, we will do anything.”. Our bulges were still rubbing as we plead our case to Lisa.
She demands “ Go ahead continue kissing.” We had no option. We will be fired if not. We looked at each other reluctantly at first, but our cocks felt so good still grinding with our pants on “You want to see us takeout ma'am?
“Yes and I want to see a passionate, willing kiss. Make me believe it. “ Lisa instructed. “Yes ma'am.... Continue»
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My iniatiation...... And it was much more than I e

Ronda showed me off to the other guys and they all said they wanted a piece of me. Made me blush. But after this night I don't think I'll ever blush again. Eli picked up the front of my dress and said. One more thing. He was holding a screw in sound, about 6" long and quite thick. This should keep your cum from dripping all over
the place, but just in case I'll put this over everything. He screwed the sound in and stretched a completely clear rubber over my clitty and balls. Better..... Like it Jamie? What could I say.
Off we went. The first of many clubs was The Blue Note. I've been ther... Continue»
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My initiation

Ronda led me downstairs were the others were waiting. I got my share of wolf whistles and get on your knees baby. Eli lifted my skirt and said one more thing. We don't want Jamie here to be dripping cum all over so I'll screw this in place. He had a 6" sound that screwed into the tip of my steel cage. That will hold back things for a while. But this will catch everything once the damn breaks. Eli screwed the sound in place and stretched a clear rubber over my clitty and balls.
We all climbed into Eli's car and headed uptown. We stopped in front of the Blue Note. I've been here before. It's a... Continue»
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The Saga Begins: First Threesome

This is the beginning true story of a married couple. This story started is how John and Linda became swingers. How their sex life changed from this moment on. A continuing series of meeting couples, singles and having just all out sexual fun. Both lives changed after this initial tryst. Neither could get enough of what awaited in the future. So it begins.
John and Linda married very young. Sex was always hot and smoking. Nothing a married couple normally do was off limits. They fantasized together while having sex. Often using visions of people they knew. Talking about threesomes, being wat... Continue»
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A True Story

My wife and I lived in Canberra and enjoyed a swinging scene for about 2 years before we moved.
I was often on line, chatting to potential partners and swinging venues.
I started chatting to a girl who was a public servant in a large office building in Woden. We chatted for several weeks before she agreed to catch up for a coffee in the shopping centre. She was interested in hearing about the swinging sessions that we had attended.....and she wanted to know more of the intimate details of those events. I noticed that when I started telling her how I enjoyed ... Continue»
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Gail and Jonathan , new cuckold

Gail and Jon are a typical white couple. She is thirty two , five four and one hundred pounds. Cute thirty two B cup tits and fantastic legs. She has started collecting tattoos and she has been modeling for a few clothing lines. Jon is six foot one , two hundred fourty pounds his cock measures just over seven inches when erect.

After fifteen years of marriage things in the bed room seem to have gone stale. Jon has a friend with a well stocked farm pond and and he invited them to go fishing one Saturday. So before heading out they began to make bets on biggest, most, first fish caught. Jon ... Continue»
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working offshore.

for years now i have worked away and i have always gave my wife freedom to enjoy life whilst i'm away within reason. she goes away with the girls and has weekends away with them having drinks and spa days. i work hard but when i come home we play hard our sex life was great she gives me everything but lately i have noticed she doesn't cum as much and she is isn't as active. just before i had to back offshore for 3 weeks i sat Jane down and said was there something up cos this last trip home our time together wasn't as good as normal, Jane said cos you work away so much i have my own routine no... Continue»
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Cheating Together - Part 1 of 3

Jenny looked over at her husband as they left the airport in the rental car. She could not believe how much she loved this man but she sure hoped that they were both ready for what was about to happen.

"So are you excited or nervous?" Ken asked.

"Both! Are you sure you want this to happen? It has only been a game till now." She asked but she knew she would be disappointed if he backed out now.

Jenny remembered how it all started as just a joke. She and Ken had always loved watching porn and fucking each other to exhaustion. Ken had set up a profile on X-hamster to look for interesting... Continue»
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Erotic Encounter of the Female Kind !

Trace and John were out in Lincoln for their friend, Ross’s birthday. They were staying in a local Motel for the night not too far from the city centre. Once the pair where ready they headed into town with their friends, Trace looking incredible as usual wearing a short red dress which came just above the middle of her thigh, and exposing all her slender back to the very peek of her bum showing her stunning sexy tattoo’s off to the awaiting crowds of Lincoln. Once they were in the bars and the drinks were flowing, Trace noticed a women looking from across the bar that was with a group of girls... Continue»
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Diane gets a delivery

The alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. and I reached over my wife to shut it off. My morning hard-on pressed against her back. She was beautiful lying there naked with her blonde hair cascading down her pillow. I thought about waking her up for a quick start-me-up this morning. Instead, I jumped out of bed and got in the shower.

By 7:00 a.m. I was showered, had breakfast, and on the freeway to start my day. Traffic wasn't too bad this morning and I reached work around 7:30 a.m. I checked my e-mail and then called home to wake up my sexy wife.

"Good morning, baby." She had answered on the first ... Continue»
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Breeding my wife 2

The next weekend after Jens risky gangbang I ask her as we're having breakfast,
"So, when are you supposed to get your period?"
"Um, should be near the end of this coming week, probably Thursday or so I would hope!"
"Me too! You don't feel any different do you?"
"Different? Like as a person?" She questions back.
"No I meant, different like you could be pregnant!"
"Oh, well my boobs have been very sensitive the last couple of days, but thats all. God! I hope I'm not pregnant!"
" You did take that plan b pill right, so we should be alright!"
"I told you that it doesn't work if your ovu... Continue»
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The Nymph’s and the Morning After – by SBarak1

The Nymph’s and the Morning After – A story by SBarak1

This is story #3 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’ & ‘The Return of the Nymphs’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories sets the context.

I wake up slowly. I have a sheet over me. I’ve slept and had great sex last night with the Nymphs, Debby and Emily, not to mention what we got up to the previous afternoon. I’m in that zone between sl**p and waking. I’m feeling a bit dopey and satisfied. I’m aware of one of the Nymphs sitting on the end of the bed watching the TV. ... Continue»
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My First MILF – a story by SBarak1

My First MILF – a story by SBarak1

Dear Reader, this story contains a significant flight of fantasy, for me any way. Sure, these are fantasy stories anyway. This one goes a bit further. Don’t ask me how I came to it. It just flowed out of the end of my ‘pen’, so to speak. So there is no point in saying ‘it’s weird’ or anything like that. I already know that. Anyway, read on, enjoy and please let me know what you think

In my line of work I find myself doing short to medium-term IT contracts for just about any company that needs my skill-set. Working as an IT contractor can be ... Continue»
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Quick Blowjob leads to incredible encounter - Part

I laid back on the bed to watch Robert fuck his wife. Velma took Robert's nice cock in her mouth and gave him a quick blow job. As she sucked his cock, I stroked my still semi erect cock. I was still extremely horny and watching his cock disappear in her mouth and her huge tits swaying back and forth really got me going. Velma had Robert lay on his back and straddled him reverse cow girl. She bucked up & down on him which gave me a fantastic view of Roberts dong impaling her cunt. I asked if they minded if I joined in the fun. They both said "yes please!" at the same time. I got betwe... Continue»
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A new love for my daughter in law.

The title means two things, I've found a new love for her and she is looking for one. Seems my son has been taking her for granite and she told me about it. She is a beautiful lady, five foot three and a hundred pounds. She has small perky tits and gorgeous legs.

She started doing modeling for a few clothing manufacturers and doing well with it. She has started getting tattooed and that look draws alot of attention, so she has been covered up with work.

After the required shots are made to send to the add agency she always has the photographer take some nudes. They are referred to as i... Continue»
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Shared with his friend

So me and my boyfriend had been dating for quite a while and were living together right out of highschool by this point. We would have small get togethers with his friends and we would all end up getting pretty d***k. One of his friends in particular would always end up having to stay the night. This friend we will call Drew.

Drew was actually a virgin and was quite awkward around women. He was very nice and funny and a bit outspoken. He wasn't the best looking guy and a bit too thin for my taste but all of this combined made for a strange attraction to him. I wanted to take his virginity.... Continue»
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mmmf and hubby consolidated

So I probably bit off more than I could chew. Perusing fab I stumble across a KIK account: mymilfwife72. It is the usual kind of bi-curious husband, eager to show you pictures of his very hot wife. In this instance she was indeed fantastic. About 5 foot 8. Size 12. gorgeous tanned skin and immaculately dressed.
Normally I don't waste my time with Hubby's like this. But I wanted her.
He told me she didn't like to play so much anymore, but they both still spoke about Gangbangs.
I suggested that we arranged an accidental meet in a coffee shop. with myself and two other friends of mine.
I am 3... Continue»
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Six things women won't tell you.

I was just a girl when I first became aware of my nudity.

I had been in the pool and went into the changing room to change out of my swimming costume, daddy had gone into the male section. I had removed my costume and was standing there, about to put my panties on, when I saw in my perifial vision, a man looking at me, peeking, so to speak, and a sudden warm feeling spread through my body like wildfire.

I could see he was masturbating himself, through the strands of my long hair, as I bent over to put my foot into the cotton knickers I held.

To this day I still don't know why I resist... Continue»
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My name is Lisa , I am a 29 year old blond wife of Steve who is 38 ,we are both white and live in London ,England.

We have been married for 6 years , in fact although few of you would believe it Steve's paltry 4 inch cock had been the only cock to have penetrated me in my life.Our sex life had become very lame ,consisting of me opening my legs every saturday night and receiving his weener in the missionary style.

Steve has fertility problems so at least we never needed a condom.

About a year ago Steve brought home a video to liven our sex life up a bit.At the time it was a real shock... Continue»
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Friday seemed to come quickly this week. Angel had spent most of her time working around the house preparing for her absence over the weekend. Her thoughts always seemed to return to the big black man that she had taken into her mouth. The one who would now own her for the weekend. What was going to happen to her? What will she be made to do? Why didn’t Ken seem to care? All he had been doing was working or going over his books. He hadn’t even bothered to ask about what she had to do to get the extension. She began getting ready as six pm was soon approaching and... Continue»
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