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My First Ever Bi-Weekly Party 12/3/2016

This was my first Bi-Weekly party ever. I’ve heard about their parties for a long times, but have never went. This party was held at a newly renovated venue of theirs called the “DC Speakeasy.” Upon entry, there was a sign outside the door of the building that said “Fleamarket” which I found quite humorous. I immediately knew that was code for that is where the party was taking place.
When I went inside, I walked down a narrow hallway. At the end of the hallway was an elder gentleman who happened to be the founder of Bi-Weekly parties. He greeted my friend and I and had us sign in. He also ch... Continue»
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Bath house gang bang

This is a true story of the time I got gang banged at a gay bath house.

This wasn't my 1st time at the club I have been there plenty of times before but I usually get my cock sucked or suck a cock though the glory holes. This day I was feeling extra horny and wanted my tight little asshole fucked. While walking around cruising looking for a hook up I decided to go in the glory hole and wait for a cock to come to me. It didn't take long for someone to come in. Then this huge thick cock that wasn't even hard yet poked though. It instantly made me hard just think about the size of it... Continue»
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Rosita sexes 9 Young Studs

Rosita had been married for 20 years but she hadn't lost her figure or her apitite for sex. Her husband Del Boy on the other hand wasn't able to get it up.

Rosita & Del Boy lived in a bungalow outside a small town in a secluded location. Rosita had often thought that she would like to entertain a sexy young guy who had an apitite for sex no mater the age of the woman becuse Rosita was 70 years old.

Just to give you a picture of Rosita: 5' 8" tall 36 D cups 24" waist 37" hips Grey hair cut short in one of those modern cuts Pussy hair was salt and pepper naturally but she had it removed s... Continue»
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First time giving the BBC to a Vegas Craigslist Co

A little bit of background for those who are new to my stories. The stories are all true stories of experiences I had. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.

This particular story isn't that exciting. However, it was my stated goal to document all of my early experiences. These stories are key to understanding my transition from a shy virgin to a dominant BBC bull. If you haven't read my earlier stories, recommend going back and getting some of the back story.

I was still living in a small town in Utah. One of my coworkers was raving about a website called Craigsl... Continue»
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Barb and Armond

This story was written in response to a request.

I am a 5’11’ black man named Armond. I met Barb when she and her husband were out for dinner and fun. She wore an unbuttoned skirt that showed a lot of her long slender legs when she walked to the bar. Her tits jiggled and screamed “Look, NO BRA” under her partially unbuttoned blouse. I sort of picked her up and later took her and Gene to a hangout of mine, where Barb got gang fucked by 2 white men (hubby included) and 5 black men and me. She thought she might get pregnant as it was near her fertile time and all of us came inside ... Continue»
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Doctor - She must pay well for treatment

Karl peered out of the window, casually enjoying the excellent view in the distance and the steady flow of people along the road outside his Budapest apartment. As he did so he clutched a tight handful of Serena's thick, black hair and rhythmically pumped his long, stiff dick into her throat.

With her cuffed wrists linked behind her back, Karl's firm grip on her head and the weight of his body pressing her against the wall, Serena didn't have the luxury of taking a break for air or trying to ease her strained throat for a moment or two. The rhythm and the air restriction were causing her to... Continue»
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Innocent s****r In Her Dreams Of Top Film Actress

Hi, this is Neethu again.

After reading my previous story one of the readers came to chat with me.

After few days of chat, he said he has one girl and she is also looking for some good deals to make some huge money in need. I initially don’t know who she was and I referred her to some of my known sources.

This went for a couple of weeks and she was there around for 5 nights in 10 days and I got a very positive feedback from all those who fucked her.One among the men who fucked her was my husband, the deals were to satisfy my husband in return of the sources I shared.

My husb
... Continue»
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cruise vacation

It was there dream vacation, Jim and Becky had been married for 14 years, now both in there mid 30's were finally taking that dream cruise , they had worked and saved for this and wanted to enjoy it, for the past 6 months they both dieted and got in bathing suit shape, Jim was still a pit chubby but Becky looked fantastic, 34 ,dark hair down just past her shoulder blades, 5-6 , 130 lbs, very shapely legs and a great ass, Jim was loving what he saw everyday, she had her flat tummy back again and you could even see a hint of a six pack, all this and her 36 d breasts look even better, she was pro... Continue»
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I seduced my WIFE into a threesome.

At this stage in life, married twenty years to the same woman. She had an affair. I found out later. I have always been able to get women. They like me. I treat them with respect. I never cheated. Even after finding out. So many opportunity's. She denied it both times. So life went on. Our sex life was great. She is in her forties. I am older. I usually want it more than her. We fuck three to five times a week. Sometimes she'll just suck my dick and make me cum in minutes. She is good. Sometimes she'll suck me and swallow twice in one day. She always cums. I rub her clit and pussy hard. She c... Continue»
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Swinging Vacation

The four of us, two couples, have exchanged correspondence for three years; after we had replied to an advertisement by them on a contact internet website. We became firm correspondence fiends as we exchanged letters, erotic stories and intimate photos. All four of us over time certainly came to trust, like and understand each other. Cherall and Bill are in a similar age group to us; mid to late forties. Our interests are similar, such as being nudists, voyeurs and exhibitionists. Our various differences placed no imposition on the others. The warm and friendly relationship developed to th... Continue»
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Orgasms by Machine

I had the opportunity to try a fucking machine a while ago and ever since then have been addicted to watching videos of fucking machines. If you have hot videos of women being fucked by machines (especially if they are bound) please send them to me. Makes me so damn hot to watch other women being fucked by machines.

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a fucking machine in person once again. What a night! So many leg shaking, mind blowing orgasms.

I was invited to a dinner party. There were about a dozen people there, an even mix of men and women. Dinner was great and there was plen... Continue»
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True account of my prison fuck

I couldnt believe it was stupid enough to fall for it, because it wasnt going to be a real offer… was it?
I was stood there outside the prison on a road round the corner on a cold wintery night, waiting to be let down.
Was I shaking because it was cold and I was just wearing a short mini dress to show off the stockings, suspenders, and thong, with high heels and large hoop earings, with my long hair swept down and round to one side….or was it because I had a slight chance that maybe, just maybe it was actually true, and was about to happen?!

My last text to say I was there as planned ha... Continue»
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My Honeymoon – Every Woman Should Have – Part 2 (F

I am Garima here with the subsequent story of our honeymoon.

Keeping them astonished I walked upstairs wearing only panties and carrying 40,000 cash. I knew I have cheated them. I entered into bedroom, saw Rajiv still in the same pose. I kept money safely in my suitcase and laid on the bed beside him.

First I thought, what they would be thinking or doing ?

After Garima went out of sight, Sunil was first to speak,

“Yaar, I think she is cheating u
... Continue»
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This is a true story with names changed...

A few years ago we signed up on a swinger’s website. We had fun checking out the couples and we did some online chatting. After a few months, we found a couple that lived relatively close to us, and after some texts and sharing more private pictures, we decided to meet up for drinks to get to know each other in person and to check out any possible chemistry.

We drove to a restaurant that they picked out near their home, and we were quite nervous but excited. We talked about our rules and what might happen. We were practically giddy since it ... Continue»
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Housewives Nude Calendar, Oh So Wrong.

'OK so none of us are perfect, but what they get is Oh so AU-Natural'.

That brought a round of 'Cheers', and the glasses chinked, as we all contemplated on the task ahead.

We were going to do a nude Calendar for a local charity.

'Who's going to be the lucky photographer', asked Cheryl, as 35 divorcee, with a bit of a man eater reputation. That brought another round of feminine raucous laughter.

I sat quietly back and studied each of my girlfriends, all in our thirties, and still looking good, in a sexual way, most with c***dren and two divorced, eight in all, and all willing to sho... Continue»
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Old Man Porn Turns to Old Man Pleasure

When I was around about 19 my new favourite porn genre was 'old man and teen girl'. It all began one day when I was there jerking off and I began to imagine myself as the girl... Wearing the heels, dress and sucking a cock. I remember It made me super horny and I came really quickly. It was the first time I'd ever fantasied about anything sexual with another man. Over the following year, more often than not, when I was jerking off it was to older guy porn. Sometimes it would be straight porn, sometimes gay and I even liked older guys fucking ladyboys, but it was always older guys. The fatt... Continue»
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I found out my wife cheated.

I'm thinking why would she. We have sex often. I was her first and only. I guess our sex made her a little freakier. I was a few years older. She was in college. I was working. I know this for a fact because she wrote a couple of pages in her notebook about what she did. I never would have believed that she would do this. To read sexual things about her was disgusting and a bit odd. I was having thoughts of her fucking another guy.
She starts out saying, oh such a good time out drinking with friends. I like ro be a little tipsy at the bar. Of course he was checking me out for the second nigh... Continue»
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Kajal On Office Tour

This is Kajal from India. Little bit about myself. I am sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in export-import Company. I am 5.8ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with Cup size “C”. As you know my boss has shared me with few ... Continue»
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How To Get The Business Done


This is Kajal from India. A little bit about myself. I am very sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in the export-import company. I am 5.8 ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with cup size “c”. Guys who don’t have read my previous encounters, please read them to know more about me.
... Continue»
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A night to remember

Feeling down about the break up with my girl, I decided to go out to the local dance club and have a little fun. For the past two years I had stayed at home and focused all my attentions on her. She had become way to needy and controling. She was always calling me and asking where I was and who I was with. Now was time for me.
The club was packed and there were lots of hot women there. I found a spot at the bar and watched the people on the dance floor. The bar had changed a lot since the last time I had been there. In those days it was cowboy's and cowgirls having a good time. Now... Continue»
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