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The Cinema

As I stood in the sun next to my car at the back of the cinema, drawing slowly on the cigarette in my sexy black pvc skirt and tight top that showed my curves I knew what awaited me inside, but I wonder if the people walking past knew what I was upto. I had spent the last two hours becoming the sexy lady they saw standing in that car park all hints as to my male self were gone, hidden, I was now a woman, and the adult cinema was I hoped full of sexy horny guys just waiting for a girl like me.

As I walk slowly from the car park to the entrance, a group of 3 guys are checking me out as they w... Continue»
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Help from IT pt5

Chapter 5

Charlie had been at the store trying to decide what would go well with drinks, so far he had a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine, something to eat was kind of important. He was looking at frozen pizzas when his phone chirped.

"Hey just finished up my tickets, I'm going to get out of here before any more come in. meet me at my place?"

He checked the address and it was just across town, it wouldn't take long to get there.

"Sure thing, I'm just at the store now. grabbing some drinks and food, should be there in 30 or so"

"Perfect, I wil... Continue»
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How it started (sorry so long)

After my divorce from my wife of 3 years I wasn't really looking to settle down right away. The Internet was just coming of age and chat rooms were where all the fun was. My intent was to go on the rooms and see if I could chat up some women and do some jacking off. No harm no foul fun.

As I lurked in the singles chats nothing really ever caught my attention. Chat was very slow often. I switched back and forth between looking at nude pics of girls and the chat rooms. For shits and giggles I decided to open up the gay men's chat. Holy cow!! The room was nearly full and very active with guys... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 12

Cockatoo Part 12

Nikkie Silk

Previously in Cockatoo: Jamie and Nin had made it back to Koh Samui
after their journey to Bangkok to warn Kritsada. Jamie, Alex and Shane
had sailed to the West Coast for a short vacation where Jamie and Shane
had made love. The trio had sailed back and were in Cockatoo where they
were attacked. Pao had stepped between Jamie and the attacker and been

There was pandemonium inside Cockatoo in the moments after Pao had been
stabbed. As I cradled her in my arms I felt detached from what was going
on around me; as if I was watching a film made ... Continue»
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For All The Marbles Husband fights his wife's

I’m sitting at R.T. O’Brien’s bar in Mesa, AZ drinking by myself getting d***k and thinking 4 weeks ago I was in this bar with my sexy beautiful buxom English wife Joanne having a great time playing darts and shooting pool. Looking around at all the guys in the bar knowing they all wanted to fuck my wife but couldn’t. They were jealous because that sexy bitch with the beautiful face and big tits was mine to fuck! Now I feel lonely, inadequate and miserable and those same guys now smirk at me and talk behind my back. They all heard about what happened to me and why I’m alone. I look across t... Continue»
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Poppers got me again

After the extreme Weekend Poppers made me a Latex-Slut for two guys, i needed to recover. The Moment the last one slipped his dick out of my ass after he came inside me, i realized what danger i had put myself in. I thought about how poppers made me a willing slut without thoughts about safer-sex or anything. But it turned me on.... I fantasised a lot about this weekend and what happened to me and i jerked off to the memories.

I really was afraid i was doing it again and cross borders. I had dark fantasys in my mind but would never consider doing them for real, but in a poppers-rush? I prom... Continue»
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Daddy Fantasy

I was lieing on the bed the door opens he walks in naked,daddy he's a big bear of a man hairy big gut I meet him online and after talking for a few days I decide I had to meet him, we agreed to meet at a hotel just a cheap place, we divided that I would be on the bed naked
And all I can focus on is his thick hard cock.

As I'm looking at his cock he pins me to the bed puts his hard cock
In front of my face tell me I'm going to be a good slut for him and slides his cock
Between my lips till it hits the back of my throat,
He look down at me tells me I'm a good slut and pushes his Vick ti... Continue»
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Street festival meat

I met the sweetest little stud at a street festival a few years ago. We just kinda bumped into each other by accident. We were both in line at a concession stand, I turned around and spilled my drink on him. Our eyes locked... and, I swear, I got an instant hard on. He was so God Damn pretty. No shit.... pretty. I was dumb founded for a second. Slim... dark hair... not quite shoulder length. My mouth actually began to water. I had to have him. GOD, he was a prick tease. I told him I was sorry, and, began to dry him with my napkin. He took my hand and said " it's OK". We both just looked i... Continue»
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Gloryhole Fantasy Part 1

This is a fantasy I have had for a long time and would love to experience but have not had the opportunity. A little background, I'm a white male athletic body 5'9" 200 played college football. Love bondage and having a dom use my holes.

I opened the door to the booth in the ABS my master instructed me to use and instantly got rock hard when I saw everything laid out for me. There was a video recorder already recording, a blindfold, ring gag, pair of handcuffs and leg cuffs, a couple different sized dildos and toys, ball stretcher, collar, couple lengths of chain and spare locks withou... Continue»
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2nd Jerk Session

Hello all, and thanks for reading. This is a continuation of my first true story, “1st Mutual Jerk”. It is a bit longer than the first, but that is because I wanted to try to capture everything.
Again, respectful comments are appreciated.

As I lay in bed that night I couldn’t help but think back to what had happened earlier that day, to Steve & I jerking off to the porno mag. In just moments I was hard and started stroking myself as I re-lived it again. I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed watching Steve stroke his cock, how comfortable with himself he was in front of me. How I th... Continue»
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Sucking a black chub

I had just moved into a new town and found a small single room house to rent. I had recently broken up with a girlfriend and was ready to move on and find something to get my mind off of her. The neighborhood I moved to didn't have a lot of people walking around on the street. When I was moving everything into my place I noticed this chubby black guy walk by on the sidewalk a few times, like he was circling the block. He was about 5'10" and had to be over 300lbs he had a big gut that hung out just a bit at the bottom of his shirt. He had chubby checks and a little chin hair. His head was mostl... Continue»
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My First "Internship"

It started back in the summer of my sophomore year in college. I had stuck around to take two classes and was living in a dormitory on campus. I was also working evenings at a video store. I had gotten into a really good routine. Class in the early morning, study in the afternoon, work in the evening, and repeat the next day. The weekends, were a little boring for me. I only had to work but most of my time was spent looking at porn and masturbating.

On one rainy weekend, I was working at the video store. My manager was going over the list for closing with me when a tall slender older gentl... Continue»
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Luckly Me PT2 Gay

It had been three weeks since I had been forcibly fucked by the two bikers in an alley. After they left me, I had gotten dressed and walked back to my off campus apartment. I was still sore from the rough fucking that my mouth and asshole had received. I took a shower and went to bed. I had briefly considered reporting the assault, but I had disregarded it. I knew I would have to tell the story again and again, and that was not something I was prepared to do. Over the next few weeks, my life had returned to normal. I wasn't looking over my shoulder anymore and the sound of a motorcycle no long... Continue»
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Meeting Taylor pt 2

As my previous chapter ended, Taylor managed to get a ride to my place with a new battery for his car from a friend that works near me. I was outside smoking a cigarette when they pulled into the driveway about 8 AM. Taylor saw me and waved, his friend turned to him and said something that I couldn't hear and then had a strange look on his face and then looked at me. Taylor and his friend both got out of the car, got the battery out of the trunk, introduced me to Greg and we shook hands. Greg was about the same height as Taylor, but heavier, so he was about 6ft tall and maybe 210-220. Greg sai... Continue»
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Luckly Me Gay

I had been to a local bar getting a drink after college midterms. This was a just a normal bar, one that I had been to on a few occasions, and I was trying to unwind after all the studying I had been doing. All of a sudden a big muscular guy in biker leather walked up to the bar beside me and ordered two boilermakers. He looked over at me, looked me up and down actually. He asked if I would like another drink. I said no thanks, and that I was just about to leave, that I had classes earlier tomorrow morning.

"Suit yourself," he said and walked away with his drinks. I finished my drink and he... Continue»
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PART 3 Becoming a Ttannie slave who becomes a work

It turned out that the vitamins my men were givingme were hormones. My hips, ass , and tits grew. My balls shrunk . The guys told me that unless they were able to make some more money they might have yo move away. At this point in time , I was addicited to their cocks and the way they treatmed me. From the cocks in my mouth and ass every day, to being the ladyt of the house made to cook and clean.Slowly they were starting tio have me wear stockings, garters, bras and panties.One night they said we were going to a party at a hotel. They had me wear thongs, garter, stockings,brought a wig also. ... Continue»
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Just the start

I met him on a gay website. The first conversation was quite short. And in minutes he was stepping out of his truck and striding confidently to my door.

I didn't want to appear too eager, at least not until I was on my knees which I hoped would be soon. So I put the dog out back and then opened the door for him in the front.

I was nervous. I was standing before him the way he had instructed in our conversation. Panties, collar and chain and have a camera ready.

As I stepped back into the living room, after shutting the door, he reached out grabbed the chain and f***ed me to the fl... Continue»
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The boy next door: part 3

The storm subsided just minutes after I hung up the phone with Julie. She didn't seem bothered at all that her eldest son had come over to my place without her permission. It seemed as though moving to this new neighborhood had granted her a freedom she never had before. When Julie spoke with me at Jack's birthday party, she asked me and nearly begged me to watch over the boys from time to time. After all she is a single mom of two boys and she wants more than anything, to continue explore that new found freedom.

The way Julie saw it, Kevin was already old enough and there were only a few ... Continue»
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Help from IT pt4

Chapter 4

Charlie stepped back to the side of the desk and leaned against it, half startling Danny in the process.

"You sure are tense aren't you Danny? You must not have gotten laid in a while, maybe we really should go out and see about helping you out with that?" he laughed as he saw Danny loosening up. At least right until he sneered back at Charlie and punched him playfully in the chest.


"Hey I'm just k**ding," Charlie said immediately changing his tone as he caught Danny's next punch easily "Hey hey, I'm just k**ding, I am really looking forward to hanging out... Continue»
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The Best Blind Date

Part 1: The Meeting

They always say a blind date should be blind. My first ever attempt at it was blind. It was my older s****rs suggestion. She had always badgered me into getting a date. I just was not interested to be fair. I had my studies at University and that was my ultimate focus. Girls simply did not feature. However I did as I was told and decided to surf the internet. I joined one particular website that stated it was the best around and could simply find a date in "three easy clicks". To be fair the site was not incorrect. I had found a date, someone quite simply k... Continue»
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