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GayMaker Strike's Again

I kept telling myself, "how the hell all of this happened?"

I was a common straight guy which likes to do weights at the gym where I had been for years. John was the coach there, and we became friends. He had a girlfriend and I wanted to have one, everything was normal until the day I saw him naked in the locker room.

"Wow, what a lucky man!" I thought when I saw his cock. I felt envy and shame, because mine was tiny compared to him.

I could not help staring at it while we were talking. He caught me and I had to tell him that I was not gay, it was just it took my attention. He told m... Continue»
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Found out by another classmate

I was playing in the woods as I always have done, it was a few weeks after my encounter with my three assailants. I saw a fellow class mate, I'll call him 'Al', he was not an intimidating guy but he sometimes hung with Bruce, Charlie and Daniel.

Al approached me and asked if the elementary school was open, he said he needed to use the toilet. I answered I did not know and Al suggested that I should go with him to see if he could get into the ground floor Reluctantly I agreed, his argument was flawed but made sense to me.

If I accompanied him we could watch out for each other and make ... Continue»
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my second time at a gay club

on a cold night i put on a pair of tight leggings that looked like jeans and pink panties as well as a dark blue shirt. i took a cab to the club and went in to the dance floor. i was dancing next to this guy who was chubby and didn't have anyone. i moved next to him and started to dance with him. he was nerves so i wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. he smiled and started to really dance with me. i turned around and grind my butt against his crotch. he grabbed my hips and pulled me in close to him. i could feel his crotch rubbing my butt cheeks. i let him lead and moved my bod... Continue»
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Question Do I Suck Cock! Turned GAY

I was brought in and told that I was arrested for stealing over $10,000 from clients, the five clients that I had done the reconciliations for. The interrogating officer said that they had me on video stealing from Bill's desk and my fingerprints were all over the files of the clients swindled. They put me in a holding cell and told me I would see the judge in the morning. They also told me I would not get a phone call until the morning and all I could think was I could never let my parents know about this. I was put in a holding cell that was dimly lite, smelled bad and was isolated down a lo... Continue»
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You have to suck his dick

"What man does not want to get his dick sucked on the regular?" Most men would prefer to get their dick sucked as much during the entire day as possible. So, why make the statement? Simply, on a fair scale (because I have not interviewed or gathered statistics], a man who is with a woman [in a relationship], might, might get his dick sucked once a week, or maybe not even once a month. I have a b*****r who has not had his dick sucked for over 6 months. I think that is a problem. In fact, he states it’s a problem.

First, why should a man have to ask to get his dick sucked? Well, some women do... Continue»
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Sex Interview: Part Two

This is the continuation of The Sex Interview: Part one. More detailed questions and sexier with fantasies and different kinks. Enjoy! Here is the interview:
BD: This is your second interview. Some things have changed in your life. Your breasts have grown, very noticeable, and you have done some more things in which your audience needs to know. When we last checked you were a 46B, where are you now?
Alia: Now, I am at a 52C cup. Got a little bigger. I got to stop sitting down sucking dick. (laughing)
BD: (laughing) Interesting reason on why you think your chest is growing. You ar... Continue»
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Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 3)

The plan had to be executed. Steve wanted to end the frustrations, the
stop-and-go, on-again, off-again mindset that kept his father's sexual
gears shifting, changing and braking. Most of all, Steve wanted more of
his father's sub-surface sexual being to demonstrate itself to him. The
time was now, not later.

First on Steve's list was a visit to the attic compartment above the
house's garage. Not easy to pull out the built-in ladder and get up and
down without making some noise, but Steve was happy to do it to find a box
that contained valuables brought back from California. Still... Continue»
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My first gay experience

This is my first story here and this is all 100% true. Please comment and enjoy!
Just to set the stage on what led up to this moment. I have been straight my whole life and had been engaged at the time of This incident. I had worked with this guy who was a few years older than me who was very much out of the closet and always was upfront with what he wanted. And boy did he like to mess around with straight guys. We became good friends over the years working together. He would constantly hit on me and want to hook up and I always declined and just accepted the compliment.
Well about a year af... Continue»
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My first bi-guy (part 3) – a true story

After having my face and throat fucked by Simon, I wanted Simon to give my thick seven inches some attention…

… this beauty was all his, if he wanted it.

This is part three of my true story, if you haven’t read parts 1 & 2, I would recommend you do so before reading this part, you’ll find them here:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words ... Continue»
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Home visit

Home Visit

I was now a junior member of a gay cruising site. My basic membership allowed me to seek out cruising locations throughout the world. I could search other members of the site, able to click on up to ten profiles per day. I found my town listed and was surprised that a place so small could have so many cock seeking members. Most of the profiles came with a photo. To view all the members photos you had to take out full membership at, what I thought, was quite a high monthly subscription price. The vast majority of the photos available for me to view were of the members erect cock. ... Continue»
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The video store

The Video Store

Store one

I checked my suitcase at the storage office of the railway station.
'Are you leaving it all day?' asked the colleague from behind the counter.
'No just a couple of hours' I replied handing him a ten dollar bill. Just long enough to get my cock sucked I thought. It had become quite a ritual. I would arrive in the city a few hours before my flight, store my baggage at the station and cruise the adult video stores for a couple of hours. There were no shortage of venues but I had two favourite stores. The first was just a brisk five minute walk from the station. ... Continue»
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My first gay experience.

This is my first submission to xhamster. I'm a bisexual guy from Leicester in the UK and this is the first of my four experiences with other guys whilst I was coming to terms with my sexuality. All of the guys I met were through hookup websites or personal ads, I never got the courage to meet someone in a club and talk it over beforehand. If you enjoy the story let me know, this is all 100% true too!

First Time

My first time with another man was in the very early hours of the morning. I had been single for a while and I found myself getting more frustrated and less relieved by mas... Continue»
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First time anal with a huge Dom cock (real story)

I was at home alone feeling really horny, I hadn't cum for about 1 week... I started watching porn and soon after I found myself on a dating website that I used to go on at the time...I was cross dressing occasionaly wearing stockings and knickers and I loved it. I had only sucked cock twice and now I needed more...
That night I started talking to someone who was crossdressing also, we chatted for ages and the conversation was getting more and more horny. He was looking to meet the day after, I was anxious about the whole thing but I was so horny that I was ready for everything...At some poin... Continue»
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The Rebound Sex Years – Part Two

The Rebound Sex Years – Part Two
***This is chapter three of my sex memoirs following on from:
After several requests, I’ve decided to continue this in chronological order which features this unusual encounter with a sex-date site meetup***
The AFF Meet
6 interesting months had passed since my last sex session with my friend John. I had met and begun a very active, long distant relationship with a girl, Corrine, I had met on a yahoo group. We were having ... Continue»
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Glory Hole for the first time!

I had a girlfriend when I was young...
we experimented... a lot...
I can still see her, on her knees, between my legs...
her face close to mine, bend over me...
one hand firmly on my hard dick her soft breast and hard nipples moving up and down in hard jerks while she rams a nice big dildo in and out my ass...

her sweet smile while she does it, her voice telling me to take it...
her hand firmly massaging the head of my dick my fingers squeezing her hard nipples
telling her to fuck my ass with that dildo...

we had a good time together! I loved fucking her hard, she loved doing the s... Continue»
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Gay sex with dominant Pakistani

I've always enjoyed a wide variety of sexual adventures, although when I was married, my wife wasn't quite as adventurous and broad minded as me. In her eyes, the most daring thing she'd ever done was to go out with no knickers one summers afternoon, and watch me have a wank in the woods.

However, when we divorced, my sexual world opened up an endless amount of adventure.

Once I'd found a flat, my first thoughts turned to cross dressing, and I went to a local supermarket, and added a few Paris of panties and stockings to my grocery shopping. These I wore around the flat, and occasionall... Continue»
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Pizza delivery : Tasty initiation 2

(Read Tasty Initiation 1 before)

I was too much into it that I did not realize the other guy coming right beside me. That's true, it all started by me watching him stroking outside. Now he was there right beside, asking for some fun as well. His cock already looked big earlier, but now seeing it 2 inches beside my face, I realized it was huge, at least 9 inches long if I compared it to mine which is about 7 inches. It was also thick, but not too much. He started pushing it against my face while I still have his friend deep into my mouth. At this point, I was not shy anymore, but I kind of ... Continue»
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blowjob in the Theater

One evening I wanted to try out an adult movie theater. I got on my panties and leggings and a black shirt. I arrived to this place walked in to what looked like a normal porn shop with a curtain in the back. I paid the fee and went to the back into the theater. It was low lit with about 8 rows of chairs there was about 12 people in here all of them were guys. I sat down in the 5th row 6 seats in. They had a interracial porno on. A few minutes in a guy sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my neck. I looked over and there was this black guy wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a green t-... Continue»
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The Rebound Sex Years – Part 1

The Rebound Sex Years – Part 1
***This is a true story that continues themes and relationships from my previous story “First Fuck After French Exam” ( After many very positive comments about my style of writing, I have taken a slightly more dramatic style for this entry, but have still strived to maintain the integrity of the truth of these stories***

It Begins With A Pitty Shag.

My best friend, John and I hadn’t seen each other for about 3 years. Our last time together involved very quickly dressing and running for his... Continue»
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Another White Boi Taken Gay

"Um...k**...I think I need to talk to you. Could we speak somewhere private?" I could tell by all his fidgeting that he was clearly nervous about something.

"Yeah...whatever." I pointed over towards the janitor's storage room. As I closed the door behind us, he finally found the courage to speak up to me.

"Listen, k**. You got my little girl pregnant!" For some reason, the look of sadness and despair in his eyes made me so happy.

"I bet I did, old man. I've dumped my cum into dozens of bitches at this school so far."

 I squeezed my hand tight and threw it towards his face. Even tho... Continue»
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