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First Taste Black Cock PT1

I never saw it coming. I am a workaholic, working 60 hours a week in the office and working Saturdays and Sundays at home, mostly online. My wife thought I had an online girl friend, but the thought never crossed my mind. In my position of Marketing Manager for a startup firm, I was coming up with new ideas every day. The problem was I had to implement each of them and from start to finish, it took away all of my free time.

Weekends our entire neighborhood ended up at Jim's house down the street. He would drag his grill out to the front in his driveway and we would cook up some tri tip stea... Continue»
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First Taste Black Cock PT2

I woke up this morning fresh and ready to relax poolside, knowing that it had been two weeks since I had been blacked by Ray. Although the experience had scared the hell out of me while he was at my house, it turned me on knowing I had successfully serviced a black stud. The power he seemed to have over me had subsided and I was finally back to my normal thought process.

I spent about an hour poolside, taking in the California sun and reading a Clancy novel while sucking down a triple rum and diet coke. I finally had a weekend to myself with no work to do and no f****y hanging around. I ch... Continue»
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New Year

"Let me get this straight. You want to book me for New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight."


"But I have some killer party plans. How bout we meet earlier?"

"I'm sorry. It has to be midnight. I'll double your rate. Triple it if you cum inside me bareback at exactly midnight."

"All because of the silly superstition that whatever you're doing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve is what you'll be doing all year long?"


"You know that's bull shit. Right?"

"Probably, but what have I got to lose?"

"Why me? Why not one of the other girls in town?"

"S... Continue»
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Jack of Spades PT1

I'm a white promiscuous cocksucker, meaning I've sucked so many cocks that
I've lost count, and never pass up a chance to suck another.

I have sucked a few black guys, and have loved it. My favorite porn
pictures are of white guys sucking black cocks. I have several online
friends I chat with regularly who suck black cocks exclusively. I would do
the same if I could find enough of them, but I've had to take whatever I
can get. Just the same, I give about 3-5 blowjobs a week, though I would
love to do that many every day.

I also chat with a number of black guys online. I'd love to b... Continue»
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At the Spa: Day 1 of 3

I always wanted to go to one of the spas a lot of men went to, to have sex and play, but never had the chance until the Summer. I always found it hard to hook up with men, and tell if they were gay or bi, let alone top/bottom/vers, so going to the spa would make so much easier.

After chatting with someone for a while, they finally asked me if I wanted to go to a spa with them. He was an older man, 42 years old and large, and we both turned each other on to no end, so I said yes. I asked though just to make sure it was all I was hoping it would be, and he confirmed we would definitely h... Continue»
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Saturday night with room mate and his girlfriend

After the first time my room mate fucked me like his sissy whore, I took to completely shaving my body and wearing sexy lingerie all the time under my clothes. We hooked up a few time afterwards, eventually moving into a place together, while still being somewhat friends. He had a girlfriend but still enjoyed out little secret games, I would walk out into the living room/kitchen in nothing but tight panties. Occasionally if i was in the mood I would go all out and wear cute or sexy outfits, always with a short enough skirt for my smooth round ass to pop out.

One weekend we were sitting in h... Continue»
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The beginning of the next level

I arrived back at my apartment that night, and had one last jerk off session, a quick shower, and I was out. The next afternoon I rushed into my apartment with high anticipation of an email. This was before social media, and text, and I could only check my email from home. It was there as I expected, and upon realization of that fact my dick rushed hard! All 7 inches of it.. I clicked on the email, and it just said. "Hello baby, last night was incredible! Tomorrow is friday, and I am completely free until Sunday evening. I will be alone at my lake property. Are you free? I hope so, because it'... Continue»
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Sissy's First Cock

Sometimes you've got a secret thats swollen up inside you and you've just got to let it out. From my earliest days I had an affinity for wearing ladies underwear. Living in a small Irish town this is not exactly something that is deemed worthy for public consumption. I tried telling my father once when a program came on television featuring a transvestite character about how that was something I liked to do. It was laughed off as a joke and I decided it was best left that way. In the end my parents didn't need the hardship and besides as I grew to understand it more there are thrills in secrec... Continue»
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I live in Northern California now, but a few years ago I was living
in L.A., land of movie stars, traffic insanity and loads of awesomely
cute young dudes, in a small house in West L.A. proper. At that time
I considered myself bisexual, but hadn't had nearly as much sex as I
wanted (with either gender). It wasn't that I was bad-looking. In
fact, I was flirted with by both genders nearly every day. I was
well-tanned, and worked out enough. Green eyes, buzzed dark brown
hair. I was kind of on the slender side, but toned enough. A little
chest hair. I was worried ‘cause I was 25, ... Continue»
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Sauna Experience

It was mid-week and I was away on business and had to stay two nights in a posh hotel while leaving my wife at home alone. I was hungry and it was getting late,there was a restaurant across the street so I walk over to get something to eat. I had three beers while I was there and now I was in the mood to drink some more. There was a store a few doors down so I went and grabbed a 12 pack and headed back to my hotel room as I wasn't in the mood to sit at the hotel bar.

I soon found myself getting d***k and feeling pretty good but was very bored. I was thinking of going to the Jacuzzi down ... Continue»
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Blowjob in toilet mall :)

OK let me start with the begining :D
I was at work bored a little thinking at cock of course :D so I started to chat with guys on a gay site :D so I was talking and talking and ther was one guy 40 years old married that he said that he loves to do public sex or outdoor so I said shit mee too :D (I have on my profile description that I love gloryhole and sucking outside) thats why we were so in to the tal... Continue»
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New Town and My First Stud Lover

Back then times were great. I was 26 years old, just landed a nice paying, easy job at the local lumber mill as a scale operator, and I was a lot like any other 26 year old American male. A healthy appetite for young ladies, and loved the local bars, and playing the bar sports. I also worked out, and unlike my small home town, the new one had a nice fitness center with an indoor pool, and the whole nine. I joined up, and started working out, and in about the third week there my life changed. Mitch was the local tennis pro at the club, and he also coached tennis at the high school, and he also ... Continue»
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Hot Springs Threesome (MFM)

I have been dying to tell you guys about what I got up to last Thursday at the Radium Hot Springs.

The background is that I somehow heard about these natural hot springs about an hour from Kip's place in Breckenridge but nobody I knew had been to them. From what I read it was a natural pool on the side of the Colorado River a 20 minute walk from a parking area and it was not developed at all, 100% natural.

So, last Thursday, Kip was out of town, I was a little hungover so about 2pm I jumped in the car and headed in that direction. It was a little late in the day but I kind slept in and... Continue»
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Trevor's Transformation, chapter 3

I repeated this process with Trevor three more times that afternoon. His youthful stamina – a virile young man of 19 – was incredible. In the two hours of ass fucking him with the big black dildo and jacking his thick cock, he never once went limp. He was rock hard the entire time, and the puddle of cum on the floor in front of him was more than I’d ever seen from a sub. After his fifth and last orgasm, his weakest, which took nearly a half hour to achieve, his reddened cock finally went limp, and his now hairless ball sack hung low. His legs were getting weak and his boxers, still stuck ... Continue»
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Converted to GAY!

I awoke slowly as bright light streamed through the open window beside the bed. My wife was away on business for the week but I was not alone. My cock was hard and ready despite the vigorous activity from the night before. I turned onto my back and it jutted skyward tenting the covers as I reached beside me and touched my companion's warm flesh. 

My right hand slid up the smooth muscular thigh beside me until it reached his hard throbbing cock. I stifled a low moan and wrapped my fingers around the shaft as my left hand squeezed my own turgid dick. I had never awakened with a man by my side... Continue»
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My first day with Dennis

It turned out his name was Dennis, and he lived not too far away from my favourite masturbating spot in the fields so when he invited me back to his house, how could i say no?

I walked in and he showed me to his living room where he proceeded to put some porn on and wandered off into the kitchen while he was gone i stripped off and laid back on a leather chair and started stroking my cock. On the screen was a woman on her knees sucking two big dicks, i closed my eyes and fantasised about doing the same.

"I see you've made yourself at home" Dennis had come back and was holding a box and a... Continue»
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Fluid dump

When i was younger and single I used to find the winter nights pretty long, cold and boring. To pass the time I became a heavy duty cruise freak. I liked nothing better than hitting the parking lots or a truckers lay-by to see what was about and around. Most nights things were pretty good and usually some horny cum filled lorry driver would invite yo into his warm cab for a bit of fun.
I was in bar in Brighton and got chatting to this guy, I had seen him around a few of the cruising spots, but had never had sex or even a cat with him. We started to chat over a few beers about the things we... Continue»
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Birthday part 2

She nodded and said, "Even better, though, we'll set up Bob here so you get your first proper taste of cock; not just cleaning him off after sex but giving him an honest-to-God blowjob while I'm doing you." Bob said that sounded good to him, and while he doubted I could be quite the cocksucker she was, he was willing to "lend a hand" so I could start catching up! I almost fainted at the dizzying thought of being sandwiched between my wife and those 8 inches.

My wife smiled and ran the dildo in and out of her pussy to provide some lubrication before strapping it on. She positioned Bob at th... Continue»
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Birthday part 1

tagGroup SexMy Birthday Treat
My Birthday Treat
My wife and I were looking to expand our sexual horizons. Primarily I was the driver; she seemed fairly satisfied with our relationship and didn't feel the need to do more or anything "crazier." We were fairly adventurous together—including things like sex in public places—and after one crazy night, we added a strap-on dildo (which she used to great effect on me occasionally) to our "toybox." I loved her and couldn't get enough of her sexually; she's stayed in shape, about 5'4" with great proportional breasts and straight dark hair p... Continue»
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I woke up a bit before sunrise and climbed down the ladder of my bunk bed. My roommate laid sl**ping in the bottom bunk next to my wife. I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall. My middle-aged body was still in good shape. The legs, ass, and chest were well shaved to provide a clear view of my smooth white skin. So was my face. My neatly trimmed bush looked nice above my underwhelming dick and stones.

My eyes drifted to the window and the city lights below our studio apartment. Paris is so beautiful at night. My roommate has several friends living in flats across the street from us. ... Continue»
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