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Admitting My Secret Ch. 02

"Get on your fucking knees pig," the powerful Dom demanded.

I was naked in Master Steven's basement dungeon. My wife Julie was fully dressed and sitting in a chair in the corner of the room watching me submit to a man. I was not gay, but I have always been very submissive and I had recently accepted my bisexuality.

My eyes flashed at Julie and she smiled as I slowly sank to my knees in front of his bronze muscular body and awaited his next command. His hard 7" cock jutted out from his taught firm body and pointed toward my face.

I kept my head bowed in submission but my eyes were fixe... Continue»
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Friends And adventures

Wayne and I had been friends since our early c***dhood. We lived in the same street, went to the same school and spent the weekends playing together in his tree house where more often that not we would end up naked, or at least out of our pants.
He would be the doctor and give me an examination and then I would do the same to him. No different than what many other k**s got up to at that age.
When it was time to go to high school though, we went our separate ways, he to a Catholic school and myself to a state run school. After this we really didn’t see each other that much for a couple of ye... Continue»
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I had just been into exploring my sexual side for a short time when this happened.

I was about 16 and still shy and nervous. I had kept my sexual liaisons to the local cruising places at night and anonymous. I wasn't old enough to get into the gay bars, and hadn't worked up the courage to go into the local bath-house, The Apollo.

I was walking through the mall one day when I noticed a guy checking me out. I was surprised by how obvious he was in such a public place. The mall was dead, but it still surprised me.

He was older--probably in his 50's--and kinda looked like a Sears retiree... Continue»
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My boss Carl 2

The next days are the same and i am more comfortable getting showered near him and changing. We dont mind eachother naked body and it is relaxed. He makes sayings about my cock and that it is big and my girlfriend must be crazy to leave and i laugh! We get along well and i am happy in my new place. I spent most my time in garage becausse his wife is not liking me in her house but that's ok because Carl spends much time with me and I like him and not being lonely.

One day I finish showering and Carl goes next. I sit on the sofa in towel and watch TV as he cleans. I am looking over sometimes... Continue»
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My boss Carl

This is part of a story of things that happened between me and my boss.

I moved to UK from Hungary 11 years ago with my girlfriend so we can work. My friend helped me find work with a builder in Liverpool and I was a labourer. It was a good job to get and I was happy. My girlfriend find job as cleaner and we moved into a nice flat. She didn't settle in UK, homesick and no friends and bad job so she moved back home. I wanted to go with her but she told me stay and work. Is better. It was but I missed her but liked job and making money to send to her to visit.

Our flat owner didn't like i... Continue»
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Friends and adventures 2


Summer time and my parents had sent me off to stay with my aunt and uncle at the beachside caravan park where they holidayed each year.
At 12 and going through puberty I was actually happy to be away from the f****y, my body was changing, pubic hair had begun to grow, my dick was getting larger and I spent my days wondering what each boy I saw looked like naked. It was an obsession.

Looking out the window the morning after my arrival I first saw him, young, shirtless and about my age.
His beauty was striking. A mass of thick black hair, d... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 6

We were having breakfast before Richie went to school. “Mummy slut, I've been thinking about an idea since we met Jim the trucker last week.” I looked quizzically at him “oh yes darling fuck boy, what's that?” I asked. “Well you know that Jim the trucker said he wanted to meet you again to fuck, and he gave us the information about that layby where we could meet other truckers? Well why don't we set up a website and an email address, get you some business cards, and then we can be sure of getting you some regular cock.” I laughed and hugged my son. “What a brilliant idea! Tell me more about yo... Continue»
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First Time With A Man

When I was twenty, I was sent to the Midwest by my employer for a convention. Before I left, my girlfriend said that she would have a surprise for me on the second night of my trip. She wasn't coming with me, so I was confused. On the second night of my trip I got a series of texts from her instructing me to "clean out my ass", shower, and brush my teeth. I did as I was told, expecting her to show up as a surprise. After I showered, she called me. She asked if I was ready for my surprise. I said yes, eagerly expecting some kinky sex with her. Suddenly there was a heavy knock at the door.

I... Continue»
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My Introduction

We were new in town, Mom and I had moved here because she'd gotten a pretty good job and this would be a good place to start over again. Our lives had been in constant chaos since my father had been killed by a d***k driver couple of months before and we were still trying to make our life adjustments. I was a fairly new driver and mom letting me use the car to hunt for a job was an unexpected treat. I went to the downtown area and applied for jobs at each and every fast food & grocery store I could find. I wore a short sleeved button down sky blue shirt with a Blue stripe tie, Black s... Continue»
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My First Time

Our house was small and with everyone at home, it was always a lively, bustling place to be. The only problem with this, was that as a s*******n year old lad, with raging hormones, I had little chance for any privacy.

For a small terraced property our house had a very long garden. My dad took great pride in how it looked and would spend his weekends ensuring it continued to look at its best. At the very end of the garden, hidden behind a row of conifers was my dad's garden shed and behind this, he had built for me a small covered play area. This ofcourse was built for me when I was younger,... Continue»
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Friends and adventures 1


Stewart and I were inseparable friends during our early years growing up.
Although we went to the same school we lived vastly different lives at home. I grew up in very middle class suburbia while he lived on a sprawling farm, where we spent many, many days exploring the dams, fields and forests of the property, carefree with no adults to supervise, watch over us or tell us what to do.
One summer’s day his father suggested that on our wanderings we go for a swim in the dam near the rear holding paddock to cool off, as it was shallowe... Continue»
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My first time with a guy

Growing up, I experimented with my body and I'd discovered that I enjoy having things up my ass. I had never done anything with a guy, but I fantasized about it constantly as I jerked off. I would constantly watch all types of porn, but found myself drawn to gay and tranny porn (still do). The thought of that first time, with all of the fear, hesitation, desire, anticipation and pure sexual urges just drove me wild.

After finishing college I moved to a new city. I only had a few friends in the area so needless to say, I had a lot of spare time. In this spare time, I typically would sta... Continue»
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Catholic High School Retreat

It was my junior year in high school. It was the last night of my junior retreat. I was having trouble sl**ping and wished I was at home because it had been a few days before I jerked off. I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I got up and turned the light on, pulled my pants down and started to stroke my cock. I was thinking heavily of some of the girls I had been with and was about to cum when the door handle turned and the priest came walking in. He was wondering why the light was on at 2 a.m. in the morning. I tried to cover up, but it was to late. He had seen what I was doing. I could tel... Continue»
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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 1, foreword,

“Coyote and the Wolf” part 1

In a large clearing of a forest, sets a small lake, surrounded by large rocks. Below one of these rocks, a Coyote cleans the last of his catch. “These should do for a few days, if I can find some nuts and berries in the forest” He said to himself. Coyote found this lake after running through most of the night before. Running from the disastrous battle the day before. To avoid capture, he headed west into the forest to stay hidden from the enemy. He hoped to head south again in the morning, after a meal and some rest. Though he might well ... Continue»
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Mind control of roommate

As I approached the dormitories at the beginning of my sophomore year, I have to admit I wasn’t entirely happy. I’d had such a great roommate my freshman year that I wasn’t looking forward to a new one. No, it wasn’t what you’re probably thinking. My previous contentment had nothing to do with sex, since Gerry had been totally straight and not at all physically my type; but he was smart, funny, neat, and tolerant, and, in short, perfect to live with. When he decided, over the summer, to get an apartment with his girlfriend Callie, I wanted to tear my hair.

I dragged my suitcase and foot-loc... Continue»
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Back in the dunes.

My stomach gets jittery with excitement whenever i'm walking the beach to get to the cruizing area in the dunes.I start getting overly horny and feel like i could cum before i even get hard.I usually have to stop and calm myself down.It is so fucking exciting walking around back there naked with my cock hard as a fucking rock and standing straight out.When i walk by other guys with my cock swaying back and forth sometimes i feel like i could cum without even touching it.I love the feelings that i get out there.One hot sunny day i decided to just lay in the sun and jerk-off.I knew other guys ... Continue»
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The Marathon Encounter

I've had some longer than normal sexual encounters before, but I really broke my record last weekend! I was horny on Saturday morning, decided to check out adam4adam and see if maybe someone could help me out. That's when I met Jason. I usually don't hook up with many guys my age, I prefer men to be at least a little older because they tend to be much better in bed. Jason and I started exchanging instant messages on the website, we talked about what we were both looking for. He is my age (42) bisexual and was starving for cock like I was. He invited me over to his place for what I though... Continue»
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What a Day

I had a shit day at work on "fri" and half way back home I decided to stop off for a piss and trawl about at a well known area outside Glasgow.
I was in the works van and decided to sit for a while and see who was walking / driving around.
There were a few motors and people walking around in the wooded areas but no one doing anything!
I decided to go for a piss just off the car park along a path next to some trees and half way emptying my bladder a wee scally Ned looking lad early 20s walked past coming out of no where.
He was 5ft 9" slim fit with dark blue trackies and had a dark grey... Continue»
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Mutual pantyhose wank.

Left alone and feeling horny as usual I slipped on a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose. I put on a pair of trousers and a tshirt and slipped on a pair of shoes. I didn't bother with socks. My plan was to go out to the pub for a drink to see if anyone noticed that I was wearing pantyhose and then to go home and have a wank imagining what they thought. I got in my car and set out for a pub in a village a short drive away. It was early evening and it wasn't very busy. There was a couple sitting in a booth on one side, a group of three guys at the bar and a couple of guys drink... Continue»
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The Favor

It started the summer I turned 16. My mom got me signed up to go to one of those summer camps for disadvantaged k**s. I was going to spend a month in the woods with mostly black and Hispanic k**s, and I was one of the few white k**s. I'm not a bigot, its just that when you are white and a minority in those groups, you get pushed around. I was assigned a tent with a black guy who was 18. He was nice and I figured it would be OK to be at camp, until I started getting pushed around by other guys in camp. My tent mate stood up for me and told the guys to leave me alone, so they did. Later, when we... Continue»
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