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Practice! Practice! PRACTCE!!

My ther****t had suggested I avail myself of the large video library The Center For Interracial Relations & Cuckold Therapy had for it's clients to utilize, and after deciding on one that sounded might fit my own personal struggles, I began watching it on a regular basis.

"Admit to yourself," the soft, friendly, and even sexy sounding female voice said, "that you're deeply attracted to other men...and," the voice went on to ad, "especially to black men with BIG and BLACK cocks."

Even just hearing those words spoken sent a thrill through me.

"It's okay," the same woman's voice said aft... Continue»
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Mr. Greig and the Boys: Part Three


(This is the third chapter of the sexual adventures started in "Daddy's First Bukkake" and "Will Strikes Again". I would heartily recommend reading those before continuing here.)

Pulling my 57-year-old face from my 18-year-old next door neighbor Will's hairy asshole, I looked towards the doorway of my bedroom. Standing there was a sexy young dishwater blond jock I would guess to be, like Will, 18-years-old. Clearly this was Flip, the football player Will had told me was coming to join us. He was a large guy, thick and athletic and muscular. He was wearing a footbal... Continue»
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Now that my cousin and I were orally and anally involved, we were unstoppable. Two young teenage boys who have a way to get off daily and a partner who is more than willing to offer themselves up as a willing partner, the possibilities are endless. We were insatiable with our sex. We had sex anywhere and everywhere. We did it at night in bed, we did it in the bathroom/taking showers, we did it during the day and in themorning. We did it anythime we wanted it, or the other wanted it. We even blew each other off in a Kmart changing booth while shopping with my aunt for school closthes, noone sus... Continue»
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New Hobby is Turning Straight Guys GayMaker


Oh sure, many men think they are straight and many men will never once in their life ever do anything sexual with another man, yet I strongly believe any man can be seduced. The reality is you just have to open up their minds to the idea by planting the seed and once it's there it will often flourish.

I have seduced guys in under an hour, I have also seduced guys that took me three months, but they almost always submit eventually...curiosity is a big part of our human psyche and once an idea is imbedded...curiosity slowly takes over. (I have fai... Continue»
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Matt meets the GayMaker

Matt, whose anal cherry I had just taken, said, "I can't believe we just did that. I thought I was straight."

"I knew you weren't," I replied, as I returned from the washroom. The irony was crazy as he was a really loud-mouthed, in your face linebacker on the field, but now in my arms he was a tame, insecure man wanting to be cuddled and loved.

"What do you mean?" He asked, looking offended.

"I just knew," I shrugged.

"How?" He questioned, clearly worried others would know he was a cocksucker.

"How did I know you would be an eager cocksucker?" I asked, liking to be crude an... Continue»
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Bigger is better.

My uncle commented, “Damn you’re tight.” As he worked his finger around inside of my rectum then, in and out slowly. I was gasping and moaning a little, not that it hurt, it felt good being finger fucked, I wanted more though, I wanted his cock. I wanted him to bury all nine inches in me…stretch my little ‘cunt’ good and give me a good fucking. A nice deep hard one.
I thought he had about nine, close to it anyway.

My boyfriend, of three years was good, very good. Ron was a year older, very nice and loved to fuck my f******n year old ass as often as he could. I tried to be available for him... Continue»
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Cousin and I in bed

Continuing from the last story....

My cousin and I went inside after his mom told us it was time to go to bed. My cock was still quite hard and I was a little embarrassed that my aunt had probably seen me blowing her s0n, or at the very least saw us kissing. She was already out in the f****y room with my uncle watching TV, so we simply yelled good night and went to get ready for bed. After cleaning up I jumped into my cousins bed to wait for him. I put on a t shirt and gym shorts and my cock was still a little hard poking out the front. my cousin came into the room in the same gear and... Continue»
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I'll bet money his dick isn't as big as

It was 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. I was sitting in my room flipping the channels looking for something good on. I was so bored, there was nothing to do. I was home alone because my parents went up North for the weekend and left me to take care of the cats. I went downstairs and got something to eat. I started making a sandwhich, and I heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be I thought to myself. I walked to the door and it was James, my neighbor.

"Hey James, what's up?" i asked.

"Hey I'm fine, I was just wondering if you would mow my lawn, I'll pay you 20 bucks."

"Oh yeah su... Continue»
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Ass Pounder Gay

I slipped the key into room 503 and jiggled the lock. The well worn lock resisted at first. As the pin tumblers engaged the lock begrudgingly let me in. I was horny as hell and it had been slow getting laid lately. The night before had been a complete waste of time. I tossed my backpack in the corner and quickly stripped down. I tossed my clothes on top of the backpack and pulled out my lube and poppers. I lubed my ass hoping it was mostly clean. I had cleaned out prior to leaving the house and thought I was good to go. As luck would have it I barely made it to my counselors office. ... Continue»
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Some sex questions answered

What’s your favorite place to be kissed? Lips and abs

What color panties are you wearing? Right now: none ;P

What’s your favorite sexual position? Spoons

Do you prefer sex beneath the sheets or on top? On top

Do you prefer sex with the lights on or off? Depends on my mood

Do you like rough sex or smooth sex? Depends on my partner

What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had? Slippery

What’s your favorite part of sex? Do I have to choose?

Are you familiar with the term “erotic roleplay”? Yes, but not a fan of it

Have you ever had sex in a public ... Continue»
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New Life As Blackmen's Plaything Gay

It all started innocently enough one day while I was surfing the friend finding web site and had noticed that there was a large percentage of well endowed black members who were BI-sexual and were looking for women, couples and single guys to have sex with.

I am married and have always been heterosexual but I find myself often fantasizing about sucking and being fucked by a well hung black man. I have never been with another man but have on occasion swallowed my own cum and found the taste although salty to be quite delicious. I also occasionally fuck my ass with my wife’s dildo, which exc... Continue»
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A Flash from the past....

I was in a local mall as I heed my name '...DAVID, DAVID is that you...wait up man...' The voice sound familiar but strange as I turned and saw an older guy heading my way. His face seemed familiar as he neared and I recognized him.

As he came closer he called '...David, you have not forgotten your favorite uncle have you...' Well he was never my 'uncle', but I did know who he was. There before me stood Charlie's uncle Harry, better know as horse dick Harry. To tell the truth I did not know what to expect, it had been a few years since him and I was together, my mind flashed scenes from t... Continue»
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First Taste of Black Cock and Cum Gay

I have been reading and enjoying cuckold and creampie stories for many years now, and I recently
had an unbelievable experience at a local sporting goods store. I was pretty horny at the time
because I had just finished reading several cuckold stories involving white husbands who were eating
creampies from their wives, which were deposited by big-cocked black men.

I was in the camping department looking at some cold-weather sl**ping bags, and noticed a large
black man also shopping in that area. He was about 6’4”, and I’m guessing about 250 pounds, and
was wearing a nice sweat shirt ... Continue»
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I Swear I'm Not Gay - a story

Okay I did not originate this story. I copied it from a fellow named Nathan Butler on a site that specializes in erotic stories. But it got me so worked up, so into the fantasy, that I had to copy and paste it. This story really speaks to how much I feel like I've become cock obsessed. I want this to happen to me.

"Cum in my mouth. Yeah, shoot your load in my mouth. Let me swallow your cum" I repeated to myself as I jerked my cock rhythmically. The movie on the screen showed a guy sucking cock and swallowing cum. I had edged my 6" cock multiple times and was sitting at my computer table mut... Continue»
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In Prague

I arrived in beautiful Prague for a conference, dressed up smart for business, smelling of cologne, when my friend Stephan showed up at my hotel room. He wanted to fuck – Now – so here I am on my back, pinched to the wall with my legs in the air, being seriously buggered by a huge, Czech weight lifter.

Oh, he takes me hard as usual, pumping away at my tight ass hole like there was tomorrow. I’m moaning and screaming from the massive pressure and lustful pain up my anal tube. Sweat is dropping from his forehead, his face strained by manly concentration on the target – to fuck the hell out o... Continue»
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Uncle Buck

It was a warm Indian summer day in mid-September, 1973. My mother's first
cousin was getting married and it was a tradition in her culture that the
women in the f****y were to prepare the hall for the wedding reception. The
men would come to the reception later. It seemed to be a silly tradition to
me, and even sillier as I was dragged with my mother to help with the hall
preparations. My b*****rs k**ded me about it all day calling me one of the

As I sipped on my Coke I stared around the hall to find a place where I
could relieve myself from the massive urination need that was... Continue»
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The Rank

Once upon a time, for many years ago, I did my compulsory military service as an officers candidate in the army. It was an okay period of my life, the military life suited me, at least in a sexual sense. I was young, horny, in a very masculine environment and my cock was hard all the time. It was okay to express once demand for pussy and the weekends where a virtual hunting spree at the local bar or whatever, whenever, however.

Being bisexual gave the army life an extra dimension. Lots of nice boys around, lots of nakedness in the showers, plenty of dangling cocks and tight, moving asses. O... Continue»
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On Guard

After my military service, I had realized my craving for submissive bisexual sex and the kinky need to combine that with authority positions, preferably in uniform. This was probably in the back of my head when I moved to the nation's capital and started to work for a very special security firm. It was owned by the state, still with a monopoly on state contracts, including the military.

I liked the uniforms. They were army green with old fashion design, jackets with Sam Brown belt, knitted green ties, and light brown shirts. On the head we carried ugly gray berets – I hated them. We looked... Continue»
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Sneaky Public Speedo Orgasm

The pool supervisor at the local college had allowed me swimming privileges on campus even though I was not a student there. I had explained to him that I was fed up with the YMCA, where there were too many bratty c***dren, beligerent women, and degenerate guys to justify the name Young Men's Christian Association. The kind supervisor, a muscular stud with dark hair and eyes, understood my plight, and allowed me to pay a small fee per semester to use the pool. Of course, my main interest was to use the locker room and shower amenities, and to enjoy watching all the other guys, particularly the... Continue»
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Marine Gunny Holsom and Project Engineer Tucker

Marine Gunny Holsom and Project Engineer Tucker
Buck Jones

Into the office walked Tucker, the well-educated, temperamental engineer, on the first day of his eight week deadline, a gig taken only because an old military friend was in a bind. Heads turned. The mature, distinguished Inspector inevitably drew everyone’s attention. Standing in front of the open area, Tucker looked about him for the office marked INSPECTIONS. At that moment, Eric Holsom stepped out of his office into the open area. Tucker nodded to acknowledge the E-7’s presence. E-7 Holsom was a big man, balding with a s... Continue»
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