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Spring Break...

Walter and Arthur was two teenage boys that moved in with their parents next door to my folks while I was away in school. I thought they were cool k**s that enjoyed hanging out with me until I was asked to spend the night at their home while their parents were out of town.

It all started out as a normal Friday night, the three of us got ready for bed and was there by eleven o'clock. I was in twilight sl**p when I felt the bed I was in dip as if some one was getting in with me. As I stirred The two boys grabbed me and held me down.

Startled as to what was happening I tried to break fr... Continue»
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Slave's beginnings

It started with answering a CL add in Denver posted under Men looking for Men “Dom looking for Sub Slave”. I replied to the add and after a few back and forth e mails I was told to be at his place at 3 pm the next day. Arriving at his house my anxiety level was high as this was to be my first time at age 56 as a submissive slave for my new Master uncertain of what to expect. After introductions standing in the foyer, Master closed the front door then ordered me to strip. Master was pleased of my completely shaved body then instructed me to put my tongue on his neck telling me not to remove it ... Continue»
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My First Time With A Pocket Pussy

I remember well when I started masturbating. I was 9 years old when I started and couldn't get enough. I spent most of my free time doing it and loved it so much. Deep down inside I had always wished there was something other than my hand that could make it better but I didn't know what it was at that point.

The day I discovered something better was in 2000 when I was 11 years old. My mom had been dating this man she met online and she had been with him for 3 years. He was a skinnier guy with longer hair and loved the cowboy look. Needless to say they had sex more than the average couple. ... Continue»
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LIfeguards Speedo Boner

"Do you know where I can get some tanning oil?"

Chris looked down from his lifeguard post upon hearing the question and found a stunning stud at the bottom. A mere ten feet below Chris was a majestically muscled blonde, boasting firm washboard abs and rock-hard pecs. Chris looked down in amazement as he checked out the rest of the stud's body, his toned biceps and forearms, his defined thigh muscles and tight calves. Chris got his gaze stuck in the tanned stud's defining feature, his swelling bulge positioned tight inside his navy-blue speedo. Chris turned his eyes to the hunk's dark green ... Continue»
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First Time

I was always a shy boy, scared of girls and brought up in a strict Catholic household that held sex as the greatest sin ever, well sex outside of marriage in fact. So it was that I spent the first 19 years of my life in a sheltered environment. Although I had a guilty desire for such things. I did learn how to masturbate, self taught I should add, and really enjoyed it. I also found that I had a bit of a thing for looking at cocks in the toilets and sports showers.
I left school at 16 and became an apprentice Telephone Engineer, after my apprenticeship, and at the age of 19, I became a teleph... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 5

Chapter Five

It was manic as soon as he got into work. One of the servers had gone
down, and he spent the first three hours without a break dealing with
the problems this had created. Besides himself, there were two others on
shift; a useless temp called Steve, and Rhona, one of the supervisors.
Steve was hopeless and Rick had to spend half his time sorting out what
Steve had messed up. Eventually Rhona and Rick managed to grab a break
sitting in the office with a coffee and doughnuts which Steve had been
sent to get. ‘That's the most useful he’ll be all day.’ Rhona whispered
to Ric... Continue»
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Gay Encounters of the sexual kind.

It all started when I replied to a contact on a well known site for men looking to hook up. The advert was for a 18 - 20 year old who wanted to be restrained, and taken full advantage of by who ever happened to be there for the meet.

After making contact, I was sent an email about the encounter, and what was expected of me. A date and time of arrival was agreed to along with the address and directions on how to find it.

When I arrived, I couldn't help noticing that the house was painted pink

I entered the the unlocked door as arranged, and went upstairs and took the second left i... Continue»
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First Big Cock Gay

When he first turned to face my direction in the shower, I was shocked! He was an average-sized guy, fit, slim, maybe 5'11" tall. His body was mostly hairless, his butt really small. But his flaccid penis, hanging loosely, well down between his thighs, was simply enormous, at least seven or eight inches long, probably more, and thick, with an especially plump head. It looked like it belonged on someone else's body. I admit I was curious (you wouldn't be?), but tried to be discrete and not stare. I noted that he was tan all over and thought "who wouldn't hang out at nude beaches with a dick lik... Continue»
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Older friend help me to masturbate

I was 18 years old and was a pretty slow in developing sexually. I'd only recently started to have wet dreams which at first I found alarming but had started to look forward to them. It would always follow a similar pattern, I'd go to sl**p, sometimes I was bit aroused but not always, I'd have dreams that usually involved one of the girls from my college or my older s****r. I would be engaged in some activity and at some point I would touch their naked breast or put my hand inside their panties then I would orgasm which would wake me either at that point or as the sticky mess in my pyjamas wen... Continue»
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female freinds transforming me

I always wanted to dress as a woman since I was in my early teens. I was babysitting and when the k**s were sl**ping I went into the master bedroom and explored. The couple was very sexy, the wife had a very sexy body and I had gotten jealous because I was an over weight boy. when I was in the master bedroom I when through the dresser drawers and found lingerie and toys. I tried on one piece of lingerie that I knew I could fit in. I liked wearing the lingerie, I explored the toys and found a dildo. I watch a little porn before so I put the dildo in my mouth and started sucking it. I had watche... Continue»
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My first gay experience


It was Friday night and I was sitting at home looking at porn like usual. When I decided to look at Craigslist which I usually did because I would get so turned on by all the cocks out there that needed sucking. Tonight would end up being a little different then most nights though. I ended up having a few to many drinks and posting my own add which I had never done before.

I posted my add saying that I was 26 white good shape and looking for a nice big cock to suck. Now at this point in my life I had never actually sucked a cock before but I was so horny I just wanted to experienc... Continue»
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Deal of the Century!

I am a manager of a high end appliance store in Toronto. On Wednesday nights we are open later than usual, to 7pm. Usually if it is dead I will send home the rest of the staff by 6:30. On this particular night it was very slow so by 6:20 the last of my employees left for the night. I was just finishing some paperwork up when the phone rang. It was 6:55. Now normally I never answer the phone 5 minutes before closing time, but for some reason I picked it up. It was a customer wanting me to stay open even later tonight as their builder gave them a deadline to get their appliances ordered... Continue»
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Long Stroke Gay

My intro into long-stroking and more...

I'm a bi bottom who as my girlfriend says "is a natural bottom". Now there are several encounters I could tell you about but there is one specifically that sticks out and will never be forgotten by me or my girl; and probably not in yours after you relive it with me here.

The night started like normal, my girl and I just hanging out at home, horny, half-naked, and looking for trouble online. At about 12:30 am, Lynn, my very supportive woman looked at me and said, "What would you say if I told you I had a new guy coming to fuck you at 2:30 am?" Of c... Continue»
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My meeting with Cowboy Daddy Lewis

I'm a straight acting guy that has a lust for older chubby daddies that are masculine acting and wears rugged cowboy clothes . A well worn cowboy hat with sweat stains around the brim ,leather vest ,Levi jeans , and scuffed up leather boots are what turns me on the most !
My Cowboy Daddy/Grandpa must have a chubby solid belly , strong hands , and a kind face with " friendly " eyes . If he looks like John Wayne ,Ed Asner, or Wilford Brimly I'll be putty in his hands !!!

That's my fantasy description and what I've searched for since I was 25 .

I'... Continue»
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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I decided to go and have a run out, maybe get a spot of lunch in an old Country pub. As I drove along a notorious bendy road cyclists and motor bike riders were over taking me at speed and being a general nuisance of themselves, as I drove along I was cursing them as they passed me.

Coming across a sharp bend to the left I slowed right down and saw a cyclist riding in a careful manner, for once. He seemed a little unsure and appeared to be wobbling slightly, as I drove past slowly close to a lay by he shook and fell off, as I saw him in my mirror... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT3

It's been ten days since this teen boy first knocked at my door. I remember when I first looked through the peephole to see proof that he was legal and had shaven his thin eighteen year old body for me. He was such an innocent boy in that first moment, so horny and so inexperienced. How was he to know that what I had been doing to him was anything other than a normal phase that all teen boys go through.

By now he was more of a pet than a human. I had spent the first several days keeping the boy on Viagra and amphetamines while totally bound, tormenting and fucking all the holes in his body ... Continue»
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My first a train compartment.

My first a train compartment.

It was almost exactly a year since my 'Changing Room' incident that was revealed in my previous story. I was a year older, but was I any wiser?

I'd been working away from home for the whole of my summer holidays and it was time to return there, and then within days back to school.

I was 16 and had been 'sort of apprenticed' to a foreman in charge of refurbishing shops for the last 6 weeks. The job wasn't really the type most schoolboys got in their holidays, some never bothered to work and became beachbums instead, others w... Continue»
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That Bastard! GayMaker for Hire or No Fee

That Bastard!
"I found a file on his computer of photos of cocks." Ann stated, "I figure he's the typical bi-curious married man of maybe he wants to be gay. That explains why we don't sex anymore and why my vibrator is now my man, He's turned on by looking at men's dicks too. He wants to try something new alright. He's going to feel what it like to service an real man."

I search the internet and found a site that turns men gay call the GayMakers Club. I put Gary's profile and in and was contacted in a few days with how it works by a man named Heinz the fee was $500.00 for a one time ... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT1

I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. If he was really interested in doing what we had talked about online, he would now have the opportuni... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT2

There he was, this petite teenage boy kneeling and tightly handcuffed in my shower with a winter hat covering his eyes, drool and piss spilling from the ring gag onto his chin and down his hairless belly to his small rock hard cock.

I slapped him hard a few times on his face, then knelt down next to him and slowly smeared his saliva all over his chin and chest with one hand, while slowly tugging on his now slimy little shaved cock with the other.

Every so often, I'd shove my fingers roughly into his throat causing him to gag hard and thrash around on his knees, coughing loudly as more d... Continue»
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