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Our first time Swinging!!!!

Fiona and I had been together about two years at this point. I was 22 and she was 19, attractive, blonde, slim, great tits and VERY sexually adventurous.

One night we were sitting alone in her Mum and Dad’s conservatory chatting about nothing at all really, when she suddenly said ‘I’d really love to try wife swapping’. I nearly spat out my tea!
‘What?????’ I said, genuinely shocked. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ I asked, mystified.
‘Been thinking about it for a while.... since we swapped and had that snog with Debbie and her boyfriend’. We’d been at a party about three months earli... Continue»
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Mom's Pussy Boy

From the first time I saw my mom naked, she represents all that is
woman for me. I was five or six and she suggested we shower.

"Wouldn't it be fun if we showered together?" she asked. This
was how she had decided to handled the birds and bees crisis.

"Sure," I said, excited more by the newness of the idea of sharing
the shower than by actually seeing mom naked.

"Then let's take our clothes off." She pulled her sweater off.
"Mommy wears a bra to . . . well . . . " she looked uncomfortable
saying more, and unzipped her skirt. Standing in her white bra,
panties, garte... Continue»
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Good neighbourhood. Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Dreaming of her boyfriend.

A usual f****y that consisted of three persons moved from a small town into a big city. They were Clair, Tom and their 15-years-old daughter Kate.

The life in the big city was much harder that they had ever expected. The f****y had lived well at their home town but here, in the big city, everything was out of control. Like Clair, Tom couldn’t find any work at all. it seemed that everybody wasn’t interested in their skills. No matter how hard they tried, nothing made it. On top of that, their daughter Kate had always been a popular party girl a... Continue»
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The Start Of My Sexual Journey In Life

It was cold and I shivered. We were having fun, running around, playing as c***dren do, helping us keep warm, and holding the cold at bay.
But now, as I crouched low behind some 'Wheely bins', my body cooled as the nights cold breeze seeped into my exposed crotch, my short skirt offering no protection, as it rode high on my exposed legs, the hemline high enough to expose my crotch, my thin panties, clinging to my contours, and in the dulling light my finger traced my outline, my thighs wide open as I studied myself, my fingertip running around the circle and up and down the line of my vagina,... Continue»
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Melinda's Ass

I met Melinda while working at a bank during college. She was very, very hot. She had the classic Italian look, dark hair framing an olive oil complexion and big soft lips that were built for sucking cock. She was skinny with curves in all the right places and had nice round breasts to complete the package. Needless to say I was attracted to her right from the get go and was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the attraction was mutual. We began to see each other frequently, and the sex was hot.

The only things that were missing were certain sexual acts that Melinda refused to do. S... Continue»
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In the Kitchen

I woke up to the sound of her tinkering around in the kitchen. When I walked in, she was leaning over, putting something back in the refrigerator. She didn't see me at first, so I just stood there quietly admiring the view.

She was dressed in nothing but a long tee shirt, barely down to her thighs, and a pair of hot pink bikini panties which was clearly visible through the thin material of the white cotton tee. I just gazed at her ass, her slender waist, feeling my cock begin to twitch in a not-unwanted way.

She stood up, let the door shut and turned toward the sink. She saw me standing ... Continue»
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Anal Pet

She can't do it the normal way.
Author's note: back to the old fashioned 'stroke story.' Enjoy.

Steve was so fucking horny. His cousin Alan was getting married in a week and his bachelor party had been an extravaganza of booze, blue movies and 'exotic dancers'. Unfortunately all of the strippers were too struck up to accept his offers to make a little extra money by going home with him. He just didn't know what the fuck he was going to do.

He pulled up to his apartment and he recognized two of his neighbors sitting on the porch smoking and visiting. One was this nosy bitch that was alwa... Continue»
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This story is fiction. Do not copy and use for distribution or use on another site.
Being a single grandfather in his early 50’s is not what i had envisioned while being married and having our own f***ly. But life takes it’s turns and we adjust to all of life challenges. I lost my bride 2 years ago to a tumor. I have kept busy not getting involved by working on my 25 acres. My daughter is yet another example. Jackie was in her 30’s, divorced and a single mom of a daughter that just turned th*****n. One thing Jackie did was put her in an all girls school . She didn’t want to have the u... Continue»
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You Can't Do That

"Hello," greeted Sue into the telephone.

"Hey, Sue! Is the cuck there?" I asked.

"Who do you want, Bill? You know there's no one in this f****y by that name," she responded. "Did you call to speak with Jerry?"

"Well, yeah! Jerry, the cuck, is he there?" I asked. "I wanted to tell him something."

"You call Jerry, "the cuck" now? How did he get that nickname, Bill?" asked Sue. "Does it have something to do with his bowling?"

"No, his bowling sucks, but it always has. That's nothing new. He was telling us last night that he's becoming a cuckold pretty soon, so it seems appropriate ... Continue»
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Meeting Ivana -by CD[/\

He had seen her in the store a few times before this, always by herself and carrying that red purse, strolling the isles as if to locate what she had come for merely by accident. Today she was wearing her hair up, falling slightly to the side and over her black glasses. He watched her for awhile, trying not to make it obvious as he followed her down past the pasta and around to the canned goods. She was wearing a form fitting skirt, a professional type that made him think she must have some office job. Her blouse fell lightly over her breasts, soft looking and pillow-like in their plump rounde... Continue»
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MILF Neighbor And Monday Night Football

This is sort of a long story but the end is worth it. I live in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Across the street lives a rather good looking blond Kathy, a thirty-five year old mother of two girls. Occasionally, we talked about landscaping and k**s in general and we grew quite friendly. Now this girl was single but she was absolutely gorgeous, she had long blond hair, stood about five feet seven inches tall, with a nice firm body that was accented by a nice pair of tits and an even nicer ass. The only thing I noticed in the three years we lived there is that Kathy never dated, no Saturday baby... Continue»
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Teenage Girl Loses Her Virginity at a Party

Snuck out of parents house a week before my 15th birthday. 1988. Walked to the party in the surfer-laden suburbs of Lake Forest (yep, the OC baby!). Was wearing thin peach top with black bra underneath, and short black 80s skirt that had those 3 ruffles tiered down it. Was blonde. Was very blonde due to Sun-In. Was tan. Was pretty fucking cute. Was being very brave because I hung out with punks, losers, dorks and retards but I really wanted to lose my virginity to a boy based solely on his looks, since I couldn't find one who was worth my time, and I was fucking horny living among all those pl... Continue»
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My attempt to get Chloe 'Mafia' Khan wet

It's just a scenario I'd like to share, on the off chance that Chloe reads this and gets soaking wet, ends up fucking herself to orgasm with her favourite toy and decides to put words in to action :D

It's another quiet night in at the hotel, working away from home isn't always as much fun as I would like but that's life I guess. I logged on to the best porn site around (three cheers for Xham) and came across a profile with what can only be described as a slutty angel in the picture. My jaw dropped and my cock stood to attention as I read her profile, not only was she gorgeous but she was a ... Continue»
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I mentioned in my introduction(see blog) that the world of sex and porn came very early for me, as did experimentation with girls.
There was a neighbor girl named Ruby that I met one summer vacation. Ruby and her twin s****r were friends with my younger s****r and we all began hanging out doing typical summer things. Ruby and I became friends and were close. By the end of summer, we were "boyfriend and girlfriend". We did a lot of making out and sneaking off to be by ourselves.
School began and Ruby was a year ahead of me. One day, during recess, she slipped me a note that I read after ... Continue»
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Had my first orgasm at the age of 52 True Story!

After being married for 35 years my husband found a younger woman and there I was all alone. I am not going into details about him because that is behind me now.

I decided to get on a dating website, the first one was a joke...I finally found one that you might as well say it was the right one! I met this man that has rocked my world for 2 years. This is my story:

I was sitting on my computer one day looking at my messages on the dating website, when one in particular caught my eye. There was no picture so I sent him a message back and told him that I would not respond any more withou
... Continue»
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Not What I Would Normaly Do

I was ready to go home and be with my k**s and husband. It had been a long week for me as I had to work out of town doing sales and was now completely worn out. As I drove along the highway thinking of my next few stops I came upon these two boys hitch hiking. I pulled the car over and offered a ride. They were not bad looking boys, in their mid teens. I told them I would take them to their house thinking that is what I would want someone to do for my k**s if they were out like this. Their house was way out of my way and once we got there, come to find out the parents had gone away for a lon... Continue»
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Unknown partners

One night while I was stationed in Germany. I was traveling back to the barracks by train. It was late and the train stopped and they told everyone to get off. I was like what the hell is going on, come to find out the trains stop running at night. I was stuck in a train station in a town that I didn't know. It was really cold so I got inside of a phone booth. I was warming up when the local police told me that I had to leave. I was like dam and started walking around outside to stay warm. I walked past a female and she asked me what I was doing so I explained what happened to her. She laughe... Continue»
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Public Show

This story is a wish i truly wanted. Well it is my first one so i hope you don't mind it being boring.

I always dreamed that one day i can be at the public masturbating without getting caught. Maybe on the stage too :). Well it happened one day, i was masturbating at a public swimming toilet. I thought there was no one there so i just strip off everything and start wanking.

Suddenly a guy that looks around 20+ walks in. The timing was bad. I was cumming when he came in and he stood there watching the whole event. After that he smiled to me, handing me his name card. He told me to visit h... Continue»
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This story takes place in Boston, on a cold,rainy, October night.

We just got to our layover hotel in Boston after a fairly long, bumpy flight from L.A. The Captain, First Officer and myself went down to the hotel bar for a bite ti eat and a night cap. The other 4 flight attendants decided to go to bed. It was about 9:00p. After a light dinner and a few drinks the pilots decided to call it a night.
Across the dimmly lit bar, I noticed what appeard to be a customer who looked liked the handsome older gentleman who was on my flight. He glanced over my way and we made eye contact. I moti... Continue»
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My First Slave Contract

Master/slave Contract No.: MS0001

THIS AGREEMENT made the 2nd day of October 2013.


The Master
Name: [legal name]


(herein called and referred to as “Master”, “He”, “Him”, “His”, “Sir”)


The slave
Preferred community name: Mox
Name: [legal name]


(herein called and referred to as “slave”, “he”, “him”, “his”)

The slave will be in service to the Master in accordance with this Agreement during the period (herein called the “Term”) commencing on October 2, 2013 and ending on December 20, 2013.

The sla... Continue»
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