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Exposing s****r in the Library

Exposing s****r in the Library
Posted by Paul606
A boy discovers his s****r as he grows up, pushing boundaries and breaking the normal "rules". Eventually, he might get the girl, if he plays his cards right...

I have absolutely no idea what came over me that day… or how in the world I got away with everything, but I am glad that I did, and I will admit to you that this was the first of many experiences which included my s****r and I, and a great deal of shared pleasure.


Growing up in a small mountain town can be hard for young k**s. On the one hand, you have... Continue»
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Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss.

Hi to Everyone . Another sex story i will post.This time is a lesbian story i hope you would enjoy Reading.
I am in corporate world at a very high position.i am fair,beautiful,self dependent single woman,having a good curvy figure of 38D-28-38.i am a sexy and naughty women but keep my secrets with me.I am a full lesbian and don’t need invitation by males stay away from further from me and girls and women enjoy my story and make yourself wet.i am writing a very hot and sexy my real life lesbian experience that happened between me and my boss on a can also share your experien... Continue»
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In the window

She got up early like she does most every day to get the k**s ready for school, she would drive them to school in the same outfit she slept in, a pair of sweats and a baggy t-shirt. By the time she got home her husband was gone off to work. She enjoyed the time she had alone to get work done around the house, read emails. This was also the time she enjoyed taking off her clothes and being able to walk around the house nude, it felt very freeing to her. On this day she was doing laundry, already naked she loaded the laundry in and grabbed a load out of the dryer to take to the bedroom to f... Continue»
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Woken Up By My New Boyfriend

I lay in bed on my stomach with my ass exposed to the morning air. I was half asl**p when I felt something cold and sticky being applied to my almost virgin ass. This was followed by a cock running up and down my ass crack spreading the lube as it went. Then I felt the head of my young lover’s cock pressing against my anal opening. Then it dawned on me, here it was 8:00 A.M. and I was going to be fucked again by my new young lover Dan. I braced myself for the initial painful entry as the head of Dan’s cock entered my anal cavity. After the head passed in it got much easier as the shaft began i... Continue»
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Wild Bachelor Party At Resort Bar

This summer my husband Phil and bought a small resort and bar on a lake in middle Wisconsin. We were even luckier to find Tom and Suzy to rent one of the cabins for the whole summer while their house was being built. My husband and I used to be professional body builders and like most women in this sport I am bi-sexual more on the male side. Immediately, I was attracted to Suzy. This woman was absolutely beautiful. Suzy is a petite brunette about 5’ 1” tall, weighs about 105 pounds, and small perky tits and a nice firm ass. Suzy has a movie star face that drew stares wherever she went. I wou... Continue»
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I rushed to my mother’s side and fell to my knees, wrapping my arms around her as she sobbed against my shoulder, the hand holding the panties balled in a fist beating me on the arm as she wept. My mind was racing, conjuring up all kinds of punishment, she’d send me away to school somewhere, find excuses why she couldn’t be home on holidays and leave me wandering around the house myself with only Isa to look after me. I had visions of coming home one day to find my bags packed on the doorstep or her lawyer visiting me in some dorm room to tell me I had been cut off and she wanted no further co... Continue»
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The new girl - feet and dragonslaying

On the slayer school for girls the class was really curious. A new member came to them today and she was from the city.
She was very different. At first she had shoes and even socks.
When meeting her new comrades they compared each others feet. The feet of the slayer girls where dirty, long and muscular. Sexy too.
Her feet where hidden, so the first thing they told her was: "Strip your feet".
She stared at them, opened her eyes and said: "What? Why?".
"Dragonslaying is a traditional barefoot sport, some people even say that some dragons can't be defeated with shoes on."
"If you want to b... Continue»
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Me,lois & randy

ok as i was saying when lois told me she wanted to see me suck randy's dick and it was right in my hand i thought maybe just taste the crown.but as i was putting my lips on it lois chomped down on my cock and when i hollered she shoved my head all the way down on his rod.after the shock wore off it wasn't that bad.i could taste the precum flowing freely i tried to mimic what lois does for me but soon found out she made it look easy.i held his hips as i tried to use my mouth to face fuck him.we were working up a nice rythem when i noticed lois was fiddling with something.i reached down and star... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXIII

Chapter XXIII – Someone to Love (based on Girl’s Love Stories No. 159, DC, May 1971)

Beth and I are friends since junior high. Friends like almost s****rs. We do almost everything together, like the same kind of music, watch the same tv shows, like the same movies, have the same tastes about stuff. But unfortunately, we shared also a similar but shameful thing: our bad luck with the opposite gender.

I don’t know what and why happened, but we never had luck with men. We always tried to find the perfect man to date, but or w... Continue»
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Frist Time With John

I want you to know that all of my stories are 100% true. So enjoy with me as I relive them.

I manage a store in the town I live in. About 5 months ago I was helping an older man who was being guided by another man helping him understand the procedure I help folks with.

I really didn't pay to much attention to the helper and was just about done with the transaction when I looked up and my heart skipped a beat and my mouth went dry. It was old "friend" I hadn't been in touch for a long time.

We had originally met at the towns ABS, before it was tore down and a bus terminal wa... Continue»
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What the step daughter saw..too

Well,a few hours after my first encounter,I woke,needing to go to the toilet again.I just had to lie there waiting until Louise or her s*s looked in on me.The effects of the d**gs had worn off and I just needed to pee before my bladder burst.After 5 mins the pressure was too much and I looked in desperation for something,anything to pee in.Then I spotted an empty vase in a box of junk that was going to be thrown out,but it was at least 6 ft away.Only one thing for it,lean out of the bed and let myself down gently on to the floor,I should be able to reach it if I stretched.Part one of the plan ... Continue»
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The unexpected play date

hello all this is my gf's first sex story so we posted on my account we r looking forward to what you think.

The door open slightly he open one eye and look into the room wear his step mom laid down. To his surprised his dad was not in the room. His step mom was not alone in the room, he looked closer and noticed there was another female a thin and tall girl not much old then himself about 22. She had long red hair that had green highlights with black tips.
Opening the door a little bit more he notice that she was tied up to a chair. She was wearing a short blue jean skirt with a red lace... Continue»
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And I Realized Am A Bisexual Too

My neighbor uncle is the hero in this experience .He’s around 48-50,little chubby , with less body hair and with little man boobs. He now moved to another place. This happened just after few months from my first sex experience.

We were very close. He took vrs from his service for some personal reason. He got a son who’s in Bangalore. His wife used to go for job .So after my graduation, there was enough free time. My parents will go for work .So me and uncle will be free till from 9-5. Since we didn’t have any special things to do we used to hang around quiet. We go for movies, shopping, f... Continue»
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Village Nudists

Hi… I’m Siddhartha. I am now going to describe my experiences I had in my aunts village. It’s a really small village with only two buses travelling through it daily. My aunt’s f****y stays there. She is my dad’s s****r. She was given married to a poor farmer in that village. We are now well developed and grown rich, whereas they were as is. My uncle works as a plumber in city nearby and the rest of the f****y stay in that village.

The f****y consists of Aunt, Uncle, four daughters. Three of them were elder than me and only one was younger than me. I often visit their village along with my s... Continue»
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Sex at Village lake

Hi guys, hope you are doing just fine. This is Rahul back with one more sensual and erotic incident. The incident happened with me with one of aunt. I was studying in my class IX. So I after exams I went to my ancestor’s village to enjoy my vacation. My parents also came with me and after staying 2-3 days they left me there for rest of my summer vacation.
In my village my uncle and aunt were staying. I was very close to them as they don’t have any c***d and treated my like one of them. My aunt was seeing me since I was a c***d. She was married at very young age. Now she was around 33-34 years... Continue»
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My Masters Wish - I wrote this for my master - who

We'll as you know Master, I was up on Exmoor, it was a lovely weekend at my friends house with just her husband and c***dren, they are old friends of mine from uni and I was just going to chill out, walk on the moors (I could have lots of fun there) and sit by the fire with some was just what I needed but I couldn't get what you said out of my head...I'd been thinking about it all day on Friday and when we took the dogs off to the moors for a walk, I kept picturing myself tied up to the trees or rocks...waiting for you to come and find me....fuck me...the weather was pretty wild and ... Continue»
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Whatever Happened to Nadia Nyce?

Looking back on some of my older blogs I see that my series of "Whatever Happened to..." rank among my most popular, but I have not done one in well over a year. So, this one is dedicated to one of my absolute, personal favorite porn goddess ever, the exotically beautiful and sexy Nadia Nyce.

Born on June 6, 1973 in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, of Indian heritage Nadia broke into the porn biz by shooting her first video, a scene with Rodney Moore on October 31, 1995 (yet another reason to love Halloween!).

She would only stay in the biz for a total of six months working exclusively fo... Continue»
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A Surprise Dessert

by hotngr82002©

One summer day, my daughter, Cindy, brought two of her friends over to my house. She introduced them to me, "Mom, these are my friends Tom and Grace." I knew that Tom and Grace were master wine makers as Cindy had told me about them. They had won all sorts of competition on every kind of fruit wines possibly made. One of their favorites was Meyer Lemon wine. But it can only be made with Meyer lemons. These lemons are impossible to buy. You have to know someone that has these trees, then beg for them. Well, it happened that I had a nice big tree that was always loaded with ... Continue»
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Kim and Alex Ch 2

Comments and messages are appreciated. Love to hear what direction you'd like this story to go. Enjoy!

Kim didn’t know what to say, she was still recovering from one of the most amazing orgasms of her young life. Without thinking she sat in the passenger seat and buckled up.

“No, no, no, whenever you ride with me, you sit right here.” Alex pointed at the space next to him. Kim obediently unbuckled and moved over. “Much better, I forgive you this time, but don’t let it happen again, or else I’m going to have to punish you.” Alex said with a wink; although, both he and Kim knew that he wa... Continue»
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wifes surprise

Wifes surprise
I would like to spare with you all a fantasy that I always had about my wife. It all began when my wife and I, would fantasies while we had our carnal way with each other. Our sex life has never been routine and most days I would have my wicked way with her, however to enhance, our sexual relationship I like the thought of my wife being fucked by someone else, male or female, just the thought as I write this would makes my cock so hard it feels as if it was going to burst like a banana from its skin.
I was usually the provocateur of these fantasy sessions while ... Continue»
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