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Dominance and Submission

"Dominance and Submission"

On my 15th birthday I went to live with Shelly. Shelly was a f****y friend who agreed to adopt me indefinitely. She was a beautiful 28 year old and quite independently wealthy. We got along well - I gave her no cause for complaint and respected her for letting me live with her. I did everything Shelly asked and in return she was like a big s****r to me.

After I had lived with Shelly for a week, she began to reveal her true intentions. After dinner, during our usual conversation, she said, “I need to discuss something with you now that you’re comfortable... Continue»
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My First BBC--Pt. I

I snuck into The Turret in the spring of 1982 just before it closed.

It wasn't difficult to get in. A guy who picked me up on Citadel Hill a few months previously had told me about the guys at the door: "dress sexy and even if you're young they'll let you in...although, not always for 'free'," he said with a wink.

I came into Halifax dressed normally, but had skimpy running shorts (no liner) and a tight mucle-T in my bag. I changed in a hotel bathroom about two blocks away and, under the cover of relative darkness, I made my way to The Turret.

So far I had only been brave enough to pi... Continue»
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Kirk Creek 2

I was nauseous. I went up to my room, stripped of my swim trunks and hopped into the shower. I definitely made sure the water was cold.

Staring at my partially erect cock, I began to soap up. Pieces of my dream played in my head as I washed. Trying to let the cold water f***e the stiffness out of my cock, I thought of my grandma's false teeth. It wasn't working.

I heard my dad yelling up the stairs for me to move double time.

There was no way I was going down there with even a half-chub. I began to stroke my cock quickly, focusing on the head. After a minuet or so I had worked mysel... Continue»
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The Milf

Jeze had just settled down with a trashy novel and her sex toy. It was the end of a long work week and she had just made it home before it started raining. Her son had just left to spend two weeks with his father (her ex) and she finally had the house to herself. She smoked a bowl of her favourite weed, ate light dinner with some wine and took a long hot bubble-bath. After slipping into her satin camisole and shorts outfit, turning on her reading lamp, turning off the bedroom light, and after a couple more hits off her cigarette she slipped into bed and prepared to remove the last holdouts of ... Continue»
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John / Julie

Hi is John in. Not right now, came an answer from inside, come on in. He said I should keep you company is that Ok with you ? Sure thing, I'll wait in the living room.

When the short hair redhead came in my cock twitched. Slim, round ass, pretty My name is Julie what's your name? I stammered out Peter. Well Peter what were you and John going to do today. Well actually John was going to show me his videos. Oh you must mean his porn, he has some really good stuff. Lets go upstairs and I'll put some on.

Like a puppy I was up and moving. My cock was starting to peek out from the ... Continue»
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what might be in waiting?!....

we meet, across the room, drawn to each other, that glint in playful eyes means no words are even spoken..... herein lies a possible fantasy that ive never experienced.... how far have you gone with someone without ever even the utterance of a single word beforehand? even a complete stranger? never met? never conversed? no sounds uttered, just total eye-communication with lips only used to playfully smile, never emitting a sound, until later? .... as the actions all speak louder..... when the 2 of you are in complete trance-like knowledge of the others thoughts and devious intentions.... could... Continue»
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Discovering Patricia

Growing up on the farm was not the easiest thing to do. We were always given farm chores and then came the homework assignments. My si**ter and I were the only c***dren in the house and our parents were so damn mean, they even made us go to private schools. One for just girls and one for just boys. They were so conservative but as I look back at it today, they were just over protective of us losing site of what school was all about. They didn’t want us developing opposite sex relationships.
I was on the football team and became an accomplished athlete even though I was only in the 8th grad... Continue»
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Innocent Fun

Until I moved to another state and a far bigger city, I was your classic Midwestern small town girl. Well, maybe not that classic. I wasn\'t living on a farm or getting my pig high. My hometown was fairly big to my standards and yes, it contained more than 3 gas stations.


I had dozens of friends, people I had known since I was knee high. I graduated from high school at an average B, didn\'t need a car because EVERYTHING was in walking distance, and all the little k**s in the neighborhood loved me, so instead of getting a real job, I created a daycare in the basement of my grandma... Continue»
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Lesbian introduction

Susan was swimming alone in the pool as I walked into the hotel pool area. It was after 2am and I was a little surprised that anyone was there at all. She looked up at me and smiled as she continued her backstroke laps. Susan was about 16, I thought, with a very athletic body. She wore a red one-piece suit with high thigh-cut which clung tightly to her body. Her long blonde hair was wrapped in a tight ponytail.

\You\'re a good swimmer\ I said, attempting to start some conversation as I took off my robe and began to step into the warm pool.

She stopped swimming and stood up in the shallow... Continue»
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A Schoolgirl's First Time

A Schoolgirl's First Time

Chapter 1

Cissy pulled off her shoes and dropped her naked feet in the fountain.

"Feels good," she said, pointing her toes and splashing water by
slapping her bare soles down on the water's surface.

Pam sighed with exasperation. "I told you not to take your shoes off.
Now everybody's looking at us."

"But my feet were hot," Cissy said. "It was such a long walk down here."

On the other side of the fountain, three young k**s jumped in and
tromped around, giggling and kicking water at each other.

Cissy smirked at Pam.

"There, you see," Cissy... Continue»
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my little aunt Rozy

I had a early sexual life maybe that is why I having so less of it now. My first masturbation itself was rubbing my dick into the bed itself maybe that is why I take too long when I do have sex. I have been addicted to i****t stories for quite a long time. Though it is not something that I would right away do with my mother or s****r because I just never felt that urge for them at all.
My addiction to them started with a lady next door who was the same age of my mother and had 3 k**s who were my age. She was beautiful and sexually repressed because of her impotent husband and she knew I was ... Continue»
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Suzy A Fine Mess

This story is with another aunt of mine and where I come from I have whole lot aunties and relatives out there who want the real stuff.
Fact no 01 woman dont get off much on porn 80% I have talked to say it is way too rough for their taste and they wouldnt like to do such things with a guy. So forgive me if I dont cater to people with such taste. My story is about when I was doing my studies here in Hyderabad. I was living a bachelor life in my aunt house with another friend who used a run a mess service and that was her livelihood for her f****y. Lets name her Suzy (name changed). Su... Continue»
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The Communion

This story is fiction. A lady, who was a lay minister at her catholic church, asked me to write her a hot story. She loved her niece and church outings with the teens. So, to make her happy, here’s a coming of age story with a little twist. Enjoy, but if you are looking for i****t or pedophilia, keep on moving to other sources.

My name is Jean, and I am the leader of this congregation. Ours is a conservative church group with a vision that focuses on strong f****y relationships. As such, our group believes that this can be done through practical application of what the wo... Continue»
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Transsexual Son Daughter

Now I’m a 51 year old mother of one and watching my Daughter who’d been once my son putting on that very nice silk blue bra from Harrods department store and lift up her huge breast in to them made me so wet. Now seeing my son all now transformed and transitioned in to a beautiful woman but she’d still had got her manly bits now that didn’t harm anyone but boy did she look awesome and lovely all 5’9 of her slim size 10 with her rather large 46DDs which shed always wanted and her slim lines like a guy would say about a classic sports car.

Now as I was saying I am a 51yr with a son that had b... Continue»
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Taking Granny's Ass For The First Time

I was visiting my new found 66 year old girlfriend Alice’s home in Phoenix for the weekend. After spending Friday night fucking little Alice in her aging pussy and firm ass I decided to stay all weekend and enjoy this little minx. Saturday Alice asked to go to movie and wanted to know if she could bring her friend Joyce along since she had already promised to go with her earlier in the week.

At about six on Saturday evening the doorbell rang and Alice’s friend Joyce was at the door. Joyce was thin silver haired beauty, with a beautiful younger looking face; there were no wrinkles on this ... Continue»
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Back in the day; my summer with Suzie....and her d

Suzie lived across the street with her stepdad. She had just graduated from high school and I was two years behind her. I always loved her tomboy look, but she didn't really seem to notice me at all. I was kinda surprised when she showed up at my door that June afternoon but I wasn't going to complain. She asked me if I could help her take care of her dog this summer since she was starting a part-time job. Of course, I agreed and was to stop by after dinner to get the details.

When I knocked on her door, her stepdad answered. He invited me in and told me he wasn't happy about Suzie get... Continue»
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The Visitor

I came home from work to find our good friend, Jeff, car in the driveway. As I walked to our bedroom I said hello and that I was going to change clothes. It took 5 or 6 minutes and then I walked in the living room. Both Jeff and my wife were sitting in the chairs by the coffee table. My wife had her legs and feet propped up on the table. I asked how they were doing and she pulled her dressed up to her waist and exposed her cum dripping pussy. "Horny, that's how I'm doing and Jeff was helping me get over it." I looked over at him and saw that he didn't have pants on and his slick semi ha... Continue»
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My first pierced cock

He answered my ad on a popular dating website about a month ago, hillbilly something was his screen name I had to giggle. In his pictures he looked cute, he was tall, buzzed brown hair, sweet eyes, and a goatee and the picture of him with a sleeveless shirt showing big tattooed arms didn't hurt either. We wrote back and forth about small things and decided to exchange numbers. We started texting early in the week and in getting to know each other our conversations found that we had a mutual interest in tattoos and piercings, we both had a lot of ink but he out does me in that department by a l... Continue»
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Pia and I slept with Daddies old friend

We were without doubt two Scandinavian beauties, two young girls with clear skin and long tresses of blond hair, separated by two years in age, both long limbed and physically athletic, sweet smelling and tomboyish to behold, two girls in the care of their divorced father, borne from a woman known for her sexual exploits with other men, a father with a hatred for his cuckoldress wife and her beautiful daughters.

My s****r Pia was changing, her body that is. I was envious of her breasts, her nipples puffed and cup-caked, something she knew drove men wild with passion for her.

They had a d... Continue»
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chance meeting

As a truck driver I am rarely home and live a pretty lonely life on the road . A few years ago I was doing this trip , it was getting late and I decided to call it a day . I decided to treat myself to a hotel for the night instead of the usual night in the sl**per on the truck . I pulled up outside this half descent looking place and went in and booked in .
After a long hot shower , I decided to go to the down stairs for a meal . The waitress seated me at a table , I was the only one there due to the late hour , just after I ordered a couple cam in . The waitress seated them , the girl was se... Continue»
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