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A Bad Day For My Husband


My Husband,

If you had gotten off your lazy ass you might have found yourself a job. Instead, you laid around whining that we never had any money to do things. You left the house in total filth, refusing to clean. So, I would have to wash the dishes, vacuum, dust, and take out the trash. After working all day and cleaning up after you, how could you think that I would want to give you a fucking blow job?

Since I knew that you didn?t have any money, I also had to do the grocery shopping. While pushing the cart up and down the isles, I realized tha... Continue»
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After Practice

It was after practice I was about 16 and this is the first time this has ever happened.As me and friend were just playing soccer in the showers as we were rubbing up against each other are cocks began to get hard we never said any thing then but as we out of the showers and change. We were driving home when he asked me if I ever wondered what cock tastes like. I said I guess I kinda do. He then said lets fine out as he unzipped my pants and my dick flung out harder then a rock I then felt his wet lips wrapped around my cock I couldn't believe he was sucking my dick as I drove home we then sto... Continue»
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Part Time Job For Kim

Kim a mother of three her oldest 19 was just about to go to a big school four states away and being by herself Kim needed help to come up with the money. Kim worked a normal job as an office manager in town and the pay was very good but she needed more, so Helen a close friend sent her to the local college and they asked her many questions then sent her to L A F it was an house on campus that needed a leader.

The next day Kim the 40ish mother and hard business woman was scared as a c***d going to school for the first time as she rang the bell a very pretty girl answered and K... Continue»
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Playing in pantyhose( an Xhamster fantasy )

After several months of exchanging messages, pictures and fantasies on Xhamster we have finally arranged to meet. I arrive at the hotel with my bag packed full of various pantyhose, stockings, panties etc. many of which have been worn by my wife. I also have some of my home made videos of my wife and I for us to watch. I knock on the door of the room that was sent to me. The door is opened by( for the sake of this story we will call him Paul). He is wearing a robe but I can see as I look him up and down that he is wearing my favourite shade of tan hose underneath. He invites me in and entering... Continue»
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The Perils of Dating Supergirl

Hi my name is Robert Shephard...yeah I see you scratching your head. Don't worry I get that a lot. Needless to say I'm a nobody, however you've probably heard about my Girlfriend people call her Supergirl.

Wait don't go, I'm serious. You see six months ago I met an amazing girl named Linda Lang. She was Smart, Funny and very very passionate about....things. We started going out almost every night but every once in a while she'd leave for one reason or another. It got to the point where I was considering dumping her, then one day I was withdrawing money from the bank and wouldn't ... Continue»
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You know when you get into a rut in your relationship? Sometimes it can be one is not attracted to the other or the one boyfriend has put weight etc. Well we where in one of those ruts. We just where not having sex. Now my partner is very high sexed but for this period everything about him was annoying me down to his eating, the way he chewed his food to the weight he had put on. So he had been housesitting for a friend and unbeknownst to me was meeting up with another guy.

Now this other guy was well known to me and we used to be friends until he hit a rough patch in his life and we had l... Continue»
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You and I tracked off into the woods, and I felt like I was glowing from the pure magic of the moment. It was out of a dream, one I’d had over and over again before. So many special spots in those woods, I feel like you and I could lose ourselves to the wilderness in those woods for days and days, picking berries, laughing and playing between the trees…

I love remembering the moments in the woods with you more than any other part of my life so far. You showed me where your favorite berries grew, pointed out treasures and plants as I beamed in appreciation and full love, shining b... Continue»
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Lucy had never taken a cock bigger than 6 inches, her current boyfriend was a petite 4 inches yet this never really bothered her. To her, sex was something that the man always started and would only last about 15 or 20 minutes. The way she seen it, sex was never for her pleasure, just something that men needed every now and then to keep them happy.
Lucy had never really seen what all the fuss was about, she often gets a lot of attention from men, partly because of her delicate innocent facial features, partly because of her well toned 24 year old body with curves in all the right places, but ... Continue»
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The first time I shared my asian wife with another

I'm a 35 year old white male and I am very lucky to be married to an american-born asian (chinese) woman. She is 10 years younger than me, which improves my good fortune even more! My wife does not have the absolutely most beautiful face in the world. I mean she is cute, but she is not going to sign up for a beauty pageant. But what she does have is a killer body. She stands 5’ 2”, weighs 105 lbs, natural and perky 34B breasts and a nice tight ass. Her lips are the type that look perfect when they’re wrapped around a cock!

We have been married for almost three years. From the first time tha... Continue»
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Who is JCheri?

Hello. So your wondering who JCheri is..

Well I guess I should start by saying I'm a girl trapped in a boys body. I have known this since i was seven. How did I know that at such a young age?

When I was little I use to watch a lot of television. One of my favorite Show's was Wild Wild West. In this show the hero was a handsome actor named Robert Conrad and he was always saving the damsel in distress. I wanted to be the Damsel in Distress I use to tie myself up and pretend James West was coming to rescue me and he would kiss me and make passionate love to me. Now mind you I was the older... Continue»
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Mom Caught Me

I received a PC from my grandfather toward the end of 5th grade and spent most of middle school discovering the wonders of the internet. I quickly became the one to beat in chess club with the intricate and advanced strategies I learned from chess sites. I became fairly decent at drawing my favorite cartoon characters, I studied photography, weightlifting, golf, military history, anything that sparked my interest.

While waiting patiently in the lunch line towards the end of my 7th grade year, I was snapped out of my drooling cheeseburger daydream by the word "tits". After some careful eave... Continue»
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My Neighbour Aunty Kavitha

I live in Chennai this incident happened few years back during the incident I was doing my engineering final year.

I had a neighbour aunty named Kavitha she was living with her husband near my house for rent. Till the incident happened I was not seeing her in any bad mood because I thought she was a good lady she had a great structure …

One day I heard from her that her husband is going out of station for a month due to work somewhere near Pune. After a week he went for work that day evening we both chatted for an hour and she left to do her household works then 3 to 4 days went normal... Continue»
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hot aunty with young guy

I’m a guy aged 24 years and have finished my

graduation. I am from Kolkata. Having a little healthy figure I do have a good 7″

tools under my underwear. Therefore I decide to tell you a very truly incident

which I can’t forget ever. This is not any kind of great work or contribution


I was living with my friends in Bangalore. Beside our house a man stays with his wife

and only one daughter. I called the man uncle, as he is neighbor of me and called

his wife aunty but I don’t speak with their girl ever because she doesn’t want

or may want to avoid. I also never sh... Continue»
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My First, the day my life changed forever =)

If every man were to try a BBC up his ass, I promise we would have more gay submissive men that will like bottoming and would be sneaking around to ride BIG COCKS that could tear your insides apart. Just try a BBC one time and I can also promise you you will be questioning your sexuality after. I know I did the first time I had a cock up my ass. My first cock wasn't a BBC but it was 8 inches and very thick. It was violently f***ed into my poop shute by an older man who could care less about my feelings. The emotions I felt before during and after the actual fucking were AMAZING. I cried, I beg... Continue»
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Guy sucks my Cock While a horny Woman watches...

I love sex, all kinds Its only kinky the 1st time.

So this married woman calls and wrote me an e-mail and says
she would love to watch her friend (a guy) suck my dick.
(okay i replied)
its gonna be a surprise she tells, he's soo d***k and wants to
*OKAY im down.

So later that night she comes over, tells me about him… wants only to suck my cock, and she only wants to watch.. Okay I agreed.
*(1st time a Female actual friend wanted to watch my cock getting sucked by a guy)

I was excited. I never had sex with her, shes just a friend with some huge tits... W... Continue»
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My Mom and Dad have always been sexually liberal and they are also avid nudists. We lived at a nudist camp for years and I was totally use to seeing them run around naked and I knew for a fact that they were also swingers. I use to lay in bed at night and I could hear them with other couples and single guys and girls at night and when things got quiet, I knew that they were all in the bedroom together and every now and then I could hear my mom or one of the other women that came over moaning or getting their head banged against the beds headboard! I would lay there and jerk myself off, th
... Continue»
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I Took Control

I wanted to try something different and since he always had control of me I figured tonight I would take control of him and see how well he could take orders for once. So I put on my cute little police officer out fit and I called him and invited him over then I called a friend who was gay and I told him I have someone who would be a great fuck for him, guaranteed!! They both arrived at around the same time and I introduced them before telling them what the plan was: “I will be giving the orders tonight and babe you will be taken care of by this friend of mine and visa versa.” I smiled at them... Continue»
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The Nurse

I flicked channels. Up one took me to the French news channel that I couldn't understand. Even so I paused briefly, my gaze flicking between the two news anchors, wondering vaguely if they had ever fucked. No, I decided. He was too old for her, and she looked... not unattractive, not boring, but... too professional. But then again, this was France. Who knew how they did things here.

I flicked channels again, up to the pay-per-view channel. Posters for various French films that I didn't recognise went past on the screen, while the number to call flashed at the bottom. Only seven euros per f... Continue»
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You, Me & Her

I answer the door naked. Why? Because since I like being that way and we are both nervous, this will help to put her at ease. Seeing me unclothed and bear before you, I cannot deny you this or much of anything else. I stand back as you two enter the room. We smile at each other but nothing more. She is pretty, just like I thought she would be. You pull out the only chair for her as she sits. You take the bed and I sit in the window, of course.

After what feels like an hour of time passes you introduce us. She and I shake hands. We are both uncomfortable but this is for you and we know how m... Continue»
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Just Good Friends

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was out, and a steady breeze blew inland off the ocean, cooling the red backs of sun bathing tourists. I had taken the doors off my Jeep, hoping a drive along the beach road would clear my head.

My girlfriend Erin and I had broken up the previous night after another one of our fights. This one felt different though, as if the wind that was blowing in was bringing change. I felt completely drained and tense. Not only had Erin and I been fighting, but we had not had sex for weeks, and the sexual buildup was almost making me sore. No amount of jerking off to moa... Continue»
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