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Masked Desire

It was a hot summers evening in June, as Trace was travelling in a black Mercedes heading towards a party at Pentillie Castle, hidden away in the Cornish countryside, for a special event known as the “White Ball” thrown by Erotica for people in the industry. Her car neared a large set double gate hidden in the rolling country side, the driver stopped, and gave Trace’s name at the gate, the large gates opened displaying an endless gravel drive way with rows of giant trees either side like soldiers on guard. As Trace drove towards the massive house, she could see lots of statues of naked bodie... Continue»
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Disha's Dilemma Chapter 1

Author's note. I'm in the process of writing chapter 2. So open to idea's for Disha's future adventures.


To Dan, Disha's beauty seemed amplified by her mocha skin and jet black hair. He watched intently as Disha tucked her near transparent white blouse into her black pleated miniskirt. Even now, in her early-twenties, her school uniform fitted like she was a young sixteen.

For obvious reasons, Dan always loved his wife wearing this particular outfit. He sat in silence on his chair, feeling himself harden as she sat cross legged on the bed, showing a hint of her white cotton pa... Continue»
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Four tall Booted Skinheads moved to our road when i was 14 teen every one said trouble but nothing ever happens. After a few months I found myself not been able to stop looking at them . They were all so fit. clean polished boots as more time passed every time i saw them i got a huge hard on and started to lust after them then one summer night . was on my bike down a country lane 6 or 7 miles from home and i saw there car parked i could hear some one in the fields so i went to look just putting shirts back on i hid and never thought any more for a few weeks then it was parked there aga... Continue»
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Indian Wife & Photographer

"Love, If you don't mind I would like to say something. " he said playing with her nipples. They were lying in bed. Anita was naked and Shekhar's body language distinctly showed that he was aroused..

"Sure, go ahead. "Anita was forthcoming.

"Don't allow anyone who have sex with to discharge inside you. "he managed to say.

"Why, you are jealous?"she teased.

"No, I am not jealous. In fact I care for you. In these uncertain times, it is not clear as to who is carrying which disease. I have a suggestion. Segregate the people who find sexually attractive into two groups:one with who... Continue»
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My Training Begins Pegged

Tina was a freak. She loved to fuck and suck and there was nothing that she wouldn't try. We met the year after my divorce. I was damaged goods. I was drinking too much and chasing women like I was back in college.

Tina was a sexy brunette with several tattoos and a pretty smile. She has a short compact body with big natural C cup tits, an improbably flat stomach, wide hips and perfect thick shapely legs. She wore her hair long and straight and she told me the night we met that she loved to have her hair pulled.

We fucked that night and we became good friends thereafter but we were never... Continue»
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Sam has slip showing Stories

Sam is my SO. We have been married many years.

Sam 1

The first time I recall meeting her was when a group of friends met for a chat and coffee. As there were more people than chairs I ended up sitting on the floor and she was sitting on a table. She was wearing an above the knee black dress with a white decorative band. On a couple of times she pushed herself off the table to get something and then jumped back on. Each time she did this I could see her white plain slip.

Unfortunately after that time she went more for trousers and skirts with linings. So it was many years later ... Continue»
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Some sex questions answered

Some sex questions answered
1. What’s your favorite place to be kissed? Lips and Neck
2. What color and style of underwear are you wearing? Right now: red nylon bikini briefs
3. What’s your favorite sexual position? Middle
4. Do you prefer sex beneath the sheets or on top? On top
5. Do you prefer sex with the lights on or off? On
6. Do you like rough sex or smooth sex? Mild to wild
7. What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had? Variety
8. What’s your favorite part of sex? Foreplay
9. Are you familiar with the term “erotic role play”? No
10. Have you ever had s... Continue»
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Return 2 Cuckold Therapy (Part One)

"You've been all the way through the first major stage of your initial cuckold therapy, and, from your chart here, I can see that you receive very high marks on the Submissive/Chaste Scale! Impressive. Very good. Kudos!"

The young female ther****t, who's name was Jennifer, continued to scan the chart for a few seconds longer, and then added, looking up a her client: "Yes, you scored quite high."

"I'm not sure now what that was. What was the percentage?"

"You scored, out of a possible 100% (which is very rare, and not surprising), 78.98%! So, let's call it 80%. That is a very large per... Continue»
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From the GurlTown files Maria

Calvin woke trying to turn on his back, only to find out he couldn’t. Maria quietly said, “where do you think you’re going” then added. “You forgot you knotted me last night”? They both laughed remembering that last night was one for the books.
The thought that today would be the start of taking the boys, they had fucked like a****ls. The boys, Jason, Eric, Charles and Roy had spent the summer and Winter had set in. They had spent summer outside enjoying the wilderness but the first snow dropped a foot trapping them inside.
Under the heat of the summer sun, she had accidently flashed and f... Continue»
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It happn’d on happn.

I just downloaded the app to see what it had to offer. Within a few minutes, I got paired with a dusky hot lady who stays just 2 kilometers away from where I stay. I shan’t bore people with details of what we spoke. What I remember is that I was massively d***k, and somehow convinvced her to meet me. It was late in the night when I returned at 4 in the morning from a party where I had been drinking since 7 in the evening the previous day. She had been chatting with me throughout the night and was somehow awake. We decided to meet up immediately, at 5:30a.m.

We began walking towards each o... Continue»
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Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT1

He waited on the bed as instructed. He had dressed exactly as he was asked: A pair of lavender lace trimmed panties stretched tightly over the young man's small cock; a matching bra covered his hard brown nipples too. He also had on a garter belt and some high heels. Too top in off he had on some coral lipstick and he had painted his nails perfectly.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in" said the young man. The door opened to reveal a tall, thickset, old man, with white hair. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscled physique and some old blue Levi's. "Wow, you we... Continue»
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Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT2

"Now for your turn" leers the old bull, stroking the mushroomed head of his gnarled old cock.

The old man starts to get hard again and grabs the husband's head. He slams his cock back in the husband's mouth, brutally facefucking him. "Is that what you want Sissy? To be Daddies pantied cocksucker? "The husband chokes and gags on this vile old man's big cock, tears streaming down his face as he pounds his face. The husband feels the old man's potent cum-filled bull balls slapping his chin.

The husband wretches his bent old cock, completely in shock at the abuse he is receiving. "You nasty ... Continue»
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Black King Snake

There were several times during the dance when the chaperones had to separate the dancers from one another to keep them from coming to close in contact with each other.

The whiskey was doing its intended job and Marilyn relaxed into the strong arms of her black King. When they were dancing slowly, the beautiful blonde Queen felt his loins boring a hole into her tummy. She had that funny tingling sensation between her girlish loins again as she danced closely to Reggie. She felt his long manhood rubbing against her thigh. She knew she should stop him but instead she just let her head rest ... Continue»
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A Bull's Point of view on cuckolding a couple

]I'm the Bull …Laurel Was his Wife, Now Dan's A Cuck – How I Poached A Man’s Young Wife From Him And Made her my Baby Mama…..

Dan asks, "Everything OK."
"Yes super."
"Good, Laurel and I have been talking and"
"I like you, I like the way you kiss me and hold me and touch me. You touch me like you respect me as a woman. Shall we?"

I sit back next to her and lift her lips to mine. A soft kiss as I cup her breast, she begins to unbutton my shirt.

"Laurel do you have any limits sexually?"
"No, please fuck me however and wherever you like, Sir."
"If you do not like something say, sto... Continue»
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Queen of sluts

You are the Queen of sluts with a greedy cunt
I know a place you can go if you are interested by an infestation of cock
i invite you to join me at the most debauched Friday afternoon sex club experiece for greedy girls in Manchester.
You have dressed for action under a long black leather trench coat.
I explain to you that the afternoon entertainment you are about to endure could include the most perverse things you have ever experienced
You will be subjected to acts of the most depravity that any woman could bear
You will be treated as a piece of slutty shit in the minds of the horde of... Continue»
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Recollection of Pat Showing her slips

Pat lived opposite where we lived. She was in her mid twenties with one small c***d. I would call her petite. About 5 ft 2 inches tall and slim.

Pat's Slip Show 1

One day I returned home from town late one morning and Pat was by her garage door. She had a lower thigh skirt in dark grey material with contrasting medium black spots. In addition she was wearing nearly black stockings. What really took my attention was an inch of white plain slip hanging down at the back. As usual she waved and clearly wanted to talk. She was having trouble getting the key to turn in the lock. Alw... Continue»
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But I'm Not Gay Wife Wager

I stared blankly at the television. It was a chip shot. A gimme. My favorite football team had just missed a 22 yard field goal that would of won the game. Hell my 14 year old neighbor could of made that kick.

What rubbed salt into the mental wound was my girlfriend, who was dancing around the living room with glee. We had made a little wager on the game and she had won. Why did she pick the winning team? Not because of any in-depth analysis. She picked the winning team because she liked the color of their uniforms.

The bet she won started out as a penny. It built to cooking dinner whi... Continue»
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weekend play

It was a weekend and we both wanted to try something different I was always ready but she was never ready but finally I talked her into something different. I found a friend and asked him if he wanted to join us in a little fun and he was ready also so we set it up. Saturday morning the doorbell rang I went and answered it in a nice outfit. I had on a garter belt nylons sheer panties an open cup bra and a pair of high heel sandals I opened the door and let my friend inside he quickly stripped down to his outfit also and put on his heels and we walked into the front room. Wife walked out of b... Continue»
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wife and her birthday present

For my wife’s birthday I decided to give her something she needed and would never give herself. It all started the morning of her birthday I told her that for her special day I had something special planned I needed her to go take a shower and when she was ready let me know and I would come in and shave her. She got done and called me so I stripped and got in with her and she spread her legs and I shaved her pussy and legs real smooth for her. I got out and dried her off and told her to lie on bed and I put lotion all over her. I then put out a sexy outfit for her and to... Continue»
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Black Wager

"Really! So you're telling me that any woman can be seduced regardless of her morals or situation?" I was amused by Reggie and thought that maybe the beer and size of his penis had given him an extremely inflated sense of his prowess with the women.

"Well stereotyping can be such a bad habit but, yea, I'm 99% right on that one." Reggie smiled at me rather pleased with himself.

"So you could walk right over to Lis and pick her up just like that?" I had the two of us laughing now.

"No no way man! It would take a few days to get your girl to fall for me." Reggie grinned.

"How would ... Continue»
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