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The toy

It has been a long time since I last posted a story, have been very busy with life, and just not enough time in the day to tell you my stories. A couple of weeks ago my husband started playing a little game with me, kind of a domination game. Nothing to strong, just some punishment if I was bad. Let me tell you, I can be very bad at times, and I was needing some discipline. First, he started with just a little spanking, and when he saw that I liked this, he moved on to more severe types of punishment. I am a nudist at home, and enjoy flashing unsuspecting people. My husband came home fro... Continue»
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working the night shift

The night shift

I have been working for the past few months at a large teaching hospital in town as a nurse on a medical floor. The work has been great, but it has really drained me physically, and when I get home I just go straight to sl**p, and wake up in time to go back to work. I am now getting use to the schedule, and am really enjoying the people I work with. Let me describe myself, I am a 55 year old Hispanic female who over the past 2 years has really come into my own sexually - I love trying new things (groups, flashing, bondage, pain, humiliation, and anything that me and my h... Continue»
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what the fuck

What the F..

Every year, about this time I start going nuts, being inside the house more than being outside due to the weather, and not being able to do the outdoors things that I enjoy. I am a mature 55 year old Hispanic women who enjoys life, sex and everything about sex. I have really gotten into exploring my wilder side, and have not really found anything I would not do or try. I have nice breasts (36D) and am not skinny, but also not fat – just right for some hardcore pushing. While the weather had been much warmer the past couple of days and I was feeling like I needed to get out ... Continue»
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It was 2022 when things started to get really bad. The United States and Great Britain had already waged two separate wars over control of the oil supplies, first in the Middle East during the 2000-2010 period…and then again in 2016 when oil was discovered in the South Atlantic off the coast of South America. Great Britain controlled the Falkland Islands of course, and Argentina had claim to them historically. When a massive oil cache was discovered off the shores of the islands, confrontation was all but imminent. Two years later... Continue»
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$40 a night

“40 dollars: A Night.”

It’s only 10 bucks and the warmth is well worth it; to the layman this may sound extreme, but so is a work week in Poughkeepsie. The labor isn’t nearly as severe as my lack of purpose. Eric knows what I mean; he certainly wants one, maybe two. Eric is an idiot who thinks himself a man’s man. You or I reader would teach him a lesson fast. Isn’t that the way it is? It is always the “big dick” who ends up soft. I make good money off him; he has all sorts of habits. I am in the habit of facilitating them. The ecstasy will do us both good tonight; only an hour and a hal... Continue»
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Backdoor Play

Fantasy Play Cum True

I hand you the bulb.

“For you to clean yourself with,” and I smile excitedly. You smile and wink at me and head towards the bathroom to take a quick shower; the door left partially open.
“Take your time” I call out.

I jump into action and change into a slinky mini black dress that barely covers my round ass and hugs my huge 40G tits. No need for panties today I tell myself gleefully. My toes of which have been painted a bright green tinted turquoise match the brightly coloured high heels that slip easily on my feet. I buckle them up. My toes are ... Continue»
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Plans Changed.....In my SUV or, I have a better Id

It was a humid June 26th 2013 in St,paul Mn. So bad that the windows at the house were naturally steamy with condensation. I'd just woken up, single guy, care free, day off work, dick throbbing, and with access to the internet. Why not post an ad for an equally as horny lady to fuck, and cum on my dick?

Decided to take some new pics of my throbbing dick, I'm not the best "photog" admittedly but, I hate being asked "is that really you," "prove it take another," so I did.

Posted my pics, and titled the ad " I promise to make your pussy nut all over my dick!"

I waited, and then the resp... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexauilty Is Awaken Chapter 9

Chapter Nine

When the web cam on his computer came alive Jeff realized Sally had made it home safe and sound. The first thing she talked about was the two parties she had attended yesterday while she sat in front of the viewers naked and fingering her pussy.. She told her members she was able to drink down hundreds of cum loads while thinking of them. Next, she did birthday shout outs. Then she held up four small black tubes and told them that inside these tubes are today’s winners of the ‘Call the Cum Shot’ c... Continue»
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you hate yourself. that's all you can think of. every day. every night. you hate what you are. you hate what you have become. it's been one year since you've been k**napped. one year locked in this house! in the middle of nowhere. one year since the last time you saw your office. your friends. your wife. your son! it's been one year since you were normal. if you only knew... you would never have opened the window of your car! that guy would never have sprayed you! you would still have your life...

you hate what you have become...


1 year earlier...

this nightmare... Continue»
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The Rallye

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Professional nut cases on the open road. REPEAT: Do not try this at home!

As I said, before, my audacious girl friend would do crazy, risky, daring things just for shits and giggles! She loved to wear skirts and dresses with no panties, and every time we got together she would tell me so if she wasn't wearing them. That would jack up my bl**d pressure and make my juices boil in a New York split second! She usually gave me this revelation when we were NOT alone or when I couldn't do anything about it immediately! I had to dwell on the fact for some time before... Continue»
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"God that feels so fucking good!" Grandpa moaned. "More! Go on! Suck it harder! Jerk it,too! Do it You filthy little bitch! Do like I tell You to,or I'm gonna bend you and fuck you up the ass again!" He growled.
The sounds of me sucking and gagging on Grandpa's cock echoed throughout the bathroom.
and when He said that,I almost stopped what I was doing,because I Wanted Him to bend me over and cram that big,beautiful,cock of his back up my ass!

God,I love it when Grandpa fucks me! And after having Him do it for the past three years,I am proud to say that I can finally take his entire coc... Continue»
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Cum moisturizer part 1 of 2

I was running low on my cum moisturizer. I am always rubbing the cum moisturizer all over my body. I needed some emergency cum so I called a few blokes I know told them to get over here now and if they could get some of their friends over too to help the better.

This time I was just wearing a really nice pair of knickers, nice satin ones tight fitting and a really cute pattern on them. There was a knock on the door so answered it and it was one of my friends with some of his friends, I invited them in and told them to go to the bedroom to which I had left some of my knickers, other panties... Continue»
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Best Friend ? part 3

You should read the first parts to this as it will set the scene.
The weekend came very quickly, i had been thinking all week about what linda had said and indeed the couple of times we had sex she told me again what was going to happen,
we both got up on saturday morning and over breakfast she said dont forget you have a date later and laughed, i said i doubt it and she gave me her knowing smile, over the course of the day i had lots to get done when about 2,30 the phone rang and linda said hows things i told her i had nearly finished all i had to do, she then said sam has just dropped me b... Continue»
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Breaking Babysitter Rules: (7) I'll eat her u

--Okay, due to popular demand, I decided to forget about making the exam for my students and I'll write this instead.


Sunday morning. Daylight invaded my room from my window. I could feel a hammering in my head, I also feel dizzy, and I think my walls are dancing.

I guess this is what they call a hang over.

I could still taste the sour aftertaste absinthe leaves on my tongue. The taste that came from Janice's kiss.

I could still imagine her sweet soft voluptuous lips, encircling my cock. Her mouth tightening around my dick as she gives... Continue»
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Disclaimer: All characters are over eighteen years of age. This futanari story contains questionable morals and inordinate amounts of sex that never result in chafing. If you don't know what 'futanari' means, stop right now, Google it, and then decide if you want to continue reading. Enjoy!

Editing credit: Blind_Justice

Copyright © 2013 redskyes


It was almost two o'clock in the morning. I was lounging on the couch in my underwear and tee shirt, spooning Ben & Jerry's Phish Food into my mouth while watching a Eureka marathon on SyFy when I got the call.

"Chloe, Madison's rip-ro... Continue»
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Creampie Cafe

This was one of my favorite stories from another site
It is not written by me so give thanks to the original auther

Wendell Nebbin locked the door of his car and pressed the button on his keychain to activate the alarm. He looked around nervously. He hated parking on the street in a part of town like this: the black part of town. He considered skipping the appointment, but then remembered that Mr. Roosevelt had paid him rather well for his accounting services so far. Professional ethics demanded that he see things through.

He walked slowly down the street, looking for the addres... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

It was a quarter to five when Sally got up and turned on the cameras before she took her shower. The shower door to their shower had clear glass so it gave a unobstructed view to whoever was watching on the internet. This morning she would be shaving her pussy and from the comments she read there were a lot of guys out there that loved watching her shave it. Some were even volunteering to shave it for her. Thinking about having her pussy right in some guys face as he shaved her sent a slight shivering shudder through her body. The more she thought about it the more she li... Continue»
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My Wife Found Me A Fuck Buddy

My wife Gillian has just told me we are going around to her friend house who she works with to see if I can fix her washing machine. I won’t care if I was still in my work clothes but I have just been showered and changed for a relaxing night in front of the TV.
I know I little about Brenda from what the wife has told me, she lost her husband two to three years a go and is slightly older than we are at fifty.
Brenda invites us in and offers us a drink; she already has a glass of wine so I said I would have the same and the wife a coffee as she was driving. I could not help but look at Brenda... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter III

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter III

“Lesbian Scene Number One”, with Carole Thomas (from ‘Night Train’, Hugdebert) and Pepa (based on an Alberto Vargas pinup art)

Carole: http://xhamster.com/000/029/651/172_1000.jpg
Pepa: http://xhamster.com/000/031/562/609_1000.jpg

“Let me see… this seat over here”, Pepa thought to herself while looking at her train ticket’s numbers, trying to find the seat she should be assigned on her trip to Amsterdam.

When find her place, she did noticed someone else was there. A blonde woman was there, sitting in front of her, readin... Continue»
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A morning with my coworker

A morning with my co-worker

Pre story
i have a online mistress since 5 years and we play on Second Life, Skype and write emails and send pictures.Then a few months ago i startted to meet as well with my co-worker. a very hot, slim, naughty and amazing woman 13 years older then me. After a x-mas dinner we started to meet once in a while and play in her apartment when her k**s are in school. this is the story of one of our playtimes.

its 8:30 am i ring at your door. you buzz me in. i go into the door and find a little note saying" go to the next room and undress yourself, take 3... Continue»
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