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Jenny Become A Porn Star

Jenny Becomes A Porn Star
Chapter One

Nine months ago my life was that of a normal divorced ex house wife if you could call that normal. My husband had found a younger girl and he decided to get rid of me. At least he waited until our two boys had grown up and moved away. During the two years since our divorce I had moved into a second floor apartment with a balcony overlooking the ocean. Ther... Continue»
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Lindsey's and Stacey's homade movie

This story contains lesbianism, anal and foot fetish

I was at work one day when I heard a very familiar voice behind me say "hi babes! Working hard are we?"
I turned around to see my new 'friend' Stacey standing there. Although she was dressed in her supermarket uniform she still looked like one of the cutest and most fuckable BBW girls I knew.
"Alright for a quick chat babes?" She asked winking seductively at me, we walked outside the store to a private secluded corner and began to kiss passionately. I couldn't resist her as I ran my hand up her skirt to touch her warm hairy wetness... Continue»
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My Female Boss was a Sex Addict

Because I was a sexual girl with a history spanning my early teens, I had both the experience and confidence to control a woman more then twice my age
She was my boss, and her addiction to sex, was the tool I used, feeding my voyeuristic and sometimes sadistic needs, whilst abusing my position to gain control over my destiny.

My name is Mariel and I have been trained in the arts of pleasuring men since I first watched my first porn movie, long before entering those double digits that see those changes to my body that thrill men.

Daddy loved his porn and would casually leave one in the v... Continue»
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The Neighbor Slut part 2

<< The first part of this story went over very well, so I decided to continue the story. hank you for Tyour votes. They and the comments are what motivate me to write things like.... THIS!!!>>

I do not guess I will ever know exactly how Kelli got my cell phone number. Maybe Tracy gave it to her when we went on vacation and she asked her to watch the house, I really do not know. All that I know is that while I was at work, my phone buzzed and it was one of those, “Unknown Caller” messages. I did not think twice about it until I realized the symbol had not been for an incoming ca... Continue»
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Chapter 3: The Roommate

----------------------Continued from Chapter 2 Acceptance-----------------------------------

She had been given her instructions to get dressed in a sexy outfit. We were going out. I didn't want to wait so I went to the kitchen to get some water. My balls drained, I walked straight out to the apartment kitchen naked. I grabbed a glass and some ice. As I began filling the cup with water I heard a key turn the lock in the door. The door opened and in walked her roommate.

My lack of clothes was only a brief shock, and introduced herself as my sub's s****r, Kelli. It was easy to see... Continue»
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The Fam...CH 1

Key Players;

Father - Dave

Mother - Brenda

Male sibling- Stevie

Female sibling - Alicia

Neighbor mother - Lakeysha "candy"

Neighbor twins - Keke & Tricia

"Fuck daddy...that was fucking hot" Stevie said while scooping up his f@+=€r's cum from the side of his face with his finger. Stevie was kneeling by the side of the bed with Dave's quickly deflating 9 inch black cock only inches from his face. Stevie is a young tw€|>e year old b•y that has recently been diagnosed with gender identity disorder. He is the youngest product of an interracial marriage between Da... Continue»
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Sarah the ex-girlfriend exhibitionst

Well, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, did she ever tell you how she lost her virginity? She told me. Okay she’d been drinking all afternoon when we were on holiday, but has she told you? Here’s what she told me:

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this. It’s so naughty. I was such a bad girl back then. Okay, I’ve never told anyone, but I’ve got to tell someone.

It was two weeks after my 16th birthday. Lisa, my best friend, and I were out in town, back when I lived in Nottingham, just out and about. Then a car stopped next to us and Lisa knew the driver. There were two other boys in t... Continue»
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Caught Jerking In A Port-A-Potty

I'm a compulsive masturbator, usually I jerk my little dick 6-8 times a day, sometimes more. As you my tell from my tribute videos, I have a few different fetishes that really turn me on. The biggest two are SPH (small penis humiliation), and panties. I love sniffing dirty panties, wearing panties, even just seeing them displayed in a store turns me on and usually results in me going to the changeroom and jerking off with a pair I've taken off the shelf and jizz in them before putting them back, hoping whoever buys them won't wash them before wearing them, a long shot I know, but the thought ... Continue»
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The southern belle milf Kathy

First off, to get an idea of me, I work downtown and most of my wardrobe is mostly slacks, button-ups, polos, and proud of my dress shoe collection lol. So when I go out I am dressed well, and clean cut. Anyway, I managed to swing a night with a woman through the suaveness at the blackjack table. She obviously knew what she was doing and was up about $700. I sit down with a Anyway, this milf was stacked with a short black skirt on that kept riding up exposing he lingerie.. Which was a black pantyhose with a flower pattern. Anyway I'm chopping it up with this lady, and she keeps losing he... Continue»
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Femdom Night at the Hotel Parrt 3

You lay there so docilely, hands fastened to your ankles, not struggling against your bonds but whimpering a bit whenever I toyed with the clothespins decorating your nipples, cock and balls. I love it when you're like this, totally lost in your submission. It gives me the feeling I could do anything to you; that I could bring another guy in to the room and you would willingly suck his cock or take it up your ass. Not that I ever would...or would I?
"Beers all gone," I said after tilting the bottle up and draining the last of it. "Time to fuck."
You shivered and moaned into the ballgag, ... Continue»
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Great Sex, But I Never Touched Her

Probably the most exciting and pleasurable sex I ever experienced was with my s****r-in-law and, get this, we never touched each other. This was over forty years ago. My wife and I were in our early twenties and had been married for only a short time. We didn't have a lot of money for entertainment in those days, but for several years her s****r and husband (who were about ten years older than us) would have us over to their place and we would drink beer, and play cards or board games all evening.

The s****r-in-law wasn't movie-star-beautiful, but she exuded sensuality and lust. s*s had no... Continue»
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Turned into a Sissy Slut

Turned into a Sissy Slut
My name is Mark. I’m 19, and am around 140 lbs, thin, with a kind of girly ass. I began to fully embrace my love of dicks by watching hours of gay porn and at the same time embraced my feminine side by buying and hiding a lot of women’s clothes. Still, by the time I was 18 and going off to college, I had not done anything with a man. It’s not that I didn’t want to or that I was scared, I just didn’t know any gay or bi people around my neighborhood.
Luckily I was able to get a single room with a bathroom so I had plenty of privacy to dress up like a girl. I also manag... Continue»
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My fuck-buddy Stacey

This story contains foot fetish and anal

The voice on the over end of the phone said "hi babes! Remember me?" I instantly recognised the cute voice mingled with the mockney/Chav accent as that of Stacey, a friend of a friend who We both spent the night sucking and fucking with a couple of weeks ago. We made polite conversation for a minute or so before Stacey said "what you up to tonight babes?". I was meant to be meeting up with friends for an evening of movies and cannabis, but given the option of spending it with a bunch of stoned lads & ladettes or a cute kinky little BBW there clearl... Continue»
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The needles, the saline and the balls

Bill's wife, Jean, spent many hours surfing the internet trying to find ways to spice up her husband's sexual activities. She came across this one site that showed men injecting saline into their cocks, scrotum and even their testicles, Jean read some stories about men castrating themselves. She found some had a lot of truth, while others were totally fiction. Some of the pictures showed several men with their scrotums that was obviously empty. One set of pictures showed a man actually castrating himself. The first shot showed the man cutting his scrotum open. The next showed his testicl... Continue»
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Young Mother at garage sale

I was driving through town on the way to the parsonage to fuck the preachers wife (see my stories) and as I drove past a garage sale I noticed a couple fishing items I was interested in. I turned and went back.

As I walked up the drive way I immediately became more interested in a very young mommy, she was about 19 or 20 had had a baby in her arms. A late 30's to mid 40's blond MILF, obviously her mommy was there also. Both were very fuckable!

Anyway, I looked over the fishing stuff as other people paid and left and went over to see the young gal with the baby, looking down at her full... Continue»
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The Desired Dream Of A Best Friend

The Desired Dream

Everyone has had one person in their life who that absolutely positively wanted to fuck. Yet for whatever reason they never could get that chance. Well I'm hear to share my story, as much as I wish it could happen or at least see her gorgeous naked body I can only tell my desire which turned into a full fledge dream.

So after talking to her one night I immediately started thinking a ton of things I'd do to her and it continued until I drifted away into a deep slumber. That's when the dream of a lifetime had begun. It started with us sitting on the couch playi... Continue»
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An Afternoon With A Close Friend

So I'm stretched across the couch scrolling through the Netflix trying to find something to watch and the door bell rings I'm thinking its probably my damn neighbor wanting to buy a cigarette but to my surprise looking through the peep hole its her...She comes in all jolly and happy asking where the k**s and the rest of the f****y are I told her they all went out I stayed because I had to work today at 5:30...She went to the kitchen and I returned to the couch to continue looking for something to watch and she asked for a freeze pop from the freezer help yourself I said...I got the urge for so... Continue»
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Hook up at the gym

I ended up at the gym late the other night to try to get in a quick workout before I went home. The owner was busy doing his end of the day paperwork, I've never been there that late. There was only one more guy working out, he was pretty good looking and I couldn't help but check him out, especially when on his back doing bench presses, his back arching, legs spread apart and his large package in his pants seemed to be calling out to me. I couldn't be 100% sure but I thought he was wearing panties, unless it was his outfit and lighting making them look pink under his shorts. He finished h... Continue»
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First time BBC

This story deals with my real first time with a fantasy of mine, a big black cock. Seen many videos but had never expierenced one until now. I adore everything Feminine & am very submissive. I dressed in my favorite white garterbelt with 6 straps & big metal clips with ribbons over each. Attached them to a pair of flat knit black RHT Nylons (which I have a fetish for) & donned a pink pair of sissy panties with tons of black lace all around. Full makeup with my false showgirl eyelashes & very heavy eye makeup. My nails were polished & plenty of girly rings, bracelets etc. A spritz of per... Continue»
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Cumming for Christina

I love you and will see you Friday night I told my wife as I hung up the phone. My heart began pumping big time as I hung up from my nightly call and the familiar ring of a new text sounded off. My cock stirred just seeing it was from Christina. The message read that the rendezvous was on for 10:00 with a room number and hotel. I cleaned up nice and fresh grabbed the condoms and lube and headed out.

My stomach was in knots as Christina answered the door. I quickly entered and stood frozen staring at her beauty. After months of exchanges on Xhamster we were together. Within seconds our lip... Continue»
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