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The Snow Maid 3

"Rice," he said, "It is a grain gown far to the south of here."

"And this?" she said, prodding another part.

"That is shrimp. It lives in the ocean."

"Ah!" she said triumphantly, "This I know!" She waved a bit of meat on her fork. "This is pork!" She bit down and chewed happily, then her eyes widened. She took a quick sip of wine. "Spicy!"

Bill grinned. "It is a meal called jambalaya. People in the south of my country make it. I learned how from a friend of mine who I went to school with. Do you like it?"

Polina took another small bite and nodded. "It is very nice. It just takes... Continue»
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The Snow Maid

The dying man got dressed.

Not that dying was going to be very hard, Bill Carter thought with a weak thread of his old humor. Easier than dressing, at least. Pain hampering every move in his hands and wrists, he managed to zip and button his heavy parka. A thick wool cap was f***ed over his head and ears, and he pulled the hood of his coat over it all. He eyed his boots with a malevolent glare, then bent down to f***e them over his numb feet.

Lastly, the gloves. Using his tee... Continue»
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For girls chp 1 part 2

Jessica would always manage to navigate the conversation to something sexy, sensual, and sensuous. Today was no exception. "I am so tired of the same old stuff," Jessica explained. "Day after day I shove that vibrator into my pussy to come and still I feel horny." Trisha coughed, nearly spitting out her vegetables. Susan opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Sam was able to muster a reply. Jessica would always manage to navigate the conversation to something sexy, sensual, and sensuous. Today was no exception. "I am so tired of the same old stuff," Jessica explained. "Day after day ... Continue»
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My night of disappointment

I had my big night planned and I was thrilled at the prospect. My hunger for cum had been in the back of my mind for days. I knew I needed to milk it from someone.

The day was set, mission 2 would be first, in the afternoon. He promised 5 loads. Mission 3 would be in the evening and promised a load. 6 loads, my heart skipped a beat at the idea and desire to be cum d***k by the end of the night.

Afternoon rolls around. I see mission 2 walking towards my house and I can feel my mouth water. I open the door and smile as he walks in. He leans in, kisses me hard and grabs my ass. His chest ru... Continue»
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Pussy Boy Creampie

My fetish, to my understanding, was still undiscovered by my Wife. It involved eating another man's cum from her well fucked pussy. My Wife may not have known, but a "friend" who had hacked my laptop knew. The following events explain what happened next.........

I'm a 39yr old man, married, with 2 c***dren, who's sex life had become non-existent. I became reliant on the internet for my sexual gratification. I trawled through pictures and videos, then came upon Xhamster.

God, some of the stories were good! I used to trawl through the Fetish and Loving Wives sections and it was always the... Continue»
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female freinds transforming me

I always wanted to dress as a woman since I was in my early teens. I was babysitting and when the k**s were sl**ping I went into the master bedroom and explored. The couple was very sexy, the wife had a very sexy body and I had gotten jealous because I was an over weight boy. when I was in the master bedroom I when through the dresser drawers and found lingerie and toys. I tried on one piece of lingerie that I knew I could fit in. I liked wearing the lingerie, I explored the toys and found a dildo. I watch a little porn before so I put the dildo in my mouth and started sucking it. I had watche... Continue»
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Never done this before but.....

Long story but the wife has been unwell for a while and the one time excellent sex has stopped. Shit happens but I gotta empty my balls somehow.
Amyway I decided to try dogging. I ventured out to some well known areas that Suzy and I had previously done little shows at but was more than disappointed when there was only guys sitting in their cars waiting for some action.
I trawled around 5 or 6 spots that should have had at least a small amount of action but there was just nothing happening. I decided rather than waste fuel, I would sit tight for a while on a quite secluded local spot that is... Continue»
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Long Stroke Gay

My intro into long-stroking and more...

I'm a bi bottom who as my girlfriend says "is a natural bottom". Now there are several encounters I could tell you about but there is one specifically that sticks out and will never be forgotten by me or my girl; and probably not in yours after you relive it with me here.

The night started like normal, my girl and I just hanging out at home, horny, half-naked, and looking for trouble online. At about 12:30 am, Lynn, my very supportive woman looked at me and said, "What would you say if I told you I had a new guy coming to fuck you at 2:30 am?" Of c... Continue»
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the one rule in my house if you cum you eat it par

pete comes to my door the next morning
'hi slut do you have the 2 condoms full of your cum ?'
'yes mistress'
'show me cumslut'
he looks around in case anyone is watching then pulls the 2 tied up condoms from his pocket to show me
'good cumslut did you fuck your wife or are they both from wanking your stupid cock ?'
'one is from fucking my wife mistress the other is from me wanking off'
'did you eat your precum while you were wanking off ?'
'eh no mistress'
'stupid cumslut so you just wanked yourself off for your own enjoyment ?'
'sorry mistress i didn't know i had to eat my precum at... Continue»
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A Girl for a day

All dressed up for an afternoon out as a girl.

One weekend last autumn, my lady Keeley had an exciting and sexy idea. Just for a laugh she suggested that I dress completely as a girl and take a ride out in the car somewhere. Well I must admit I was somewhat excited at this and she appeared to be as well, I had female clothing that I wore sometimes for our sex games at home so that was no problem.
Sunday morning came and I had a nice close shave. We both laid my outfit out on the bed, 70 denier nude tights, white panties and bra, barely black stockings with black ... Continue»
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My Massage Gal

I love to get erotic massages. In general, I prefer Asian masseuses. Their technique, along with their mystique, has me raring to go before I even hit the table. However, I have had very good service from other sources as well. These include American women and gay or bi men. Most have been good, some fair, a couple bad and one nightmare. I’ll write about a few of them starting with a good experience: the woman who calls herself “My Massage Gal”.

I scan Craigslist (and formerly Backpage) just about every day looking for things out of the ordinary. Last year, while reading the The****utic cat... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT2

There he was, this petite teenage boy kneeling and tightly handcuffed in my shower with a winter hat covering his eyes, drool and piss spilling from the ring gag onto his chin and down his hairless belly to his small rock hard cock.

I slapped him hard a few times on his face, then knelt down next to him and slowly smeared his saliva all over his chin and chest with one hand, while slowly tugging on his now slimy little shaved cock with the other.

Every so often, I'd shove my fingers roughly into his throat causing him to gag hard and thrash around on his knees, coughing loudly as more d... Continue»
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Gay Slave Training PT1

I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. If he was really interested in doing what we had talked about online, he would now have the opportuni... Continue»
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Valentine with Younger Hmong s****r in Law

Today with my younger s****r in law was the best day. She can really satisfied my manhood and I was very proud of myself. So bizarre for myself and wonderful. Wish I had taken pics and video the whole thing. but probably next time when I get another chance with her and my older s****r in law. Well it all begin about this afternoon. Her name is MaiLor Vang.

After I was finished with my work and came to my parent's home. That time was 2 pm in afternoon and they were already long gone over state to visit my mom's siblings and their families. I quickly got out of my car and unlocked the door w... Continue»
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First time in the Ass! Pegged

At The Pub, I unwound from my work week. I was slightly more stressed than usual due to some restructuring of my company and my drinking reflected that. By the time we climbed aboard the shuttle van we had rented, I was mostly out of my mind. The Kitten Club was dark with thumping techno music and strobe lighting. There were several stages and many girls working the crowd. We pulled up to an empty table and ordered a round of beers.

The night was coming to a close when a pretty dancer approached out table. With some goading and 40 dollars from my friends, she gave me a lap dance. As she swa... Continue»
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"Sick Bastard"

Caroline was the quintessential hippie: long black hair, petite dancer’s body, and tan lines that were more pronounced on her cute, tight, little bubble-butt than on her small, sensitive breasts, indicating that she had spent more than a little time in the sun going topless. She had a daughter by one of the men she lived with, and when he took off, she set out to raise her daughter on her own. She got a good job at a telecommunications company, and did well. Her daughter was raised in a broad-minded and tolerant environment and grew into an intelligent and creative young woman. When she went o... Continue»
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Yummy 2

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

For all outward appearances, Jill was 'normal'. She was cute, gracious, young, attractive, respectful. But, inside, she was anything but! Ever since she could remember she wanted sex; hot, demanding, incorrigible hot sex from the first time she ran a finger down her pussylips! It excited her so much, like a burning fire that could only be satiated with the dirtiest thoughts imaginable! Didn't matter from who, either. Male, f... Continue»
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Kelly and Max

Kelly and Max

Kelly comes home from school and ends up with more
than just petting from her friendly f****y pet.

It was a hot June day and Kelly had just got in from
school, she was welcomed by her pet dog max who jumped
up at her as she came through the door.

Kelly fussed with him before she let him out into the
garden, he came running back inside after a minute and
followed Kelly into the kitchen.

Helping herself to a coke and a biscuit she threw a
piece to Max and then went upstairs to her room.

Kelly opened the windows and pulled the curtains... Continue»
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Dominated by Two Cocks Gay

Like most guys, I turned to the internet to satisfy my urges. For as long as I could remember I had fantasized about being f***ed to serve a dominant man, suck his cock, be degraded and humiliated; basically I wanted to be treated like nothing more than a cum slut used for a real mans pleasure. Recently I had found a site that allowed you to post ads searching for other guys who were into the same thing I was into. I posted an ad saying that I was a younger (26) white submissive guy looking to be dominated by a larger, older man. I also added that I was about 5'9, 160 pounds and smooth. I did ... Continue»
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Creative Teaching Methods

Summary: My first day of creative writing class would change my life in ways I would never have believed.
~ ~ ~
In the Fall of 1983 I was beginning the first semester of my senior year of uni. With most of my core classes long since completed I ticked off electives towards the 136 hours I needed to graduate the following May. While flipping through the course catalog, I noticed that Creative Writing 1 was not only 3 credit hours, but could also count towards my Humanities requirements.

Grinning at my good fortune, I signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday track at 2pm.

As I... Continue»
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