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Life changing holiday

Some years ago when I was around my mid 30's, married with a couple of k**s. My f****y and I were on holiday in Cyprus. We had a ground floor 3 bedroom apartment on a quiet part of the complex. It was just off peak season so the place wasn't too busy.
The apartment had a patio overlooking large grassed area dotted with small shrubs and trees where people would sit during the day to sunbathe. This area had a path running round the perimeter and it ran past the patios of the apartments.
One night after my mrs had gone to bed, I fell asl**p on the sofa. I woke about 1am and it was very dar... Continue»
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I Am Number Four

I stood silently in the middle of my living room, surveying my very own new apartment with a weary satisfaction. I still had boxes of small stuff to unpack, dishes and books and the like, but the furniture and appliances were all in place, and the heavy lifting was more or less done. I felt a warm glow of pride as I saw it take place before my eyes, my first place that was all my own. The first step on the way to having my own life as a grown man.
One of my friends from back home, Owen, lived in the building too, and was actually the one who'd turned me on to the place to begin with. It was... Continue»
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Better than Mom's Pussy ThroatPussy Gay

Times had been tough since the f****y breakup and my mother did what she had to do to make ends meet. She spoke of how some of her dates were "professional" and since it was evident that she liked sex and needed money, then so what? At least she was discreet. 

Early in life, she had been a runaway and a prostitute, so prostitution was by no means a new thing. Then, she married a smooth-talker who, like so many men, was a philanderer but, unlike many, not a good enough one to get away with it. After his departure, Jenna had returned to using her abundant sexuality to augment her meager incom... Continue»
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"A worthy opponent" Part 1

"Find your sex partner", who are they k**ding?
So just like any other day, I chat with a few female friends..share some pics and favorite porn videos via an online porn/chat site..then everything changed.
A friend named Claudia, that previously resided on the west coast, tells me she's being transferred to my state..local actually. After months of some online play, she's no longer another "online" friend, but maybe become a reality.. If we decided to actually meet up. My first thoughts are "is she really into the things she chats about online?" or just another "poser"? Many, if not the major... Continue»
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Sex with a former Nun

She was born Paula. But for ten years, her name was s****r Mary Beth. I remember Paula well. She had long brunette hair, and piercing blue eyes. Perfect sized bust and butt, she was a mix of Sports Illustrated super model, and playmate of the year. But when she was 19, she had a near death experience. She gave herself over to Christ and became a nun.

However, after ten years of serving the church, her body felt a different yearning. It needed sexual fulfillment. And a chance meeting between myself and her at the supermarket led to one.

She was dressed in her habit, and me, wearing a Me... Continue»
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Lifestyle of choice 4

I got home from work on Monday & all was quiet, the bedroom door was ajar & when I peered in the lovers were entwined in blissful sl**p on top of the sheets.
Vicki's hand cradled his balls with her head on his chest & a leg was d****d over his, they looked so serene & there was a huge wet spot on the other side of
the bed, my cock got that fimiliar feeling as it expanded in my cage, I had a severe case of blue balls.I sighed & closed the door quietly & went & sat with a
beer in our alfresco, my throbbing cock wouldn't let me relax as I quietly pondered about the road we were travelling. T... Continue»
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Mary Like's them BIG!

I am what you might usually call a computer geek and married Mary, who I was introduced to by a mutual friend, when I was 26, some fifteen years ago. Our first meeting was set up as a blind date when Mary was asked to make up a sixth at a dinner party and to everyone's surprise, including my own, we just hit it off and we wed less than a year later.

Now, I know I'm not bad looking - just nothing special, whereas Mary is attractive. Not the tall, model type who many of your writers describe, but small (5'4") and pretty, with a short bob of black hair, blue eyes and a perfectly proportioned f... Continue»
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I shouldn't be doing this!

Tyler sat on a bar stool, side on to the counter with his heels hooked in the rests of the stool as they waited for drinks. Annie scanned the room, and once she was sure I was looking, gave me a sneering look and turned to face him, moving closer to so that his bent leg was now between her thighs. As she laughed at something he said, she almost carelessly shifted her position so that his raised knee pressed against her pussy. She turned her head towards me to check I had seen and very slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her hips back and forth to the beat of the music, before downing her drink... Continue»
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Sex in a hotel window

This is a true story........

I had to meet clients downtown for an evening event and for meetings the next day. I brought my girlfriend with me for the evening dinner. Because of the meetings the next day, I booked a hotel room to stay down in the city overnight. She decided to stay with me since it would be a late night and we would be drinking, then she would go to work in the morning from the city hotel.

The evening was enjoyable. Dinner was fun and we had a good time with my clients. On our way back to the hotel, we got horny and talked about getting naked before we took showers... Continue»
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The Blacken Wedding Ring PT1

Barb and I weren't swingers or anything like that, although I did like showing off my beautiful wife. You see Barb was 31 years old and very attractive, in fact she's a stunner. Barb has long brown hair and beautiful brown eye's. Athletic, Barb works out hard, she loves to run and bike. We had been married seven years and were actually celebrating our anniversary that night.

Looking back, everything we did seemed so harmless that night. It was on the way home that we made the fateful decision to stop at an adult book store. Telling the driver to wait for us we walked in giggling like k**s. ... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

"Mmmmmm.... please help me...." I begged my younger cousin. He was 3 years younger and when he watched me pull down my shorts his eyes bugged out in excitement. I took his hand and gently placed it on my nylon panty cock that was leaking precum through the fabric....

"OUuuuu whatja want me to do?" he gurgled, slowly going up and down my throbbing hardon in my wet panties.

"Oohhh fuck that feels so fucking good!" I moaned.
... Continue»
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Santa Clause Woke Me Up

It was late Christmas eve, well by now it is Christmas day like maybe 3:00 am was the last time I looked at the clock at least so I had gave up waiting to see if Santa was coming. I checked my sack at the end of the bed with a little kick to find it was empty, I don’t know perhaps I dozed off for a while and missed him, I thought it was worth checking.
Any way 3:00am had passed and my eyes started to shut. Then I heard the squeak of my door handle, I shut my eyes tight a prayed “Please let it be him”.
As my bedroom door opened I felt the cold air from outside brush against my face gently, ... Continue»
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Jenna from the club ch 6

I set my empty glass down on the table and took her hand in mine. We had only known each other for about thirty minutes, and I have to admit I was still feeling a little uneasy about how quick this was going. I didn't know who she was, other than her name and that she was a sexy goddess. And then there was the other part of me that thought fuck it, we will get to know each other later!
> We got to know each other a little bit more as the night went on. We moved from the bar to the dance floor. I spotted Mandy with her hands around a guys waist as he gyrated his cock against her pussy. S... Continue»
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Jenna from the club

I never imagined myself being as outgoing as I was last Friday night. In fact, many will tell you that I lead a rather dull life. Oh, I have friends, lots of them. But when we hang out I am usually the last one on the dance floor and the first one to sit back down. I must admit, reading my own description of my social life makes me want to fall asl**p.
> "Come on, Claudia," my friends would say. "Have a drink, hook up with someone and forget where you left your thong in the morning," They were party girls alright, and last Friday night I decided I would take a journey through their worl... Continue»
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Jenna from the club ch 2

We sat at a booth that faced the DJ booth on the other side of the dance floor. The girls were chatting away about the latest episode of Big b*****r. I didn't watch it so it made me feel a little out of the loop when the girls were deep in conversation and I was left to think of a new topic of conversation.
> Mandy sat to my left. She was my most recent friend. She was really beautiful and had a reputation of being rather gender blind after she had had a few drinks in her. I saw her once give oral to a girl in the car park of a night club, and then later saw her bent over the hood of a ... Continue»
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Episode 64: Goldilocks and Postman Pat

This episode continues from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The Three Bears must be out playing in the forest, because they don't appear in this story.

So there is no opportunity for any sex with a****ls, or indeed between a****ls (to avoid upsetting Jenny Cumslut).

We discover that Goldilocks has an identical blonde twin s****r, named Spike, and they used to play a masturbation racing game involving bed knobs.

Unlike the previous story featuring the ch1ldren Jade and Grace, there is no penetrative sex with minors (to avoid upsetting timbo), or fam1ly members... Continue»
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New Cock for Wife

My wife Jen had just turned 53, and we had been married for almost twenty five years. We are your typical middle class f****y with k**s off to college. Over the last few years we had talked about sharing Jen with another man, or at least I wanted to see her with another man. Jen was a bit hesitant at first, but after talking it out, and careful consideration did she finally agreed to try it on a one time basis. She wasn't getting any younger, and I knew if we didn't do something soon our window of opportunity would pass. We had been each other's only sole partner in life, and that certainly ad... Continue»
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Breaking Susan Part 1

Breaking Susan

A true story by Charles Palmer

October 21st 2015. My wife entered the car wearing a black t-shirt several sizes too big for her. I could not see what, if anything, she was wearing underneath. When we arrived home it turned out there was nothing underneath that t-shirt. Her eyes were glazed over and as much as I pressed her she refused to speak the entire ride home. When we arrived home she dove onto the bed, buried her head in the pillow and began to cry. I stroked the back of her head and tried to hold her but still she refused to speak to me or even look a... Continue»
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Breaking me down

I am not happy to admit that I was broken down. I was out last night for drinks with the girls. A good looking man started buying me drinks. I broke away to sit with him. After some time chatting and getting tipsy he asked me to leave with him. I was getting flush so off we went. Before we got to his care he started kissing me in the parking lot. While kissing his hands moved from my ass to my chest. He was a very good kisser and my hand was roving too. I was rubbing the outside of his pants which very obviously had heavy equipment hidden inside. We stopped and concentrated on making... Continue»
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LIfeguards Speedo Boner

"Do you know where I can get some tanning oil?"

Chris looked down from his lifeguard post upon hearing the question and found a stunning stud at the bottom. A mere ten feet below Chris was a majestically muscled blonde, boasting firm washboard abs and rock-hard pecs. Chris looked down in amazement as he checked out the rest of the stud's body, his toned biceps and forearms, his defined thigh muscles and tight calves. Chris got his gaze stuck in the tanned stud's defining feature, his swelling bulge positioned tight inside his navy-blue speedo. Chris turned his eyes to the hunk's dark green ... Continue»
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