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Mortal Kombat XXX: Sonya

"Alright, I'm in. Looks like he's reading that manifest. I'll take him out, get the manifest and then leave." whispered Sonya to Johnny as she slowly crept along the wall in Kano's chamber.

"No! We still need him as someone who we can use against Outworld."

"Not happening babe, he's going down." replied Sonya and turned off all comms.

Meanwhile, Kano was actually waiting for Sonya to come and he immediately lifted his finger up and the lights went off. Sonya stumbled and got behind a table before th... Continue»
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WWE: Alexa Bliss

"Wrestling is fake." said a guy to Alexa Bliss as she watched a replay of herself from last night's show at the 7/11 store. The hot blonde looked at him and smiled away perhaps mocking his fat stomach and beefy limbs.

The guy put his hand on her shoulder and said "Don't walk away with that look bitch! I'll beat the shit out of you anywhere anytime."

She smiled again and told him "Okay.... Meet me here tomorrow at 9 p.m. and then you can beat the shit out of me." Alexa handed the big guy Ivan the address t... Continue»
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WWE: Stephanie Mcmahon

It's the Friday night of WrestleMania weekend in Texas, and while most everyone else involved with the WWE has wrestling on the brain, Stephanie McMahon does not.

Steph has always been the "adventurous" type, after all, and nothing seemed like a better idea to her than going out to a local honky tonk and seeing what nightlife in Texas is really all about.

"Yes Hunter. We have a sitter for the k**s. Mom's going to do it. I'll meet back up with you at the hotel," Stephanie tells he... Continue»
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my Le Petit Gateau and MissRach Dream

I woke this morning from an amazing dream with cum filled briefs, the spent cum matting my pubic hair and using my seed i began to stoke my already rigid cock to the memory of the dream I had just had about MissRach and Le Petit Gateau.
My dream had evolved from selling ice-cream from an ice-cream van to old ladies and sexy nurses, before getting arrested by a traffic warden for not being dressed appropriately. I was only wearing socks and shoes and now, the cuffs around my wrists as i was lead by my now engorged cock by the sexy traffic warden who i now realised was Le Petit Gateau, one o... Continue»
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Nancy's trip to the Adult Book Store

Nancys interest in adult book stores began when she read a seedy novel about gays and couples going to adult book stores and playing in the video booths, and the description of gloryholes..The book described how a woman would frequent a particular book store and would lock herself in a booth with a gloryhole,,She would undress and let men fondle her through the hole..and eventually would perform varous sex acts on strangers.. Nancy would get aroused reading about the womans exploits,, and fantasized of doing the same.. Nancy was a attractive woman,, mid 40's With a slim figure.. her breasts w... Continue»
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Long Hard Weekend (a sissy story)

Long Hard Weekend

(A sissy story)

I was tied to a chair. The chair had an open back and my ass was
sticking out exposed. My ankles were tied to the legs and my waist to
the back of the chair. My hands were cuffed and the cuffs were
attached to a collar around My neck. As if this weren’t bad
enough I was wearing pink silk panties and stockings. I am a man(or I
used to be) 5’5" 135 long blond hair and blue eyes. I have never had
to shave and have a smooth almost hairless body. I have always been
teased, even by my girlfriends, about being a prettyboy. I met
these two guys at... Continue»
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Accepting Cuckold

In the sixth year of my marriage, I discovered that my wife was having an affair. When I confronted her, I expected that she would deny it but instead, she admitted that yes, she was having an affair and she became angry, telling me that it was all my fault. That whenever we had sex, I always climaxed too soon. That I always left her hanging. That she was never sexually gratified. She always faked her orgasms because she didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Up until this point in my life, I always thought that we had a good marriage and a good sexual relationship. Sure, the sex became routine a... Continue»
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Halloween Four, 24/10/2016: Abergale’s Party

Halloween Four, 24/10/2016: Abergale’s Party

Pulling up into her driveway Abergale got out of her car and noticing that something had been left for her in the mail box. Opening it she took out a single unstamped envelope addressed to her and shoved the envelope unread into her jean pocket. Walking into her kitchen she threw her bag in the corner and opened the envelope she was dumbfounded to find a party invitation that Rosa had promised her when they met in the car park the day before. Abergale re-read the invitation several timed turning it over in her hand shaking her head in disbeli... Continue»
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Secretary to the CEO

Secretary to the CEO
by theduck1930

I’m a retired CEO of a small-cap company. Our market was agriculture chemicals. Rather a smelly business. If you had ever sprayed weed control products on your lawn you could appreciate what I just said. I had worked my way up the ladder starting as a janitor around the formulating mixers. The odor could knock your socks off if it had not been for everyone wearing a respirator. Every day when I came to work I could smell the plant as soon as I opened my car door. That never changed during my entire tenure of 45 years even as CEO. Fortunately my office ... Continue»
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Decade of sissy part three

So, our sex life was still terrific but in a new way. My girl would lay out my panties for the day I will go to work and come home we will then have fantastic sex every evening. Sometimes she would give me blowjobs however most of the times sex would be with A large dildo for both of us. When I would eat her out and pleaser with my tongue I could tell her little pussy was well used and spread large I could put my whole hand in it now with ease. our sexual positions were amazing she always like to take me from behind however she realized if you took my missionary I would cum like a girl. S... Continue»
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It Doesn't Deserve a Title, it must Work not

Stranger things have been written. Nobody can actually seem to FIND them but the rumours persist.

NOTE: ALL mechanisms to make it look real with formatting have been avoided because I'm bored and want to look at boobies, I mean its avant-garde and challenging and I'm a snowflake, special, look at me, love me LOVE ME. I need some cheese I'm hungry.

Based on a True Story, loosely. Extremely Loosely . Actually it isn't at all, it got altered to be more untrue. I think.

This is not a conventional Blog Post. (although amateurish, rich with stupidity, racism and exploitative of anything ha... Continue»
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My house

I am a white chubby guy who likes to play with cocks and wear panties and tight leggings. I one day I thought I try something new and invite someone over. I went on line and I eventually found someone he was young black k** about 19 years old and he wanted to have his dick sucked really bad. He was skinny and had an average size cock. He arrived to my house and I let him in I was wearing a pair of black Bikini panties and a black shirt with a pair of black leggings. He was wearing a lose blue T and jeans. I led him down to my basement where there is a theater room. I sat him down in one of the... Continue»
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Cum in panties

I had to run errands for work yesterday afternoon but the company van was not available. So my boss told me to use his wife's BMW (she is also our accountant). I grabbed the keys from her and drove off, while I was driving I noticed my Boss's wife's gym bag in the backseat she is 54 years old and I know she works out every morning trying to keep her nice firm ass in shape. During my errands I stopped by my house with her gym bag, I went through it and found a black pair of lacy panties, still wet and soiled with some creamy stains on the gusset. I took it to my nose and what a great scent it ... Continue»
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The Mammaries

Just a few months ago, I was sitting in my jail cell on death row
blissfully awaiting the unjust execution for the murder of my wife.

Well blissful, compared to some of the things that have happened to me

My name was Dean Samuels and it all started about a year and a half

At that time, I had been married for about 5 years. I had always
wondered how an average Joe like me could be interesting to someone
like her. By profession, my wife was a Microbiologist, a leading
scientist in the area of gene splicing research.

Me, I was just a 34-year-old, 5' 10", 200# E... Continue»
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My Name was Andy

My name was Andy
now it's Amy. This is my story.

When I was twelve, I became fascinated by women and their clothes. I
still don't know what caused my fascination. I do know that my
interest increased with each passing day. Maybe it was puberty, or an
imbalance of hormones or as I've recently come to believe, I was a
person born genetically different. All I'm really sure of is ... I'm
glad it happened.

The initial stages of my quest for feminine knowledge took the form of
comparing women when they weren't conscious of my appraisal. I
scrutinized the manner in which women dr... Continue»
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Catfight: My Mum Gets Humiliated!

This is a true story about me witnessing my mum in a catfight, although, to call it a catfight is not entirely true; more like a slaughter!

It happened two years ago when I first enrolled at a college in Liverpool, England to study Art and Design. I was 18 at the time. Because I have High-Functioning Autism I have always been quite introverted, quiet and not very social, and subjected to bullying my whole entire life. As soon as I started class, the other students saw I wasn't quite like them the way I was quiet and kept to myself. One girl in particular, named Louise, who was the complete ... Continue»
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So, with all my boxers and briefs gone and replaced by various thongs I was feeling odd but went with it anyway by girl liked it. So i put on a cute pair of thongs and got ready for work. When I got there i was nervous but excited that i was in sexy panties, When i got home my girl was there. she answered the door wearing a lacie and nothing else. she had me strip on the porch down to my panties i got red in the face but it was fun so i did it, we then went in and had a long fuck section. she told me how proud she was that i wore my panties all day and didn't take them off. she told me she tho... Continue»
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So, when i got home from my trip and i realized all my man unders were gone replaced by thongs i was shocked and dismaid. Then my girl came in and said don't worry baby i thought you looked so sexy in those panties on your business trip i knew I had to have you in them everyday, saying dont you want me to be happy and satisfied. I asked her what about the gym and work and and and. She just looked down at my dick and stated playing with it, she said look how cute it looks in satin with a little lace on it. i got extremely hard and she started to lick the outside of my panty covered dick. so awa... Continue»
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She called me - Got it in her own bed (Part 3)

Memories of a girlfriend from the 80's - She called me - And she got it in her own bed.

To get the full picture, you should read;
"How we met - She got the magic juice (Part 1)"
"The next day - She got it again on a boat (Part 2)"

She had wide hips and small saggy tits after having two k**s very young. Divorced and only 23 years old, but her sparkling eyes, sexy smile and open attitude opened the doors for her.
What I learned from day one, was that she had a great sexual appetite - and my door was open for her!

Already Monday she called me after work and asked if we should meet a... Continue»
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The Bath

You run a hot bath and add some nice fragrant oils, not bubble bath but oils.
As the water fills the tub we are slowly undressing each other, as each piece of clothing hits the floor we slowly and gently touch each other but not to aggressively as we know what will be happening soon. The Bath is ready and we are both naked, you with just a small amount of juice dripping from your pussy lips and me with a semi hard on and a drop of pre cum at the head of my cock. I get into The Bath first and rest myself up against the back of the tub and you slowly lower yourself down in front of me as you sq... Continue»
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