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Wife unknowingly creampied by a stranger

This is a true story. Short but true. My wife loves cum especially inside her an she really likes being fucked when she has cum in her pussy she said she loves the idea of being full of sperm as much as the slippery lubed feeling. We normally only get to fuck on the weekends do to are work schedules so she tells me y don't you start cuming in a condom when you jack off during the week an keep the condom in the refrigerator an we. An use it on the weekends as lube so I did just that she would poor some out of the condom down over her clit an it would run right inside her the smell of cum and... Continue»
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Current situation

It had been years since my Aunt had used me for her sexual favors. I must admit I was into it as much as she was but hell she was the adult. She never let me fuck her and only played with my cock to see me cum afterwards I would have to clean it up myself with my mouth.

She eventually moved away from my home and married a few times how many I don't remember. She was good to her word though and never told my Parents what had happened between us that summer. She would have gotten into a lot of trouble I am sure being an adult but that's water under the bridge.

I married about ten years lat... Continue»
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Kyle bets Nick can turn him Gay

"It's time to wake up now."

With just those six words, I regained the ability to open my eyes. Regained? I guess that's not the right word. I'd only just dozed off—nothing more.

"Well, how do you feel?" The hypnotist grinned at me. I didn't see why he was grinning, though. He was a friend of mine. His name was Kyle and he liked to think he was a master when it came to hypnosis. I guess in a sense he was. I did get into a trance, after all—well, I did if that's what you call falling asl**p from the weight of sheer boredom.

"No different, Ky. You suck at this." I really didn't feel any ... Continue»
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The Watch

Once upon a time there was a 18 year old boy call Ben, he had a girl her name was Leanne. She was the same age as him, 5'8, slim, blonde long hair, great tits and a beautiful tight arse.
She was filth, sucking his cock 'she was a deepthroating queen' & a pussy so tight you'd think it was going to break your dick off. But NO ANAL.
Yet he loved all of her but the down fall of falling for a whore is that she's a whore.
She used him & broke his heart.

Many years later, life goes on ,girls cum & go. Ben's now 25, single. She's living with her boyfriend Jack and doing pretty well for themselv... Continue»
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In the Beginning

It was in the summer of my graduation from grammar school.

I was home while my Folks were both working and my Aunt who lived beneath us in an apartment was also at work.

I was a typical young and horny k** and had often glanced at my Aunt when she was at home talking to my Mother in the backyard. She was my Mom's younger s****r by a few years and had lived with us since her divorce from Uncle Roy earlier that year.

She often would lay out in the yard and tan or try to on a blanket while I spied from my window at her.

She was no beauty but being in her 30's and divorced she attracte... Continue»
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That day in clinic

I don’t know why I forgot to wear men’s briefs that day, perhaps I was just so used to the comfortable feel of silk panties I didn’t even think about it when I got dressed. Maybe I had an u*********s desire to be caught; literally to have my little secret uncovered. So here I was at the walk-in clinic, with no desire to go home and change, just on the off chance I might be caught wearing women’s underwear. Surely, if I had to disrobe they would give me one of those gowns to wear.
It was the end of the day, and I could see from the full waiting room at that it had been a busy one. After nearly... Continue»
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Sex at the river.

As a nudist and naturalist I enjoy long summer afternoons nude at the river. I have met women at Collins beach and developed relationships with a few of them. I have also brought dates and girlfriends to the (clothing optional) nude beach. And they all reveled in the freedom they found there.
I met Lisa at the beach several times and we enjoyed floating on her inflatable mattress. Lisa is a voluptuous blond woman with very bouncy tits. Her hair cascaded past her shoulders and she has very chewable tan nipples.
The mattress is a nice queen size platform that anchors from the beach covered wit... Continue»
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First Gloryhole Gay

My first gay experience was unforgettable but I have tried to make each experience worthy in its own right. This is the first time I found and participated in a glory hole.

I was at a park that I had heard was frequented by gays. It is a quiet suburban park in the city where I live. There is a bathroom facility there that is always open. It was late on a Friday night so no families were about and only a couple cars in the parking area. I went into the bathroom, which was empty and entered a stall. The stall had several pornographic pictures and sayings written and etched into the walls. I s... Continue»
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My deepest desire

The musty smell of the barn filled my nostrils with each breath. The hay, the a****ls and just the general smell all barn seem to have. There in the rubber matted wash bay stood a small bench. Having been modified several time until now in which it stood 34 inches tall. It was about 4 feet wide and just a little bit longer than 4 feet long. On top it has a pad running down the center and on each side of it more of the same rubber mat that covered the stall floor. The pad was meant as a non slip surface for what was about to take place.
I was standing there awaiting the guest of honor. A heavy... Continue»
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I am now 100 % gay

I was determined. This weekend it would happen. I would loose my gay virginity and complete manhood. The hard way. Tonight would change everything.

Until now I've never had sex with a man and I didn't consider myself as homosexual either. But I was always fascinated to anal sex. The thought of "Why would someone let herself/himself get fucked in the ass, when there's no actual pleasure of possibility to orgasm in it?" Also the thought of giving up your body for someone else's pleasure was something that always turned me on. And since I've never could get an erection whenever I tried to have... Continue»
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Home Alone with Sissy Toys, pt. 1

I pulled up to my home, anxious as usual when I'm expecting male. Ordering it online was a delight - all the dirty websites, where to find the sluttiest outfits and most exciting looking toys - a blond wig, a black fishnet body stocking, two 7-inch suction cup dildos, and some other little things. They cam in unmarked brown boxes, which were right next to my stoop.

I squatted down to pick them up. Now any time I squatted, I made sure to use good form: Keeping a slight curve in my lower back, tightening my abs, and using my butt as much as possible. I had been doing them for so long that my ... Continue»
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Recollections 1 Jo and Brenda

Recollections Jo

Soon after going to my secondary school after dinner it was raining and so we were allowed to go to the room for our first after dinner lesson early.

I was first into the room and sat down at the desk allocated to me. A few minutes later Jo came in. I instantly noticed that I could see the best part of 2 inches of bright white slip dropping down beneath her dark blue pleated school skirt at the back. The skirt finished about 2 inches above her knees. The girls wore white socks so there was a lot of white to be seen.

It was clear that she had no idea her slip was sho... Continue»
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My Pussy Eating Fantasy

I sign in to Xhamster and notice I have a private message. I click on it. "HI lyqs. I like your profile. I've posted some pictures and was wondering if you would comment on them ". Of course, I thought. I clicked on her avatar.

Reading through her profile, I see that she has been on for a while. She's only been posting pictures recently. She started working out and is feeling bold, and a little naughty. I look at the three pictures she has up. They are all rather modest. None of them show her face.

The first, is of her sitting in a chair. You see her from the side. She is wearing a loo... Continue»
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Snow Princess suffocated and frozen

Ice cold winter, snow everywhere. Minus 15 degree Celsius, deadly chilly wind.
She is staked spread-eagled on her back on the ice cold snow for hours, her nude body already half frozen, quivering with cold, her lips blue. Thick layers of fresh and frozen sperm is covering her naked body, piling up in her starved, sunken stomach. The frozen cum covering her face, filling her open mouth, sticking her nostrils, pasting up her eyes. I kneel down, slapping her face with brutal f***e, waking her up. She tries to cough, her ribcage jerking, and her big, firm tits hard with frost bouncing wildly, ic... Continue»
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Here are some ideas on how to tease, humiliate, punish, and torment Your favorite male submissive. Have fun!

This is a list of ideas and activities for Dominant Women to use on their submissive men. i’m posting this list because i hope people will continue to send comments and additions It could be used as a starting point for couples who would like some new ideas… As a basis for various games (a couple rolls of the dice to see where his future lies, spin the wheel. Please add Your ideas.

List of Teases:
- Tease Your slave to get him to the point where he’ll “Do Anything to pl... Continue»
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The businessman's perfect companion

If people saw us on the planes, airports or at a convention they wouldn’t even have noticed anything remarkable. Just another executive and his young assistant. Him: Tie, suit, white shirt, shiny shoes and a lab top bag. Her: smart grey suit, blouse, hair to the back in a tight pony tail, glasses. Something you saw at every airport around the world a thousand times. But we had our little secrets. She was young, quite young, in her mid-20s. Of course she would always book two rooms for us, but one would never be used. Let me tell you a bit about our little adventures from my perspective by addi... Continue»
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Putting your Ass on the Line Gay

It was a cold winter night. A few friends had gathered at my place to watch a ball game. We had d***k a couple of beers each and we were looking for something to do. The game was due to start in an hour or so. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind.

"Let's play truth or dare," I said triumphantly.

"Good idea!" Chris said and the other two guys, Pete and Paul, agreed.

Chris was a tall, athletic guy and a great gambler as well. After a few rounds it was his turn to play.

"Truth or dare?" Paul asked.

"I dare!" Chris said really sure of himself.

"Well, I dare you to take off your clot... Continue»
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The businessman's perfect companion - Part II

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a native speaker, so the occasional error might creep in. However I prefer to right in English for a broader audience. – All characters in this story are fictional. If you have read my first story you know the drill. For those starting now: These are the adventures of a mid 30s executive and his young intern: If people saw us on the planes, airports or at a convention they wouldn’t even have noticed anything remarkable. Just another executive and his young assistant. Him: Tie, suit, white shirt, shiny shoes and a lab top bag. Her: smart grey suit, ... Continue»
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The Audit

It was the day of the annual accounts audit, so everyone at the Eastbourne Development Company was slightly tense and trying to make a good impression.

The team from the City accounts Barrow & Balls had turned up spot on time. There were consultants assigned to this audit. First the group leader, Edward Fawcett; a partner at the firm. He was a tall guy in his mid forties with impeccable grooming and an air of quiet self-assurance. His suit was sharp, it should well have been, it was bespoke and he probably didn’t’ get much changed out of £2,000 for it. To him this was a necessary business... Continue»
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Jason Fucks Me And Leaves Me

One thing I find really hot is having sex with a guy who I know isn’t going to be around for long. I love the idea of a sexy young stud coming over to my place, having his way with me and then leaving me for another city entirely. Jason is one such stud. He’s 28 years old, really cute, and I only see him once every few months. Jason travels a lot for his work and he has a stressful job which means sometimes he needs to relieve some tension! That’s where I come in!

I love hooking up with Jason because there’s no emotions involved and it’s never awkward. He comes over, uses me for his persona... Continue»
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