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Help from IT pt5

Chapter 5

Charlie had been at the store trying to decide what would go well with drinks, so far he had a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine, something to eat was kind of important. He was looking at frozen pizzas when his phone chirped.

"Hey just finished up my tickets, I'm going to get out of here before any more come in. meet me at my place?"

He checked the address and it was just across town, it wouldn't take long to get there.

"Sure thing, I'm just at the store now. grabbing some drinks and food, should be there in 30 or so"

"Perfect, I wil... Continue»
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Wife had a big time at the party

It's Tuesday November the 1st. My wife and I took the day off work to get over last night. We where invited to a neighborhood Halloween party that was held at the club house near the entrance to of subdivision. I told my wife since there will be people we don't know there our costumes should be rated PG.

My wife said Saturday that we should try on our costumes on to make sure they would be OK. As she laid them out on the bed she said you and I are going as Romans. You will be Cesar and I will be Cleopatra she said. I said those should be neighborhood friendly.

We started putting on our... Continue»
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Gloria's Transformation - the Gym

Ed, a remarkably brilliant genetic scientist and doctor, worked diligently for many years at a major genetic research institute with one particular goal in mind - transforming his girlfriend, Gloria, into the woman of his wildest dreams. Finally, he secretively achieves the genetic breakthroughs he needs, the hardest of which is to get genetic modifications to appear in the test subject, rather than just their progeny. He is eager to proceed, even though he doesn’t fully understand the science. He doesn’t consult Gloria because he thinks she would be too scared. So he begins exposing her... Continue»
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Cuckold's first time

I know what she wanted. I had ideas, but no proof. Clearly I wasn't giving her what she needed as a big, beautiful woman and I'd witnessed first hand the size of the dildos she can fit in her pussy.

She confessed as I was sticking my four inches hard into her pussy, making her beautiful, white arse bounce and glisten in the candle light.

'What's the biggest you've had?' I'd asked, turned on by the idea of her being fucked by a big fat cock. Hell, if mine was causing her some stimulation; imagine seeing her really enjoy herself with a proper stud thrusting his cock in all her orifices ... Continue»
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Slut: Fancy Dress Party (part one)

Slut: Fancy Dress party. (part one)

It's a strange way to start a story, but I was genuinely standing outside a pub dressed as Batman, waiting for the rest of party to arrive. It was a frosty Halloween and I was enjoying the solitude of a slim menthol cigarette when the vision appeared in the distance.
The gang were walking toward the pub all decked out in their fancy dress costumes, but what was catching my attention was Suzy, James wife, dressed an a skintight black latex Catwoman catsuit with Black thigh length boots.
Her enormous breasts were stretching the material of her catsuit s... Continue»
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For All The Marbles Husband fights his wife's

I’m sitting at R.T. O’Brien’s bar in Mesa, AZ drinking by myself getting d***k and thinking 4 weeks ago I was in this bar with my sexy beautiful buxom English wife Joanne having a great time playing darts and shooting pool. Looking around at all the guys in the bar knowing they all wanted to fuck my wife but couldn’t. They were jealous because that sexy bitch with the beautiful face and big tits was mine to fuck! Now I feel lonely, inadequate and miserable and those same guys now smirk at me and talk behind my back. They all heard about what happened to me and why I’m alone. I look across t... Continue»
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Mr's Briefs Tricking others and treating hers

Halloween notorious for it's tradition for a singular parent to follow alongside their offspring and request candy from any generous patrons in their neighborhood. Traveling door to door repeating the phrase 'trick or treat' and most home owners get the idea and either happily or begrudgingly pass over candy.

One parent in particular however had an alternate plan on this night of spooky outfits and excited sweet collectors, namely Mrs Briefs. Young trunks was with Goku's f****y as he'd prefer to go with Goten then bother any of his task driven f****y. Mrs Briefs declared to any members lis... Continue»
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Proud owner of a tiny penis

My beautiful wife is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds, she has shoulder length bleached blonde hair and blue eyes. Her perky tits are thirty four B cups and her legs are absolutely perfect. She married me even though she holds all the cards. I'm six foot one , weigh two twenty and my cock when rock hard only measures three and a half inches and is only a inch and a half wide.

My lack of a impressive manhood used to bother me but my lovely wife was absolutely fine with it. Well that is untill my constant hints to her finally made her try another mans meat. She had told me hundre... Continue»
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Sexual things, a Girl experiences, as she grows up

Most men harbour a fascination of a girls sexual development, if we thought like them, did we masturbate and want sex at an early age, how old were we when we first reached out and held a cock in our hands, and so on.

For me and my experiences, I think girls were always more sexually attuned than boys, our bodies dictated that, it was we who receive the sperm and it was our eggs being fertilized, and our bodies were being taken over, having your c***d, for nine months, so yes, nature had pre prepared us for sex and made us sexually aware.

I remember once staying with my cousin Elizabeth,... Continue»
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Wet & Wild with Amy Schumer & Kristin Wiig

Amy Schumer just finished her 2016 Spring Comedy Tour with another sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden. The voluptuous blonde bombshell with the sassy stand-up act was one of the hottest comedians in the business. She was ready to take a break, but had to cash in on her popularity and was fielding numerous offers for movies, commercials, TV specials and more. After the success of last year's surprise hit 'Trainwreck', she was hoping to follow that up with a... Continue»
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The cocktail party

The evening began as a diner party between three couples at village 8 miles from
home. Sharon and I went with our neighbours Ian and Diane, the men in DJ`s and
the girls in cocktail dress's. Sharon looked great in her blue dress, under
which I knew she had new G-string and suspenders. The dress offered her 34D tits
adequate support so she was braless. The food was good and the wine flowed. The
evening included lots of fun and games, including dancing with each other's
partners. The girls all looked great, and enjoyed the attention that the sexy
dresses and underwear attracted! The came... Continue»
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my wife and The BIG Dildo

Some time ago I purchased a new dildo for Kelly. when it comes to sex toys for my wife, I have a simple rule – the bigger, the better. In this case, not only did I choose a tremendously large toy, but I also went with a cyberskin model that she had to admit "felt extremely realistic". The truth about this toy is that it's actually too big for her pussy to accommodate entirely, yet. But she still has had some incredible, earth shaking orgasms on it!

Now, contrary to wishful thinking of both myself as well as some of my readers, we are not raving sex fiends. The acquisition of a new dildo in ... Continue»
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Tricked to Serve – Part 2

Tricked to Serve – Part 2

Following Mistress Alyson’s instructions I walked around the side of the house, walking through the tall wooden gate, and entered the garden at the rear of Mistress Alyson’s home...still not actually believing what I was doing, what I was about to do for a woman I had only met online such a short time ago, and not yet physically met, unless having a phone conversation through a closed window could count as meeting physically.
As I closed the gate behind me and made my way to the back of Mistress Alyson’s home a security light came on illuminating the patio area i... Continue»
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I Never Saw It Coming Gay

I never saw it coming. I am a workaholic, working 60 hours a week in the office and working Saturdays and Sundays at home, mostly online. My wife thought I had an online girl friend, but the thought never crossed my mind. In my position of Marketing Manager for a startup firm, I was coming up with new ideas every day. The problem was I had to implement each of them and from start to finish, it took away all of my free time.

Weekends our entire neighborhood ended up at Jim's house down the street. He would drag his grill out to the front in his driveway and we would cook up some tri tip stea... Continue»
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Moms UPS Delivery

I was a freshman in high school. I lived alone with my very sexy and extremely slutty mother who had been divorced since I was 3. Mom worked for a local law office, so she always dressed the part, business suits with short skirts, pantyhose ( vintage seamed or RHT nylon stockings on Fridays, which is another story in itself). My mom is the classic foot tease, always dangling her stiletto ( 5" minimum heel hight) and giving those men around her big hard ons to deal with.
This story took place on a Friday. I noticed my mom dressed in dark tan seamed nylons and 5" stilettos in the morn... Continue»
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Poppers got me again

After the extreme Weekend Poppers made me a Latex-Slut for two guys, i needed to recover. The Moment the last one slipped his dick out of my ass after he came inside me, i realized what danger i had put myself in. I thought about how poppers made me a willing slut without thoughts about safer-sex or anything. But it turned me on.... I fantasised a lot about this weekend and what happened to me and i jerked off to the memories.

I really was afraid i was doing it again and cross borders. I had dark fantasys in my mind but would never consider doing them for real, but in a poppers-rush? I prom... Continue»
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The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 1

When Clyde bought his drink he was the only person at the bar and the guy serving him looked miserable.

"What's up Mark?"

"Oh, trade's really bad Clyde. Since the economy went tits up I get hardly anybody in here. I am behind with the rent and the management company are threatening to terminate my lease."

"Well yeah, things are tough, but not every business is in trouble. You have got to have something special to pull people in."

"You're right, but I just haven't got any ideas left. I had to stop the live entertainment because I can't afford it any more."

"You've never eaten at ... Continue»
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Wife takes charge

Having a tease for a girlfriend was both exciting and stressful. For some reason every time she would flirt with one of my friends my heart hurt and My dick got hard. I was always afraid to say anything in fear that she would leave me. I knew I'd never be able to find another girl as beautiful as she was. At five foot four and one hundred pounds she was absolutely a knock out.Her long straight blonde hair and blue eyes always drew the attention of guys when we went out. Her thirty four B cup tits are topped with half inch nipples that seem to always be hard. She goes braless alot and I can te... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckolds wife and the babysitter

Our k**s were 10,8 and 3. Occasionally when we would go out of town to meetings I attended or sometimes just at home we needed someone to stay with the k**s. Judy didn’t trust anyone to young and luckily we found one of the k**s camp counselors, Andrea who was 22 loved to babysit. The only downfall was that Andrea didn’t drive so we had to always make sure we could get her to and fro but the k**s loved her and she made things easy

I was away at a dental meeting for 5 days that summer so Judy made the decision to have Andrea stay the entire time to help with the k**s. On the first night I w... Continue»
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lesbian slumber party

The girls:

Tina, 23 years old (34B-24-35), 5'4" tall. A very pretty brunette with a slim, tight body from years of doing yoga. She has firm and perky tits and a completely shaved pussy with a piercing in her clit. She enjoys being in charge and takes great pleasure in fucking her girlfriend Lisa in both her holes with one of her big strap-ons.

Lisa, 21 years old (35B-25-35), 5'3" tall. This hot blonde is the typical sex kitten type. Her body toned from the gym and her skin tanned with no tan lines to be found anywhere. She also keeps her pussy completely shaved, since Tina introduced her... Continue»
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