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Heather, a maid for pleasure satisfaction

Derek closed his laptop, signaling that it was the end of his work shift. He had spent the last twelve hours working tirelessly on a news article that had been turned down by his boss three times already. In the past month, she had only run one of his articles.

He put on his brown jacket and packed his laptop up in his briefcase. It was pathetic how he had allowed himself to fall so far.

He took the subway home every night to his lonely apartment in midtown Manhattan. There, no one paid attention to any of the strange faces that passed in the street and every scream was muffled by the so... Continue»
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First time anal at solarium...

A normal day like the other I went to my gym, well known in Tsimiski .. wore athletic overalls and for underwear the most horny thong I found, because I usually do solarium instead of run-warming. Go to the horny young guy at the reception and I told him to prepare the machine for fifteen minutes in the top hot choice until I go to undress and in to fallen in twelve minutes that I wanted. He told me to go to lock in the locker room my things and he will be back the soonest possible to put it into operation before I got even undress. I Came back and he was still missing, I enter the solariums... Continue»
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Kansas City Beef

Linda, my live in girl friend, was visiting her f****y in Detroit, Michigan. This was around 1984-85 and we were in our twenties. Recently she had introduced me to anal sex. She would suck me and use a vibrator on my ass. It felt so good and had woken a yearning in me for gay sex.

It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon and I was incredibly horny. I had stripped naked and laid across our king size bed with my eight inch vibrator. These were the days before the internet and all I had for sexual stimulation were photos of Linda's previous boy friends. She had a bunch of photos of three ... Continue»
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One night full of adventures with Chloé

I was about to go out to eat in a restaurant with my awesome girlfriend, Chloé . For this evening she was wearing black high heels (about 13cm) with black stockings and an amazing black bustier short dress that was a little bit see through on the breast (that enables me to know that she was wearing no bra).
Her hairs were styled amazingly, she had some mascara and put a red lipstick. She also was wearing stunning earrings that felt until shoulders.
I was wearing casual shoes, a jean with a black belt and a white shirt.
We were sitting face to face at the table and we both couldn't stop smil... Continue»
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Surprised husband came to meeting alone

Hi, I was a sometime swing partner for this hot couple. MJ is a fun, very busty bbw. Rik is a usually quiet 50 year old, hardbody. He called me just as I was leaving work. Said to meet them at an abs. I was about on time and did not see their car. I saw the car pull in and only saw him. I walked over and said hello, change of plans?
He said no, just follow me. Thought it was a little strange...but MJ has huge breasts and a big cunt. She always makes me laugh.

Pulled into a driveway 30 min. Later. 3 cars I didn't know, but parked out front just as another car pulled up. Went up ... Continue»
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Seduced By My Friend's Mother

Mrs. McMarthy was a petite woman. At barely 5 feet tall, she was about 40 years old at the time (1967), weighed 100 pounds, had short reddish hair, small breasts, shapely ass, nice legs, and a cute Irish face. She was very fickle and fun-loving and married to a travelling salesman. Her two teenage c***dren were named Kathy and Billy.

The McCarthy 's house was a crash pad for Billy and his friends. The usual group was Jerry (me), Jack and Mike and Mel. Usually, we would watch TV in the living room, drink coke and talk about sports or girls. Mrs. McCarthy was often present and would join the... Continue»
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The business man part 2

Not only was Bob still there when I emerged from powdering
my nose, but he stood there in just his boxer briefs, with
a big bulge that I couldnt keep my eyes from. I commented
that I was glad he was still there. He replied how could I
leave with this and he pulled the waistband of his shorts
away and revealed one of the best looking cocks I had ever
seen. It was at least 8 inches and slender at the tip and got
thicker towards the base........I walked up to him and
slipped my hand inside his underwear, wrapping my fingers
around his shaft and giving a little squeeze, it was so hard
an... Continue»
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Train Slut Part II

I'm sure any guy can tell you this - when you're horny, rock hard and your balls are full of cum, it's easy to think you could go all night, cumming over and over again. The reality however is that unless you're in a situation that permits it, the likelihood is that you'll shoot your load and be done. Over the years I have experienced this countless times whilst sexting. Messages and pictures fly back and forth and it seems it could go on all night. But eventually the urge to knock one out becomes too great and suddenly you're lay there, x-rated texts still coming through but the desire to con... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 9)


“Can we go to bed now?” Mason asked eagerly as he got home from school.

“Ahh ahh,” Stacey smiled as she scolded him. “Not until 11…”

When the time rolled around, Mason eagerly followed Stacey up the stairs. “Are you ready?” Stacey asked, casually.

“…” Mason looked to the ground, blushing and trying to hide his erection.

“Oh! I nearly forgot,” Stacy said as she gathered the blanket off the bed. “Do you remember when you were little and you used to wet the bed?” “…” “Well… Mama’s been having similar problems now that we share a bed, hasn’t she?” “You could... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 8)

Friday - Sunday

When Mason got home from school, he found his mother washing dishes as if everything was normal again. “How was school?” she asked the usual question.

“Fine,” he gave the usual response.

“Just fine?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Mason walked past her.

“I had goodwill come by and pick up your bed today,” Stacey casually announced.

“You did…?” Mason was surprised. After seeing her act like herself, he was sure that Stacey would go back on her promise. If she could even remember it…

“Listen to me, Mason.” Stacey said, sternly. “I’m only going to tell you on... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [6]

Stella tells Saskia and our dear readers every erotic dirty detail of that mighty memorable she submits to me.
She shows Saskia and you three tasty private pictures of her during the course of that day in several positions.
Saskia envies her as she listens with red ears, hotly hopes she can indeed come along with us soon to Spain.
Stella learn a lot in a single long lasting day, every erotic teasing trick in the big book of love she needs to know.

Stella's prays and begs me to stop in her first ever flogging

... Continue»
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A good friendship

We are Donna & Don, a happily married white couple, in our mid 50's.
My husband and I have been into the swingers lifestyles now for a little over 7 years, we swing we like minded, & body built couples, any race, (occasionally ) a single. My husband is a titty man, and I like'em long & rock hard, that can slow fuck , & last long.
Since getting into swinging, we tried alot of different things, especially with very discrete other, some we or he or I enjoyed, other were one & done, if it felt good & gave pleasure, we still do it, sometimes just for the other couples pleasure.
For t... Continue»
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A Master Talks - Chapter 4

The women who choose to spend some of their lives with me have needs just as I do. Their need is to serve a powerful man who they can admire, respect and love. My need is to enjoy the love and devotion of women who value me as a man worthy of the things they want in life.

In previous chapters I have detailed some of the ways that I use my women and I have received responses which have ranged from disbelief that women could tolerate such treatment to pleas to have it done to them.

I will now spend a little time developing the approach of one dominant man and the things which motivate him.... Continue»
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A Surprise You Definitely Wouldn't Anticipate

This story entails two guys and a girl. But it doesn’t turn the way you expect or at least not how I think you would expect.

It’s you and me and someone I know but you don’t. We are in Seattle. You meet me at my hotel room, the kind with the huge window and the ledge that made me shiver all over from fear of heights and passion for you.

I just finished in the shower and you enter the room while I am still drying off. I am looking at how high up we are and you come behind me and start to kiss my shoulders and neck and ears. When I turn to you, I let my towel slip … “God I missed you” you ... Continue»
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The girl from the bar

I met Michelle at a bar which I frequented on Fridays. She was a beauty, all natural, no modifications that I noticed. She was white as snow and a bit skinny with nothing much up top, but to me she seemed perfect. She had those light honey brown eyes and dirty blond hair which appeared nearly black at night, but it became almost golden in the sunlight. Michelle had a natural innocent blush upon her cheeks, which made her appear much younger than she actually was, still she was quite young.

That night, I met Michelle purely by chance. I went over to the bar to order a drink for another girl ... Continue»
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Alone in the woods

...Greg and i found a secluded place in the wood as we finally got away from our wives. Telling them we were going for a hike to give us some time for some friend time. Knowing we had good cover and a fair amount of time, I didn't hesitate to go straight for what I have been wanting since we all arrived to the camp grounds.

Greg had on a pair of black basketball shorts which he pulled off quickly without me asking. Underneath a pair of tight boxer briefs which proudly showed off his already hard 7 inch cock. I dropped to my knees with him leaning against a tree and grabbed the waistband an... Continue»
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SEX life

I drive to university, not particularly keen for the day ahead, with the week about to grind into a start. I grit my teeth and bare it as I arrive at the campus, thankful that I'm able to find a park before piles of cars invade the car parks. I double check to make sure my parking permit is visible on the front dash, grab my bag and shut the door, looking around at the car park.

I lock my car and slip the remote into my jacket, turning to head to the library for some study before my first lecture of the day. Looking up, I notice a woman walking across the car park, through isles of cars a f... Continue»
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My neighbor fucked me

Hello, my name is Maria, and I'm going to tell you another adventure of mine, this time it was with a neighbor, his name is Helio, 34 years old, very nice, married and has a little boy ... They live very close to my house, in a Sunday afternoon he was in front of my house talking to my husband when I saw him, without a shorts shirt I went crazy, because I always found him horny, and I had already noticed his looks for me, so I left and stayed close as who He did not want anything, it was hot, I was in a very short shorts and a top ... As they talked, I would stare at him and play with my littl... Continue»
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Jen's Desire - The Conclusion

School finally ended signaling the official start of Summer. Jen made
her parents happy by bringing home a final report card with straight A's
on it. Now she could enjoy her Summer break without hearing them
constantly harp about her grades for the next three months.

Jen's normal Summer vacation revolved around her working part time at
the ice cream stand and hanging out with her friends at the community
pool, but that was before Flint stole into her room and she gave him her
cherry. Now those plans were secondary and she focused on visiting Flint
whenever she could as he didn't live... Continue»
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boi pussy

So small and light. How fortuitous, He thinks as the young trick nervously straddles His waist. This is going to be easy. The boi has Daddy issues and acts like he’s charging towards something he desperately wants but is conflicted and afraid. It blinds him to the danger ahead.

He starts to squirm and tries to crawl off the Man’s lap, uncomfortable perhaps by being in such a submissive and c***d-like position, but a firm slap to the ass has the immediate desired effect on his disposition. The boi, startled and confused by his intense physiological reaction to Daddy’s hand, melts helpl... Continue»
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