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The Bribed Fuck Toy...continued

Benny, Carl and Raymond(Ray) dropped out of sight as they reached the lowest field and I watched anxiously to see if they would reappear or if I had gotten a reprieve. My heart dropped and mixed feelings went thru my body as I saw the three of them appear just beyond the bleachers and cross the track/football field.

I started my journey to meet with them knowing that my nightmare was not going to ever be over. The more people knew the more I would have to do. I kept saying to myself that I needed to come to realization that this would be my life from now on.

I did not consider my self... Continue»
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Here's a little about my ex wife. I always thought she was a prude when we were married, and she loved to be in control of things. After years of little or no sex and other things, I left. Been gone over three years now. Then just recently I received a letter from someone that knows her. A black man. In it he told me how she had been set up and now loved black cock. Here's part of that letter. And no, I don't have pics, but he told me enough about her that I believe it. She has a mark or two on her that he identified.

He told me this. Said that he ran into her at a college football game and... Continue»
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I wrote earlier about my Mother's long term affair with a Black Man while we lived in Virginia in the early 70's. Despite my Mother's affair with a Black guy I never imagined that my wife would ever do anything like that. She was very conservative as a young women having grown up and attended college in Kansas. She had only been intimate with 3 guys before we met and married. I met her after I moved to Kansas City to take a job with a local television news show. Susan was a reporter and I was a weather man. She was 29 when we met (36 now). She is 5'6" 118lbs with long re... Continue»
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My name, is Leyla, I was 26 years old at the time, I am Turkish, and I was a manageress of a boutique in England, Ludmila, ( MY BOSS ) and I we were at a hotel in Milan for the fashion week, during the day we were buying dresses for the boutique, that evening while we were having dinner, next table were two very good looking, tall, mature African men having dinner, while we were having dinner, they were looking at me, and I was looking at them, one of them, he winkle at me, I winkle back, as we were going to our rooms, I told them to wait for me, I will be back in half an hour, Ludmila went t... Continue»
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african takeout

Suzie and Steven have been married six year and are enjoying a sun drenched holiday in the Mediterranean. with just two days left they look for a new restaurant to try and they happen on a lovely looking place by the ocean.

Suzie... look at this place it looks amazing and its not to busy.

Steven... wow its just right I wonder why it's not full?

Suzie... never mind that let's get in.

They walk in and are greeted by a waiter who shows them to a romantic looking table overlooking to bay and harbor. Steven was handsome to a degree, taller than his wife but was average in many w... Continue»
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My Mother (part 2)

My Mother (part 2)

It was about 1978 after I divorced my daughter's mother. I was without a
place to live and had custody of my daughter.

My mother said we could stay with her because she was alone and had the
room. She had a small two bedroom place. She said we could put my daughter
in the one room along with a twin bed for her to sl**p in. She gave me her
room with the queen bed.

Most nights it was the same old thing take care ... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 7

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The Delivery Part 2

Part 2

Steve arrived promptly at ten fifteen. I had the lights dimmed appropriately and was sipping a glass of white wine. I had changed into something far more sexy and comfortable. A black lace thong, and bra with matching garter belt attached to sheer black stockings with black stiletto high heels, and my long red wig. My long sheer black negligee completed the outfit. It was a very elegant look if I do say so myself. The guest bedroom was already prepared, but I was so horny I would have fucked him in the front yard for that matter. I had left a sticky note on the front... Continue»
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Trained Into Becoming Black Mens Sex Slave

A few years back I spent time on and off with several
shall we say more dominating types of gentlemen. One of
them, who for this I shall call Leroy, just loved
when we got together to make me totally helpless.
It was our 6th or 7th meeting. Leroy and i had been chatting on Yahoo
and when he found out i was free that weekend he insisted
on coming over later that afternoon.
We talked about when and what he wanted me to be
wearing when he arrived. We settled on 4:00 and I was
to be wearing a red waspie, black fully fashioned nylon stockings,
black bra, short tight black skirt, red long ... Continue»
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Cherri was recently convinced by a certain black guy to be the stripper for a black group holding a "Divorce Party" for one of the guys. After agreeing to do it she readied herself on the night of the party and off we drove to the home of the guy who had contacted us. We knew where he lived since we had visited him a couple nights before to check him out and the location of the party. (Actually Cherri sucked his cock that evening to get better acquainted with him in advance and he rewarded her with a huge overflowing mouth full of thick sticky cum).

Upon arrival we saw a number of cars park... Continue»
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My name is Jenny. My story is about a major change in my life. I'm 35 years
old, married and have two c***dren. My husband is a Minister in a small
town in Texas. We've been married for 17 years. My life has been very prim
and proper but satisfying until recently.

About two weeks ago I started out to attend a bible seminar in Dallas,
which is about a three hour drive from home. I kissed and hugged my two
sons Brad and Jeff and husband Jim and promised that I would be careful on
the road. I told Jim that I would call him from the hotel to let him know I
was OK.

The trip went fine u... Continue»
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I finally did it.

This is a true account of how I finally turned my wife into an out of control whore for black cocks. I recorded the events on my computer which allowed me recreate the event in writing. I tried to be as specific and detailed as possible hoping that it may help you turn your wife. First, I must say that in the beginning I really didn’t believe that I could turn my wife into a slut nor did I believe that most white woman could be turned either despite what you read on the internet, I NOW BELIEVE I WAS WRONG. As a side note, it seems that in almost every story you read on int... Continue»
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2 weeks back I met this married white woman on here after reading her ad. Her name is Elsa, and she is one nasty bitch. Anyhow after some heavy chat she agreed to meet me after her husband went back on the road. Him being a long distance truck driver, she said she would have the place to herself for 6 days.

Anyway she gave me directions to get to her place just as his dumb white ass, was pullin out. I had been checkin out her pics and shit, and had got up. I packed a few things and off I went, all the while my dick throbbin. I finally got to her house which looked like something out of a hi... Continue»
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Cuckold in the ABS

The couple sat in the car in the parking lot of the porno theater smoking a cigarette. She turned to him and said, "You sure this is what you want?"

"Yes," he answered, "I want you to make me do everything we talked about."

"OK, then let's go, and bring your toys."

He grabbed the backpack and they walked to the entrance. They walked in and while she looked around at the selection of toys, he paid their admission to the theater. When he had the ticket, they walked in together. In a minute or 2, their eyes adjusted to the darkness and they walked through ... Continue»
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Back to the bath house

Playing, prowling XHamster last Wednesday. Was checking out the big dick gurls and ran across some shots of uncut cocks that had me reaching for my cock. I got into many pictures and I started salivating getting the hankering to suck some fat uncut cock. Did a little masturbation but still wasn't satisfied so I had to wait until Friday when, in season, which it is, I knew the bath house would be packed with sexy guys.
Friday afternoon, I got my day pass for a whopping 25 bucks, got my towel and locker where I stashed my stuff, and it was off to the poolside bar where nearly all the guys were ... Continue»
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Cuckold's First Time

He pulled up to the motel and drove around the building looking for the room number she had texted him. It had been 3 days since he told her his fantasy of being cuckolded and being submissive to her and she hadn't spoken a word to him since. The first communication he had from her was the text message with the name of the hotel and the room number. He saw the room and parked his car. He lit a cigarette with trembling hands and sat in the car smoking it wondering what he would find in that room. When he finished the cigarette, he put it out and climbed out of the car. He went up the step... Continue»
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My first time with a Shemale

By the time I turned 18, I had already done a lot of fucking - mostly with women in their 30's and 40's. As a k**, I was kind of a stud, mowing lawns in the neighborhood. I had a bod, and went shirtless, in shorts and sneakers, for effect. The women in the neighborhood did love me and tipped me well after mowing their lawns and eating their "bush."

I did finally land a job as a pool boy at the Fountainbleau Hotel. The sexual encounters remained the same but in much better surroundings, and the tips got a lot better.

On one beautiful day, I spotted this gorgeous red head, Arlene, in maybe... Continue»
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How I became a fag -

This is a true story, names have been changed.

My mom remarried after my dad died to a man who had five c***dren. I was already an adult and married when dad passed. My mom's new husband was younger than her and his oldest was a girl, Nancy. Nancy, by the time she was 18 had a baby of her own, the father of the c***d and her were going to be married but he was arrested a day before their wedding.

So Nancy became a dancer at, what we called,a go-go bar. That is where she met Rich.
We, my wife and I, met them at a f****y picnic and found out we had one thing in common. We liked do... Continue»
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Devika & Paul

My wife Devika is a beautiful slim Indian woman 27 years old, fair skinned with c cup boobs and a nice round ass, we have been married 3 years and discussed the idea if swinging, the fantasy was she being with another man. Being Indian and of strict up bringing her only sexual experience was with me.
We decided to make contact with persons on social media or chat sites, we meet this guy named Paul on a chat site he was an expat here in Trinidad from England working with an oil company. After about three chat sessions it was agreed she will meet at his home one evening, i would drop her an... Continue»
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Things were pretty quiet at the rooming house since Henry and Rachel had had their trip to the warehouse area. Even at their age, they needed some peace and quiet to let their libido reach its peek again. Sometimes Henry waited 2 to 3 weeks before he went hunting in the park. Rachel waited longer since she was more dependent on having a lesbian lover already waiting in a specific house or alley. Henry had contacted Reverend Allen and his wife Mildred and both were keen on a meeting. There was some talk of date and location. Allen could hardly invite his friends at... Continue»
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