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sailing baseball and TS dates

Shelly and I had been chatting online for almost two years. We had share a great deal of personal information and shared in each others personal triumphs and tragedies. She lived in Seattle Washington and I was in Oregon in the sl**py hamlet of Lewisburg. Often we had talked about meeting and each of use has passed close but not arranged to meet. My issue was long term relationships are always prone to fail and she was , by her admission , looking for someone closer to home as well.

I have a sailboat, a C-22 swing keel, and had for several years been trailering it north each year for tw... Continue»
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It's a living

My dad left my mom shortly after I was born. He was just not ready for a wife and a c***d. My mom learned the hard way to use her body to support us. She was lucky to have a great body and nice big tits. I remember men coming to the house many times a day or night and mom would take them to her bedroom. She would be in there with them for about and hour then when they left she would shower and another man would come visit. I learned when I was a young teen she was a whore. She must have been good as she was always busy and we did have plenty of money. I asked her one day about the men and she ... Continue»
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Wild Man

I lay with my eyes closed and I imagine your ass-sticking straight up in the air. Waiting/wanting me to service it. I slowly spread your round boy cheeks, gazing at your beautiful cherry red asshole. It is the red moon of 2010 haunting the black night sky. I softly lick it. It is the life of molasses seeping from a tree, covered in earth, wind. It is on fire.. Your moans are barely audible as my soft and sometimes hard hot tongue orbits your moon. We go slow, fast, slower still. My tongue is the sun covering your asshole in a flickering shadow of radiant heat. I savor every delicate crevice ex... Continue»
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The Chorus

The Chorus

Embracing his swollen cock.
Into her mouth,
gagging to almost throwing-up.
Twisting the blowjob into her as
an impalement of full body experiences.
To inhale the sweet soapy scent
of his balls and pubic hair,
the pungent odor of his ass.
He had pleaded like a small boy for her
to fuck him and when
she pulled out the small blue dildo
it had shit on it.
These are his fluid parts;
his cum, his piss, his saliva
his un-cried tears,
the words that tumble like kisses
from his lips.
his sadness
as it rolls in his soft belly
like a tumble weed,
aimless and unexpressed... Continue»
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My Milf Neighbour

Growing up in my neighbourhood was hard. There were extremely hot mature aged neighbours all around me. One in particular was the star in all my naughtiest fantasies. She was a natural brunette but dyed her hair red and curled it. She had an amazing rack that always seemed to try to escape from the tight clothes she wore. And that ass... her curves were perfect and it was hard to talk to her without your eyes wandering.

She and my mom were good friends as i was the same age as her son, who i went to school with, so she came over to my house a lot, which didn't really help my situation. As i... Continue»
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I had always hated surprises. They made me anxious. I overthink them. He told me he had a surprise for me when I got home from work. I worried about it for hours, wondering what it could be. I thought about things I had asked for recently, everything I could possibly imagine. He hadn’t given me any clues as to what it was, so I guess I’d just have to wait. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I left work and started the long drive home. It was torture. Twenty miles of wondering.
When I pulled in the driveway nothing looked unusual. His car was there, the lights were off, and everythi... Continue»
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The Party

You had only been in this city for a few weeks, and didn’t know anyone. Your new neighbour was a woman of about forty, and had spoken to you a couple of times. She was an attractive blonde with large firm boobs that she liked showing off in low cut dresses, and was always cheerful and friendly. But still there was something about her, something you couldn’t quite be sure of...You noticed the way she occasionally glanced at your tits while she was speaking to you. You suspected she might have something in mind for you, but you weren’t at all afraid of her. Perhaps your life might get more inter... Continue»
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Losing my wife in a bet- true story

It has been a fantasy of mine to bet my wife. Lately I have been sending her to work in short dresses with no panties and telling her to subtly flash her pussy and ass to her coworkers to see of they would make a move on her. She came home the other night saying that earlier that day, josh had touched her pussy when she was on a short ladder. She asked me what I thought she should do and she was surprised when I told her I would bet him and she would be the prize. After I ate her pussy and turned her on she agreed to it. She texted him and said that she would fuck him, but only if he won a bet... Continue»
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The First Meeting

He went to the mall looking for a piece of ass. He always found either a bored housewife or a horny college girl. Today he noticed a forty something woman looking his way. She had on a tight t-shirt with no bra and a short skirt. He only imagined her panties were just as sexy and very little of them. She had just the ass he was looking for. He smiled and walked up to her and said "you are lovely. Are you lonely?" She replied "Yes, I am all alone today." He leaned close to her and said "Want to play house or doctor or maid? How about some sexy fun with me?" She told him "How can you ever guess ... Continue»
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first experiance with a guy

i wont say the age ill just say we were young. me an my friend from school hung around quite alot with each other when we were younger i don't see him any more which is a sad thing lol. he used to sl**p over alot at my house we made tents out of sheets and slept in them an what not. i cant remember how it happened but we measured each others dick size by putting are dicks together i think mine was slightly bigger but his was a bit thicker. we started from there we only did it a couple of times then it stopped we rubbed the heads of each others dicks together an maybe have a little stroke of ea... Continue»
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First Day Working at tj Parlour Bolton

I started on trial at the massage parlour on Thursday the 6th June 2013..Took my chance at the parlour by turning up, and Candice the receptionist was rather nice, this parlour is for your more mature and experienced e****ts, various different girls and sizes...

They do have one or two ts/tv but I not seen any yet has they work on different day....I was asked to get changed into my gear, to which I wore a black fishnet dress stockings black underwear set and knee high boots..

Has I was getting changed another girl turned up, her name was darcy a very attractive mature slim tanned lady...... Continue»
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Morning Sex

"Wake up, sweetheart," Nick whispered, softly caressing his boyfriend Adam’s brown hair as Adam stirred from sl**p. He stretched and yawned, squinting his eyes from the morning sunlight and wondering why Nick had waked him so much earlier than usual.
"What the fuck is going on?” Adam drawled, wiping sl**p from his eyes.
"Wake up, lazy ass," Nick said. "We rarely get the same day off work; let’s enjoy it."
It was a beautiful morning in April. The sun was shining brightly through the window of Adam Lankford and Nicolas Reeves’ bedroom, lighting their faces and kissing their skin with warmth ... Continue»
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Tapes of Me having Sex...

I was home from college and had been accosted by Bruce, yes Bruce from Daniel and Charlie. We were some what older and it had been some time since I had been back to the hood.

Bruce was living alone in a rooming house and had told me he had a film he wanted me to see. Bruce had promised that there would only be just the two of us and that i could leave when ever I wanted to. I was sure Bruce did not know that I was still sexual active with male partners.

My curiosity got the best of me, I went to his room and was p;laced at ease by the fact that there was other people in the house and... Continue»
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Amanda, the Domina that was really a sub - Part 3

.. In quite a while my entire cock was balls deep in her throat. Her eyes turned red, her eyes shed tears, her nose was snotty and she was gasping for breath. But her gag reflex was significantly reduced. Her throat was learning fast. The formerly powerful and beautiful Domina was now belittled to my own personal fuck toy. And she appeared to adore that.

When I got bored of deepthroating her I thought it was about time I gave her her first good lesson of being a proper slave. I was not going to fuck her or give her any kind of pleasure directly; not yet, not this time. Not until she begged ... Continue»
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my first time

I placed an add in Craigslist in my area describing that I was a very curious closet CD looking for my first experience. After MANY replies (all of them were either from freak-kind of guys, or someone that quit right away), I got in contact with a guy that seemed to be the right one. I was interested in meeting in the woods in one of the many parks around this area and he agreed on that (after we exchange some pics to “known each other” a little and be OK with what we were looking for).

I arrived in my truck to this very isolated area and I saw a single vehicle parked there (was very nic... Continue»
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A new life (part 6/7)

After reading the contract several times, Judi still could not believe it; 7.5 million dollars. She quickly calculated her commission for this one contract to be $78,000. She was elated. She didn't have time to eat as she rushed to her room to shower and change. She had to put on the company outfit for the vendor booth. It was a white pullover with black slacks, blue blazer with a company emblem and a white scarf around her neck. It was very business like but also sexy as the slacks and pullover were meant to be tight fitting. Since Judi wore nothing underneath it was bound to get some attenti... Continue»
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Memorial Day Weekend

Day one

A co-worker who was to be on vacation the whole week before Memorial Day called me up at work Friday morning, telling me that her f****y had to cut their vacation short due to a f****y emergency on her husband’s side. They had rented a spot for their camping trailer for the full week & she wanted to know if I wanted to stay there until Monday morning when they came to pick it up. I said sure as the only thing I would have done was gone shopping or bar hopping.
Friday after work she gives me the keys, tells me I can eat the food but I should bring my own liquor. I pack a few things ... Continue»
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son got punished

Since then, I frequently visited my mom's wardrobe whenever she was out. I would wear her clothes, and it would make me feel sexy. I would pretend I am a woman, and take sexy pictures of myself. I realized how much I liked this, and this led to me realizing my bisexuality. I wanted a man to make me his woman.

Because I wanted a man so badly, I would often go to Craigslist's casual encounter ads to find someone willing to fuck me. Every time I did, I would often chicken out from meeting them.

One day, I left my email account open on my computer. I was out with friends. When I came back, I... Continue»
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The Resting Blonde 2

I woke up Sunday morning and called my friend john, I told him i wanted another of bottle of vodka. 50 bucks but it would be well worth it, i waited untill my mom left and my step dad went to work. Then i snuck into my there room and found what i was looking for. My step dad had these weird spasms and he had to take muscle relaxers for it. I took three of the valium and three of the Xanax that my s****r took when she had an anxiety attack. I crushed up two of each and poured them into the bottle, shaking it really well. After that i put the bottle under my bed like a normal day, and at nine ... Continue»
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Crossdressers in a bisexual sex bar gang-bang

I'm sitting in a crossdresser's sex bar – it’s dark. My companion Fifi is wearing only a pair of sheer silk panties in light blue, stocking and suspenders, and a pale blue matching corset that pinches his waist. His balls peak out of the tight panties. I’m wearing silk patterned stay-up stockings in black and a scarlet and black thong. The string of the thong rubs against my sensitive asshole and the soft skin of my ball sack: it’s a turn-on every time I move.

A group of men and women approach us at the bar. They are wearing leather outfits, bondage straps, rubber vests and tight latex cors... Continue»
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