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PnP Gang Bang - Pt. II: PnP'ing

I walked out into the room and Mike immediately motioned me over in between him and two other guy who were sitting there, stroking their cocks, and watching two guys fuck on Terry's couch.

All three of them were semi-hard and, although not overly big, they were very attractive looking cocks.

I went to sit down in-between them all, but Mike said: "Oh no, boy, on your knees between us."

I did as I was told.

No sooner had I kneeled down than Mike and another guy stood up and put their cocks in my face. I willing took them, in turn, into my mouth. The third guy moved to be in front of ... Continue»
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PnP Gang-Bang--Pt. I: Prepping.

There were about six of them playing in his apartment when I arrived.

I was the only bottom--several were vers and several others tops, and the host (my FB), Terry, had told the others he wanted them to take turns using me, but he had first-call.

The guy whose apartment we were in was a regular FB of mine, and I trusted him to ensure the players in anything beyond one-to-one were guys he knew and could trust.

I loved having sex with Terry--we had a dad/son, S&M kind of relationship.

I was always so hot for him that he could really get me to do almost anything he wanted.

He wa... Continue»
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Entertaining Friends...

It was nearly four in the morning, when my phone rang. Answering it was a friend of mine named Jareal, it seems that a cousin of his from Mississippi was in town and had never been on a college campus. Not thinking I said '...come on over...' and went back to sl**p.

Twenty minutes latter I heard pebbles hitting my window, half sl**p and hung over, I stumbled to the window and looked out. There on the qua, was Jareal and another guy, I opened the window and tried to whisper '...what the hell are you doing...' Jareal answered '...this is my cousin Phillius, you said to come on over and here... Continue»
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Three Girls

Ric was the single father of three teen girls. Mary was 17, Pam was 18, and Lisa was 19. The girls had been kept protected all their lives but now as their bodies developed they got sex curious and wanted to explore. They and always ran around the house half naked and now dad was noticing how they were developing into sexy women. He did not know the girls had been watching porn and reading about sex. Mary said one day "I think dad has not had sex since mom died. We should help him. He is a very handsome and sexy man." Pam agreed "Let's see if we can get him interested. The girls then made a pl... Continue»
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Matt and Me 4, The last time

Matt and I were together for almost a year, we started out as friends then discovered there was more, but even good things come to an end.

Matt had called me over around noon on a saturday, when I got to the apartment he was dressed in ripped blue jeans and a white t-shirt that clinged tight to his muscular body, and his tight jeans (it was the 90's) showed off his amazing cock! He stood there and let me drink him in as I looked up and down, but fixed on his bulging package in front. I broke the silence with "Hey sexy, mmmmm you look yummy.." and kissed him deep and full as my hands ru... Continue»
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"ANN'S INTERLUDE!" The Beginning

Interlude between parts 5 and 6 of Ann's Afflictions.

The day after I recieved the video clip was one of Mom's days off. She worked on the computer doing her homework. I stayed away in my room to think. I needed to go over all this and put more pieces together. I went back to our holiday in my mind.

It had started just like any holiday abroad, enjoying the sights and getting to know the town. We made friends with a married couple in their early fifties I'd say, from New York. mom had many chats with the wife as her hubby and I talked men's things. I felt very comfortable with our fri... Continue»
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I played the clip sent to me. It was a compilation of 3 short scenes of some seconds each. It began with the words "SAMPLE. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT. DO NOT REPOST. " An image of my Mom's arrest sheet, the same on I'd seen that Dr Shangwal had accessed, followed. My heart thumped and my feelings of guilt, fear, and shame mixed with building arousal all came back.

The first was Mom in the police station. She was clothed, in the same attire she'd been arrested in, standing handcuffed behind her back before the desk of the presiding officer. He was asking her questions in good but accented En... Continue»
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The Kinky Couple

It was a Saturday and my best mate Tanya had been hanging at mine all afternoon. She had just split from her boyfriend Ant, who was a complete cock. Everyone knew he used to cheat on her, but she didn’t care, she loved bad boys.

After spending the afternoon crying and drinking two many vodkas we decided to paint the town red. The best way to get a guy out of your system, is to get another guy in your system ;-)

Tanya jumped in the shower and I stripped down to my undies to get started on my make up. I liked subtle make up a little blusher and, a delicate lipstick, nothing to tarty. Tanya... Continue»
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Part 1.


The sound of her voice in the clips was burned into my memory, repeating and horrifying me, driving me mad as I lay there in my dark room. Mom, my loving doting Mom, was there on those internet sex sites. The same woman who'd brought me up and who I naturally felt she was my Mom, as was a baby when Dad met her. Clips of her, in that foreign police station, being interrogated and such tortuous things, sexual and depraved things done to her.

She'd seemed all right when she came home. There had been trouble with the local authorite... Continue»
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I got around to unpacking our stuff the next day. I unpacked Mom's in her bedroom. I didn't know quite where she kept all her different clothes, but I thought I'd better try my best, it was all I could do for her, give her a tidy clean home on her return, whenever that was going to be. It would make me feel like a good boy and hopefully keep my mind off worrying about her, which didn't entirely work.

I did wonder why she'd packed so many rather sexy items of underwear. There were various kinds of things you only see in adult sex shops etc, as well as more normal everyday things. Some had ... Continue»
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Scavenger hunt for Ms Patrice. Part 1

I finished up the job in Dallas way ahead of schedule and considered catching an earlier flight home but something told me to hang and have some fun. I got back to the hotel and hit the pool, grabbed some dinner and walked down to the corner market for a newspaper and a six pack of whatever was on sale. Back in my room I showered up, jumped on the bed and thumbed through the paper. Feeling kinda bored and tired I figured I'd just hit the sack but then I came across the adult classified section of the paper.

The usual massage incall/outcall ads, e****ts, and phone sex lines. I was kind... Continue»
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My Dirty s****r

So it was 2 months after my first s****r encounter. I got home from school and went to sit in the tub and masturbate and think of the girls at my school in the tight pants. I was sitting in the bath tub with a massive boner. All of the sudden I heard the door knob clack around. I knew it was my s****r because my parents were not home. I said " someones in here" I got no answer the door still kept clacking. all of the sudden the door opened. My s****r had picked the bathroom door lock and opened the door. She was naked but covered with a towel. She closed the door behind her and locked it. I wa... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVI

Chapter XVI – My General (based on All True Romance No. 2 cover, Comic Media, June 1951)

Being a army wife it’s not easy. Not at all. Being wife of a high ranked man like a general is even more uneasy. Other than dealing with someone who has a high power inside the Army, the fear of of being wounded or even dead frightens me everytime he has an assignment anywhere. Not counting, of course, the time I spend without him by my side, without hearing his voice, without feeling his touch, without kissing his mouth, without m... Continue»
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Learning my lesson

I reach up and grab your cock, pulling you towards me, but you don’t budge.  I try again pulling harder, and you laugh at me, telling me you’re not giving it to me until your good and ready to..  I narrow my eyes and roll of the bed, I stand in front of your and grab your cock again in my hands twisting, trying to f***e you into the bed..  You look down at me, “Like those small soft little hands of yours could actually bring me down."  

I look at you and say, "fuck you” and I am determined to show you exactly what my small hands can really do.    My fingers snake over your shaft and down to... Continue»
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"How It All Started..." continued

I looked at him and said '...I can't remember what happened in the ninth grade. If you let them take your stuff than, that's on you, not me...' Daryl smiled and stood removing his clothes saying '...I know you were there and they took your pussy too, you see Bruce likes to take pictures...'

'...You see, Bruce and I became lovers and before he went to jail this last time, he left something in my care, in case I needed some leverage. You know what I mean, that's right, I've got pictures of you with dicks in your ass, down your throat and wherever they could put one...' Daryl lifted up a sma... Continue»
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I enter the hotel room,bringing food for the guest,as i roll it in,and start to arrange the food on the table,i keep glancing at the black guy,dressed in a shirt,just a pair of boxers on and his socks,i see the outline of his cock,and i gulp loudly as it jerks,the cock head of this guys cock visible through his boxers,fuck this guy is hung i think as i keep stealing a glance, this thing is huge,hanging down one side of his boxers,throbbing and pulsing ,bl**d pumping into it.
I lower my gaze as this black guy talks into his mobile,talking to his wife by the sound of it.As this hung fuck walks ... Continue»
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Maria was a very wealthy sixty year old lady. She had a perfect figure and looked forty. Tonight she was going out with a male e****t she had hired. She liked the young males and this one was twenty two and very good looking. Maria was going to pick him up in the limo. She checked her appearance in the mirror before she walked out. She had a tight red dress that was cut down the front to her waist. It showed a lot of her big tits. It was sexy but classy. She wore no bra or panties. The dress clung to her ass just how she liked it. The limo was stocked with booze and snacks. It would be a two h... Continue»
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Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, Part 3

In the part 2 of Volunteering Reward, The Picnic, I left with,

Suddenly with a high movement upward Julie shifted herself forward and my prick plunged up into her ass. She leaned back on her arms and bounced up and down.

I looked at her, Breasts bouncing in unison to her up and down movement.

Her legs spread wide apart showing her pussy gaping wide with my sperm coming out of it.

Her long hair swaying as she moved about.

I saw her body shake,
She let out a loud OHHHHHHHH,
Which because of where we were at, echoed back OHHHHHH.

She crumpled forward into my... Continue»
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My Mistress punished me because of my temper Part

After my mistress Nicky was satisfied and decided to go to sl**p, I walked out to the living room to see if the guy is still there or if he left, I was worried he might still be confrontational or he might want to fight me still.
I walked out and he was sitting on the couch, he told me a girl came out of the other bedroom and asked about me, I knew my girlfriend woke up so I went in and said hi and walked back out. I sat with him outside and he started asking me questions.
Him: so that girl isn’t your girlfriend?
Me: No she’s a friend and we have a casual relationship, my girlfriend is th... Continue»
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The Strip Club

Sara had studied hard in High School and got good grades. She wanted to go to college and be a lawyer. It was a costly career move. She had very little money and so did her f****y. She went to a councilor to talk about funding. The young man there wanted to help her and he told her "Stand up and let me see your figure." Sara was surprised but she stood and let him look her over. He then asked if she was shy about nudity. She looked strange and he said "I have a club that you can work at but you will have to take your clothes off. The more you show the more money you can make in one night. My g... Continue»
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