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The day my jaw hit the floor! (Part 2)

I stared at him in shock I swear to god my mouth was hanging open, I could imagine he was as shocked by my response as I was by his admission.

"Ummm are you serious?" I squirmed on the bench of the picnic table and continued "You want me to fuck you?" I was amazed at his request.

"Well I know my girlfriend likes you and I know your a fag... Um sorry gay and I really do not any other gay guys except for that freak at 7-11 and I really do not want him, would you think about it?"

"Wow I am flattered and also a little concerned you know I am not into women at all and I think your girlfri... Continue»
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The day my jaw hit the floor! (Part 3)

Incredibly hard all I wanted to do was mount him but after he just cum I didn't think he would still be interested.

"Oh fuck man I am still really horny! After your tongue I still want it more then ever!"

I couldn't believe this stud wanted more I reached forward with my tongue touching the head of his still leaking cock, all his cum was still running down his leg, and a string was still connected, it was tangy sweet and he twitched as my tongue then my mouth made contact. I reached up and pulled the pouch of his jock aside allowing his large furry nuts to escape. For a blonde guy he su... Continue»
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Classroom Ass Tease

Jessica chewed the end of her biro. She was trying to act coquettishly but felt nervous. Jessica was not the type to become infatuated but here she was sitting at the front of a crowded lecture feature making eyes at her college tutor. She crossed her legs for the fourth time and undid a button on her blouse. She glanced at his crotch for any sign of a reaction there but saw none.

Disappointment and frustration had led her to this out of character course of action. Jessica's flat mate Casey had bought her a vibrator for her birthday and this had opened a new world to her. As she slid the vi... Continue»
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My First Interview

BD: State your female name for the record.
Alia: Alia Alize Levine
BD: Who chose your female name?
Alia: I chose my first name. I always wanted to have a drink as a middle name. One of my exes picked my middle name.
BD: Do you like your full name?
Alia: I would like to drop my last name.
BD: Ok, so for the record you will be known is Alia Alize. Do you like that?
Alia: Yes- yes I do.
BD: Good! How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What are your figure measurements?
Alia: I am 6’2”, 250 lbs, and 46B-44-54, last checked.BD: Would you consider yourself a TS, panty boi or a... Continue»
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The girl in the puffy vest part2

Kristy wanted to be used and she got her wish. The man at her pussy stopped licking and thrust his cock deep in her. She saw stars and then extreme pleasure. He was a little rough but she liked it. Harder and harder and pounded her pussy. She moved from one cock to the other sucking and keeping both hands full of the men's erections. Faster and faster he pounded her pussy...until...her orgasm finally took control of her. She moaned with the cock in her mouth and tried to thrust her hips to feel every moment. The men smiled and the leader said, she likes being fucked... The man pulled out of he... Continue»
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The Cafe

I was sitting in the cafe enjoying lunch as it was a very hot day. I was wearing a tight white tank top that was really stretched across my DD tits. I noticed a young man staring at my tits and that made my nipples hard and poke against the thin fabric. He watched me till I got up to leave then he followed me out. I walked down the back alley to my SUV and he followed me. As I got to my car he said "Hey, can I chat with you?" I turned to him and said "What about?" He got real close and ran a finger across my nipples in my tight shirt. He said "I could not take my eyes off your big tits in that... Continue»
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Night Time

Ann was asl**p when her dad came naked to her room. He took her nightie and panties off her and began to rub her pussy. He whispered "You need to let daddy feel real good and daddy needs to play with you." He spread her legs and watched his finger rub her clit and pussy hole. He then kissed her small tits and licked them. Then he put his mouth over her pussy and first licked slow but the more he licked the faster he went till he was really licking her fast. He loved the taste and smell of her young pussy. He spread her pussy lips apart and licked her clit then sucked on it. He put her hand on ... Continue»
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Sissy Girl Chrissie A Chrissie Conway Story

Sissy Girl Chrissie A Chrissie Conway Story

I had come home from college for a long weekend and with my mother being out of town I figured I'd stay at her house.
Had my mother been home I no doubt would have elected to stay with Kelly's mother. That's just the kind of relationship my
mother and I had regressed to by this time. Anyway, I had the entire house to myself and was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.
It was around midnight and I was finishing off a bottle of Chablis and watching an old movie on television. I was dressed in a pair of tight-fitting Levis an... Continue»
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The Night is Young

He promised her all the sex she could handle. He was right. He leaned her head over the bed and pushed his cock in her mouth gagging her. He told her "You have to relax and learn to take that big cock. Tip your head back and let it slide down your throat and suck hard. I love it sucked hard. I am going to make you the best cock sucker in town. Now open wide and let me give you every inch as you suck me dry. You are going to love my big thick cock as it goes down your throat. Suck me till I cum then I am going to eat that pussy till I have you screaming." He then grabbed her head and began shov... Continue»
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I am now 62 years old and at this time, I had only had a couple of guys fuck me in the ass. My pussy and mouth has seen (and felt) hundreds of guys burst their loads in me and I have probably swallowed enough cum over the years to fill a bathtub!
One afternoon, a girlfriend of mine stopped by and was telling me about how much she liked taking cocks up her ass bareback and that she loved feeling their jism shoot deep in her. The talk was making me really horny and I explained to her that my asshole, even at my age, was virtually virgin since only a couple of guys had screwed me back there a
... Continue»
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another true event from my life

Many years after my first story (and many illicit encounters behind my girlfriends backs) I was single for awhile. So I joined a sex site, trying to spice up the monotonous tedium of work, getting d***k with my friends, work, getting d***k with my friends etc. It had been a few years since I'd played with a cock, so I was looking for someone who was patient, older maybe....I found it in Warren. He was 20+ years my senior. But still looked ok. I emailed him on the site and he replied almost instantly....

'still got it' I thought

We arranged to meet at his house. This made me a little ne... Continue»
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Treated like a Dog... for Black cock part 2

***From chapter one.

**Then he groaned, "OOHHOO yes, YES, damn this is good, OOHHOOH, I'm going to cum, OH YEAH, I'm going to cum and give our dog a juicy treat!"


Then he fucked my mouth as cum shot out of his cock, he fucked in my mouth, shooting cum and spreading it all around in my mouth. I was again drooling, slobbering out cum and spit down my chin, and unto my chest and running down to my protruding cock. Then he rammed deep and was injecting cum right down my throat into me.

Again I was lost in a feeling of servitude, of serving strong black men by giving ... Continue»
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The Final Part....

....thank fuck,I hear all you guys who've endured this rambling retelling of my very first bisexual/gay experience.I have to say I've so love reliving it as I've wrote about it and that's why it's taken me so long.

It maybe because it was only 9 years ago or perhaps because having any sexual interest or feeling for other/another men was so totally opposed to what i've felt for the vast majority of my life and how i saw myself that makes losing my virginity to a man far more significant than when I lost it to a girl at 15.

Also,back then I was a wee boy,it was my first time naked with ano... Continue»
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pre planned fuck

Tara and I have been married now for 2 years. The following story happened on our anniversary. She is a great lady, 25, with long strawberry blond hair, 5’4”, 55kg, 36d titties, a narrow waist, and a killer ass. To top it all off she has almost milk white skin. As for me, I am 34, 5’6”, with a fairly thick 7” cock.

We had gone out for dinner and caught an early show, we were both anxious to get home. Dressing up always makes Sarah horny and it works for me too. I like showing Sarah off, the way other men look at her is quite erotic. She was wearing her favorite little black dress and I coul... Continue»
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Wife treat

The night had started out like any other when Linda was getting ready to go out. A long time in the shower, just as long with the hair dryer and some time after that she was ready to go out.

I was expecting to see her in a skimpy little dress which is her favourite way to dress on a night out. When Linda appeared she was still just in her lingerie and balancing on a new pair of heels. I told her it was a little less that I was used to seeing her wear on a night out, to which Linda replied that she just wanted to tease me a little before she went out. I was up for that in a shot, while Linda... Continue»
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With a colleague....a fantasy came true!!!

For week now we had planed a party at work. finaly the day came and after work i had a shower and hit the road to the Hotel the party was going to take placa at.

I was one of the first who arrived so i just sat by the bar and order a chivas.
while i was enjoying my drink i saw her comming in...

i knew she had a great body but the dress she was wearing was amazing and you could see every curve of her amazing body.

S:hey what are you doing alone by the bar
M:well i was one of the first ones here so i just order a drink,would you like something from the bar???
S:a glass of white wine.... Continue»
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The Maintenance Request

As a maintenace guy you get some pretty awsome request and you learn a lot about people. I must admit it was a hell of an experience. One in particular was the day I met my stripper friend. She was an older lady, blond, tall, and curvey. She had a beutiful smile and penetraiting gaze. The first time I saw here she had on a veey low cut shirt that showed off her amzazing cleavage. Mind you I was a fresh young 23 year old and she was about 41at the time. She was walking her husband down the steps to the car and as she passed me she spoke but undressed me with her eyes in a way I had never seen o... Continue»
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summer fuck

Given that summer is nice to take a shower before a cold beer or lemonade ....
After showering , where they are already licking and search the whole of your body , I'll take you to the bed , where I lay it flat on the bed to hang your head over the edge .... open your mouth and fuck you ride to the neck , hands touch your body , you squeeze the nipples and gently biting aftermath and your already wet , moist pussy that opens up that it already ..... I'm sticking my fingers and I fuck them in the pussy at the same time in the mouth .... I give it to you out of your mouth , and you set the eg... Continue»
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Zero Gravity

«Do you have a place for me?», said her message. «I have A place for you», said my answer. On my way to the exchanger I thought that what we didn’t have was time. Her transport arrived at 11 and my ship was leaving five hours later, so the plan was to pass by at the space station. No time to get down to the planet, nor for the dance of intentions with which we delighted in the past. Writing on bold and in a few words, we have five hours and a screw pending.

All we had to say each other had been said already the months, weeks and days before the reencounter. The notice of everything else was... Continue»
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The Wonderful Aroma of Fucking in the Wppoods

All my stories are true, I just change the names to protect us all.

I was just off work, it was a great warm night, and the wind was blowing a gentle breeze coming from the river and making the night a wonderful time to be in it enjoying its wonders.

I was cruising in the park I frequent, and it was dusk, and the cars were parked in the guys cruising area. I slowed going into the corner along the road, when I saw him

He was not outstanding in anyway that was apparent, but there was something about him that just hit me. I wanted to talk to him and see what he had to offer for us both.
... Continue»
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