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Party for a slut.

This is Alberta, she’s short, slim, got perky tits and curly brown hair and she’s a lowdown cheapskate slut!! She’d fuck anything on two legs, if it has a cock or a juicy cunt for her to lick she’d have it! She is on her way in a taxi because a friend of hers is throwing a party for her and that can only mean one thing, she’s going to get thoroughly fucked! Alberta is dressed in black panty hoses with no underwear, red miniskirt and long white high heeled boots with a coat on, nothing else. She winks at the driver as she uncrosses her legs in the backseat and he catches the flash of her shaven... Continue»
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A Caring Teacher

When I was in my last year of school, things had changed a lot for me. It seemed almost everyone at school was screwing, while i was still just starting to talk to girls. I was decent looking back then, but still didn't really have the face of a man that so many of my peers had. I was very shy and didn't really come out of my shell to talk in class. The only exception to this was in music. I love music and have since i was a k**. I started guitar and piano when i was 6 and have been playing ever since. I never really liked classical music, preferring to play the classic rock and pop standards ... Continue»
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How My Life Changed

How My Life Changed Chapter 1

My wife Mary and I had been married for over eight years and I thought
our life was very good. She was an attorney for an important law firm
and rapidly rising towards a partnership. She made a lot more money than
I did in my job as a fast food worker. That didn't bother me as much as
it might have many men. We had a nice house and lived well. Mary is 28,
5'6", 120 pounds and had 38D breasts. She is a beautiful brunette with
brown eyes. I am 5'8", 140 pounds and used to taking orders from the
people I work for. As my wife gained more power ... Continue»
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First anal

A guy who longs for his ass to be fucked is afraid of realizing that he is gay, he goes to the transsexual bar and meets a girl who later turns into a shemale, this is when his dream is coming true…

Andrew was a very simple guy. He was not aggressive, very quiet and nice. Actually he was not quarrelsome, just a man of peace. But we all know that still waters run deep. Over the past few years, Andrew had longed for being penetrated. Vehemently. He needed to be bent over something and fucked thoroughly. He didn’t consider himself a gay, but anyway he felt the hard need for some anal penetrati... Continue»
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Groomed, teased, and fucked, by my Mother's b

'At what age did you see your very first erection'.

That's easy, it was the morning after my *th birthday, yes that young.

Mom had a new boyfriend, and he was the first after daddy and her had split-up, almost two years to the day, as he left straight after my 7th birthday party, some present to hand your daughter daddy.

Mark, was moms new beau, and he wasted no time hitting on me, whether my mother knew this or not, I cant be sure, but his intentions, staying with us, afforded him time to watch me, show himself and groom me for is sexual perversions and fantasies.

I would lie awak... Continue»
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louise and her neighbour(s) 4

This follows on from the other 3 stories where details of Louise and Vicky are described.
Both girls are 17 and louise is in a strange place in her life which she never expected to find herself in, not at such a young age anyway.
Having just been made to sucumb to the most powerful orgasm of her young life courtesy to her mates tongue the two girls leave the swimming pool and head back to louises flat via mcdonalds.
In the cubicle next to them the whole time they were having fun together was louises elderley neighbour rupert. An old white male of 73 years of age. Rupert looked bad for his... Continue»
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Life on South Beach

I studied hard in college and I’m making a fortune doing web design for some of the best paying clients in the country. I passed on what I know and I’m now able to manage my company remotely. I check in with my employees about once a month.
I never have liked the weather in Boston so I moved to south beach florida. I have a brand new condo on the 16th floor. Nobody in my building has curtains, the windows open to the ocean.
The gyn is on the third floor and the ground floor has restaurants. The pool area has a security fence and the tenants can go through a gate out to the beach.
There are... Continue»
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Tied up...

I don't remember much about that Saturday night, just that I was at a bar and went to the toilet. I don't remember leaving, only being in some ones arm and having my pants removed.

Something uncomfortable and a flash of very bright light brought me into semi consciousness. I tried to reach back behind me and remove what was causing me pain, some one mumbled ' you don't...' and my hand was brought back in front of me.

I came too again as I was coughing to see a huge black penis squirting it's substance in my face and the sounds of laughter. The penis moved and another one with a b... Continue»
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Totally Cucked

Linda tells me that she has a great surprise for me tonight. I have to have a shower and shave my cock and balls and ass for her as she has tols our guests that we should all be well maintained for the evenings entertainment.

Linda is already dressed for the evening, in a sheer red swimsuit and her 9 inch platform heels. I am to wear a pair of lycra boxer shorts. When I arrive downstairs from my shower Linda introduces me to our guests, Lex and Bianca. Lex is a black man also wearing a pair of boxers which outline his massive cock and Bianca is wearing a matching white bikini top but is als... Continue»
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Gilbert's Boy Toy...3

I could look between my knees as Alvin stood and moved away. I could not see his face only his feet as he stepped away and Calvin stepped over my feet. Calvin had on a pair of socks that had holes at each big toe.

Once Calvin was over my upturned butt I felt a massive cool piece of meat slid over my anal opening and I knew instinctively that it would not fit in my rectum. I cried out in fear '...nooo Gilbert, I wanna go home...'

Gilbert was busy firing up a joint when he answered '...too late now bitch, I done lit one up. Y'all don't hurt my pussy...' they all burst out in laughter. C... Continue»
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Dish of the day: Cumwhore Delight!

Five men sat around a lavishly laden table in very private surroundings, it was clear to anyone who’d see them that they were wealthy movers and shakers, expensive jewellery, exquisite watches and tailor-made suits. Cigars were smoked and fine beverages were measured out by the professional catering staff, who had cleared the table. A fat, balding man in his 50’s who sat at the head end rose and called for attention, the hubbub died down and they were all attentively looking at “Fatty Boy”.
“Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to act as host for this annual get together. I hope the wine and th... Continue»
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I Am a Gangbang Whore for My Master and His Friend

We've been talking about doing a full-on gangbang for a while and today it's finally going to happen. In my fantasy it's so rough and I am so helpless against a group of men who just want to beat me and use me to get their cocks off. I'm just their little slut, eager to please in any way and do whatever they want. I know it's your fantasy too. I'm scared but I'm also so turned on thinking about it that I can hardly concentrate on anything else!

You arranged the evening yourself. I'm not sure what you planned exactly but people were due to arrive any moment and I was dressed as you had inst... Continue»
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Gentle or rough?

Nicole’s breasts were pressed into my back and arms wrapped around me, clutching me tight. We were both warm and a little sweaty after a good, hard, late-night fuck. Her fingers raked through my pubic hair tickling me with a soft, light touch. We were both drifting, close to sl**p when I decided to casually throw it out there.

“Have you ever been curious about trying anal sex?”

Her fingers stopped their wandering abruptly. The silence seemed to hang forever and I fought to not tense up my body in apprehension. Keep it casual…

“Anal? No not really, although now that you mention it, it ... Continue»
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Black Friday Titty Fucking Rimjobs with my Cuckold

Effin crazy Black Friday fo sho! Started at 8pm Thanksgiving when me an hubby tried to hook up an iPad air at Target. Of course I had to wear the sexy open toe 5" sandal heels. I was an Amazon woman with sexy black booty shorts towering over 6' tall. My boobs were popping with a sexy tight white see thru top. Wholly fuck...all the men were checking me out! One black guy had the balls to say how pretty my feet looked in front of my husband. That's all it took for hubby to give me signal of approval. We asked this black...kind of chunky 40 something man to go over to the woman's section to help... Continue»
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Preacher sucks and dresses again

If you have been following the stories, I had just fucked the preachers daughter, Jaimie, 23 year old and pregnant with my baby, and Katrina, a 19 year old young married m_ommy for hours in a hotel. I used them well and had them use each other. This was the week the preachers wife, Pam, a real MILF and another of my sluts, was seducing my wife (or ordered to do so anyway) at the church ladies retreat.

I left the Jaimie at my house to meet the school bus and my k**s, Katrina had went home to her baby and looser husband.

I called John and told him, it has been over a month since I fucked ... Continue»
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Gilbert's Boy Toy...2

Gilbert was entering my bung hole with out any resistance as he ruthlessly worked his penis back and forth. With quick strokes, Gilbert was slamming deep into my bung till I cried out '...oooohshhhhiiitttt....' Gilbert lowered his face to mine and kissed me passionately on the lips probing my lips with his tongue.

I kept my teeth clinched as he did so, Gilbert bit my lower lips and mumbled '...damn baby, I'm cumming in this ass, I cumming in your ass...' I quickly grabbed Gilbert's ears and pulled his head back before he bit my lip into only to have him slam his penis as hard as he could ... Continue»
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Satisfying A Savage Instinct.

Adult-content rating:
This text contains content considered unsuitable for young readers
17 & under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

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Satisfying A Savage Instinct.

I surveyed her the way a hungry wolf might watch his prey. As she moved around the bedroom, my eyes never left her for an instant. I knew she knew I was watching her and she kept her movements purposeful and seductive. She had dressed herself in a pair of tight cut-off denims and a white vest top. Without her bra on, her nipples stood ha... Continue»
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Lenny's two dirty sluts.

Lenny was cruising for pussy and couldn’t believe his luck, not one but two women had more or less thrown themselves his way, not that he was complaining. The brunette was the shorter one, curly hair, tight body with pert tits and heavy mascara, dressed in fishnets, stilettoes, skirt that clung to her ass and a top that revealed much, the blonde was tall, big chested and long legged in tight leggings and a t-shirt that her firm tits pressed against. It didn’t take them very long to persuade Lenny to come with them up to their hotel room. He put his arm around each of their waists and they took... Continue»
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Satin Tranny Bride in the Sun-Part 2

A blushing bride I was not. I was all woman. I stood transfixed as I looked at myself. I was in awe of the creature I had created. I had feelings I'd never felt before. I was horny, yes my cock was rock hard but I felt more. It was pure lust. I had a hole and I wanted it filled. I wanted a man inside me. I needed a cock inside me to make me his and I needed it now.

I was aching.

I was snapped from my trans by my phone. It was 11 am and Phil was parked in my driveway. I thought I'd be nervous but I couldn't get started soon enough. But I had to be patient and work my plan so I could ple... Continue»
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3 weeks in Thailand

6 weeks ago I went to Thailand – Koh Samui for a 3-week holiday just to get out of the system.

I was on my own, in my 50s, divorced and mainly hetro but enjoyed a passing gay experience with “Jon” from a now closed down massage parlor in Manchester UK (told that story a few months ago). So went to Thailand - thank god for Viagra – to fuck a few hookers, get d***k and have a nice break. The bars at Chewang Beach were crowded and “factory like” , full of tit and sweat and I didn't like them. The girls were “well worn” and “routine” if you get my meaning – “me make you fucky fucky long time” ... Continue»
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