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my office mate screwed me up (part 2)

Early morning Aralu called me, hey where are you baby? At home coz I was in a deep pain so needed to take care of myself, I replied. Ha ha ha I hope I didn’t heart you much, but little pain adds lots of fun ya? He asked. Ya you are right. I wrapped up conversation nicely,
I was nervous whether Aralu is going to recognize me that I was the one who slept with him last night? Probably not as I was fully dressed with makeup & accessories and he was d***k. Just to give an impression to him that “keep it confidential even if you recognized me” I posted on my hookup profile “last night I had a tri... Continue»
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Medical Check-Up Of Mom In Front Of Son

Vijaya is working in IT sector in a prestigious position. Her company offers free medical check-up for the employees. She called the doctor’s clinic to get an appointment. After getting appointment, she took leave from her office that day and reached the clinic. She took her 19 year old son, Jay to accompany her as he was enjoying his holidays then. They reached the clinic well before the scheduled time.

“Good Afternoon,” Vijaya said. “I have an appointment with Dr. Sharma at 4.30pm.”

The secretary looked down at her
... Continue»
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Busload of Grannies

Three women in one night!!! How could this happen?
I work for the government and pulled into a Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City for the night. I was checking when a large white tour bus pulled up and the passengers came into lobby for check-in. I could not believe my eyes there were about thirty-five women on the bus. I looked over the group and wow!!! I spotted some of the hottest looking, sixty and seventy year old women I had ever seen. I began talking to a cute little blond, who weighed about ninety pounds who was wearing white slacks that accented her beautiful petite figure. I jokingly sai... Continue»
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An outdoor anal experience (true story)

On a night out with friends in Ipswich I decided to go home with a girl had met and shared a couple of dances and passionate kisses with in Liquid that night. We were pretty dr*nk and the sexual tension was immense, it all got too much and we agreed to go back to her friend's flat where she was staying. We looked for her friend and couldn't find her, so we assumed she'd gone back herself.

We left the club together and called a taxi to go back to the flat, we were kissing and playing with eachother the whole ride there. Upon getting back to her friends we realised her friend was still out, w... Continue»
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Sexy Wife and the Resort

John had a very sexy wife. He could hardly keep her satisfied. She wanted sex all the time. He was thirty but had started taking viagara just to keep his cock hard to please her. Last night he ate her pussy and tongue fucked her for an hour and a half then he fucked her for two hours and she still woke him as he slept and sucked his cock then pushed it in her cunt to be fucked. He could not resist her triple D tits and the thick pussy lips and that sexy round ass. Last Saturday she stayed naked and sucked his cock four times. He doubled up on the pills and fucked her for three hours without st... Continue»
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My Sister's Horny College Roommate

I was just a year younger than my s****r was when she went off to college, she was 19 and I was 18, a senior in high school. After all the years of sibling fighting and scr****g, we began to get along pretty well by that time. Though I always thought I'd be thrilled when she left, the truth was I missed her. It was still nice having another k** at home, so my parents didn't laser beam in on me.

When she would come home on vacation we'd hang together, but I had my friends and social life and she had hers. Then I met her roommate, Diadra, DD for short.

DD lived in Clifton, only about a hal... Continue»
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Anal With My Best Friend's Girl

Why was my best friend telling me this? God, why couldn't he keep his mouth shut?

I sat back against the hood of his car and sipped on a beer. On Javier's front lawn was a grill and flames were shooting up from the charcoal we'd just lit. We were both nineteen. I don't remember how the topic got started, but the sentence I've committed to memory was:

"She really wants me to fuck her in the ass. Last night was like the hundredth time she'd asked me. She's been bugging me a lot about it lately." Javier said, acting as if he had a problem on his hands. He opened up his can of beer and gulpe... Continue»
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She begs for anal

It's been nearly a week since that first time, when my eighteen year old daughter fucked me, but what a week!

We spent most of the rest of the weekend fucking in almost every room, and every position we could think of. Eventually we stopped filming it for her website because it was getting too difficult to make sure that people wouldn't be able to tell that it was me. We decided we'd still film it, but keep the vids for our own private use!

It was then that we started to make love. It's not just fucking anymore, though we do still do that, but now we make love to each other. We share a b... Continue»
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Anal loving for him & her on the 4th.

My recently new girlfriend Marie & I decided for the Fourth this year we'd stay in, swim, barbecue, and ignore everyone else.

Marie and I for together about 6 weeks ago. Very short platinum bob spiky hair caught my attention, but her pert D cups and spankable ass made me fall in lust.

We met at the park while we were both getting in open air workouts. We laughed over some squirrels fucking and wound up grabbing an after workout Starbucks.

She drank the most obscene coffee beverage I'd ever seen. An iced eight shot espresso. It explained why she was wearing a weight vest

that mornin... Continue»
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Happy Fucking Birthday Frank

A single sunbeam slipped between the curtains and illuminated the crumpled sheets on the bed. The fabric shifted slightly as one of the occupants moved.

"Happy Birthday," Fiona cooed as she lay on her side, looking at Frank.

"Thank you," Frank replied.

Fiona slipped out of bed. Frank could see the silhouette of her body as she stepped into the sunbeam and it passed through her translucent sl**pwear. He watched her walk to the closet and retrieved a neatly wrapped box with a red bow on top of it. She brought it back to the bed and offered it to him.

Frank took the box from her and e... Continue»
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Nancy returns home early to start Ricks lessons

Nancy Returns

Rick settled into the chair by the pool. He had spent most of the day snooping through Nancy's house, just as she had requested. He had been naked while he did it, again at her request. The majority of his time was spent in her bedroom, specifically on the drawer full of sex toys. Most of them he had seen before, but there were a few he planned to ask her about. At the top of the list was the strap on dildo. Rick thought Nancy would appreciate it how much time he was spending naked. He only put on clothes to work in the front yard. She would return the next morning, and he w... Continue»
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Toni gets anal from Mr. Ross

Chapter 4 – Toni Tastes a Pussy

Toni became addicted to ass fucking. She still loved the feel of a hard cock in her pussy, but there was something so nasty and dirty about getting stuffed in the ass that just the thought of it got her hot.

The next time Mr. Ross made her stay after school for being naughty (her nipples showed through her white blouse because she forgot to wear a bra in his class). He punished her by fucking her tits while she sucked his cock. Then she did something really nasty. She still didn't know what made her do it. It just happened.

Mr. Ross began to cum all ov... Continue»
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Toni gets anal from Wendy's dad

Chapter 3 – Toni Fucks Wendy's Dad

Sweat was dripping down his face as he turned the corner. He had two more miles to go. It was starting to get dark. These five-mile runs seemed harder and harder ever since Jim had turned forty.

Jim reached home and paced around the yard to cool down. He noticed a car in the driveway he didn't recognize. Must be one of Wendy's friends, he thought to himself. It was getting hard to think of Wendy as his daughter anymore. She had become a beautiful and sensuous young woman. It didn't help that she always wore such revealing and sexy outfits, ones that str... Continue»
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My Secret Crush

She was sitting down on a bench in front of the local public park. Her body measurements were 62-32-62 an she has gorgeous green eyes and big beautiful lips with black glossy lip stick. She has a pale white skin complexion and her skin felt softer than cotton candy. Her eyes lit up with joy when she saw me. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug. She was taller than me, her height is around 6 ft 7 in tall, which is a turn on for me because I was always attracted to big and tall women with a pale white skin complexion. I rubbed my hands on her back while caressing her long green hair (which mat... Continue»
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I was a teenager when my f****y and I moved house, virtually to the other side of the country. I was not exactly happy with having no say in the matter, but the move came with a promotion for my Dad, so we upped sticks and left the old neighbourhood along with all my friends.

We moved to an area sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, and having moved from the city it was a really strange experience. The beaches were huge and the mountains vast. The valleys were covered in forests, and yet for the first couple of weeks I felt there was nothing for me to do.

I should mention that th... Continue»
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Bodybuilder Bestie

I have a big weakness for muscles and this is a story about one my favorite bodybuilders that I ACTUALLY got to meet in person and he's such a cool and sexy man. This bodybuilder from the Netherlands, Quincy Winklaar, is the bodybuilding man of my dreams and this story is fictional and derived from my imagination so just go along for the ride. Oh and just so you can get a visual on who I'm talking about in this story here's what he looks like:

So this takes place in colleg... Continue»
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Tame story for the ladies

A little toned down sexy story for the ladies (and the guys who have a tame side). This one was harder to write because it the written form a daydream of mine ive been preoccupied with recently.. but I wanted to write something for those of you asking for a more romantic type style… Anyway, if you are looking for more hard core stuff check out my other 2 stories ;) plenty of lube and anal in those

First stab at a romance:

She looked up into his brown eyes - it wasn’t hard to do as he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She could have been content for hours just standing there, smiling u... Continue»
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Around this same time I met a very pretty Mexican girl named Rose. We started dating and were having at an actual relationship. She was what the Mexicans called a "Fresa", which is Spanish for strawberry. It was used as slang to describe the females of the Mexican aristocracy. She came from a wealthy f****y and was in L.A. with the delusion that just because she was beautiful she should also be famous.

She was trying her hand at acting and/or modeling. She had a very nice condominium in West Hollywood and would take me out for dinner at fancy places I would have otherwise been run out of. ... Continue»
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Anal Adventures at Glendale High

Anal Adventures at Glendale High
Written by TrueRoyalty

Chapter 1
I was always attracted to her. The way her wavy brown hair shined, the way her eyes glimmered. And the way her tank top would expose her smooth breasts. She has a great body and a small tight ass that I always found cute whenever she bended over.

Today is Friday and I planned on surprising her by visiting her at her locker. I walked down the halls of Glendale High walking by everyone who passed. Even my friends who had stopped to say hello. I ignored them and walked straight down the halls. Straight to locker 158. When I... Continue»
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Kim has always slept naked with her mom and dad. She loves to suck her mom's big full tits. Some nights she would suck one as dad sucked the other. Dad would also finger mom's pussy as he sucked on a tit. He would also turn mom on her side so Kim could suck on a nipple as he fucked mom from behind. Then he would turn the mom back to her back and suck on a nipple beside Kim. In her teen years Kim started to develop tits and her mom would rub them and tell her that some day she would have a daughter to suck her nipples. Mom would also kiss on Kim's tits too. Kim like her tits touched a lot. One ... Continue»
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