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Disha's Dilemma Chapter 1

Author's note. I'm in the process of writing chapter 2. So open to idea's for Disha's future adventures.


To Dan, Disha's beauty seemed amplified by her mocha skin and jet black hair. He watched intently as Disha tucked her near transparent white blouse into her black pleated miniskirt. Even now, in her early-twenties, her school uniform fitted like she was a young sixteen.

For obvious reasons, Dan always loved his wife wearing this particular outfit. He sat in silence on his chair, feeling himself harden as she sat cross legged on the bed, showing a hint of her white cotton pa... Continue»
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We wrote some weeks ago about Jenny's first time with a black cock, a meeting arranged through the net.

Now at that time Jenny was respectable (and still is to all extents), but after a few meets with David, while I was there and joined in, she has become a complete black slut in private, even allowing David to fuck her ass, something that she had only allowed me to do once.

We left it last time that David had invited her down to his place, to meet a few friends, only I wasn't invited (he said it was because he couldn't explain our situation).

It was with reservations that we arranged... Continue»
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It all started over a year ago. My name is Mark and I am a career Naval Officer stationed in San Diego. My wife is a beautiful woman who I have been married to for going on 19 years now. Delia is 38 years old, 5 ft tall, 112 lbs, with a perfect ass, small breasts, and a shaved pussy. She has always been the perfect "officers wife", friend, and mother to our two daughters.

About a year ago, I had been at sea for a period of only about two weeks and then returned home. Usually upon my return Delia is all over me and wanting to make love. On this occasion she was very aloof and not wanting muc... Continue»
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Four tall Booted Skinheads moved to our road when i was 14 teen every one said trouble but nothing ever happens. After a few months I found myself not been able to stop looking at them . They were all so fit. clean polished boots as more time passed every time i saw them i got a huge hard on and started to lust after them then one summer night . was on my bike down a country lane 6 or 7 miles from home and i saw there car parked i could hear some one in the fields so i went to look just putting shirts back on i hid and never thought any more for a few weeks then it was parked there aga... Continue»
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Sold off by the BBC that owned my ass

I just got back to the base from R&R last week, He usually gives me a few days to get over the jet lag of travel before I get a call saying its time to start servicing his cock. So I wasn’t surprised that it was a few days before I got a text from him saying to meet him in the PX parking lot that night. I was giddy and nervous as usual at being back for the first time, it always hurts after not being fucked for 2 months. I cleaned up and shaved smooth for him then threw on a pair of crotchless panties he had gotten me one trip and made my way to the parking lot.
... Continue»
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I have a girl that uses me and I use her for mutual satisfaction. Both of us are married to other people and very much in love with our spouses but the sex lives at home could stand to be a lot better. Allison and I met in a bar one night, one thing led to another and we now meet when we need to for pure raw sex. Allison is 32 and she is a hammer. She is about 5'6" tall and weighs about 125 lbs. And has long looping red curly hair. She has 34D NATURAL tits that are fabulous and her ass is to die for, rock hard from her workouts. I am no little guy, I am 6'4" and weigh about 210lbs. I work out ... Continue»
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I am 34 years old and in north Dallas, Texas.....married for 11 years, 5'7", about 110 pounds, long red hair. In college I did a lot of modeling for a department store chain, considered very pretty...I have that 80's "models body"....slender, very small breasts. I do not work outside the home.....we have one c***d, a 3 year old girl. Until fairly recently, I had been with only 2 men sexually in my life, one boy in HS (one time!) and then my husband. He is quite conservative sexually.....very religious. Also until a few months ago, I really did not know that sex was more than about 2-minute mis... Continue»
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Many of you have read and written to me with regards to my experiences that I described in "My Conversion to Black Cock" a few months ago, and have asked what has been happening since. As the previous recounting seemed to give so much pleasure to other women who are similarly inclined as well as to many men (black & white), I will try to tell you what has transpired the past few months.

After I returned from Tulsa, I knew that my life would never be the same. I began seeking out interracial sites on the internet and did several cybersex chats with men in the Ebony Dreams room of Chatropolis... Continue»
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My wife and I have had a couple of fun times with friends of mine, she likes two cocks at the same time (makes her feel like a slut) and I like to watch, join in and video the action. Until recently she'd only had white guys. I'm Steve and my wife is Jen, were both in our late 20's and been married for a few years.

Jen dresses sexy, she is petite, dark hair, small tits and a nice ass. She wears short skirts, and always with white panties so she can flash at me, and other guys when were out. One night, when we came back after a night out she started chatting on the net to a black guy, his na... Continue»
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I didn’t know she was a different kind of girl too

The Starship Peacekeeper was steadily cruising at warp one on a routine mission to a mining colony somewhere in the Black Eye Galaxy. Most of the bridge crew had taken downtime. Some sl**ping, some drinking, some pursuing their pet hobbies in the research facility.
I was so lucky to work for the Federation. Here I was judged solely on my ability to do my job and, aside from a few smirking nods from the captain, not on my tendency to put on a female uniform and ask to be called Sindy. Not that it mattered much. My role meant I was usually alone on the bridge, monitoring activity during the lon... Continue»
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Becoming His Again Part Three

It's Saturday morning and I have been asl**p next to Kend all night. I'm still getting used to serving two Dominants. It's especially difficult since I have a hard time submitting to anyone other then Sir.

I have tried multiple times over the months since I lost his favor. Other men claim they are dominant. However, all they are into is spanking. That is a huge turn on for me but I like the mental aspect as well.

I wonder how Kend will be.

While still in my reverie Kend wakes up, sees I am awake, and asks

“How did you sl**p?”

"Fine Sir" I answered.

“Let's talk” he says.

... Continue»
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Slut: A Fabulous Present part 2

Slut: A Fabulous Present.

Part two.

Mac lay back on the bed smiling at me as I walked around the bedroom with the replica cock still deep inside my pussy. The squelching sounds of my pussy juice and his spunk was reverberating around my bedroom. I walked back over to Mac. leaning over him to give him a kiss, when his hand moved down to my pussy and unplugged the cum drenched replica cock. The cock was glistening with spunk and pussy juice as he held aloft smiling. Grabbing his hand I took the cock, placing it in my mouth and lick every drop of sex fluid from the sex toy.
Mac groaned wit... Continue»
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Slut: A Fabulous present (part one)

Slut: A fabulous present.

I came down stairs this morning very early, to join my husband James for breakfast. This is not a common occurrence as James usually leaves for the office very early, but today for whatever reason, I awoke unusually early, feeling very horny and wicked, I decided to join James wearing only a Black see through long robe with a ridiculously high pair of black stilettos, as a little sexy treat. When I entered the Kitchen I looked over to the breakfast bar to find James munching on a slice of toast, his eyes were on stalks as I paraded across the kitchen to greet him i... Continue»
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Pete was in the bar of the hotel where he was staying for a week. He was enjoying a drink when in she walked. She was young, pretty and had a great sexy body with big tits and a round ass. She went to the bar and ordered a glass of wine and turned to sit and Pete motioned for her to join him. She sat across from him where he could eye her big globes in the low cut dress. They talked for quite a while and he bought her two more glasses of wine. She was a little tipsy and he invited her to his room. On the elevator he grabbed her and kissed her and she swapped tongues with him and he then put hi... Continue»
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White Wife Black Balled

Dexter Williams strolled through the front doors of the five star hotel like he owned it. Making his way to the restaurant/lounge at the back of the hotel s first floor, he could hear the band playing in the lounge before he arrived at the entrance to the dining area. Known by the maitre d , Dex waived and continued on into the lounge.

Twelve years since he graduated from college, the six foot five inch collegiate basketball player and business administration major had built quite a lucrative stable of mostly white, married socialites servicing his exclusive clientele of sports related blac... Continue»
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The Bribed Fuck Toy...continued

Larry pulled his dick from my lips wiping his dick head over my face spreading his sperm. Billy opened the door and quickly said Mr. Prentice just came on the floor...he's at the far end but he sees us so get the hell out of there we gone.... I could hear the guys start to move away from the door and Larry zipping up his jeans scurrying for the door.

My face covered with Larry's and Steven's cum I looked round for something to wipe my face with and heard Mr. Prentice call out '....HEY, WHAT YOU BOYS DOING DOWN THERE...' from the sound of his voice he was at the very far end of the hall on... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor END

Mary giggled a little then said, "Mica, you are a fucking genius."

"Wait ... I forgot one thing ... why in the fuck would we be sl**ping so early?" asked Mica.

"Um ... if it's around ten, we tell them we have soccer practice and need the sl**p," offered Mary.

"Good one ... that means you have to bring your soccer bag," offered Mica.

"No problem ... it's packed," Mary offered as she examined her toenails.

"When is your date?" asked Mica.

"Fuck ... I forgot that part ... wait ... he just said come over ... he never said when ... I don't know if I can make until ten, I'll fucki... Continue»
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Anne's first penis in her butt.

This work of fiction was intended for the entertainment and enjoyment by its readers. If the subject of anal stimulation and penetration is unpleasant or offensive, please read no further. If you are curious to know some of the bountiful pleasures of this form of intercourse, continue to indulge your imagination.< />I>


It was late in the evening when Anne's boyfriend, Jake, asked her if she would like to try 'back door' sex. The had been together for quite some time and had experimented with almost every part of each other's body. The occasional 'rimming' of either of their anal
... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor

In Mary's mind, another summer was vanishing without real incident and the halls of a college a few miles away offered little enchantment for Mary's musing. It was February and nearing the end of summer when the wind and air change as frequently as a woman's fancy but this would be Mary's enchanted season dominated by a reality suddenly appearing right next door.

Reading always had a special place in Mary's heart but sultry romances cast spells on her. Although Mary was aware sex was everywhere around her she used romantic stories to stimulate her imagination and her imagination to arous
... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor 2

Mary couldn't think and cleared her throat for no reason except to gain a little time. Her mind began racing faster than her heartbeat and she felt a flush of heat fill her neck and face. When words finally began to form on her lips the words popped out of her mouth in a series of questions. "I'm your neighbor? ... I just came over to see what you were doing? ... I didn't mean to bother you? ... I mean ... I'm ... ah... Mary? ... I live over there? ... Is this your car?"

Mary would have kept singing and waving her arms if it weren't for the man's intervention. He began to giggle a little at... Continue»
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