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Her "first" BBC

K was 31with long blonde hair green eyes and a body and legs to die for her measurements was 36c-27-37 we had been married for a little more than two years we were into the swinging thing a bit k was interested in bdsm alot and we practice it at least once a week or more we talked alot about things we wanted to try "fantasy's" you could say but we tried to act on most of them in time on this night she started telling me how she wanted a BBC one that was huge one that would split her in half the thought of that really got me turned on then she added that she wanted to do him without birth cont... Continue»
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At work

So I was at work the other day,My boring office job.We all had to stay after an extra 30 minutes.I was to make up for this error one of the three much higher ups had made the week before.So while everyone was obviously upset as was I we stayed late to clear up their mistake.

I was quickly appointed rush down to storage and fetch one of the storage files.It was a wild shot that the box,If it even was down there,Would contain this folder.(It didn't) .So I took the elevator down and began what I already knew to be a wild goose chase.The storage room was just shelves of boxes and was under gr... Continue»
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Horny Safeway Co-workers and Customers (Introducti

While attending college I worked at Safeway as a cashier. The job was mundane, but the pay was good. The best part of the job was the constant flow of attractive ladies that came through my line. Over the course of my five years with Safeway I hooked up with more than 20 customers and 10-12 girls who worked at my store or who were on loan from another location for a few weeks. While most of my fellow employees I hooked up with were close to my age (I was 22 when I started working there), the customers ranged in age from 18 to 60, being in my early 20's I was always looking for a girl/lady to f... Continue»
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Bi Buddies Having Fun Part 4

I’m submitting this as a story (like I’ve done with first three parts) instead of just a blog post in preparation of adding Part 6

Please before you read this part check out Parts 1-3...
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Please read and enjoy and please comment...

Shit dude, that was so fuuucking hot, John blurted out. When you told me that last thing, I almost shot right then and I w... Continue»
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Reminded me of the statue of David

I think I was awake most of the night. I was trying to get my head around what had happened just a few hours before. By the time morning was breaking, I was still sporting a hard-on and thinking about the new sensations that I had experienced. I looked over and could see my s****r’s boyfriend, Tom, sl**ping peacefully. The outline of a full woody was in the thin sheet that covered his body. I really wanted to reach out and touch it again, but knew that I shouldn’t. I quietly slipped from under the sheet, pulled on my shorts and made my way to the bathroom.

Once behind the locked door, I ... Continue»
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Sex with mil

So this isn't your typical story where we had flirted for years and one night it all came to blows we have never flirted and I've never really seen her in a sexual way I did however I did however want to hear her once hear her getting fucked through t hear her getting fucked through the other side of the door and it sounded amazing she was talking dirty and it sounded amazing she was talking dirty and the bed was shaking all over the place I had wanked was shaking all over the place I had wanked A lot to what I heard but as I say never really seen her in a sexual way or imagined me fuckin... Continue»
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My Son Caught me Masturbating one Morning

As a c***d he was breast fed. Looking back, that's how we bonded, watching his pink mouth around my nipple, sexually aroused me, regardless of where I was, my nipples were highly erogenous, it was as if they were connected directly to my clitoris, and stimulating one, led to self abuse of the other.

I walked one Sunday in the park, on a warm day. I lifted my son out of his pram, and started to breast feed him. The park was devoid of people, as I opened my blouse, perhaps a little too much for decencies sake, but it made me feel warm and sort of delicious, like it did when I was a girl, runn... Continue»
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Wife fucks her friend and writes this story for me

When I walked into his house I stood very close to him and looked up at his face and his lips. I talked to him while I put the book I borrowed down and then stepped closer to him and put my arms around his neck. I asked him how much time he had before he needed to leave and he told me that he had 30 minutes. I said, “perfect so I have 30 minutes with you” and smiled. He smiled back and nodded.

I kissed him and he kissed me back. I felt his lips on mine and tightened my arms around his neck. I felt his hands go to my side and around my back. I stepped backwards towards his bed, pu... Continue»
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Tank and Laser

It came out of nowhere so suddenly. With no warnings, and everyone too busy to notice... a dangerous windstorm and heavy rain followed it.

We are at a summer camp in the mountains. The campsite is surrounded by a deep forest with a small river nearby. There are sheds and cabins, but everyone prefers the tents, but today, everyone took off to the cabin. We should have received a warning of this storm, but the weather around here are unpredictable and if it lasts for hours.. the camp may ended early for a short break or extended and then rescheduled.

I was sl**ping one night when I was wo... Continue»
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A night of surprises

Away with business had never been so much fun.

After a brilliant day of breaking company records with more to come i was feeling on top of the world. A nice bottle of 97 chateaux du pape would go down nicely at the hotel bar. I collect my wine and head to a corner table facing the rest of the bar. I savour the first few mouthfuls then I begin to people watch. Mostly men in tonight but the odd women comes and goes. My mind races to the reality porn scenarios in which would get me laid but it’s all fantasy. I’m just sitting silently drinking. Bottle number two arrives at my table. It’s g... Continue»
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s****r in Law While Everyone Else sl**ps

This took place while my ex & I were still together. We were 29 or 30 at the time, and her b*****r, Mike, was a year younger, and his fiancé, Lisa, was 26 or 27 at the time. We didn't all hang out on a regular basis, mainly because we were all busy with work and they had just had a baby about 6 weeks prior to this.

I'd won 4 tickets to a baseball game the week before at work, and knowing Mike or Lisa hadn't been out in quite sometime, Michelle thought we should invite them to go with us. We all got along so I had no issues with that. Lisa got her mom to watch the baby for the night since w... Continue»
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Fresh Flemish Female Friends [1]

Fresh friends invite me to meet them at a big beach in noman's land along the border between our two countries.
I agree to meet them three at about three to shoot some fine footage for the couple and their dear daughter there.
I arrive with my camera rolling and focus at the tight tiny titted teen who pretends she does not notice now me at all.
Fresh friends watch with me how she dances in the waves and lets her waves flow for us as a sudden surprise!

Fresh friends with no names yet to protect their privacy as long as they long for it, invite to meet them three at three.
I agree ... Continue»
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After school I had to wait for my Mom to come home at our neighbors apartment he was a nice older guy named Cory he and my Mom became friends when we moved in and as he was retired she asked him to look after me until she got home...
We spent a few boring days together just watching TV until one day Cory asked me if I would like to play with the Sex Box I didn't know what that was but I was bored and said sure lets play! Cory brought out this gaming box it was like an XBOX but different he hooked it up to the TV and turned it on then put in a game...The intro showed aliens grabbing o... Continue»
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I teased and egged him on, to fuck his daughter

I had agreed to spend the Friday and Saturday nights with my girlfriend and her father. It was getting late and we were sitting in a small exclusive Italian restaurant, that choose to ignore the drinks law forbidding u******e drinking, as we both shared a bottle of 'Valpolicella Ripasso', which had us both feeling grown-up and looser in moral ideology.

We ate Pizza and coffee flavoured tiramisu, with alcohol, a delicious sweet meant to melt the elastic of a girls underwear, even more so when we agreed to try a couple of cups of Caffè corretto, by which time I could not feel if I wearing any... Continue»
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The Intruder

Jeff fucking loved girls. Okay, so a lot of guys are horn dogs, but this was at a different level. He obsessed about their skin, their hair, and their eyes, as least as much as he loved their legs, tits and butts. He loved young girls, career women in power suits, Barbie women, nerdy students, mothers, mature women. He loved skinny girls with boyish figures. He loved curvaceous women with flesh you could lose yourself in. He knew that wherever he was; on a train, in a restaurant, anywhere, there would be a female in sight that would have some feature that could earn his fascination, even if it... Continue»
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Helping Mom,s Friend Out.

My name is xhiva this is my first story so enjoy!
She was beautiful, I had never seen a women with such an aura, with such a sexy look. Problem was, she happens to be my mother's best friend.
They had been friends since they both started working at the same company, on the same day. And ever since, Mrs. Thompsen and my mother have spent most of their social time together.
Mrs. Thompsen's first name was Pamela, she let my teenage self call her Pam, and I was more then will to do as she asked. Who wou... Continue»
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Why I got addicted to BBW''S

This story is fiction, it didn't actually happen, but I wish it would have!

It seems I always had this thing for bigger, full figure women. I don't know where is started but I seemed to fantasize about them all the time. My step mom was a bigger woman. My dad divorced and remarried when I was very young. He was away quite a lot with business so it was just me and Sally, that's my stepmom, at home most times.

I always thought Sally was quite attractive even when I was young. As I grew older I started to notice her more. She had put on a few more pounds over time and this seemed to add t... Continue»
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What night

So I'm on this dating site when I'm asked if I would like to come over to this guys house for a coffee
His profile said he was 58 years old
I said just a coffee ?
He said that aswell lol
So I go get ready make sure I'm bald down below and have a shower :)

Jump in the car and off I go
So I arrive at this house very nice!

The front door was slightly ajar with a note outside saying

Come in get undressed put the white silk sheet over you and come through to the lounge I'll be waiting in my arm chair

So I do as it says the white silk sheet covered my head down to my waist e... Continue»
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Wife, bbw, and a friend use strap-on to collect on

Me and my wife made a superbowl bet. Whoever won had 6 days of complete control over the loser. The loser had 1 day tto do what they wanted. Well my team lost and my wife wasted no time.

First thing was i had to shave everything of, except the head and my lower arms. She helped me get hard to reach places. While i was showering, she got a tight dress, stockings, garter belt long gloves, and hills laid out. I got out she told me to get dress and i can't change till i was told. So i did as i was told. I went out sat down and waited. Finally i got tired of waiting and i went to the laundr... Continue»
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Asian Persuation

A knock came at her room telling her it was time. The Oriental beauty standing to her feet and taking in a deep nervous breath. Her mind wandered to the time she was offered the chance to be the bukkake target and her quick response of yes. She slipped her silk robe from her body, watching herself in the mirror.

Appearance was everything. She wanted to make sure that the crowd she was to perform for would be completely accepting and approving of her. In turn, her own pleasure would be fulfilled. She opened the door to her e****ts, two women taking her by the hand and bringing her to entranc... Continue»
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