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sexy moments

My mates dad would always shower with us, after the beach.....he'd send his son, Paul, to buy some pizza....n I'd be left alone with him.....naked, in the showers....I new he was looking at my bum and boy penis....he started soaping me, n he'd get real quiet. If anyone came in....he'd stop...and act nervous. He'd rub soap all over me...saying...'U have to get all the salt out." he gave me porn magazines....and showed me video of his wife, naked! he even showed me pictures of his son....sucking his was so naughty. On the couch, we were all watching TV, under a blanket. When his dad,... Continue»
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My Daughter's Boyfriend

Another story I wrote and posted in Literotica... As with my other works, I retain copyright. Please enjoy!

The phone ringing drew me out of the shower, my wet feet so slippery that I almost slipped and fell in the bathroom. I grabbed at a towel as I dashed to reach the phone, my wet, naked body leaving a trail of water drops along the way. I was able to answer the phone before the caller hung-up, my voice breathy from the short sprint.

“Hello?” I answered as I put the phone to my ... Continue»
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Let It Snow

“I’m sorry love,” Jason said into his mobile phone. “It just fell down and there’s no way we can get any further up here on the moors.”

The snow was unexpected and sudden and had caused a white-out. The high moor road was open and desolate and the white sheet had quickly drifted and blocked any forward progress and retreat.

“Yes, she’s safe and here. Can you let the rescue teams know where we are, please. We’re in good shape. I filled up before I picked Callie up and I’ve got some drinks so we can hold out til morning.”

He handed the phone to his daughter.

“Hi, Mum! Yes. Don... Continue»
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A dark tale of fammmily blackmail..chapter one ..

A dark tale of f****y blackmail
chapter one caught by sisster

I lay on my bed naked starring at the video on my laptop, my hard cock aching and twitching as i rubbed my sisstters silky panties along its shaft, my other hand would press the pair she wore yesterday to my nose and they heady musk filled me with passion.
I had moved back home at christmas and hadn't realised how much my little ssisster had grown up. I couldn't help myself now and had started to stare at her,
go through her panties , fantasise about her...
I wanted to see her naked , i wanted to touch her, to lie na... Continue»
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My Horny Ex Story

Something to cum on

I'm a girl who wanna take her driving liscence
you are my tutorer

I'm wearing a jeans, wrecked short skirt
with silk creamed thighs
black V blouse to show my boobs
Push up bra to enlarge them and let them pop
and sandals that shows my feet and have an ankle bracelet
wearing like this so to use my beauty if i failed in driving

we take me for a ride
as i open and close my legs while im driving
you cant take your eyes off them
and they shine a lot coz i put some cream on them

with the bumps on the streets
my boobs jump more and more higher
you ask ... Continue»
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In The Line of Fire

My f****y was going to an out of town event, but I decided to stay home beciause of work. After much stress, it was announced that my "Aunt Deb" would stay at our home for the five days to cook for me and keep me company. "Aunt Deb" was the youngest s****r of my "Aunts" Lorene and Dara, and was self-employed in a city about two hours drive away. None of these ladies were actual relatives - it all stemmed from Lorene having been once married to an uncle of mine. They did, however, remain close friends to us through the years. Deb was in her late thirties, and like her s****rs, very attractive,... Continue»
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My Hot Mother In Law

I'd been married for 3 years to my wife and we were very happy with each other as far as sex and love but when we was around her good looking mother she would always manage to get close to me or rub against me when I was close to her either at my house or her house.
I was 23 yrs old at the time and she was around 36 and I never thought much about it except when she would wear loose clothes and she would make sure she would lean over so I could get a good look at her huge tits. I would get one hell of a hard on and as soon as possible I would have to jack off or fuck my wife because I would r... Continue»
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My wife's BBW Granny part III

Hi everyone. Well here is part III of my story. We ended with my wife, Janet, her Granny, Eunice, and I, Greg coming to grips with Granny and my new relationship. Continuing on with that day now.
Granny: "Janet would you mind if Greg and I had some fun this afternoon? I blew him last night as you know but we fell asl**p before he could reciprocate."
Janet: "That's fine Granny"
Granny: "would you like to join us Sweetie"
Janet: "I don't think so Granny. Maybe next time I could be there and watch but not yet. Still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing... Continue»
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My Birthday
I was wearing a pair of cut off shorts with a shirt. Then Jill said “let me take your clothes off”. She pretended to have trouble preceding. So she got a 3” switch blade and with it's assistance my clothes fell off. After her work was done she said “Ahhh that's better. You can breath again”. As she looks at my equipment as if for the first time.
Then she took my hand and slowly her sheer robe fell on the floor. Then we went into the living room. Where we sat nude relaxing in front of the TV. Sitting side by side, necking and making out like two hornie teenagers.
Jill said “Hap... Continue»
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Lucy Gets It

A friend of mine moved in to the apartment next door and lived there for about six months, whilst he was there it was a mad house of people, party s and getting wasted.

I would just walk across the hallway and get wasted whenever I wanted and more than often there were people there or some kind of party was happening.

There was a girl called Lucy who would go to his apartment to hang and get d***k most night and she was known to be an easy fuck when d***k.

One evening I went over there and he was in his bedroom fucking his girlfriend, another friend was in the bathroom fucking a girl ... Continue»
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My Mother's Best Friend (chapter 2)

You must read the first chapter to understand this chapter.

My mother had just come back from her class reunion a few days ago. "How was your trip mom?" "It was fun. Did you enjoy having the house to yourself?" "Yes I did." With that I kissed her cheek and went to work. The day was like any other day. So I did what was assigned to me. On my way home from work I kept thinking about my time with Marilyn. When I got home Marilyn's car was parked in front of the house. She and mom was at the table talking. "hi mom, Mrs. R." "hello Raymond I'll start dinner shortly." "Don't worry about that m... Continue»
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The Dream

As you can imagine by the title of this story, the following events are what I would have to say is my greatest, most unbelievable sexual encounter of my entire life. I have to remind myself constantly that it was not a dream and did in fact happen. I have never told anyone this story because I thought it would get people in trouble, but that is no longer an issue (I will explain), so here we go.

it all started when I was 16 years old. I was an assistant coach for my younger b*****rs baseball team. I also played baseball and was always and elite player, so I decided to try to hel... Continue»
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Mom takes a ride 2

Rick tried to concentrate on fucking his mother, but he was concerned about his Aunt Jean who was watching from the kitchen door. On the one hand it made him hotter to know that his mother's s****r was watching his cock driving into his mother, but the look on her face was one of shock. He wasn't sure what she was liable to do next.

"What if she tells someone" he whispered to his mother.

Terri was too busy bouncing up and down on her son's stiff rod to want to talk, but she could tell Rick's heart wasn't in the fucking because of his concern.

"She doesn't dare tell anyone," she gru... Continue»
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Suprise cocksucking in the basement

It was a late spring evening, I was helping an old friend that I had threesomes with him and his girlfriend long ago. I hadn't seen him in a few years but he still had my phone number. He called me to see if I could help him clear out an apartment a friend abandoned, I said sure, and arranged a time to meet him. Later on, I met him at the brick house that he needed help with. We both had gained weight since we had seen each other last. He unlocked the door and we went in. He mentioned that he managed to get all but the basement cleaned up. So we enter the basement and start moving a few remain... Continue»
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I knew I had been invited to meet a divorced woman. Per our many chat's it was not a happy divorced. The break-up began long before we started talking via the internet. When he started to spend more time with his “office bimbo” (in her words). The marriage became unsaveable. She describe herself as a lonely (in more ways than one) school teacher.
I got her address and one day staked out her house. It was dark when she came home from food shopping. From what I could see, wow what a women. I like my ladies to be older than me and a BBW (more better). The more I saw of her that night the more ... Continue»
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My wife's BBW Granny continued

Well, after getting the best blow job of my life Eunice and I fell asl**p in each others arms. My wife, Eunice's granddaughter, was to be gone the entire weekend. But much to our surprise Janet walked into our bedroom Saturday morning to find Eunice and I completely naked and wrapped in each others arms.
Janet just stood there slack jawed looking at us for a minute and then cleared her throat. Eunice and I woke up and saw Janet staring at us. We disentangled as quickly as we could. Eunice pulled the blankets up to cover herself and I jumped out of bed without a stitch on. It wa... Continue»
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Mom Wanted Pleasured In The Bath

Fiction.. If you are disturbed about older plumper mom and mature son sex this story is not for you.

Mom called me again wondering if I could help her when she went for another bath, I was at her house as soon as I could after knowing what happened last time. Crippled with arthritis and waiting for a new hip my larger plump mom needed a helping hand with things and reassurance in case she fell.

I wasted no time in undressing her as the awkwardness between naked mother and son had been conquered last time. She stood still and let me pull her jumper over her head, standing with her bid bo... Continue»
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my gf's silver fox mom wants to fuck

I awoke on a Wednesday morning in my girlfriends bed. She had gone to work already and I was left by myself in her queen sized bed to wake up slowly after a night of sex. My girl Tasha is a long chestnut haired, brown eyed, athletic thirty five year old and former Gymnast and now gymnastics teacher at a local club. She missed going to the Olympics because she injured her knee and never competed again.
She was recently divorced and was now living back with her Mother Liz and Step-Father Ben. I had spent the last few days there as the parents were away on vacation and we had the place to o... Continue»
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Down By The Seaside

Down by the Seaside
By: Jo Jo (

My name is Joanne, that's my real name, the rest of the names and places
have been changed. I'm 30 now, this was when I was at Sixth Form. I
was going out with a Mike and had been for a while. He was madly in
love with me, and he was really gorgeous, but he was really young and
really jealous, and I kept finding myself looking at men, rather than

One bank Holiday weekend, May I think, Mike said he was going camping
with his mates. I said fine, and we had a big row over it.

I worked as a waitress in a pub... Continue»
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The Blow Job Lesson

The Blow Job Lesson
By: Jo Jo (

The Blow Job Lesson

NB - this is a British story, in English , so Fanny means vagina , not
bottom. Ok? Just for reference it's used as I guess a non erotic
reference to

the vagina. E.g. "Gad, Petunia, Sir Roger's not going to get his leg
over tonight, I've got a right sore fanny after that last canter".

When I was about 18/19, I was living at my mom's near Solihull and had
just about to start work. I was going out with my young and pretty
boyfriend Mark, and I had little experience of sex really, well
little... Continue»
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