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Growing up in a house full of women, Parts 1 and 2


This story is a little different than other stories I have written and submitted. Some of you may like it…Some of you won’t. (I suppose that is the norm with every story on this forum).This is part of my real life experiences. Yes. They are true.
The main characters are as follows: Billy (Me), Aunt Judy (Thelma's s****r), Grandma Thelma, Cousin Kelly (Judy’s daughter), and my s!ster, Michelle. We all live in a very matriarchal household. I am the only boy in 5 generations on my mom’s side.
Chapter 1

I was 8 when my grandfather passed away, leaving ... Continue»
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A day at the college gym

I use a gym at a college that's near my house, so close that I walk instead of drive. The shortest route leads past several dorms and I often pass many students to and from my workout. The university lets people in the community use the gym for a fee. It costs a little more than the other gyms in town, but it's worth it.

I use the treadmills by the windows that look out at the sidewalk in front of the gym. On warm days in the fall and spring, college women walk past on their way to class or back to their dorms. The hotter the day, the less they wear. The view is inspirational.

The view i... Continue»
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Out For Drinks With My Co-Workers!

I always enjoy a night out with my co-workers. We have a group of about a dozen of us from different office branches that try to get together and go out for dinner and drinks a few times a year. Most times, the conversation is always centered around work... gossip, office scandal, promotions, etc. and as the night progressed we would move to dancing and there's always some light flirting until last call. Hangovers the next day were a given. On this particular night I was seated at one end of the table with Michael and Chris two of my good friends from another branch that I really only get to t... Continue»
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My First Cottage Experience Pt 2

Hello Again, apologies for my tardiness in continuing my story, hope you enjoy.

About a week had passed since I last visited the toilets where my Cottage Experience began, and I was on my bicycle again heading to the same destination. I had spoken to Terence on the phone, and he suggested we meet up for some more fun if I was up for it, so here I was, not knowing exactly what to expect, but incredibly horny at the thought of what could happen.

I arrived at the agreed time, and secured my bike, and headed into the toilets. As I entered I saw Terence and another black guy stood at the ur... Continue»
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Bobby The "Bull" (An Interview)

(In a continuing series of interviews regarding the over-all 'cuckold lifestyle', I am speaking here today with 'Bobby', a young African-American male who has been quite involved lately with a number of couples, all white married couples, from the so-called 'South.' I wish to thank 'Bobby' for this opportunity to delve further into this fascinating phenomenon!)

So, if you don't mind me asking, how many white married couples have you been involved with since you got starting being a Bull?

I've been with 36 different married couples.

Wow. 36. Amazing. And were they all whi... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 11)


The next day Mason came home to find his mother wearing nothing but her panties, her hair held up in a bun. “Oh!” he said, surprised. “What are you doing?”

Stacey smiled at him. “How was your day?”


Stacey’s grin widened. “What does it matter?” she asked. “You’ve already seen me like this…” She took a few steps closer to Mason. “You’ve already seen Mama’s boobies… You like looking at them, don’t you?” Stacey lifted her boobs with her arm and displayed them. “Mama is sorry for always hiding them… From now on you can watch them if you want… They jigg... Continue»
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My homosexual experience

Ever since I was in my teens, I've had a very active sex life and I've always loved new experiences. If I am not masturbating, I'd be fucking any woman who gave me an opportunity. Years ago I had my first homosexual experience with a f****y friend, who was about 15 years older than me (I was 19 at the time). While he never approached me, I always a bit of curiosity about having sex with another guy. For me it was a taboo I never acted on.

So one night while hanging out at his place, we got into the conversation about homosexuality, and he told me several sex stories. The more stories he to... Continue»
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Older man Takes Young Woman

There a young, somewhat inexperienced girl who has been flirting with me all evening at some sort of party and I decide to call her bluff. I pull her into an empty room, pull her close to me, whisper in her ear asking her if she wants to feel me inside her. Playfully running my fingers down her neck, lightly tracing her nipple with my finger. She responds with a yes and I ask if she's ever fucked an older man. She says no. I can tell she's nervous. I ask if her pussy is wet and before she responds I run my hand up her inner thigh and brush my fingers across her panties. I can feel her wetness ... Continue»
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Further Interviews On The Nature, Practice, and Re

(This is yet another in a series of interviews with those involved, either currently, or in the recent past, with the phenomenon known today as 'interracial cuckolding.' In this interview, I speak with a cuckold that I will refer to in this interview as "Sam". Not his real name.)

Thank you for allowing me to poke around in what I know is quite an intimate topic! So I very much appreciate your willingness to do this today!

I'm actually glad to do it. It's not often I talk to anyone else about all this. The 'Cuckold Community', if you can call it a community, is a rather tiny fra... Continue»
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fantasies about my mother part 4

My dick now hard as a rock slid right beside Abraham's...and mom's hand opened and wrapped around both of our cocks. Her spit began mixing with our precum and we were both being stroked by this gorgeous sexy mother's hands.
Her tongue darted out to lick the tip of my cock then Abraham's. The sensation and the thought of our sex juices mixing together in her hands and in her mouth...made me all the more horny. Abraham was racing ahead of my as he began fondling mama's titties. Her moans vibrated our cocks. She had both of them in her ample mouth. I was getting close to letting go...and I guess... Continue»
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Biography of a Bull: How It All Started

(Note: This is the first in what may turn out to be a lengthy series of 'interviews' covering the topic of 'interracial cuckolding.' In this first interview, I'll be talking with 'Jamal' (not his actual name) about how he got started in this extremely fascinating lifestyle. I wish to thank Jamal for his willingness to answer my many questions, which took place over a period of three months.)

I suppose my first question ought to be: How did you ever get started being a 'bull' for married, and I think that all were white married couples, seeking some form of cuckold relationship?

... Continue»
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Tricked to Serve – Part 5

Tricked to Serve – Part 5

“Just one thing before I go and see what your Slut of a wife is up to...or probably more appropriately, who is up your wife (this amused everyone, as I heard perverted laughter all around me). I have a little gift for you BITCH, before my boys have their fun.”

I was grabbed and moved, laid on my back and my ball-gag and blindfold removed. My eyes adjusted to the light and the first thing I saw were the three naked, hooded men with hard cocks getting me position.
My humiliating position...even with ball-gag and blindfold removed I still wore my leather hood, se... Continue»
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Harvest Time

As he rode home later from having concluded business in Atlanta, he had a sense that something hugely significant had occurred, but what it was he couldn't say. It was just a 'hunch', a gut feeling, but it persisted the entire way home.

Upon arriving home, as he got off the horse, and as the stable hands took the reigns in order to lead the horse to the barn, he looked out over the fields surrounding the main house, and could see the teams of workers harvesting. And seeing the harvest still going on, he suddenly thought of his wife for some reason, and of Samuel, the field-hand-turned-his-w... Continue»
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Deep in Mommys Ass

My mother has always been afraid of Thunder Storms, especially at night. For as long as I can remember, whenever there was a storm my mom would come into my room and climb onto my bed so she wouldn't have to be alone. Early on we would cuddle up in each others arms and hold each other. But as I got older this innocent behavior soon stopped seeming so innocent. So mother eventually stopped holding me and settled for just lying face down on the bed next to me.

Mom may not have been very attractive, which is probably why she was seldom asked out, but having her laying next to me in nothing but... Continue»
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Bestfriend Experience Pt 1

I've never been with a guy.

I'm a regular college student with a healthy sexual relationship with females.

I was invited out by my best friend (Aaron), his girlfriend (Sarah), and her girlfriends on a Saturday night which is nothing out of the norm. We all out went out to popular spot in the city and got pretty wasted. Aaron was pretty d***k but wanted to make sure that Sarah got home safely. Sarah asked me if they could stay at my place as they had done on previous occasions. Sarah and Aaron enjoyed coming to my place since I was the only one of our group of friends that had their on p... Continue»
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Tunisian Dreams

The drizzle was slowly but surely soaking her and making navigating a bicycle over the "kinderkopjes", the granites cobble stones like round c***dren's skulls, of the small streets of the old Dutch university town, a dangerous affair. One too rash move would have her sliding. Nevertheless, Maartje almost willed her bicycle forward and peddled as fast as she could.

"Maartje Sarah de Vries, you have to make it on time you fool!"

Exactly today when the Cathage exhibition in the archaeological museum would be officially opened by professor Selim Hassan and the ambassador of Tunisia, one of ... Continue»
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Mother and Son Ballbusting Vaction

Adam and his mother, Sarah, were taking a summer vacation across the county visiting f****y and friends. They were going to drive to save money and enjoy the scenery as they drove around. They left the day after Adam last day at school. They knew that they would take the drive easy and only spend about six to eight hours a day driving.

After the first days drive they got to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel was sold out of two bed rooms and only had single bed rooms available. So they had to take the single bed room. While they were bringing their luggage in the room, A... Continue»
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The Dressing Room

The other day I was out shopping. I was wearing a pair of super tight black leather pants with a zipper at the bottom, some white open toed 5" heels and a tight, white, cashmere sweater with a deep V in front. Not that as tight as that sweater was I needed to bring more attention to the girls, but I like to anyway.

I knew that the neighbor boy worked at Target so I wasn't surprised when I ran into him while getting detergent. "Hello Sam", I said.

"Hello Mrs. Jones. How are you?" he said nervously.

I was seeing him check me out. This was far from unusual. He made every attempt he could... Continue»
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Spanking School #9: All Alphabet

Sexy Shae is a pilot in public, in private a personal fine friend from long love at long distance of ten hours.
Sexy Shae is sometimes at Schphol for a short stop-over, but never ever came at coffee meeting me there.
Sexy Shae is aware I am in Amsterdam, but prefers privacy above all. She does not want to risk her juicy job.
Sexy Shae is commuting up and down in her hot long hauls across the Atlantic Ocean to me in Amsterdam.

Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, "real time":
Sexy Shae shares her lookalike on video: http://xhamst
... Continue»
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Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -3

Sexy Shae third tale in a short sub-series in my best bra nched series of my short sexy spanking school series.
Sexy Shae first story shall properly pop up below this one, if not I promise to give the link myself in my first comment.
Sexy Shae is build by quotes from our very recent private erotic exchange of many messages. I quote here below.
Sexy Shae is stubbornly refusing to believe she can get wet indeed, only reading some sexy stuff in a public story.

Sexy Shae is a pilot in public, in private a personal fine friend from long love at long distance of ten hours.
Sexy Shae is som
... Continue»
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