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The Taylor's Chapter 2

The Taylors Chapter 2

Hop in baby lets go we need to get dinner. Beth jumped in the shotgun seat of my SUV

"Daddy?" Beth said you were the special person I always wanted to pop my cherry and now you have and I am so happy.

Beth you have no idea how long I have wanted you and now my beautiful girl you are my secret lover forever and ever.


Yes baby?

Can I suck your cock on the way to the store? Before I could answer Beth took out my hard cock and started sucking me like a pro, baby I said unless you stop your going to me cum again.

OOOhh she said.

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A Nice Surprise

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My name is Karen and I am guilty.

Completely and without a doubt, I am guilty of seducing my father-in-law, Tom.

This September, we had a f****y reunion, of sorts, in northern Vermont. Tom's father (my husband's grandfather) had rented out an entire wing of a small Inn nestled on the slope of a plush green mountain. Most of the f****y arrived on Friday night. My husband, Rich, tried to keep me up to date on who was there and who wasn't, but even he got lost in some of the names. All in all, there were over 20 people there all related in o... Continue»
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True Story How i Started fucking my mother in law

Had Sex With My Mother In Law Kind Word Reap Rewards... back story first...Me and my wife married young me 23 her 21 and it was mainly based off physical ( the term very thick eights applies). I lost my virginity at 11 to a much older woman not that i'm complaining but it did kinda make me a but of a sexual deviant well not in a bad way but i was always open to try new things and obsessed getting my partner to orgasm. i at this point had several women i would regularly have cam sex with.i think i actually enjoy getting my partner off more than getting off myself. My in-laws are strange folks, ... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 13)


Next afternoon, Stacey greeted Mason home with averted eyes and a blushing face. “…” “How was your day?” She asked, shuffling her feet.

“…” Mason made no effort to conceal the erection in his pants.

“Are… Are you ready for your snack…? The one we talked about…” Stacey clutched her pearls, anxiously.

”Yes!” Mason answered, wide-eyed.

“Okay… Sit down…” Stacey walked over by the table.

“…” Mason sat at the table where an empty plate was waiting for him. He turned and watched Stacey.

“Ohhghohh…” She groaned quietly as she took off her shoes and pants... Continue»
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Dear Diary Mom came home early

Rainy day today so i cleaned out a few closets sorting things to take to good will. I came across another box of my old diaries and scanned through then. This event i thought you would enjoy as soon as i started to read it i remembered every moment of it. Let me know what you think.

I just got out of the shower and changed into my night things. This evening I was wearing a pair of “hello Kitty” panties and night shirt. Watching TV telephone rang, it was David a boy who also lived in the trailer park. David was 3 years older then me. At the time I was 14 he 17. David was a nice guy who often... Continue»
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How to please the uncircumcised cock

I'm writing this story because I believe there are many people in North America (both Canada and USA) who have little experience on how to handle a man with an uncut cock. Conversely, way too many men do not vocalize with their partners what feels good on their johnson.

Some of this story is my personal experience as an uncut man with ample foreskin and parts are what I found on the net but can relate to it.Please understand that my opinions are that of an intact man who was not circumcised at birth and while I'm very glad to be uncut, I'm by no means an activist or opposed to a parents dec... Continue»
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Claude in Tokyo - Part 1

Claude in Toyko (Part 1)
by Claude van Feinbode

I turned the key. The door opened and the room was dimly lit. Through the window I saw the lights of Tokyo below. In three week the Olympics start. Even for Tokyo, there are more bright lights lights than usual. I was supposed to meet some friends to attend a kumi-daiko performance but I had another form of entertainment in mind.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number that was given to me by Rumiko.

Earlier in the day I had met Rumiko. She was a true Onna-bugeisha. She laughed as she was talking to me... Continue»
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Slut: Fancy Dress Party part two

As her orgasm waned she turned sideways on, between my legs, giving me an awesome view of her firm buttocks and huge breasts, all deliciously clad in skin-tight latex.
My right hand was still between her ass cheeks, stroking the gorgeous orbs and her latex clad crack. My left hand moved off my knee and gently stroked her latex coated camel toe. Suzy's eyes raised with excitement as both of my hands began to stroke and caress her ass and pussy in unison.
Suzy leant into my chest with her glossed lips brushing softly against my ears. Her tongue slid from her mouth and circled my earlobe, fli... Continue»
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Stuck On You

Stuck on You

One night I was reading some lovely stories on Xhamster whilst lying on my bed wearing only bra and panties. My daughter Sophie walked in and on seeing my rock hard cock point out of my panties said “Daddy you know I told you that anytime you have a hard on it MUST be inside me” and proceeded to pull down my panties and lifted her silky mini skirt revealing a beautiful pussy which she pressed down so my cock went deep inside her.

“Oooh fuck Daddy I love you so much” whilst bouncing up and down. I held her hips and pulled her close pushing my hips upwards until I could f... Continue»
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BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about awesomyly attractive associate Ashtyn;
BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about dear daring daring dirty defloration details.
BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about Eve's eve in our green Garden of Eden
BATAVIA BAR BOOK #4 is all about Even even eating an apple in my sight!

Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia. The nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha.
Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices. Blonde beauty babysitter is the first new novice.
Ashtyn is awesomely attractive, a slender sensual tiny tit tasty teen, as I can tel
... Continue»
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Fucked at The BBQ

It was a hot summer and it really gets my juices flowing. The sweat running down my big tits and pussy just getting wet. It was my husband and I’s annual Employee BBQ. He has one for all his workers. He runs a small construction business and has about 60 people working for him. We have this BBQ every year at our home. This year was extra special. All day I was feeling Horny and tried so hard to get my husband to fuck me. He was too busy setting up and greeting guest. As I was making salad for the bbq I started to rub my pussy and felt myself as I did this. I couldn’t control it. I needed a coc... Continue»
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More Interviews With Cuckold Husbands

(Once again, this is an interview I conducted with a cuckold husband by the name of "James", not his real name, regarding his on-going experiences AS a cuckold husband. I thank him for the time he took to share his thoughts, and feelings regarding this very interesting lifestyle.)

I've asked this same question to a large number of cuckold men, so let me put it to, as well: Are you 'happy', and not just 'resigned' to being a cuckold husband?

After being cuckolded now for almost ten years, I'd say that, yes, I AM happy!

Not just resigned?

I think a certain resignati... Continue»
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Frankenstein"s cock Monster

It’s been six month since I took my complete transformation to Katie Moon. I Left my life as Man behind since I became this hot sexy, tight body and big tits. I set up a trust fund for myself with my company! Lita and Kelly were very sad to see me go but they knew I had to. I’m now in northern Massachusetts. I have taken up work as an assistant to a Doctor Frank Stein. He is the leading researcher in trying to figure out how to reanimate dead tissue. He is also really hot.

Anyways this story isn’t about him. It’s about our sexual encounter. It all started one night after I left the lab an... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 12)


Stacey called Mason over as he returned home. She was wearing a T-shirt and her assless underwear. Mason found her scrubbing dishes at the sink. “How was your day at school?” She asked without turning around.

“It was good…” Mason replied.

“I’m making a pot roast for dinner… Does that sound good…?”


Stacey froze suddenly. “…” Bfhohhhhhhffffffffff…. A bulky fart billowed quietly out from her butt. Mason walked over and spread her cheeks. Pvvvvvt! Pohhhhhhhhhhh… Air streamed out of Stacey’s anus in a whisper.

“…” “Mason, hand Ma... Continue»
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Growing up in a house full of women, Parts 1 and 2


This story is a little different than other stories I have written and submitted. Some of you may like it…Some of you won’t. (I suppose that is the norm with every story on this forum).This is part of my real life experiences. Yes. They are true.
The main characters are as follows: Billy (Me), Aunt Judy (Thelma's s****r), Grandma Thelma, Cousin Kelly (Judy’s daughter), and my s!ster, Michelle. We all live in a very matriarchal household. I am the only boy in 5 generations on my mom’s side.
Chapter 1

I was 8 when my grandfather passed away, leaving ... Continue»
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A day at the college gym

I use a gym at a college that's near my house, so close that I walk instead of drive. The shortest route leads past several dorms and I often pass many students to and from my workout. The university lets people in the community use the gym for a fee. It costs a little more than the other gyms in town, but it's worth it.

I use the treadmills by the windows that look out at the sidewalk in front of the gym. On warm days in the fall and spring, college women walk past on their way to class or back to their dorms. The hotter the day, the less they wear. The view is inspirational.

The view i... Continue»
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Out For Drinks With My Co-Workers!

I always enjoy a night out with my co-workers. We have a group of about a dozen of us from different office branches that try to get together and go out for dinner and drinks a few times a year. Most times, the conversation is always centered around work... gossip, office scandal, promotions, etc. and as the night progressed we would move to dancing and there's always some light flirting until last call. Hangovers the next day were a given. On this particular night I was seated at one end of the table with Michael and Chris two of my good friends from another branch that I really only get to t... Continue»
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My First Cottage Experience Pt 2

Hello Again, apologies for my tardiness in continuing my story, hope you enjoy.

About a week had passed since I last visited the toilets where my Cottage Experience began, and I was on my bicycle again heading to the same destination. I had spoken to Terence on the phone, and he suggested we meet up for some more fun if I was up for it, so here I was, not knowing exactly what to expect, but incredibly horny at the thought of what could happen.

I arrived at the agreed time, and secured my bike, and headed into the toilets. As I entered I saw Terence and another black guy stood at the ur... Continue»
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Bobby The "Bull" (An Interview)

(In a continuing series of interviews regarding the over-all 'cuckold lifestyle', I am speaking here today with 'Bobby', a young African-American male who has been quite involved lately with a number of couples, all white married couples, from the so-called 'South.' I wish to thank 'Bobby' for this opportunity to delve further into this fascinating phenomenon!)

So, if you don't mind me asking, how many white married couples have you been involved with since you got starting being a Bull?

I've been with 36 different married couples.

Wow. 36. Amazing. And were they all whi... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 11)


The next day Mason came home to find his mother wearing nothing but her panties, her hair held up in a bun. “Oh!” he said, surprised. “What are you doing?”

Stacey smiled at him. “How was your day?”


Stacey’s grin widened. “What does it matter?” she asked. “You’ve already seen me like this…” She took a few steps closer to Mason. “You’ve already seen Mama’s boobies… You like looking at them, don’t you?” Stacey lifted her boobs with her arm and displayed them. “Mama is sorry for always hiding them… From now on you can watch them if you want… They jigg... Continue»
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