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This Was Second Time

Hello And Welcome Guys 2500+ view that's any achievement to celebrate so viewers after reading this go my gallery and check out some hot pics.

well after that day my chachi was not the same way as she was or she used to be now let be describe you how my chachi look she was in her mid 30's as Indian housewife are from lower middle class she is about 4.11' and little lumpy not that great boobs but an awesome ass so lets come back to story her weird behaviour made me little upset so i thought let's take her out
then i made a plan as my mother used to stay in other part of city my so i made m... Continue»
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Macbeth And The Witches (Again) Version 3

{Note to readers: Yet another, and entirely fictional, 'homage' to William Shakespeare's great "Scottish Play" Macbeth!}

The Scene: Macbeth, the Thane of Cawdor, and his captain, Banquo, had just completed an important battle. As they rode home, the weather turned nasty, with cold wind and rain lashing down on them. While trying to find shelter from this dismal situation, the huddled on their horses under the over hang of what had once been an arched doorway to a long destroyed castle. Eventually, as the rain began to lessen somewhat, Banquo decides to ride on. Macbeth chooses to linger ... Continue»
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Macbeth Among The Witches (Version 3)

{Note to all readers: Once again, I acknowledge that I can never hope to even come close to the genius that was William Shakespeare. However, I have always been utterly fascinated by the erotic potential that seems inherent within some of his plays. My primary fascination for that has always revolved around the famous scene in his play, Macbeth, of the encounter between Macbeth and "the three weird s****rs". Witches in the most classic sense of the word! Once again, here is my humble, and admittedly poorly executed attempt, at an "erotic" homage' to one my most favorite writers of all time!}
... Continue»
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Surprised to see me

This is a true story I posted elsewhere some time ago and I thought I would share it.

Late 1970's / early 80's and I was working in the North of England. My job took me around all over the place and I would have to visit various building projects for the company I worked for. I was late 20's , married , and had been interested in wanking and occasionally cocksucking for a few years.

This particular day the job I had to go and look at was in a prison, in Co Durham. I won't give the name of the prison because to do so could quite easily identify someone who may wish to remain annonymous.
... Continue»
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Wife's modeling job xxx

My wife has had numerous lovers during our marriage and I enjoy watching her having sex with them. She recently started doing some amateur modeling for different clothing lines. Her first photographer was a good guy but for some reason she didn't like him so she went looking for a new one. She was getting offers from the internet and she picked a guy named William. She and I looked at some of his work he had posted on line. All of his models had a similar build to my wife. Five foot four-ish and all around a hundred pounds.

She made a date to meet him one Tuesday morning. I had to work so ... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt 2 (Prologue)

Ms. Super-Butt 2: Delayed Gratification


Tuesday, Immediately After the Events Described in Ms. Super Butt’s Epilogue

“Ah, Mama!” Kevin called as he frantically shook his boner towards Stacey’s butt. “Stay still! It slipped out!”

“Ooh! Sorry Kevin! I’m so sorry!” Stacey whined, panting. “Mama lowered her hips to aim for the bucket. You don’t want her soiling the floor do you?” Stacey angled her anus back at Kevin. “Ohf! There!” She grunted as she began catching his thrusts again.

“Agh…” Mason watched in horror.

“Okay, let’s go... Continue»
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A Mother’s Secret 3 – Secret No More

This is part 3 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other two parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.

It had been a month since Jean had recorded her porn movie. In many ways she was trying to put it out of her mind. The memory still excited her. Never in her life had she ever enjoyed sex more! On the other hand some of her perverted desires would creep ... Continue»
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The three of us had been friends for a few years now. Nothing has ever happened physically between Christina and I but I have always imagined it. I don't think he anticipated this happening but I am glad it did.
I needed a place to stay a few weeks ago so I asked my buddy if I could crash at their place. Being a good friend, he said yes, even though he was going to a show that night and wouldn't be back until late. I told him not to worry about it but I insisted and said Christina would be waiting for me. I didn't show up until late Friday night to avoid and awkward alone time. I pulled up t... Continue»
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I went over to my buddies house for the night while is girl was out. We hadn't spent much time together lately so we had a lot of catching up to do which took a lot of beers as well. We talked a lot about our mutual friends. Most of whom had moved away. Some of whom had k**s. All of whom had a hot wife or girlfriend. We got online to check them out mostly. They dressed in skimpy outfits and took slutty selfies for the attention of their man or whoever was around. Conversation kept going back to women. I pulled out my phone and showed him a couple nude pics of my girl. His eyes lit up with exci... Continue»
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Christmas break had finally come and my daughter, Julie, had come to stay with me instead of her mom. She hadn't been home since the summer and I missed her dearly. I was also very lonely without her in the house. We didn't have many plans for the break but I knew we would be seeing a lot of each other. Her first few nights home were pretty uneventful. She had gone out to see her old friends most of the time and we finally had a night together. I left work early so I could still get to the gym. I decided to go home to shower so we could start making plans. I walked in and gave her a kiss on th... Continue»
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I was tired of my same old friday night flings so I decided to spice things up on Tinder. I scrolled through a few hotties until one face came up that looked familiar. I swiped right and waited. After a few minutes I heard from her. She sounded like she was down to fuck so I wasted no time and asked her where we could meet. She mentioned a gas station that was down the street from me. I said yes and told her I could be there in a few minutes. As I pulled in I saw her step out of her car and walk inside. She was wearing a loose sweater and tight leggings. Her ass looked amazing. I was so excite... Continue»
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Spying brunette naked in her mews house

We moved again recently and as usual my first task was identifying potential peeping locations. We lived opposite a mews which I initially discounted because the houses were looking across at each other so I assumed curtains would be firmly closed.

As time went by and I became more acquainted with the location the mews looked increasingly promising. There was an arch at the entrance largely obscuring the nearest houses to us. However i had seen that you could see some of the top floor window from the left side of the arched entrance but it felt hugely exposed to onlookers. As winter to... Continue»
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I got home one day and the house was empty. I had a huge boner all day and I intended to jerk off before anyone got home. I went into my parents room and found my dad's Playboys that he had hidden under some sweaters in his closet. I carefully took one and tip-toed into the bathroom. My dick was so hard. I wanted to cum already and I hadn't even flipped the magazine open. My friend's had talked about sniffing his gf's panties and how good it smelled. Well I didn't have a gf at the time but I did have an older s****r. She was always attractive. My friends told me constantly. But I would be lyin... Continue»
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cousins room

I was at my cousins house for almost a week. The second day he still had to work so I hung out again with my aunt. She was a lot of fun, very easy to talk to and we had a great day hanging out together. At dinner time my uncle and cousin both arrived around the same time and we ate dinner promptly. After dinner my cousin and I went outside and visited his neighbors house. We hung out together with the two boys from next door, split some beers we stole from their dad and put on a little buzz. After it got late, my cousin and I went home. We had a little snack and stayed away from my aunt ... Continue»
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Caleb and Samantha Part 1

I couldn’t help but stare at Caleb, my best friend’s son, as he helped my husband with some yard work. He was nineteen and I was old enough to be his mom, but I didn’t have any maternal thoughts towards him, I was glad he was legal.
“Hun, I need to go into work, there’s a problem with a transformer, Caleb is going to stay and finish up; I left money for him on my dresser.” My husband ran into the house to quickly change and he was gone.
I continued watching as Caleb pulled weeds, edged the yard and picked up twigs before he went into the shed to get the lawnmower. He paused for a moment to... Continue»
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Exhibitionist True Stories: Taxi Driver

[A new, potential erotic friend asked what my experiences in exhibitionism were. I realized my experiences could fill a book. So I begin with the first!]

I was around 19 or 20 still living with my parents in suburban South Jersey.

I worked at a mall, and because I didn’t drive, I relied mostly on rides from my mall co-employees (I don’t call them co-workers because we all worked at different stores in mall. And now I’m having a flashback to the cheese fries and Chik Fil A sandwiches and yummy, thick waffle fries - the popular meal choice of my esteemed colleagues and myself!).

Every o... Continue»
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A Mother’s Secret 2 – A Star Is Born

This is a continuation of a story where a mother has decided to do a porn video to pay her k**s tuition bill. Here is a link to part 1.

That was three days ago now and Jean had practiced every day to try to be ready for her big anal scene. She arrived and everyone seemed real nice as she was put through make up and then taken to a wardrobe room where she was put into a simple sundress that showed off her mature tits but also made her look like a mom. Jean was then shown the way to the set. She was a little... Continue»
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Weird s****rs : Threesome

Sex with Deb had always been awesome. After our first assfuck, it got even better. A week had passed since I took my girlfriend's anal virginity, and not one day went by without me fucking her beautiful plump ass and pumping it full of cum.

For reasons beyond my understanding, Deb's initiation to anal sex had sent her libido into overdrive. Deb always had a major oral fixation, much to my enjoyment. It was a sort of daily ritual for her to give me one of her incredible blowjobs, slurping and sucking and deep-throating me until I shot a big load down her well-trained gullet. Now, beside tha... Continue»
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Whatever Didi Wants

As I drove through the familiar suburban neighborhood, I felt good. Really good. Excited, even. If I had learned one thing for sure during my first year of college, my very first time on my own away from home, it was that nothing compared to what I had here.

It had been a reasonably good year, apart from the frequent moments of agonizing loneliness and some insomnia issues. My grades were good, I had established a decent enough relationship with my roommates, I had learned how to deal with food and laundry and other 'grown-up' things. I had even enjoyed the debatable thrills of being a nin... Continue»
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Macbeth Among The Witches (Version No. 2)

(A note to readers: I have no hope of ever coming anywhere near the talents of William Shakespeare, and I apologize in advance for using one of his characters and plays themes. However, for me there has always been something decidedly 'kinky' (or potentially so) in the scene where Macbeth comes to the witches hide-out---where they were conducting some sort of black magic ritual designed to further ensnare him! So, take my much less talented attempt to 're-contextualize' poor Macbeth's predicament, and make it, I freely admit, luridly pornographic! Shakespeare was the far, far, far better write... Continue»
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