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Doris is starting to take on older males

Doris is starting to take on older males

When Doris followed the older man into the seedy bar that afternoon barefoot and just a skirt and blouse over her cum caked body, she saw the bartender /owner behind the bar and 3 guys sitting at the bar. It was still early that afternoon most of the men that came there came later after their work shifts were over.

The older man introduced Doris to the owner. This is the girl I was telling you about.

‘Doris, go with him to his office’. She followed the man into his office. When he turned around he had his dick out and it was growing, “Doris g... Continue»
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Bisexual Cosplay gets serious

BiwayJimmy Vs. SummerSultry & Shesally
SummerSultry was sitting alone in her bed thinking of the next movie she was going to make. Should it be with a guy, or a girl? Should I talk nasty or just moan? What would please my audience? She was wearing a sexy little teddy and had just taken some pictures and posted them online. She was excited posting her sexy pictures and thinking about her next video. Her pussy was wet and she just started to rub her fingers on her creamy pussy lips when there was a knock on the door.
“No!, why now!?!”
She went to the door still in her teddy, “Who is it?”... Continue»
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First Date With Khloe

For the last few weeks i've been seeing this stunning girl Khloe. Blonde, about 5'6, small, natural tits and just a little bit chubby. I met her online and we really hit it off, started out just a few casual messages, these got longer, then we progressed to Skype. I was stunned when she first appeared. Hair just touching her shoulders, full and defined lips, cute, feminine nose and dark, piercing eyes. We talked about everything, work, she was training to be a beautician, music, films, everything. We just seemed to click.

After a few weeks of talking on Skype I suggested to meet in real li... Continue»
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My daddy

*This is a fantasy story between me and a daddy who I spoke to for a while on Grindr but never met as I went away :( *

When I pulled over my car at his house I was a mix of nervous and excited. My hands were shaking but I knew deep down that I wanted this, so I got out of the car and walked to the door. I pressed the door bell and waited for an answer. Daddy opened the door and introduced himself. I gave him a little peck on the cheek before coming in. I wasn't dressed at all yet so felt a little uncomfortable kissing him, especially in public. So I went in to his house and went to the livi... Continue»
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Chatroom 2

<SissySadieCD> lonely baby?
<hard4you> how'd you know �
<SissySadieCD> you look lonely....come sit next to me
<hard4you> ok
hard4you sits next to you
<SissySadieCD> so what brings you here tonight?
<hard4you> looking to have a little fun, yourself?
<SissySadieCD> same....rubs your leg
<hard4you> what kind of fun do you enjoy? brushing my hand against your arm
<SissySadieCD> i like a man who likes to take who will just throw me down and fuck me...Im up for almost anything
<hard4you> Hmmm. I wonder where you could find someone like that? kisses you
<SissySadieCD> kis... Continue»
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Chatroom 3

<MrYance> Looking Good princess
<SissySadieCD> ty MrYance
MrYance blows a kiss from across the room
<SissySadieCD> blushing
<MrYance> are you dressed nice and pretty tonight?
<SissySadieCD> yes...panties and a tank top
<MrYance> mmmmmmmm
<MrYance> a perfect little gurl
<SissySadieCD> ty
MrYance taps the couch next to me
<SissySadieCD> i sit next to you
MrYance leans over and kisses you
<SissySadieCD> i take a deep breath in anticipation
<MrYance> my lips touching yours, parting as we kiss, my strong hands cupping your boi breasts
<SissySadieCD> mmmm kissing you deeper your hands... Continue»
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<Hung4Sissy> hi there///how r u
<SissySadieCD> good
<Hung4Sissy> so what brings u here tonight
<SissySadieCD> im just really the apartment all to myself....decided to dress up
<Hung4Sissy> oh what r u wearing
<SissySadieCD> black panties and a tank top
<Hung4Sissy> very nice...just in some boxers here...r those nipples hard and poking through that tank top?
<SissySadieCD> mmm yeah a little bit
<Hung4Sissy> i think thats so sexy...a little bit isnt as good as rock hard though
<SissySadieCD> im playing wth them now...i will get them rock hard for u
<Hung4Sissy> go... Continue»
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The Cinema

As I stood in the sun next to my car at the back of the cinema, drawing slowly on the cigarette in my sexy black pvc skirt and tight top that showed my curves I knew what awaited me inside, but I wonder if the people walking past knew what I was upto. I had spent the last two hours becoming the sexy lady they saw standing in that car park all hints as to my male self were gone, hidden, I was now a woman, and the adult cinema was I hoped full of sexy horny guys just waiting for a girl like me.

As I walk slowly from the car park to the entrance, a group of 3 guys are checking me out as they w... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 12

Cockatoo Part 12

Nikkie Silk

Previously in Cockatoo: Jamie and Nin had made it back to Koh Samui
after their journey to Bangkok to warn Kritsada. Jamie, Alex and Shane
had sailed to the West Coast for a short vacation where Jamie and Shane
had made love. The trio had sailed back and were in Cockatoo where they
were attacked. Pao had stepped between Jamie and the attacker and been

There was pandemonium inside Cockatoo in the moments after Pao had been
stabbed. As I cradled her in my arms I felt detached from what was going
on around me; as if I was watching a film made ... Continue»
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My sexy gurlfriend gave up her ass pussy (True Sto

It's been 8 months since I posted my last true story I haven't had any time to write. It was a month after my throat fuck quicky before we could get time together again. We always text flirt back and forth and she sent me a message that she had a free weekend. I was more than ready to play around with my gurl again she was going to already have a motel room and be waiting. I let my wife know I was going to a show with some friends for the night. With my cock already rock hard I headed over on Saturday afternoon and texted her on the way. "I'll be waiting for you I dressed like a slut for you t... Continue»
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Rear Window (Revised Version)

I was unhappy with some aspects of the original Rear I rewrote parts of it. I am now happy wit this new revised version,

Rear Window

Nikkie Silk

Rear Window is a 1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring
James Stewart and Grace Kelly. This fictional story is inspired by some
of the characters and events of the film.

For a while I wished I could go back and start that day again. It had
all begun so well. The forecast was for a beautiful summer's day; clear
blue skies and wall to wall sunshine. I hadn't taken the Norton out for
a long time and this se... Continue»
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Christina takes my ass

I have had many encounters with shemales over the last eight years. I first discovery that such beautiful creatures existed was when I lived in Tucson, Arizona. I had gone to a adult bookstore and was in a booth watching a little porn when I came across my first shemale porn movie. I sat back stroking my cock watching this buxom blond suck this guy off. Then of course he bent her over and fucked her hard in the ass.

I still rememember seeing those large breasts bounce and her cock swing back and forth as he f***ed his large cock deep in her ass! Then to my amazment he submitted to her and ... Continue»
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My Adventures - Oct 2016

I'm an adventurist for sure. A horn-dog, a slut, a monger, a serial masturbationist. . .an all-around perv you could say. And I'm okay with that. In fact, I like it and hope I never get so old that my dick goes soft and my libido fades. That would suck.

I am not, however, a good diarist. I think about all my encounters and wish I had kept some kind of record. Something to re-kindle the memory of this escapade or that. But I don't.

Until now.

London rapped on my hotel room door with authority. It was kind of late and I didn't want to wake the neighbors so I quickly let her in. ... Continue»
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cd shazza chapter 5

I hope you have read the previous chapters of my story because this is the part of my life as a crossdresser where I become the cock sucking spunk swallowing arse fucked slut that I am now enjoy, this is a true story some of you might think this is a sad way to behave but if you have never sucked a hard cock and had your mouth full of hot spunk you don’t know what you are missing, I hope you are all sitting comfortable with your prick in your hand then I will begin.
I knew I could get Fred to do whatever I wanted he was addicted to me sucking him and him filling my arse with his cock over the... Continue»
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The Friday night threesome-just a warmup

Friday was almost a week's worth in one night. I got a text saying to be ready for a surprise and to get ready and come to his place at 9. I put on a thong and my daisey dukes with a tank top and when I arrived it didn't take long to see what the surprise was. Mr 9er was entertaining out of town guests for the weekend. One single guy and a married couple. The 2 men were b*****rs, and Mr 9er's cousins, J####l was a big man. 6'2 and close to 350. The other b*****r A#####o was 5'10 and 260, both of them were former football players. A######o's wife was a super thick bleach blonde with really big... Continue»
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Desire women

I met with men
she had no men
I had to go a long way to her ...
As a c***d, a very strong impression on me has made,
lesbian scene in a porno movie, (then I do not know why)
Two luxurious woman in underwear sitting on a bed in a hotel room
kissing, caressing each other ..
the fact that a woman can hug a woman -
seemed so beautiful, so inaccessible
It was sweet and sickly feeling ..
I liked men, liked being with them
I felt very naturally and freely
but I never dreamed about them.
.. Road was over, we went to her house
I locked myself in the bathroom.
It is very exciting to becom... Continue»
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My Name was Andy

My name was Andy
now it's Amy. This is my story.

When I was twelve, I became fascinated by women and their clothes. I
still don't know what caused my fascination. I do know that my
interest increased with each passing day. Maybe it was puberty, or an
imbalance of hormones or as I've recently come to believe, I was a
person born genetically different. All I'm really sure of is ... I'm
glad it happened.

The initial stages of my quest for feminine knowledge took the form of
comparing women when they weren't conscious of my appraisal. I
scrutinized the manner in which women dr... Continue»
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My Sissy Beginnings

Tvtrinity How I became the cock loving sissy slut I am today..

It all started when I was very young. I was a very petite and short and had long straight brown hair with whispy bangs as a boy.. I was often mistaken for a girl. I have a s****r who was 6 years older than me about my size she used to dress pretty sexy with the tight jeans and the skin tight sailor button front jeans and high heels. When she wasn't around I would try them on and get very excited. One time my s****r walked in on me and I had on her sailor jeans and hi heels and i was curling my hair. I got in big tro... Continue»
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The Magic of my first Black Cock.

Wow ! This was my first real experience with Black Cock. it was right after my divorce. I was in my late twenties. I ran my ads as a crossdresser on a few dating sites and on Craigslist. I recieved a message on my AFF site from a member whos profile mame was BBCRicky. My interest was immediately peaked. His profile discribed him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10 inch thick cock. He was older in his late 40s, Interested in meeting petite submissive white sissys which fit me perfectly. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. He loved my pics an... Continue»
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From the start

Sorry if this is not very exciting, but I want to share my story from the beginning.
I truly believe that porn was the trigger that turned me from the normal straight acting teenage boy, the person I am today. Over the years I've had lots of different experiences with men, women and couples. Which I would love to share if you like what I've written.
I had a normal f****y life a girlfriend who I had lost my virginity with. No thoughts of other boys men or wanting to wear women's underwear had ever crossed my mind. That was until being alone at home once agin I decided to have a look around. ... Continue»
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