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I'd been having a crappy day in work and by the time I got home was fed up and needed to chill out. So I set about getting sorted! Into the bath, shaved the legs and had a close shave of the face. I moistourised and did my makeup. Then the next question, what to wear?

By now I was starting to get a little horny! I had the chatrooms open and was talking to a few guys and girls and had a few meets possibly sorted. While I kept a weather eye on the PC I picked out a pair of black panties and a matching lacy bra, teamed them with some seamed holdups and my black killer heels. Over this my fave ... Continue»
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Vitress Tamayo

I've always considered myself straight but I had come across the likes of Vitress Tamayo on xhamster and I had jerked off to her a couple of times. There was just something about her that I really liked and I thought that she was super hot. To my surprise I had found out that she was being photographed at a studio near me.

I had managed to get there and I had saw her as she entered the studio. I don't know what came over me but I thought that I'd go for a coffee at a nearby coffee shop and as I drank a coffee I was imagining what she was getting up to during the photo shoot.

As I wa... Continue»
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First Date

Bobbie took me out on our first date to a local pub in Elwick. We had a pleasant time chatting to friends. On the drive back to my house I noticed his van was all carpeted in the back with lots of cushions – I thought this must be his passion wagon. So I determined not be lured especially on a first date. Bobbie leant over to kiss me goodnight and with his lovely soft lips feeling so sensual I melted in his arms and we let our tongues stroke each other. His hand started stroking my knee and moved up under my skirt – I pushed it away as he reached my panties. So he moved his hand under my blous... Continue»
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Criminal minds

I was visiting one of my best friends, Mike. He was a skinny guy like me, with very long hair. We were school mates, nineteen years old tough guys. Problem was, he was a d**g addict and I went over to make sure he was ok once in a while. And usually he was fine. He shagged all the sexiest girls in school, and looked like prince. But a bit, or very androgyne ... I loved the guy.

As I arrived at his house, I spotted this perfect, big black Chevy Stingray outside. I thought it just was one of his d**g buddies and went straight for the door, knocked once and went straight inside. He used to be... Continue»
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My crossdress begining

Sorry for grammar and my English. I try to improve it :)

When I was a student, I tried to work at different companies to earn some money.

I found a nice job at a travel agency where I was a Guide/Driver for tourist who comes to our country. Easy job and very interesting because I had the possibility to drive a car. At that moment I didn't have my own car so that was a good opportunity to not use public transport :).

My boss was an Italian who opened the Tourism company in my town.

Everything was fine and he paid me weekly so I liked my new position.

One day I needed some money ... Continue»
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A BEAUTIFUL President's Day FUCK in black nyl

Here, I was, sitting in my apartment, AGAIN prowling XHamster (and playing with my cock) when I got a call from the beautiful, sexy Ronnie who I had spent last Valentine’s Day fucking and sucking. Turns out, she was having another bash for Presidents Day at her house. She informed me that a bra, panties and black nylons was a dress requirement. She also informed me that since I was bald, it would be cool if I wore a wig. She knew I owned none of these and purred that she would dress me when I got to her house.

I arrived early enough with few gurls there already. Ronnie Greeted me, wearing ... Continue»
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fantasy fulfilled

truth or fiction?

I'd always considered myself straight up to my late teens and had had a few less than satisfying experiences with girls. it was when i realised when watching porn i was focussing more on the guys cock than the girls cunt and imagining what it would be like to be her that got me thinking.

it was the early days of the internet and i managed to have an odd meet with older guys for oral only but they were equally unfulfilling until i met with one guy who dressed me in stockings and panties. from that day i was hooked and only ever had sex dressed and began to build up a c... Continue»
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Late Night Study With Ram

“yes Lola, i studied hard today but it’s not like when ram trains me” - Lola said “yes he’s doing a great job on you, I heard from casper you got good grades” - I nodded and rams hot palm was bare soft thigh under the table. “Dee is an excellent student and sure loves hard long studies, I love to help him - like a part of the f****y.” Lola smiled “Good, so you have this big test tomorrow dee? Hmm ok, ram why don’t you both do a late study, I know its late but the attic guest room is quite and you sure like it up there, we wouldn’t mind as long as you bring in a good grade Dee” - I look at Rams... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 5

Chapter Five

It was manic as soon as he got into work. One of the servers had gone
down, and he spent the first three hours without a break dealing with
the problems this had created. Besides himself, there were two others on
shift; a useless temp called Steve, and Rhona, one of the supervisors.
Steve was hopeless and Rick had to spend half his time sorting out what
Steve had messed up. Eventually Rhona and Rick managed to grab a break
sitting in the office with a coffee and doughnuts which Steve had been
sent to get. ‘That's the most useful he’ll be all day.’ Rhona whispered
to Ric... Continue»
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Head cheerleader Mikki part 5 Dee Knows

[Head cheerleader Mikki part 5 Dee Knows

Dad has been home for awhile and things are mostly back to normal. Donna and me have been having a lot of sex lately including her doing me with a huge strap on she recently bought. Mom just keeps giving me these dirty looks and she occasionally flashes me when dad isn't looking. She is such a slut.

I saw Tommy in gym today and he wanted to talk to me. I met up with him after school and we started to talk as we walked towards his house. He said how much fun he had the other day and thought about getting together again. Tommy do you know how scared... Continue»
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The horny neighbor, A surprise Orgy - Part B

..Continued from Part A.

Sunday morning has arrived - Ram and his f****y woke early and I told them and Casper i’ll stay and study “For what test” Casper asked - “I have special assignment for Jerroti, i’m volunteering for the education center” - Capster nodded - “yea you sure love to stay up late with him”
Yea if only he knew, actually he probably knew I was fucking him regularly and now maybe Ram suspected also, but my guess he probably knew I was whoring around.
As long as he got his dick sucked and cleaned and my ass ravaged who cared right? Before they left he quickly went up to ta... Continue»
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You're my Bitch Now Chapter 4

Chapter Four

After walking unsteadily back to his room, Rick lay on his bed and tried
to sl**p. His mind was spinning with the memories of what had just gone
on, but the image that kept coming back to him was of Kittie kissing him
and pushing his own cum into his mouth. He lay there, struggling to come
to terms with what had happened over the past 24 hours. There was no
doubt in his mind that he had been turned on by it all. He had never
experienced anything like the high he had felt tonight, and the thrill
of what had happened with Kittie was running through his veins like a
d**g; ... Continue»
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Back to the bath house (ending)

Here it was, late Monday afternoon on Valentine's weekend. I was sitting pretty much alone at the bar at the Island house, sucking down a rum and coke while waiting for Marty to once again become Marti. It was her final day and she had been invited to a drag queen party in Sugarloaf Key she couldn't pass up. I had wanted to come along but she told me this was a "gurls only affair." What the hell, I was ready to go back to my apartment after a beautiful three days of fucking and sucking. John the bartender and I were chatting when I felt a pair of hands on my back. I spun on the stool and there... Continue»
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My friend Shauna

While growing up in my area there were a couple of people who went to both primary and secondary school as me, one of whom was my friend Shaun.

I was protective of Shaun, he was a thin and wispy boy, not athletic at all and very shy, and had a feminine face. Boys will be boys, and he was sometimes picked on in school, but I did help him out, one day I very publically beat the living hell out of a boy the year above us because he backhanded Shaun while on the yard, and that at least ensured that he was never physically struck by anyone in school again.

Sadly I didn't see him much after ... Continue»
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First Day at Adults only Resort

We had been invited to spend three days at an adults only nudist resort in Spain last summer. We jumped at the chance to go because we had never been to Spain and the resort was first class all inclusive, everything was includes in the price. We arrived on a Friday morning and once we checked into our room we went to the restaurant by the beach for an early lunch. The food was great as were the drinks and the Spanish beer. The entire resort was clothing optional and from what we could see most people opted to go naked. The bartender was wearing shorts, nothing else and the waitresses were topl... Continue»
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Dee Maple - The horny neighbor - Part A

It was Saturday morning, i was hard fucking Ram in the master bedroom, his fat wife was making breakfast and they were all down stairs. It was a beautiful morning - they had a large room at the second top floor of the villa, there was a large window viewing the outside, the curtains were open and you could see some trees and the other villa next to us.
I was riding Ram 10 inch cock, he was laying on his back his head on some pillows, i was sitting with my back to him my feet on his knees and hands back leaning on his shoulders. I used my pelvis and legs to lift my ass and hump his magnificen... Continue»
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The Delivery Part 2

Part 2

Steve arrived promptly at ten fifteen. I had the lights dimmed appropriately and was sipping a glass of white wine. I had changed into something far more sexy and comfortable. A black lace thong, and bra with matching garter belt attached to sheer black stockings with black stiletto high heels, and my long red wig. My long sheer black negligee completed the outfit. It was a very elegant look if I do say so myself. The guest bedroom was already prepared, but I was so horny I would have fucked him in the front yard for that matter. I had left a sticky note on the front... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Rick dragged himself off to his room and sat on the floor with his back
against the bed and his arms wrapped around his knees. He felt so
confused he almost couldn't function properly. He knew that one part of
him wanted to go, and another was terrified about what might happen. He
was frightened by the strength of his own feelings, and the fear of
embarrassment, or even worse, humiliation, was never far away from him.
He looked at his watch, 25 minutes had passed and he needed to make a

Desire overcame fear, as it always does, and Rick felt his pulse racing... Continue»
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My first time with a Shemale

By the time I turned 18, I had already done a lot of fucking - mostly with women in their 30's and 40's. As a k**, I was kind of a stud, mowing lawns in the neighborhood. I had a bod, and went shirtless, in shorts and sneakers, for effect. The women in the neighborhood did love me and tipped me well after mowing their lawns and eating their "bush."

I did finally land a job as a pool boy at the Fountainbleau Hotel. The sexual encounters remained the same but in much better surroundings, and the tips got a lot better.

On one beautiful day, I spotted this gorgeous red head, Arlene, in maybe... Continue»
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2nd TV Cottaging trip, And so Friday Cums...

So... Where were we.. Ah yes. Post that evening (A Tuesday I think) I had a few exciting times in my hotel room, and I went shopping in an adult store for the 1st time. (I was literally shaking when I went in) I bought a douche set, some lube, condoms and a butt plug.

I also bought some lingerie(For my girlfriend I didn't have at the time ) and more shaving stuff , Again shaking like a leaf!

I didn't go into the toilets until the Friday, although I wondered past a few times on my usual route from work to car, I did see a couple of familiar faces either near or at the doorway of the toile... Continue»
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