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Hitch-hiking 1993

Hitch-hiking 1993

How to flirt by e-mail? Through stories of past experiences, perhaps? What was your first experience with a fella? Where did you meet him? How did it come about? Was it a once off, or the beginning of something special? How did you feel?

Mine was in 1993, so I was quite young, as I hitch-hiked from Dublin to Cork. A man picked me up, in a nice big car. He was in his late forties with a bushy beard. He had a pleasant manner and we chatted about the usual things, including the weather. Somehow, the conversation came around to the taste of ... Continue»
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Soaking with a Mormon Gal in College

When I was a sophomore in college in Wisconsin I met a female sophomore named Ella who was raised Mormon. Ella attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and was visiting a friend for the weekend. Only recently did I learn (through reading sex blogs like this) that the sex act in which Ella and I engaged has a special name - "soaking." I did not know this term at the time, but I 'soaked' in 1996! Ella and I met at a fraternity party and I was genuinely interested in her upbringing, having never met a Mormon before.

Ella was pretty with brown hair and large breasts. She wasn't dressed all... Continue»
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Simran shares her true Indian sex story!

my name is Simran(name changed) and I’m a college student sharing my true Indian sex story. This is first time I’m writing something, as I can’t stop myself from sharing this experience which I can’t share in real life. Let’s start with my character, I have done my in computer science from DU and was very conservative in outside wo... Continue»
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A beautiful sight

I was still dating kylie at the time. And her parents had gone away on a business trip for a week. She didn't stay far away from school about a 10 minute walk. The Monday at school we discussed to bunk school the next and after my mom dropped me off in the morning I would walk up to her house and spend the day there. The next morning after getting dropped off, I walked to her house, kylie in her pj's still opened up for me.  Putting my school bag down and greeting her with a passionate kiss, we made our way to her parents bedroom. We were both very horny but didn't have condoms. So we first la... Continue»
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stepdad's cock

On Saturday night my mom and stepdad went out for supper while I stayed at home doing a geography assignment as I was in matric. It was after 10 when I decided to call it a night and get into bed. Before falling asl**p I decided to play with myself, I rubbed up and down my pussy and clit, soon licking my middle finger making it wet, entering it in my pussy. I fingered myself and rub on my G spot, to make myself cum. I fell asl**p afterwards, but was woken up to my mom and stepdad laughing, obviously they had just got home and were a bit d***k.

Not long later I heard softish banging, and so... Continue»
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Hands Free Anal Part 3

After writing the last installment I felt ashamed. I realized it wasn’t anything. What I was doing still involved touching the clitty. I’ll use clitty to be honest, since my clitty is very small. My clitty was getting squeezed between my legs if you recall. So it was still clitty masturbation I was talking about. It wasn’t the same experience as doing it without anal, certainly anal was a big part, but it wasn’t really all that different from usual wanking off. The clitty was still the star. What was going on in the asshole was cool, but the clitty was calling the shots. For example, what I di... Continue»
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A beach walk

It was December holidays and my bf at the time Kyle, came with us to spend a week at out holiday home in the Cape. Still studying and staying with my mom and stepdad, we had to stick to their rules, and had to sl**p in separate rooms. The first few days went by ok, but eventually we both started becoming rather horny. It was a Wednesday and we planned to go to the movies that night and see the latest slot movie, which was at 10pm, to have some fun, "rough hard sex" in the theater. Getting in and sitting down it was rather pack due to the holidays. So the plan failed. We watched the movie anywa... Continue»
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"A worthy opponent" Part 1

"Find your sex partner", who are they k**ding?
So just like any other day, I chat with a few female friends..share some pics and favorite porn videos via an online porn/chat site..then everything changed.
A friend named Claudia, that previously resided on the west coast, tells me she's being transferred to my state..local actually. After months of some online play, she's no longer another "online" friend, but maybe become a reality.. If we decided to actually meet up. My first thoughts are "is she really into the things she chats about online?" or just another "poser"? Many, if not the major... Continue»
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The Trap ---Beginning

Hi Guys and Gals and Uncles and Aunties!!! This is Priyanka from Mumbai. I am a 25 years young lady. I am fair. 5’7” tall and 52 kg is my weight. 33-25-35 is my vital stats. Pretty much like Amy Jackson from movie “I”.

Without boring you all much let me tell you about this story. I was 21 then in January 2011. It was last year of mine in graduation. As per the society I was a very polite, gentle
... Continue»
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Fucking my Stalker, the worst sex ever - #5 Ashley


It was a cool fall night, football season for the local school had started. Most of the games were boring because...

1. the local school was typically 5x bigger than the school they were playing

2. While winning is fun, you gotta lose to appreciate the wins. We always won so I would get bored at the games, knowing the results would be predictable

So, I went to the football games not to actually watch the game but to find the horny ... Continue»
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House sitting at Megan's

Back in school days I had a close friend megan. We were in the same grade both 18. Although being good friends I had a crush on her for a long time. It was easter, megan and her parents were going away and they asked me to look after their house.Thursday afternoon I rocked up by their house and they gave me the keys, as they set off on their trip.
They were a f****y of 5, megan's dad and mom her older b*****r, 2 year younger s****r and megan.

Me being 17 and at the peek of my horniness I went snooping around in the cupboards of the ladies. Starting off in megan's, she had a few sexy mini... Continue»
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1st time cheating on my husband

My husband was away on business for a week. As his job demanded him to attend meeting around the country. He flew out on the Monday morning leaving me and our 3 year old daughter at home. The Tuesday night while bathing my daughter the bathroom light blew, leaving us in the dark. It wasn't a big issue but it was the only bathroom in the house that had a bath, the other only had a shower and with my daughter being young I preferred to bath her. And maybe it was a bit of an inconvenience for me to shower downstairs at night.

Anyway the Wednesday morning after dropping my daughter off at crèc... Continue»
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Our little town - part 1

Today started out as any other normal day. I got up and got dressed, had a cup of coffee to wake me up, got Susie up and got her ready for school. Susie is the love of my life. Her mother passed away shortly after she gave birth to her and it’s been just the two of us since. I made Susie her favorite breakfast, pancakes, she absolutely loves pancakes. I threw some chocolate chips in them to make them special for her.

After she ate, we left the house, first stop was dropping Susie off at school. I walked her to her classroom and kissed her goodbye for the day and she ran off to her friends.... Continue»
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WOW him or his room mate?!?


I was invited over to this guys house, when I got there he was already naked and fresh out of the shower. He took me to his room where he started kissing my neck, then down to my left nipple. He pushed me down on the bed and started to remove my pants, I can see his dick was already hard, man... he was bigger and longer then what he wrote on his profile. Honestly I panicked, this time it was too late to pull out of this meeting since I talked so much trash about him not being able to hang too long with me... how I would have him cum in less than five minutes..yadee yadee yah... I starte... Continue»
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The New Year Misshapen

Hello, introductions first. I’m darzle martins, age 23, sex female. We were on the round house table on one of our friends Sarah. We were 8 people in total. Grendel and his wife Sarah, dev with his wife Smriti, carl with his girlfriend and my s****r felicia and my boyfriend phill. We had some arguments which led to a heated conversation between carl and Felicia and the later left straight away. Carl was pissed but he stayed and we continued our discussion. Phill we... Continue»
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S*ster in law (flashing, she took some pictures)

I have been married for about 6 years and have recently moved back to Colombia. My wife and I bought a flat and decided to refurbish it in order to move in. We came to stay here for a few years so my s*ster in law came to visit to spend christmas with us.

We don't really get along too well, but we try our best so that my wife doesn't get upset with our arguments. They are both really close and I have always had to make an effort to keep a good relationship... but the truth is that, I can't stand her more than a few days. However she is 2 years younger than my wife and although a bit hea... Continue»
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A sexy happy ending


A few months ago my wife was overseas in London on business. It was a Saturday afternoon, I was bored and horny and browsing around on a few porn sites, when an ad popped up about a venue near to me that offers sensual massaged with a hand relief ending. I decided to call them and find out the prices, how to make a booking and there street address.

There prices seemed reasonable, so I hopped in my car and off to the venue I went all excited and eager. The nearer I got to the venue butterflies started to build in my tummy and suddenly I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this or not con... Continue»
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part 2 caught by my stepb*****r

As I mentioned in my previous story, I caught my stepb*****r, Bryan, wanking in my room with the use of my underwear. Now for part two.

A new year had started I was in my 2nd year at varsity and Bryan in his matric year. Bryan still his usual self bunking the occasional day, and we had put our little past incident behind us and had a great friendship between us.
He was still with his girlfriend and I had been dating a guy, well my boyfriend Kyle.

Kyle and I had met at varsity and been dating for close to 7 months. He has come over to meet the f****y and had a few f****y dinners with us... Continue»
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catching my stepb*****r

This is a short story, of when I caught my stepb*****r wanking. It does not contain any form of i****t or sexual intercourse.

My mom divorced my dad when I was starting high school and a year or so later she met a guy named Mark who had a son 2 years younger than me, named Bryan, after a year my mom got engaged to mark and soon after they got married, and they became my stepdad and stepb*****r.

We soon all were staying together in a lovely home, although my new younger b*o, Bryan spent most of the time with his mom and 1 week a month with his dad and us. We all got along well and the fi... Continue»
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I was ****d by a real promiscuous cumdrippin slut

A few years ago, well more then a few, I was with a few coworkers in a bar in Old San Juan, we were all drinking and this beautiful blonde white girl with blue eyes had on a pair of very short daisy dukes there with a friend on vacation and I started to talk to her, she stopped me, thinking at 1st that I didn't speak English, she told me she was being harassed by some dude, to not leave her side and I didn't. We all later went across to a poolhall bar and she played horribly but who cared, I tried to teach her and by doing so and being very close I got a hell of a hardon, she noticed and took ... Continue»
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