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Old School Hippies

My neighbor texted me to come and check out something he just got. "Just come thru the house to the backyard." The text from Ronny read. I went next door and thru the house to the back yard. Ronny had a new hot tub. It looked great. "Check it out. What do you think?" Ronny said with a big smile. "Get in and try it out." Ronny said. "Well I have to get my suit." I replied. "Nonsense" He said as he stood up showing his naked body. I thought for a minute then decided what the hell. I mean I do sports at school and have to shower with a bunch of guys so what could be wrong with this. I striped d... Continue»
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Queen of sluts

You are the Queen of sluts with a greedy cunt
I know a place you can go if you are interested by an infestation of cock
i invite you to join me at the most debauched Friday afternoon sex club experiece for greedy girls in Manchester.
You have dressed for action under a long black leather trench coat.
I explain to you that the afternoon entertainment you are about to endure could include the most perverse things you have ever experienced
You will be subjected to acts of the most depravity that any woman could bear
You will be treated as a piece of slutty shit in the minds of the horde of... Continue»
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Some Things About Sonny May

(A new series! Staring: "Sonny May!" An Okie redneck, occasional roustabout, and some-time truck driver and construction worker; who, despite his outwardly rough 'n tough, macho exterior, is not above sucking a cock now and then, should the occasion 'arise!')

Sonny was watching Opra, killing time, when the knock on his motel room door occurred. He answered it, and he saw Doug and Larry, two guys he'd struck up a conversation with when they'd been out of the oil rig south of town several weeks earlier.

Seeing their expressions, Sonny immediately guessed why they'd shown up, but, he deci... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor END

Mary giggled a little then said, "Mica, you are a fucking genius."

"Wait ... I forgot one thing ... why in the fuck would we be sl**ping so early?" asked Mica.

"Um ... if it's around ten, we tell them we have soccer practice and need the sl**p," offered Mary.

"Good one ... that means you have to bring your soccer bag," offered Mica.

"No problem ... it's packed," Mary offered as she examined her toenails.

"When is your date?" asked Mica.

"Fuck ... I forgot that part ... wait ... he just said come over ... he never said when ... I don't know if I can make until ten, I'll fucki... Continue»
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Anne's first penis in her butt.

This work of fiction was intended for the entertainment and enjoyment by its readers. If the subject of anal stimulation and penetration is unpleasant or offensive, please read no further. If you are curious to know some of the bountiful pleasures of this form of intercourse, continue to indulge your imagination.< />I>


It was late in the evening when Anne's boyfriend, Jake, asked her if she would like to try 'back door' sex. The had been together for quite some time and had experimented with almost every part of each other's body. The occasional 'rimming' of either of their anal
... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor

In Mary's mind, another summer was vanishing without real incident and the halls of a college a few miles away offered little enchantment for Mary's musing. It was February and nearing the end of summer when the wind and air change as frequently as a woman's fancy but this would be Mary's enchanted season dominated by a reality suddenly appearing right next door.

Reading always had a special place in Mary's heart but sultry romances cast spells on her. Although Mary was aware sex was everywhere around her she used romantic stories to stimulate her imagination and her imagination to arous
... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor 2

Mary couldn't think and cleared her throat for no reason except to gain a little time. Her mind began racing faster than her heartbeat and she felt a flush of heat fill her neck and face. When words finally began to form on her lips the words popped out of her mouth in a series of questions. "I'm your neighbor? ... I just came over to see what you were doing? ... I didn't mean to bother you? ... I mean ... I'm ... ah... Mary? ... I live over there? ... Is this your car?"

Mary would have kept singing and waving her arms if it weren't for the man's intervention. He began to giggle a little at... Continue»
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Young woman is sodomized by her new neighbor 3

Suddenly Allen stood and spun around then speaking with a soft voice he said, "Let's get dressed, we'll discuss this later ... okay?" he said as he bent over to pick up his gym shorts.

Mary sat in the bed and watched Allen slip on his gym shorts as her heart beat up her body. She didn't care about his massive erection anymore or the fact she had just offered herself to a man she had just met less then an hour ago. Mary cared about Allen's feelings and she knew why. She had no clue how to escape her feelings for him because it was her first experience with what she thought to be true love. T... Continue»
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sl**p Over

Lying on the sofa after everyone had gone to bed, Adam was glad that he had decided to offer to let them stay the night. Yes they had had a drink or two but he had been fascinated with Marianne. He could not believe that she was with Nigel. Marianne obviously cared for him and they must have been a real item once but Nigel had let himself go badly. Goes to show what 20 years will do to a guy if he doesn't make an effort he thought. Nigel just about fell asl**p on the lounge after dinner and seemed almost cranky to be kept up. Whilst he and Marianne had talked. They seemed like they didn... Continue»
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Deb my horny coworker

A friend of mine wrote a story on here about a sales conference he had gone to and his experience. He encouraged me to share it with all of you. I had not thought about Deb for a long time, but his story got me thinking about her. Sorry for the long story the end is worth it

A fw years ago, I was involved with a direct marketing company, where we sold items at home demonstrations. The sales f***e was comprised of 98% women. I know, sounds sort of feminine. I can assure you, I am not feminine at all, as a matter of fact, I did quite well in my little business. I out sold ¾ of the women in my... Continue»
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Sex with apartment host on vacation

This happened few yeas ago, it was a hot summer and I needed break from everything that was going on in my life at that time.
I didn't have much money cause I was still a teenager and didn't have a job, so I bought a bus ticket for a small town in my Country called Ohrid. The place is beautiful, it's cheap and the lake is really nice.

When I arrived at the buss station in Ohrid, there were many people offering a place for staying at the exit of the station.
There was one lady, around 45. She was really cute but kinda shy.
I asked her what was her offer. She said she was renting rooms in... Continue»
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Leah & Darren had agreed to meet in a motel room. Time for some privacy, space to stop and enjoy each other at their leisure. Darren had decided it was time for something a little special.

He arrived first and after a quick shower he dressed and waited. He had a blindfold in his pocket the sort that are given out by airlines and some plans in his head. Leah arrived and he threw his arms around her and pulled her in close. God she felt good. Curves in all the right places. They kissed, leaning against one another and caressing. Hands roaming each others bodies. Darren leaned in ki... Continue»
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My Birthday

First can I say I was young and completely innocent I knew about sex but never wanked off or even had a girlfriend or kissed a girl on the lips for that mater, I lived in a small village so meeting girls and finding out about life was a lot harder back in the 70's, I hated school and tried not to go if I could get out of it so due to this I did not have many friends male or female.

The week before my birthday mum asked what I would like and I said I did not have a clue, a nice 40 year old I said to teach me what I don't know and I laughed and mum said with a big grin see what I can do for y... Continue»
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Sharing Gran's bed

When I was in my mid-teens, about 35 years ago, I spent a week on holiday with my gran, visiting an old c***dhood friend of hers.

Mrs Cook, gran's friend, lived in a small cottage in rural Wales. Water had to be drawn from a pump outside the cottage. Needless to say, toilet facilities were pretty basic. She kept the house nice and warm during the day with a red-hot coal fire but it could get pretty chilly at night. As the cottage was so small, gran and I had to share a bed - a big, old fashioned brass affair. It was also very practical because, being townies, we weren't used to the cold a... Continue»
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My Gran

When I was a boy. I used to visit my maiden gran, who lived nearby. She would have been about 50 years old at the time.

I enjoyed my visits for two reason. First, gran would feed me on the most wonderful home-made fruit cake. Second, I would get fantastic views up her dress as she relaxed in her armchair. Of course, at that age I had no practical sexual experience to speak of - I'd only recently discovered the pleasures of wanking - but, like all boys, I always enjoyed a surreptitious glimpse of knickers or stockings. Gran wore floral print dresses that buttoned all the way up the front. T... Continue»
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My Persuasive Gran.

Looking back over the years, it's difficult to believe how innocent I was when I went away to college. I stayed with my Gran and Grandad. I'd had almost no sexual experience - just the odd snog and fumble.

It wasn't long before I really started to notice gran in a sexual way. She was tall and, while certainly not fat, she was nevertheless well built. She usually wore a polo-necked top that accentuated her more than ample bosom, and a knee-length skirt - often pleated tartan. On the odd occasion I would get a glimpse of a lacy slip hem and, even more occasionally, a glimpse of stocking top a... Continue»
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My MIL part 1

My MIL part 1

It all started in 2005, while working for a doctor and his wife, I was remodeling their ranch house. When I got to the hardwood
floors I needed to find someone who would help. It all came down to my mother in law. Here is a woman in 80's, 82 to be exact.

When I first met her before I married her daughter, she didn't like me but over the years she changed and really began to like me.

We would sort of tease back and forth with each other. Every once in awhile I would grab her tits. and she would say "stop that."
and "keep ... Continue»
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Return to the MILF – by SBarak1

Return to the MILF – a story by SBarak1

This is the 2nd story in my MILF series. Although this story can be read ‘stand-alone’, it will make more sense if read after my story ‘My First MILF’. Just remember this is fantasy.

After a memorable evening at Bev’s a few years ago, as relayed in the story my story “My First MILF.” I returned a few days later, at the time, to her house to fulfil my promise to give Bev a spare portable hard drive so she could free up some space on her laptop PC. I knew our next meeting would be very revealing.

I had phoned Bev to arrange a time. She was ve... Continue»
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Mum's boy

When this started I was a 37 year old widow, with my son Mark. I still had a nice figure and, to be honest, didn't go without, after all I have always been a very sexy woman. I lost my virginity on my sixteenth birthday and have never looked back. I had never looked at Mark sexually, but one morning when I knocked on his door, and went straight in as usual, I found him lying on his bed naked and masturbating. Whether he had heard me I don't know but he apologised and I said, "It's alright, darling, I don't mind, everyone does it."

I couldn't avoid looking at his cock and it was obvious that... Continue»
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The Ski Weekend Pt1

I must start by saying I am not a skier. I tried it once and determined that I do much better when it's warm and the mountainside is green. But, after all that, when my neighbor Lisa invited me to spend the weekend at her f****y's condo at a ski resort I couldn't pass it up the opportunity to ski again.

There hadn't been much snow in the city, but as we made our way up north into New Hampshire and Vermont, the countryside was brilliant white with fresh snowfall. After three hours we made it to the resort. The condo was what you would imagine for a mountain ski location. There was a large s... Continue»
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