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Lust or Love?? ... you be the judge. II

"I see you and I hear you. I sense how much we can share. Our eyes are seeing each other differently than before. This night has begun to change who we are. It's love quietly coming to you. We touched and life began to change. We can't go back to where we were? How could we? Take the chance with me Eli, open your heart. Don't close your eyes to the possibilities. Look in my eyes, see it? Let it come through you slowly, don't be afraid."

"You don't see one shred of fear in my eyes." There was nothing in his eyes I could possibly fear.

"Here we are, two ordinary people who just met and I'm... Continue»
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At Breanna's Insistence

It has been a while...sorry about that. Sometimes life interferes. Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are imaginary, existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination. Enjoy!


It felt fairly strange to be back in college after nearly thirty years. Sitting amidst all those young graduate students made me feel a bit old, even though I was only fifty-one years old. Still, I was enjoying myself...feeling my love for history being recharged as I p... Continue»
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Lust or Love?? ... you be the judge.

Romance. A feeling of mystery? The sense of excitement? The promise of love?

Survey a thousand people and ask what romance means to them and you'll hear a thousand different similes. Is romance a medieval tale based on legend? Chivalric love and adventure, ethereal or the supernatural? Perhaps a prose narrative treating imaginary characters involved in events remote in time or place and usually heroic, adventurous, or mysterious? Could romance merely be a love story especially in the form of a novel? Is it a class of literature? Does romance exaggerate or invent detail or incident? Can roma... Continue»
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More Than a Handful is Not Wasteful

With the online easy hookup board now censored, my P4P has been more challenging. I reverted to some old numbers on the off chance that someone had picked up the hook up number. Hit it lucky about the sixth call. Could not recall what she looked like, but she said I was repeat so she said "Come on over" after she asked if I really liked her type. Of course my little head was screaming yes, so I said I did. She texted me an address, and it was in an apartment complex close to downtown.... Continue»
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By: Sue
(White Woman/Black-Puerto Rican Man)

Taiwan walked up the stairs of the six floor story apartment building, he,his wife and c***dren;Ty and Eriana lived in for the past three years. Looking to the elevator Taiwan seen his neighbor Danielle holding the door for him.

"Thank You ma"He said slipping into the metallic doors.

"No problem"Danielle replied with a big smiled.

Taiwan glanced at her and smiled. She was a beautiful young lady around 5'7 in height,mocha colored complexion,big brown doe eyes,long lashes, and a pear-shaped form.... Continue»
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Weekend fuck for my dirty wife

weekend fuck for my dirty wife
This continues my wife Karen’s mid-life crisis as she tries to fuck any man she sees.
Karen as I’ve told you before is gorgeous. Over fifty now she still gets the admiring looks as she goes about her business. Her ample chest and big arse mean she has no end of admirers. A month after she was well and truly fucked by the waiters at our local restaurant we decided to go to our chalet at a holiday camp just over a hundred miles from home. Since her banging Karen has said nothing of that night. This suited me. I knew what a dirty slut she could be and was willing ... Continue»
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A young and old encounter

My name is Maggie, I am 19 years old, I have long legs, blonde hair down to my waist, and large breasts. I would like to tell you of an experience that happened to me not to long ago. You see, I used to help out an elderly o.a.p gent by getting his shopping for him. Well; one day I came back from the supermarket with his supplies for the week, and thought that he was out in the garden as I could hear someone talking outside. I just wanted to freshen up from my exertions in town, so I slipped into the bathroom, and to my embarrassment, there he was just drying his hair completely naked, the to... Continue»
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Big Juan

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria Summer, 1982:

I went on holiday with my mom and stepfather, I thought I was being very grown up at the time, but I realise now I was just 'acting out'.

My folks spent a lot of time at the bar, and a lot of time reading on sunloungers. I didn't want to spend time with them
anyway, so I was happy there were some teens to hang out with.

One of the barmen was willing to slip some alcohol into our non-alcoholic cocktails, Coca Colas etc. This was before the
days of All Inclusive, and he wasn't charging us for the alcohol. He seemed to favour the girls w... Continue»
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The Laundry Room

We stare into each other's eyes filled with lust at the point of entry. We've been waiting for this moment for so long. I pull your gorgeous face towards me and lean in to kiss your sweet lips, our tongues hungrily entwine, relishing the chance to finally unleash the pent up sexual energy between us. You let out a soft moan when the tip of my cock slides inside you and you dig your fingernails deep into my shoulder blades. The sight of you with your glasses on and your bare breasts jiggling with each vibration sends another wave of excitement through my body.

Grabbing you firmly by the hip... Continue»
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Watching Ana fucked by a perfect stranger

Saturday evening before dinner I was watching some movies with my loving Ana. She had suggested having dinner outside later. Her cell phone rang and then she walked into the kitchen to talk. I was sure it was one of her male friends so I stayed in the sofa.

Two minutes later my sweet wife came back and told me she was going to have a shower. When she came out of the bathroom, Ana was wearing only a short bathrobe. She sat down close to me and I tossed the remote to her.

Suddenly I heard someone pulling up in the drive way. I started to get up but Ana was sitting closer to the door and sa... Continue»
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Liz & James, meet & fuck.

Fiction: Pic's in the galleries to go with the story

Hi guys, back again to share another story of Liz's one night when she was horny and needed to fuck properly. This time she meets a guy called James for the first time, they had only spoken online for a day or 2 and never met. As proof that I was in the flat at the time this took place here is the first still of me making sure the camera view is setup to capture her being used properly:

So they enter the living room and take a seat to chat about the normal stuff, trying to break the ice, after all they both know why they are there.... Continue»
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Stuck in the Window - An Adult Story

My girlfriends Mom came to find some dirt on me so I break up with her daughter, Instead she got stuck in my big window. What was I suppose to do???

I only had been dating Teresa Diamond for about a month. We met at a health food place near my house. We went on a few dates. She would tell me about her over bearing parents she lived with. Whom I never met in person. So it was not a big surprise when she called me a few minutes ago to tell me she was breaking up with me. She used her parents as the excuse why we were breaking up. I wasn’t really upset about it. I just hung up the ... Continue»
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A Love Fulfilled

Helen heard moans coming from her son's room, she began to get concerned and decided to peek in and see if her son was ok. Helen walked to her son's door and pushed it open just enough to peek in and gasped in surprise at what she saw. Her son was laying on his back on his bed, naked, his eyes shut and stroking his hard cock. Helen stood in the doorway unable to take her eyes from her son's hard penis. She was locked in a trance watching as his hand slid up and down his cock. She knew she shouldn't be watching but she had been without a lover for years. Her husband had run off when her son was... Continue»
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My Mom Fucked By Jobless Local Guy

My mom name is Shahina. About my mom, she is 44 years old, whose body is similar to Swetha Menon. She has a round ass and her boob size is 34. We live in a village in Kerala where there is always problems between the political parties.

My dad is a member of a party, which has people from every religion. While the opposition party doesn’t
... Continue»
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In the Bath with Mum

I hear comments constantly about the short comings that go with being raised by a single parent , and I can't for the life of me determine where these know-it-alls get their information. I qualify as one of those poor unfortunate victims ( NOT).

In my case, my parents split up a long time ago because they couldn't get along with each other. c***d custody was not an issue; I'm 17 years old and at the local university. One of the main issues for the divorce was that my mum was more successful than my dad, and he was too macho to accept that fact. I'm sure they had other differences leading u... Continue»
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On the bus with mum

It was a warm day. Warm enough for me to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Mum was a wearing bright sundress that stopped about 5 inches above her knees. All day out shopping I had been catching glimpses down the front of it when she lent forward, as the top was low cut with a couple of thin shoulder straps. She had big creamy white breasts and her bra barely contained them.

We had finished the shopping and we made our way to the bus. We had to make a bit of run for it as it was already waiting at the stop. We managed to make it and I took the bags from mum while she paid for us. I wandered... Continue»
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Wife fucks old man (true story)

My wife and I had talked about sharing her with other men for years and years and lt finally happened. I was 34 and Jen was 28 at the time it happened two years ago. Jen is naturally beautiful 5'10" 135 pounds 36 C she has brown hair with blonde highlights a nice tan toned body that you can't help but want to fuck. She is always well put together and loves to wear sexy outfits that shows off her long legs eccentuated by her high heels. Jen has such a nice tight neat pussy that she keeps completely bald it is by far the best I have ever had.

we had talked about her fucking other g... Continue»
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a valentines gift

A few years for valentines day my hubby bought me a vibrator, it was a standard one about 8inches long. That evening I was home from work early, i shower and slowly got dressed waiting for my husband to pick me up so we could go out for our valentines day dinner. In the days building up, I'd gone to the shops and bought a bright red lingerie set, which I wore that night to suprise him. But of course when he got home I had put a sexy black dress on to cover the lingerie while out at dinner.

We went out to this romantic restaurant and had a lovely dinner with a few drinks. Soon after dinner w... Continue»
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Preliminary Christmas Capers

I picked up the ringing phone to hear a husky, sensuous, breathy female voice say, "This is a voice from your past," the tone hinting at many past and future delights.

"Ah, yes," I replied, "But which one, is the question."

She giggled coyly. "Well, I suppose I shouldn't be offended because it is about ten years since I was in there. Hi, it's me, Livia."

My mind raced back the decade in nanoseconds. Livia had been a randy, lascivious student who had an enormous appetite for any sort of sensual pleasure. For various, now irrelevant reasons, I had been unable to enjoy her as fully as I ... Continue»
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The Nymphs and the GILF – by SBarak 1

The Nymphs and the GILF – a Story by SBarak 1

This is story #7 in the Nymph series. It follows ‘You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden’, ‘The Return of the Nymphs ‘The Nymphs and the Morning After’, ‘The Nymph’s Proposition’, ‘The Nymphs and the Dentist’ and ‘The Nymphs and the Corsetry Buyer’. Although this story stands alone reading the previous stories provides the background. I have broken this story into chapters based on feedback received from readers of my other stories. Please enjoy.

---------------------------- ----------------Chapter 1 --------------------------------------... Continue»
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