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Former Mother In Law Went Shopping (Part 2)

Continued from part 1...

So there was Gail, on all fours with her hands bound to the headboard, tits hanging out the top of her bra, a butt plug in her ass, vibrator in her pussy (both held in place by her panties), and my cum plastered all over her face. She was ready to get fucked, but I wanted to have some more fun before we got to that. I moved behind her and slid her panties off, exposing the plug & vibrator. I took the handle of the vibrator and moved it in and how slowly, pushing it in a little bit harder with each instertion so the vibrating tip could tickle her clit. Each time I pu... Continue»
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Gokharna Escapade with an Indian MILF

This happened when I was in Goa last month. I was there with a bunch of my friends and we wanted to do a road trip. We started off from Bangalore - India in a nice little hatchback loaded with alochol and guitar. Except the driver everyone was d***k even by the time we reached half way. we decided to spend the night at Gokharna and then drive to Goa in the morning.

We booked ourselves a swanky new motel by the paradise beach and started along the mountain to reach the Om beach. NOw Om beach is so beautiful with shacks on the beach that has restaurant/club fronts. We parked orselves in one s... Continue»
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Maybe Older is Better

I had just finished high school and was trying to figure out what is next for me. My b*****r had a pool maintenance business and I started work there. Now, all threw school I was a player notching the bedpost twenty times. They were all girls my age or younger. I liked fucking.
I was working and my last call was in a classy part of Dallas. I arrived and went to back yard. The pool was dead and the owner did not know why. I went to work and noticed the owner and another lady were sitting at a umbrella table drinking wine. They were not bad looking women but both were in their mid fifties ... Continue»
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Hairy girls

The hairy squad.
The door locked from the inside, the JB pub has officially closed for the day now, they wait for me to finish cleaning the bar.
I haven’t told them about my apartment upstairs, have accepted their invitation for a swim though. Just finishing my job now. Fun is in the air, happiness, lightness, sex.
Yesterday and the day before I kicked them out with the others, today they can stay a bit longer. Free drinks after opening hours, of course, self service for the ladies. The White Russians go in quickly, so do the gin tonics, yes girls, you can smoke inside now.
The hea... Continue»
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Oh Go On....

I'd been seeing Davey for a while. We met at a gig and didn't mind that I was married and ten years older. I'd call round occasionally when in town and we'd have sex. He wasn't the most exciting lover but was good looking and well put together. He shared an apartment with another guy called Sean, a very quiet and shy kind of guy but there was something sweet about him. He and Davey were quite good friends but Davey would tease Sean about his shyness.

Every now and then when hubby was busy elsewhere or working away I'd make the journey to their town and stay the night with Davey. Fucking's g... Continue»
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JO in the Jacuzzi

I first realized I was bi-sexual in my 30s when I belonged to an urban health club. All the naked guys in the locker room, many of whom were gay, sent a message through my groin that was unmistakable. Although I was married, I was attracted to cocks and balls! There were many times I’d have to hide a hard on.

One day when I was soaking in the Jacuzzi, a mature guy sits down on the side across from me and dangles his legs in the water. I’m already horny and am peeking at his fine-looking 6 inch cut dick sagging on top of a nice pair of balls. It made my mouth water. We shared a little small ... Continue»
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As sex originate

As sex originate? The answer is no - the puzzle to solve science of the XXI century. But there is a hypothesis: According to one of them, this is a side effect of the biochemical mechanism of repair of damaged genes that arose more than a billion years ago. Evolution has proven - Sex useful. Actually, we talked about this and so have guessed. Science has given to rational arguments.

Sex has emerged from unicellular distant human ancestors more than a billion years ago. Almost all the a****ls (with very few exceptions) can reproduce sexually. Even jellyfish there male and female. Those a****... Continue»
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Wife's Anal Pottery Collection

My statuesque six foot tall 48 year old MILF wife was taking pottery classes for about a year. She raved about her older Instructor Ray and what a great potter he was. Ellen was really disappointed when she could not take any more classes because she had taken every class available and they needed space for new students. But what was strange was that for week’s new very professionally done bowls kept showing up in our kitchen cabinets. There was no way my wife had the skill to make these fancy bowls.

Well, I soon learned where the bowls were coming from. I came home from my Tuesday n... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 2)


The next morning Mason asked, "What happened last night?"

"Oh," Stacey said. She was standing at the counter, facing away from Mason. She didn't turn around because she couldn't stand to look at him as she spoke. "I guess I was just a little constipated."

"It sounded like you were on the toilet late into the night, you sure you're okay?"

"Sounded?" Stacey reacted.

"..." Mason said nothing.

Stacey felt a little lightheaded, she grinned to herself. "I'm sure I'm okay, it's just a natural thing to do." She continued to face the wall. "It'd be difficult for anyone... Continue»
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My new cuckold wife 1st fuck backstory to video

This story takes place Vegas Wed Oct 5th 2016 at Aria hotel Casino. This is the back story to the Video "My New Cuckold Couple 1st fuck video". Its best if you read this then watch the video.

I just finish work and go to my room wash up and go to the tables and play blackjack. I have a hour and 45min until my poker game starts. So I start playing and I'm sitting in the 5th spot out of 6. To my left in the last spot is this bad bitch who looks Colombian with a huge rack and beautiful face and great thighs that I can see as she is sitting down. I want her which is why I sat at this spo... Continue»
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Missy Part IV

Missy awoke the next day fully feeling the effects of getting railed by three teenage dicks. Fucking Ben and Wyatt had been completely unexpected but she was glad she did it, especially the way Alec fucked her afterwards. He did her again later that night after telling her that he saw someone, probably Jodie, watching from next door. Voyeurism wasn’t something that she ever thought would entice her but then again getting fucked by her former step son never really entered her mind either. She smiled at Alec as he slept next to her, and even though she was sore her body yearned to be filled by h... Continue»
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Chinese Buffet

Story By Chen

"Hello, Welcome to the Red Dragon takeout service. May I take your order?"

It was 9 o'clock at night and I had just gotten off of work. I was a bit tired and had nothing to eat at my apartment, so I decided I would go pick up some quick Chinese takeout food. I had forgotten to call ahead of time, so I was gonna have to wait about 20 extra minutes.

"Uhhhh, yeah, could I get the number four chicken and noodle meal." I said dully to the man in ... Continue»
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My wife and neighbour

The evening began as a diner party between three couples at village 8 miles from
home. Sharon and I went with our neighbours Ian and Diane, the men in DJ`s and
the girls in cocktail dress's. Sharon looked great in her blue dress, under
which I knew she had new G-string and suspenders. The dress offered her 34D tits
adequate support so she was braless. The food was good and the wine flowed. The
evening included lots of fun and games, including dancing with each other's
partners. The girls all looked great, and enjoyed the attention that the sexy
dresses and underwear attracted! The camer... Continue»
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Mai, StepMother

Little Jimmie!"

Twenty year old James Middleton ignored his stepmother's call. He had one more kill to make on his X-box game and he could advance to the next level.

"James Middleton! I know you can hear me!"

James groaned loudly, put down his controller and stood. He knew when his stepmother called him by his first and last name she meant business. He left his room and walked slowly toward the kitchen.

"Yes, Mai?"

Her voice softened. "It's been ten years since your father and I married. And you still won't call me 'Mom'. Why?"

James glared at the small oriental woman standin... Continue»
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Making Mom Happy

Growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Graham had always looked forward to spending the summer at the beach with his f****y. The Jersey shore may mean big hair and Guidos everywhere else but for him it meant the boardwalk and miniature golf, pure f****y fun. Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May were indelibly burnt into his c***dhood memories. However, this year it looked grim for any f****y fun.

Sitting on the couch, the evening news played in the background as he ran things over in his head. His father had told him over his winter break from college that he was divorcing his mother to ... Continue»
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hot coco

He stood in the hotel lobby looking hot as hell; his suit perfectly tailored to his muscular physique like a second skin. His gorgeous white teeth popped against dark chocolate skin as he smiled and joked with what appeared to be a male business colleague. I moved further down the counter, close enough to hear that they were waiting on an Uber to a nearby restaurant for a business dinner with their associates. He was the kind of man whose sexiness oozed from every pore and with every movement. He knew he was sexy and carried himself with sex appeal and class.

I did my best to appear busy b... Continue»
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My day off:

I have a rather odd work schedule and once a month I have a Friday off from work all to myself while the k**s are at school and the husband is at work. Sometimes I just stay at home and relax, sometimes I go shopping, but this most recently I went to get my nails done and then decided on a whim to go get a small tattoo touched up at a local parlor by an artist who had done work for me before on my back.

I shoot the tattoo artist a message and ask if he has any open spots and tell him what I am wanting. He said he happened to have a cancellation and that I could stop in at any time and he... Continue»
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a week of exciting sex in Kos

this story is very true and exciting to say the least Rob and I went for a weeks holiday on the island of Kos where we had the most wonderful time
we went to Kos on the 24th September 2016 what a wonderful place it is we always eat and drink at the same tavern bar to some people any ways over the week we explored more bars and found one own by nikos and steve two very fit looking guys while we were chatting they said did rob and me fancy a boat trip sure so the next day which was Wednesday morning we all met up at the harbour and what a fantastic boat by the way we told the guys that we sw... Continue»
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Newlywed school nurse helps student

"Ow!" Tony grimaced, twisting on the bed as the school nurse rubbed his back. "Be careful! That really hurts!"

"I'm sorry" Veronica sighed. She sat straddling his hips, kneading her thumbs into the aching muscles paralleling his spine. "I'm doing my best. I'm afraid you're just going to have to get used to this kind of pain if you keep playing football."

Tony said nothing. He lay naked on his stomach, a towel modestly covering his bare ass, a tall, lean, handsome teen who wanted nothing more than to be the star wide receiver on his varsity football team. In practice that day, he'd hurt h... Continue»
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It finally Happened

I find myself staring thinking is this really happening, then low and behold the towel hits the floor

It's early October and I arrive home to an empty house. Some time to myself as my girlfriend Jane wont be home for a couple of hours, and both her mum and dad are out too. I decide to head to the garden and cut the grass before it gets dark. Half way through and I hear Jane's mum Julie pull up out front.

A few moments later I notice her moving around in her bedroom window. Julie wasn't your typical pinch yourself and thank god you're a man kind of woman, but there was something about he... Continue»
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