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First time

Well, seeing how u******e stories are not allowed I will keep my age out of this! I was at a friends house back when we were teenagers a he was having a sl**p over for the weekend. There were only 2 other boys and me, along with our friend Sean. We all met up over Sean's house right after school on a Friday. His parents weren't home from work yet, so we did what most guys do, horses around and watching TV. Sean's older b*****r( who was 2 years older ) who was a total dick came running into the living room totally naked with ragging hard on, trying to rub it on everyone! Everyone was running a... Continue»
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Fucking A Friend's Mother

Some years ago now, when I was 23. I’d been visiting a friend’s house, who lived at his mother’s. My friend and I had had a disagreement previously, because I’d been fucking his s****r. However that was in the past and we were friends again.

On this particular night, we decided we would spend the night drinking beer and watching a DVD. That was until his girlfriend showed up. After the film had finished, the two of them had got a little frisky with each other and with me being too d***k to drive home, I left them alone in the back room and went to see his mother in the front room. I explain... Continue»
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Granny Gets Spit-Roasted (Granny's Version)

Granny Gets Spit-Roasted (Granny’s Version)
I met young Don a while ago while on a bus trip to Oklahoma City. We both really connected despite our age differences (he is 43 and I am 68). Don has reawakened the women in me. I have a slim petite body and weigh about 115 pounds with silver gray hair and just a few wrinkles. I still draw quite a few stares from men when I go through the airport. The unusual thing about me is that I always loved being fucked in the ass; I even prefer it to vaginal sex. Why I do not know, but I have tremendous orgasms as a man’s cock massages my “G” spot. Don has... Continue»
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Older cock Part !...........

My cock becomes hard every time I think of an older man fucking me and using me, I have no idea why but the thought of a grey haired guy sucking my dick makes me bulge, a fantasy below!

I was 20 still at college, being called to the head of department of my class was a big thing for me I never did anything wrong....... a sports orientated guy I was still in my tracksuit, a little tight in hindsight it's probably what got it started!

Walking in Richard let's call him Richard, looked at me, a little strangely , catching a little glint in his eye as he perused me, eyes lingering on my mi... Continue»
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My Mother - The Greatest Cum Dumps Of all Time!

Absolutely no friend request accepted without comments on the story
"'Just a minute", I yelled as I yanked up my shorts.

There was someone at my door. The consistent, unrelenting rap told me it was my mother and as always, she was in a hurry.

"Open Up Larry!" she whispered.

I flew across the room and pulled turned the door knob. She was leaning against the door and her weight made it fly open, right in my face. I fell back and she spilled into the room. We both fell.
Her large naked tits mashed against the floor.

God! You are so cl... Continue»
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Granny Spit-Roasted By Two Young Studs

I met Alice a while ago on a bus trip that she was on in Oklahoma City. Since then I've been fucking this slim petite, 105 pound Granny on a regular basis. The interesting thing about her is that she loves to take it up the ass, I must have ass fucked her at least a half a dozen times since I met her three weeks ago. This weekend my little aging minx traveled to my house in Denver for the weekend. As usual, I took her in the ass on Friday night and led her to a screaming anal orgasm. We finished the evening with Alice sucking my cock twice draining my balls completely.

Alice wanted to see... Continue»
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Mom's Best Friend

Mom and her best friend, Lori, had been spending alot of time together lately. I was not sure what they were up to. I know that one day I came home and they were both eyeing me up and down and acting all wierd around me. Later that eveing my mom came into my room wanting to talk to me.
"What do you think about Lori, do you like her?" Mom asked me. "She is okay I guess." "Well, you know Lori and Bob have been trying to have a baby and have not had much luck. They were hoping you could help them out." "How can I help Lori and Bob?" I asked. Mom said "Lori was thinking that if you could hel... Continue»
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You never know a person until,

Wanda was a clean cut well groomed woman. She had grown c***dren and grand c***dren. Part of the get to know your police dinner arrangement.

I arrived to her home and smell of good food hit me. She invited me to the kitchen. while she finished up. I started asking about the area and neighbors. She told of the man next door. He watched her get dressed each morning. He had a scope in the attic window. The couple across the st.; when he left for work the lover entered the back door.
She had recordings of his wife moaning and sex sounds. She had some video, just not clear.

She turned out... Continue»
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New golf buddy

Well I finally got a day off during the week and figured I would get in a round of golf. I heard about a course not to far away call Cruz Farms in Farmingdale. I never played the course but heard it wasn't that great but you never have to wait or book a tee time. So I figured I would give it a shot. I got there around 9:30 and the place seemed pretty quite. I grabbed my clubs and made my way over to the pro shop. Staff was friendly and asked if I was a solo or had other players with me? I said I was alone and they asked if I wanted to have another player with me, there was a guy out on the pu... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom, a real good fuck

I was dating this cute petite girl, she had long brown hair, freckels, little tiny a cup tits, and a SLAMMING ASS! She has one of my favorite asses to this day. At on time she was a gymnast, so she could throw that thing all over me, splits, spread eagles while I was eating her little pussy. Sex was great. She had one if those pussies that never got bigger. To beat it all I was her first. So I had that whole mind control thing over her. Lol

Her mom was always bugging the shit out if us. She loved talking about the bible and going to church. But she was fucking hot. Short blonde h... Continue»
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Bowling Buddies - Rough Gay Bar Blow Job

If you have been following my posts you know that my current lover Don led me to embrace my homosexuality. I have been his “bottom” for several months now and I love taking his cock up my tight sweet ass as he slow fucks me. Our sexual tastes go from sex at a local men’s club to me “occasionally” being his women and wearing feminine underwear. Well tonight would be somewhat different.

Every Tuesday we went to the club and tonight was no different. I got a text from Don saying he would meet me there at 8:00. I looked forward to our usual visit to the club’s back room where I would be fuc... Continue»
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So I let out my inner slut

My boyfriend Greg has been screwing around on me for over two years. When I caught him out fucking his secretary, he promised to stop. My girlfriend, Valerie, told me Greg was now screwing one of the waitresses at the golf club. Valerie is in charge of catering at the club and the slut waitress confided in her that Greg was fucking her. The waitress, Helen, didn't know that Valerie knew Greg's girlfriend. I confronted Greg and he started with the usual denials but when I told him how I knew he confessed and promised not to do it again. I let him believe I accepted his apology bu... Continue»
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Saturday Night

Saturday night at the store was fun. Daddy and his new girl friend came in, they looked around before finding me. Daddy introduced her as Diane, we shook hands and chatted about the store. I had Diane follow me to the office while daddy and his friend Frank talked about work. Diane asked me about my affairs with daddy. I told her how things started while him and mom were still a couple, then not full detail, but I did tell her things with us had progressed. Diane was shocked to hear how daddy and I went on with our sex lives together.

The alarm on the fire escape door began to ri... Continue»
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How Badly Do You Want The Job?

I was currently interviewing for an assistant, and I had it narrowed down to three candidates. All three were male and all three were more than qualified to help me out. The first two candidates had the right qualifications, but I wasn’t sure if they would be able to handle me and my demanding needs. The third candidate would be a perfect fit so I invited him over to my house Saturday afternoon for an interview. Little did he know about my interview process. He was in for a fun afternoon.

“Sam” arrived at 3pm just like we had planned. I was dressed professionally, although my dress was... Continue»
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Slut I was fucking mom

This and all of my stories are 100% true.

When I was in high school, I was seeing this bleach blonde slut cheerleader. She had a big round ass, chubby tanned legs,
little b cup titties, blue eyes. This girl loved to fuck. We would fuck at least two to three times a day. We were on summer vacation so we just layed around and fucked all day. Her f****y had a pool, and if we were not fucking we were swimming.

Her mom was just a older version of her. Big round ass, b cups, tanned. The only difference was mom had longer legs. She still looked good, in her mid 40's. she was very flir... Continue»
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The Art of stockings

Yes it's the weekend and I'm getting myself pampered for a night at the club.I get so excited even days before hand ,imagining just what might happen.
It's sorted my pussy shaved ,legs waxed and all the little bits taken care of ,I didn't worry what I was going to wear,I knew I had something perfect for my naughty night out .
Corset this time I think,it's cream with lace flowers along the cup line if where my breast should sit ,I liked to make sure everything I put on has an effect,I knew when I was ready to take my black sheer dress off at some point that night someone would turn there head... Continue»
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Anna And The Secret Files 1

-- Anna And The Secret Files 1 --

My stepson Allan called me and asked for a priority favor. He needed me to go down to a business where he'd just done a service call. He'd left a folder on their system that was personal, that got copied over by mistake. He wanted me to pretend to be double-checking the server setup, but then just quietly delete that folder. And he emphasized the personal nature of the folder, to just delete it and make sure no one else saw it.

"You can't go down there and delete it yourself?" I asked. It seemed a little cumbersome to ask me to do this, although I d... Continue»
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Asking the older women the right question.

As a young k** I helped her husband with projects. He passed and she looked to me for help. I did yard work for spending money. I bought my own school things and food by age 12. I had yard work in summer and projects for neighbors in winter.

Widow was very old and so nice. I mowed her lawn in summer and heat was harsh. She had AC and cold drinks like few around. I came in and she pulled my shirt off; handed me a towel to dry off. Sit down and drink this.

May I ask you a question? Sure, at what age do women stop having sex? Well he stopped wanting sex years before he died,

When did ... Continue»
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yea I fucked that sexy bitch

For the last few weeks I had made several passes at
The cheerleader coach Mrs. Robinson. She was an above
Average type of middle age white lady, she had the type of body
That girls at the school workout hard for and they still
Couldn’t gain the type of build Mrs. Robinson has.
At 5’7, 135 with those apple sized tits Mrs. Robinson would make any man
Do a double take when she passed by in a pair of those
Tight workout shorts. The cheer squad had to close practice
To the regular student body because horny teen guys like
Myself would be trying to get a quick peek at Mrs. Robinson
Pussy... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 10

Well, sure enough sexy little Jaimie was carrying my baby! I had bred her good!

So, as directed, she told her m_mmy who of course knew I was the father of her baby.
Jaimie told her m_ommy what I had told her to tell her dad so Pam went along with the lie to John. Boy, was the preacher pissed. He even cursed! Jamie cried.

She knew she could not go back to her Christian University in a few weeks so she was going to have to stay there, and they would have to tell the church. She would have to go forward and ask for forgiveness and there would be church meetings on topic and gossip w... Continue»
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