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The Last Night On Earth

Sirens could be heard off in the distance as the lights in the apartment started to flicker on and off. John and Sarah sat on the couch together in
fear as they could hear the scream coming from the people outside in the streets. Neither of them could believe what has been happening. Both John
and Sarah thought that zombies were only true in horror movies. Now they both know differently.

“Is this really happening?” Shivering Sarah
“It looks like it is to me,” said John,
“What do we do then?” questioned Sarah
“I don't know Sarah,” said John.

Sarah started to get closer to John and... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend with an older man! - Bella

This is a true story.
AND A LONG ONE (You've been warned)
My name is Brad (obviously) and I have been with my girlfriend Bella quite a while now, she has a beautiful bubble butt, a lovely pair of 34DD's and prefers to trim down below, rather than shave.
Earlier this year me and my girlfriend Bella took a two week holiday up in Scotland, to a camp site; a rather expensive one!
The view was gorgeous, fresh air, country all around and the site was full of mostly older men and women, we even shared a garden with an older man named Will.
Will was easily nearly 6... Continue»
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Granny's Lesbian Cop

Granny’s Lesbian Experience
My good friend Alice had met some young guy named Ron on a bus trip in Oklahoma. All she did was rave about how this 43 year old stud fucked her in the ass all weekend long. And believe me, Alice had one beautiful well shaped ass; she was a 66 year old petite, 5’ 2”, woman with a slim dancers body. Alice always talked about how she just loved anal sex and couldn’t get enough of it. Apparently young Ron was more than willing to service her. I was equally shocked when she told me that she had traveled to Denver and wound up having a threesome with his friend a hunky ... Continue»
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At the RSL Club.

I was at this RSL club with some friends from the hospital that I work at. 4 female nurses, the oldest, in her late 30-ies, Helen, was there with her boyfriend. And the youngest, Anna, about 20 was also with her boyfriend. There was Karen, about 30ish, divorced. She was the one I was interested in. And there was Vicky, a Pilipino girl also about 30. She was also there on her own. There was a singer on stage. Singing 60's, 70's type of music. Fairly good looking lady in her 40-ies. She had shoulder length dark wavy hair, a nice curvy figure, D-size breasts She was wearing a black dress, kne... Continue»
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The 3 of us

Eric snored softly in contrast to the frantic and vocal man he had been only moments before. Lora lay beside him, her left arm d****d over his thigh, her right hand playing idly between her legs. She drifted foggy, finishing what he had started. Some of his honey coated her fingers as she tensed, drew in a sharp breath and shuddered. He didn't move as she slipped out of the bed and out of the room. Her nightgown, worn and faded, hung from her shoulders by two weary spaghetti straps. It caught at her hips and ended in a tier of lace, half way between waist and knees. A pair of gold anklets ador... Continue»
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daves younger b*****r ken, and my wife

After Peggy started fucking Ken, She couldn't get enough of him and he couldn't get enough of her. We were supposed to go out of town to her aunts for a party at their cottage and had shipped the k**s off to her mom's in Florida. We got a call that the well broke and they were going to have to get a new well dug. We sat down and said well there goes the weekend. I said maybe not. Call Ken and invite him over. She called and I listened to her talk to him as she said she was dying to suck his big cock and feel him fill he belly full of cum. She said yes, he is home. Then she said hold on he want... Continue»
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2nd fanasy about my wife and black truck driver

We are on our way to Florida to visit step-son and f****y. we have the top down on our convertible and my 60y.o wife has on a sundress with the skirt pulled up to mid-thigh to tan her legs. We pass a truck on I75 and he toots his air horn. I told he I thought he must like her. We look up in the cab and it is a young good looking black guy. I look over and ask her if she is interested? She smiles and says "maybe?" There is a rest area coming up and I slow down so he can come up beside us again. I tell her to pull up her skirt and show him her panties, she does and he gives her a big grin and t... Continue»
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He pushed a finger in, 'You have no Hymen

'Just lift your skirt girl'

I stood facing the wall, my grey woolen skirt bunched in my hands, the knuckles white as I clenched the material with all the strength I could muster.

The cold of the wet cotton swab caressed my left buttock, as he wiped a path for the needle he was about to insert under my flesh.

Some of the girls had undergone this before, they had called it, 'Truth Serum', it made you admit to everything, they said, embellishing their experiences on how the master made you admit to things you had hoped would never be known.

He had placed the swab down on the table and... Continue»
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Len and Masie 6

He glanced long the landing and saw the curtain quickly fall back into place in Vera’s window. He smiled and gave a little wave just as Masie’s door opened.
‘Neighbourhood watch?’ she asked.
Len nodded and stepped inside. ‘Well….it’ll give her something to gossip about later.’
‘Do you mind? Does it bother you?’ she asked a little anxiously.
He laughed softly, ‘Not in the slightest,’ he paused, ‘at least not for me but I do worry about you.’
‘Huh!’ she snorted, ‘I long ago gave up worrying what other people think. If they have a problem with us it is theirs not mine.’
She mused for a... Continue»
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Sucking Cock

This is my history of me sucking cock. I hope that I do not bore you all with this story and it may seem to you that I am all over the place with this story but I am just trying to tell you why I like sucking cock. It started when I was eighteen when my best friend and I were smoking weed when he approached me with the idea of sucking cock. Now we are two straight guys on the jock type side with girlfriends but the idea sounded interesting so we decided to try it and what fun it was he had this nine and 3/4 inch bent hard cock that looked awesome compared to my 6 and 1/2 inch cock. We sucked e... Continue»
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Fam***ily vacation - Part 3

Well this story starts here and this is the third installment.

I found myself totally awed by these two experiences. First the daughter and then the mom. Seems to me I had to tell my wife. I didn’t feel right about going behind her back especially since I knew she wanted to try a threesome but only with trusted people. That would have to mean friends or at least acquaintances.

So that night I slipped into bed and the movement woke up Amanda, my wife.

“Hi hon, did you have a good night?”

“Sure, I stayed and chatted with Laurie ... Continue»
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Tiffin Center Lady

Hi Guys, This is My first story. Hope you all like it.
Before moving on, let me introduce my self to you all. I'm Naman, Software Engineer by profession, live in Jaipur City (Rajasthan, INDIA) alone in my flat, Age-24,
Color : Fair.
As i live alone in my flat and due to my hectic schedule i cant manage to make my own lunch and dinner, and cant eat at restaurant daily, so i came in contact with a lady who used to supply tiffin's in near by hostels. So i asked her to bring tiffin for me, she used to bring tiffin at my flat by her own.
I came back at my flat daily (Except - SAT & SUN) in lu... Continue»
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grandpa grandma and me

same as other story just titled for better search results!

please comment and provide feedback!

The story sounds better in first person and in a perspective of past tense. I have changed it a few times to make up for tense problems and fluency, so please do not criticize the verb and tense agreements as I am sure that I have missed more than a few mistakes.

this is my first story and it is fiction

Character description

I am a twenty-one year old male living in Oregon. I am 5’8” and have muscle tone, but am slightly overweight. Granddad looks more or less the same. He is Cau... Continue»
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Here is one out of the box ie not nromal

How I treated my mate, partner and wife from the day we met, yes we actually met on a Valentines Day.
After the lovely meal together, we realised we had heaps in common and my new mate even suggested I come home that night with her, but I declined as I needed to collect my thoughts.
Three days later, I was invited to spend the weekend with her in a little house down by the sea.
Touching them would set a fire burning in her womanly clit.
Finally we got to a stage where neither of us could hold back on our sexual desires.
She wanted to take control but warning bells started to ring and I ha... Continue»
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My teacher kept me for a reason... PART 6


- She loved that, Emma said when we got home after the cab ride and a very hot night.
- Yeah, I think so. I said and took her hand and walked into her apartment with her.
- Do you really think she'll come by tomorrow? She asked me, since we had invited the old sexy waitress.
- I ... Continue»
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How I was Seduced by Older Women

Have you ever wanted to just do something really naughty? Well, I have. My name is Ambry, and I was divorced about 4 months ago. My ex was a scum bag that had no idea of how to treat or please a woman, if you know what I mean. Oh sure, we all want the bad boy when we are dating, but ultimately, they make terrible husbands and lovers. We lasted a whopping 9 months before I caught the bastard cheating on me with a filthy little skank from the grocery store. Well, I say good riddance; she can have the tiny dicked fucker.

The bad part of not having a guy is that my pussy hasn’t had any action ... Continue»
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My Moms Hot Friend

It had been an average week for me, school, homework and video games, but it was finally Friday and tonight I had to dog sit for one of my mom's friends. I was getting paid $30 just to hang out and take care of her new dog. I said yes as soon as she asked because it was easy money and I have a huge crush on my mom's friend. Her name is Linda, I don't know much about her excepted that she got divorced a few years ago, and she has a k**. Also she is around 5'8 with juicy D cup breasts and a nice round ass. She has brownish hair with streaks of blond and I've wanted to fuck her since the first ti... Continue»
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Not What I Expected

Billy and I ran to my house as fast as we could. It was Friday and school was out for the the three days. We got inside and thru our backpacks on the floor and got to the kitchen. We sat on the bar stools and I placed our prize on the counter, it was four blue pills. An older boy sold them to me for twenty dollars. He promised me that if we put one pill in a drink and give it to a girl she will have sex with us in twenty minutes. And she would not remember anything the next day. Billy and I have had hair on our balls for some time now, but we were not getting the girls probably because we we... Continue»
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Finally Nailed her

The main character of my story is my Aunt. She is an awesome lady. I bet anyone who looks at her can’t ignore the erection in their pants. Her boobs size are 34B and her hips are 38. She is a bit plump on her waist and very short in height but when she wraps herself in a saree (thats all she wears) then she can easily make head turn. The best feature is her ass. When she walks the cheeks slap each other in a manner that people can kill just to touch her ass.

My attraction towards my Aunt began at a very early age. I was 16 when I was introduced to the world of porn. I used to discuss and sh... Continue»
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My kinky wife

I am 40 and my wife 36. We both are very active in sex life. She looks gorgeous and is a big head turner wherever she goes. Most of my friends like to be with her to talk. I know, what they think secretly. In our almost 20 years of married life, we have had very few kinky occasions. In this story, I am going to narrate about them. To start with, let me tell you, my wife was very reserved initially – in terms of sex.

It was a dream of mine to make her into a slutty model. To do so, I showed her porn clips, movies and read stories with her. This I must have done for 10-15 months and slowly sh... Continue»
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