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Me And My Ex Boyfriend

Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories
My partner wrote this one

Me and my partner was on a day trip to at Blackpool and by chance we meet my Ex boyfriend Ian and his girlfriend, on the sea front, after that we had chatted on line a few times since, just about everyday things and my partner was always there, Then one day I said we were going to stay with a couple of friends for the weekend. Ian joking said a bit of wife swapping then, My partner said to tell Ian we have had a foursome with them.
Ian couldn... Continue»
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Steel black Dick

Over the past few weeks I had become
Great friends with Mrs. Sherri Woods. Mrs. Woods was
The human resource manager at my current place of
Employment. I was busting my butt in order to become a
Full time team member. I figured if I was friendly and did some
Innocent flirting with Mrs. Woods I would be able to land the position
Full time. Now Mrs. Woods was an African American middle aged divorced
MILF She was far from a beauty queen, but she had the body of a Goddess.
Mrs. Woods stood around 5’9 180 with some huge melon sized tits.
It was something about her dark skin complexio... Continue»
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Sales training turned into something better


On a business trip, I made sales calls with a new female salesperson, Michelle. She stood 5’2”, a little stocky, with a pretty face, and I would estimate she was a C or D cup. She recently moved into sales from her inside customer care role, and making sales calls was still new for her.

I worked for a supplier, and she worked for our distributor. She was the local person responsible for selling many products and had much to learn. We were in the car all day, and the conversation was lively, talking mostly business, but she did tell me about her boyfriend in the military.

Afte... Continue»
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Wifey Learns Her Lesson

It began as a bit of fun, I’ll admit it.

Tom was over at our place to watch the game on television. Usually, both he and his wife, Fran, would be over, but Fran was down south taking care of a sick s****r, so it was just my good friend by himself with Dee and me.

I asked my wife for a minor favour. “Would you get us a beer, darling?” I asked, and Dee gave one of her smart-arse, uppety kind of replies.

“What am I? A maid? Get your own beer.”

I hadn’t thought it was too much to ask, but my wife flounced out of the room.

Tom muttered, “It’d be a cold day in hell before I’d let... Continue»
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A Handmaid's Encounter (a true account)

When I was about twenty years of age, I used to commute to the centre of London using the London Underground (‘The Tube’) and work on various construction sites. In those days, I wore running shoes (‘trainers’) with jeans, a tee shirt and a bomber jacket. I was pretty fit, muscular (I went to the gym four nights a week) and standing at six foot tall, I would venture that I was presented as, all in all, quite a good looking guy!

I was waiting on the underground platform at a central London station, taking a typical autumn journey home from the centre of London to the outer suburbs, a journey... Continue»
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The Long Day ........part one

Her phone vibrate, and a small smile appears on her face, his arrived at the hotel.
The massage says, how wet is your pussy? ........... im knackered, but looking forward to tomorrow.
she texts back," always wet for you babe, rest and we will have fun tomorrow".
the foreplay has started, her nipples hard as a reply to her message just says " 250, come find me as early as you like".
The hours of the night drag, she doesn’t sl**p well, waking every hour, her mind whizzing with anticipation of what the next day may hold, will he have missed her as much as she has him, does she have batteries ... Continue»
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My Mum's Holiday (part 3)

I woke about 10 o'clock. Mum was still asl**p. I crept out of bed, threw on a t-shirt and shorts, and made my way out of the hotel to the main road at the front. I bought a cheap litre bottle of bubbly and a large carton of orange juice at a nearby supermarket. The I went to the hotel restaurant and collected a couple of yoghurts and a selection of cakes from the breakfast buffet, and returned to our room with them. There was a table and a couple of chairs on the balcony, so I set the things out on the table with a couple of glasses, and went back in the bedroom. Mum must have heard me, ... Continue»
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Lust of a young dirty mind

Disclaimer: This is story is fictional. All characters, events and places are fictional too.

Let's start with little backstory, shall we? I'm Mike, nineteen years old white boy, living pretty ordinary life of a young man, though I'm still living at home.
There's one thing that isn't the most normal thing in my life. When I was just 6 months old, I was adopted by this young black girl and his husband who wanted a baby, but couldn't get one. I have never seen my biological parents, but from what I've heard, they are probably dead. After few years of marriage, my adoptive mom and his h... Continue»
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Can I Cum In Her?

"Can I cum in her?" asked Dad.

"I dunno... It's pretty dangerous," responded my mother.

"She might get pregnant." Turning to me, she asked, "When was your period, Honey?"

I looked down the front of my body, to where my hips seemed to be dancing on their own; somewhat like a separate person not really connected to me. Though I could FEEL each thrust and shove Dad made into me, the shoves I made back at him seemed almost to be made by somebody else. It took a second or two for my mother's question to percolate through the sensations of fucking my own father; and even longer f... Continue»
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Hyp-notist Next Door. Chapter 5

"Lie down Mark, make yourself comfortable"

"Yes ma'am. I still don't understand why I'm here though. I mean, at your downtown office instead of your home office.
"Well I have some concerns about you and I thought it might be better if we worked through them here, where I can get assistance from my staff if necessary." And I can charge your insurance more if I see you here, but that's between me and your secret sponsor. "You see, I've been thinking about what you told me during our last session at my home office. About the traumatic experience you had with your m0ther and the rese... Continue»
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The Boat Yard

Where i live on the coast we have a abundance of boat yards and jetty's and these are situated along foot paths that people walk along and exercise their dogs, this happened to me just before my seventieth birthday and remember it like it was yesterday.

One of our neighbours was a gentleman in his sixty,s and was at some stage a master boat-builder in the dockyard and had retired a couple boat to take cruises with his wife and foster daughter who was 21 at the time, however a few months into his retirement his wife suddenly passed away leaving him very upset and angry, but after a short wh... Continue»
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My name is Sue and I want to tell you a ture story. I'm a married women in my forties and I love my husdand fucking me. I love watching spunk pump out of his cock and rubbing it into my pussy. About 12 months ago a young couple, Tim and May moved in down the road from us and both of them seamed nice. Tim was nice looking and cycled to work everyday so he was quite fit. Tim and husband had been talking and Tim invited us round for drinks the following friday night. It got to Wednesday and as I was driving home from work, I started thinking how much I was looking forward to the weekend. I par... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 11

Desert Heat – Part 11
Sunday morning I awoke to a set of lips on my cock and a breast in my face. Ginger and Pepper look so much alike except for their hair color that I couldn’t tell which breast was begging to be suckled and I wasn’t going to take the time to find out. I raised my lips and carefully placed them around the nipple staring back at me. Trying my best to suck like an infant feeding on a mother’s breast I carefully pulled the nipple in with rhythmic sucking motions.
Whose ever breast it was began to slowly move around in response to my sucking. Then I gently placed my teet... Continue»
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How I was seduced by Older Women - Part II

It kind of broke my heart to see Shawn leave last night. I went to bed feeling very satisfied, and to be honest, my pussy quivered most of the evening; I even woke up once in the middle of the night replaying the events and had no choice but to finger myself to orgasm two more times before falling back to sl**p. I couldn’t wait for the paper the next day. I wanted a second helping of my paperboy. I waited anxiously in my living room for 3:15 to finally arrive. I had picked out a sexy sheer purple nightie had not worn in over a year, and a matching purple thong. My erect nipples were perfectly ... Continue»
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Sharing her like she always wanted

It seemed my wife Dee and I had picked a good weekend for an overnight stay in town. It was a lovely hot sunny Saturday morning as we drove in and both were in a relaxed and playful mood. Dee was feeling quite flirty and contented so even wore a nice thin cotton dress to travel in and, as I discovered within the first ten minutes, no panties! I had slipped my hand up onto her bare thigh, which I could never resist, had a little stroke upwards and felt the soft bareness of exposed pussy on the outside of my hand. Dee had eagerly permitted my intrusion by silently looking straight ahead and open... Continue»
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Spying On My Cheating Wife

I came home last week and found my wife well fucked and covered in cum from the builders working on our house extension, just seeing her used like that rekindled my sex drive and I also fucked her as she lay. I was so turned on knowing she had been well used and abused that I wanted to see them actually fucking her, so a plan was made so I could watch her be fucked the next week.
I sneaked in to the house an hour before the builders were due to finish and waited to hid in the wardrobe where the sliding door would be open just enough for me to watch. My view was from the bottom corner of the b... Continue»
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Crystal Pure

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I felt her lips reach the base of my cock and I gave the back of her head a soft caress followed by a little push. Her lips gently flared out on the base of my hairless shaft and she moaned with my cockhead buried in her throat. I looked down and watched her green eyes as they stayed locked into mine. Crystal had enhanced her eyes the way she usually did when we went out somewhere. She fringed her lashes with lots of that CoverGirl ThickLash mascara that gave her lashes a longer, plush look. She always added eyeliner to the bottom and top
... Continue»
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My horny mature stranger in public

As I was very horny I have been wanting to do something for a long time I've always wanted to approach a mature women and ask them if they wanted sex but in a nice gentle way but this has always been a fantasy because I've never had the balls to do so. However this one time I was really horny and was looking at videos on xhamster about strangers getting flashed and then helping them out by sucking their cock or giving them handjobs and this really turned me on. So I stopped looking at the videos and went for a walk to a place near some fields. So as i was walking I saw a mature women and I as... Continue»
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The Last Night On Earth

Sirens could be heard off in the distance as the lights in the apartment started to flicker on and off. John and Sarah sat on the couch together in
fear as they could hear the scream coming from the people outside in the streets. Neither of them could believe what has been happening. Both John
and Sarah thought that zombies were only true in horror movies. Now they both know differently.

“Is this really happening?” Shivering Sarah
“It looks like it is to me,” said John,
“What do we do then?” questioned Sarah
“I don't know Sarah,” said John.

Sarah started to get closer to John and... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend with an older man! - Bella

This is a true story.
AND A LONG ONE (You've been warned)
My name is Brad (obviously) and I have been with my girlfriend Bella quite a while now, she has a beautiful bubble butt, a lovely pair of 34DD's and prefers to trim down below, rather than shave.
Earlier this year me and my girlfriend Bella took a two week holiday up in Scotland, to a camp site; a rather expensive one!
The view was gorgeous, fresh air, country all around and the site was full of mostly older men and women, we even shared a garden with an older man named Will.
Will was easily nearly 6... Continue»
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