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Cinema fun

We arranged to go away for the weekend and booked a lovely hotel with a spa. We arrived about 2pm, quickly unpacked, had a couple of glasses of wine then Lucy went off to the spa for a massage while I watched some golf on the TV.

When Lucy came back, we had another couple of glasses of wine and got ready to go out for the evening. There was a highly recommended restaurant nearby which we had booked for 8pm so we had plenty of time to explore the local area.

We walked out of the hotel and found a bar pretty quickly and went in for a drink. There were a few young studs in there giving Lucy... Continue»
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From Pleasant to Pleasurable

After a busy day, and a 3 hour drive, I arrived at my hotel du jour. Checked in - grabbed a bite to eat - returned to enjoy the hot tub. Good plan, I thought.

Entering the pool area, it was uninhabited. I activated the jets, and immersed my body into the active water. Not more than 10 minutes later, a mature woman entered the pool area. She paused, looked around, and made eye contact with me. I smiled - she smiled, and walked toward the hot tub. I stood, dripping wet (of course) and extended my hand to assist her into the tub. "Ahh, a gentleman - so hard to find these days!" I asked where ... Continue»
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This Weekend

If you've read my past stories you'll know some background to this woman. If you haven't already read them, do yourself a favour and go back and have a read.

It's been months since I first shared Christine with first one friend and then Nicole and a few more friends. Since then Nicole and I had continued to meet regularly purely for fantastic sex, though we continued to keep it secret from Christine. In between I had also fucked Christine a couple of times and I had kept this secret from Nicole. I couldn't ask Christine to do the same as it would alert her to mine and Nicole's 'relationshi... Continue»
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Finally! A dream cum true!

"Conservative" doesn't even come close to define the way I was brought up. We made Jerry Falwell look like a blazing Socialist. I didn't go to prom, movies or listen to Rock. By the time I got into the real world I found myself having to deal with things... especially sexually... that were hard to bring under control. My 31 year marriage ended in divorce when my then wife decided the quilt shop she owned was a better lover.

Five years ago I married a lady 9 years my junior and one third my size. I top out at 280... she a petite 110. The workout regime she follows daily keeps her tight and r... Continue»
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Jon and I had passed an adult bookstore on our way to an apple festival and decided to stop at it upon our returning home.
As we pulled in, there were only two cars outside, but we decided to check it out anyway.
Going into a back room, I noticed only one light was lit above a door. “You want to try it?” Jon asked me. “Why not” I replied and slowly tested the door handle, pulling it out and peeking around the door, was nicely surprised to see a black man sitting there watching a video of a white woman sucking a black cock. He looked up ... Continue»
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Fuck my step dad

We had a step father, my real dad past away when I was young. So my mom married this guy named Mac. My s****r and I was young when mom married him. I was13 and my s****r Helen was 14 years old. My mom worked two jobs and Mac had one job during the day.

Couple years later, I was 15 and Helen was 16 yrs old, we would go outside for a bit, mom left for work, Mac would come out, watch us play and then call Helen in the house and told me to stay outside. I asked why, he wouldn’t tell me. Helen went in and Mac locked the door. I was locked outside my own house, for a few hours. When Mac unlocked... Continue»
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Gran, Pat and ME

Several years ago…13 actually, my grandmother started me on the road to perversion in a direction I had never thought of before. It all started innocently enough right after my divorce from my first wife and… well here is what happened.


Gran called me and said that her friend Pat was going to be calling and needed some help. I remembered Pat. Growing up, Pat had often gone on vacation with Gran while Grandpa Jim was off making his fortune. Pat was more my parents age and I always thought she was just a fox!... Continue»
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Mature Wife , Hotel , Stranger .... and hairy crea

Finally the day had arrived, a f****y get together, this is something I dread not because I don't like my f****y but more to do with the build up, organising and running around, this means that I turn into a slave by being taxi driver, organiser and chief telephone answerer!

This time it was agreed that our gathering would be at a country hall/restaurant and my wife had booked 2 function rooms that joined together to make one massive hall which will accomodate all of the attending bodies.

My wife, a 40 something, size 10, attractive, sexy and flirty woman although she doesnt seem to thin... Continue»
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Sorry, we are closing now...

Sorry, we are closing now

Friday late afternoon I was home alone and really horny.
Victor had advised me he could come very late that night, because he was busy with some paperwork and getting ready for a fly on Saturday.
I was getting bored, but suddenly I thought I could go on shopping, to get some sexy lingerie for a last night with Victor before his business trip.
When I arrived at the mall, several shop places were near closing. I hurried up and run to the changing rooms with a three or four thongs in my hands and some matching push up bra sets.

I was undressing when I heard t... Continue»
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I’m an old guy that has been bi-curious for many years. I’ve thought about acting on my desires for a long time. But, to date, I’ve only done some touching in adult arcades. Friday night, I was fantasizing about being with a guy. I got up and looked at some online advertisements. But, they all seemed to hardcore for me. I went back to bed.
Surprisingly, I woke up Saturday morning all worked up about being with another guy.

I decided I had nothing to loose from trying a post and sat down to figure out a good approach. I was having a hard time coming up with a subject. Then I remem... Continue»
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The Twos Resort

My wife Ellen and I, both in our sixties, had made a reservation at the The Twos Resort. This was a resort for couples only with no k**s allowed. The drive up had been long but with nice scenery and the resort was about 5 Km off the main road. It was located on a beautiful Lake with lots of activities available such as canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, tennis, and lots of walking trails in the woods. The rooms were beautiful and as we had a ground floor one we had a hot tub outside on the patio, but also a large Jacuzzi in the room itself. There was a fire place and a huge king sized bed an... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 1)


Stacey's adult life was defined by the events of one night. She was staying at the home of her husband's college friend. The friend and his wife had a 1-year-old baby, so Stacey agreed to babysit while the rest went out. There was a car accident and all three were killed. Stacey and her husband had already agreed to adopt the c***d if something happened to the parents, so Stacey adopted the young Mason. She overcame the pain of losing her husband by focusing all her attention on taking care of the baby. Soon after the adoption, she began lactating and fed the baby from her own bre... Continue»
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My wife's piss

My ever increasing obsession with my eyes wife peeing probably started nearly 15 years ago while on holiday in Greece.
We'd taken a pedal boat out into the bay and she got caught desperately needing a pee. With nothing else to do she discreetly parted her legs , pulled her swimsuit aside and let her golden piss flow out into the bottom of the boat. God I felt a twinge in my trunks like no other. Although later that night probably after a drink I confessed to being turned on by it we never really acted on it. I put it down to a my feeleings of disgust.
Fast forward to May of this year and m... Continue»
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Only One


I was stood in the kitchen preparing dinner for myself and my boyfriend Tristan since he had to work on this glorious sunny day. Tristan is a lot older than me by a good couple of years, you see Tristan is in his late 50's where as I am in my early 20's. You would think with an age difference like that the sex would be terrible by my word is it anything but! Just take last Saturday for example; I was day off from University, he had the day off from work and we had nothing but mind blowing sex....................


Tristan sat on his knees at the foot of ... Continue»
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Our encounter with submissive female.

It all began when I was searching the internet for a female playmate, usually it was easy to find a man online to persuade to have sex with, but a female is a totally different breed. Being accustomed to the lifestyle of swinging and experience as a dominatrix I’ve learned what I’m comfortable with (sexually) and what I liked that turned me on. My bisexual experiences with men and women created earlier in my life shaped the sexual creature I am today. Having a high sex drive compiled with risky behaviors practiced made me a little reckless at times, but I liked the danger and thrill of meetin... Continue»
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sexy old neighbour part 4

I had been waiting for a follow up call from Iris my sexy old next door neighbour for some time and out of the blue a few days ago my phone eventually rang and a familiar voice on the other end of the line was full of apology Really sorry, she said that I havent been toucfor several weeks but been a bit busy. Thats ok I said I must say I have been missing our fun times, . Well im here now so do you fancy coming round this afternoon about five for refreshments and a chat, she said, of course I said I will be there, Cathy will be popping round as well if thats ok she replied, now Cathy is a fr... Continue»
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The role play

My wife and I have a lot of fun in our sex life with role play. We like to tell each other our sexual phantasies and quite often they have been performed by us in reality. This is a true story of one of our role plays.

It happened some years ago when we had bought our country house. We had to renovate it and tried to do as much as possible ourselves. Some jobs were too complicated or had to be done by a person who was certified (e.g. electrician). They did their work during a week or two and then left. A week after they had finished their work my wife and I was lying in our bed talking and... Continue»
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a f****y friend

Quietly I sneek the old mag that I found tucked away in my fathers sock draw one day ,into the toilet and with a huge hard on begin wanking furiously turning each page and mentaly fucking all the girls that graced each page,at first I didnt notice what the mag was called or what made its contents any different from the usual mags available they were pics I could wank over and had been doing about 4/5times aday since I discovered what wanking was only perhaps a month previously and now I was transfixed my cock was oozing out large amounts of see thru sauce and it was bouncing and twitching as... Continue»
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Seduced And Fucked Hot Widowed Mother In Law

I recently got married and my wife 25 is the elder one from a below middle class f****y in my village. My father in law passed away recently due to stroke. mother in law was a perfect housewife that is she hasn’t traveled much or been out of her home and homely work all her life and she is 47. I Knew her before my marriage found her be very sexy and when marriage was approaching i was thinking about how i will control my urge to have her or should i need to really control it?she was the most stunning older lady in my marriage a... Continue»
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A Ride in the Country

It was a beautiful day in the middle of summer, and my husband (of 30 years) and I went on a motorcycle ride in the country. We eventually ended up on what appeared to be a deserted one-lane road, with a quiet little creek running alongside it. I couldn’t believe I was really here, in the middle of my fantasy, the fantasy where we stop and have sex at the edge of the road! Lost in my daydreams, and wondering how to get hubby to actually go along with my plans, he suddenly braked the bike hard. Damn, I think, he must have read my mind! No, not quite, there is a motorcycle parked on the edg... Continue»
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