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Patty, the Second Time

I saw Patty in the parking lot before work, she had come early as I asked and I told her to stay in her car, a silver ford mustang. I got into the passenger side and Patty looked over at me, she wasn't dressed in the burger places uniform yet and before she could say anything, I reached over and took her hand. I asked her if she had fucked her husband and she looked down and said yes with a faint smile.

I smiled and asked her when and she said last night and this morning and admitted that she was still full of his sperm and leaking. I told her "great" and reached up under her dress and stuc... Continue»
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How I imagine it would have been

I've been trying to imagine the way things "might" have happened if my Dawn hadn't passed away. Everything from getting to watch her and getting surprised by coming in and finding her and one of her(our) female friends in bed together to the things that "would" have happened if we'd gotten to attend a wild swingers party to getting to see her with a black man for the first time .... all those frigging "what ifs". Well this is how I imagine that her first time with a black man would have gone.
I actually meet with a young black man in his mid twenties and we've been hoping to get tog... Continue»
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Patty, Meeting My First Older My Married Lady 1977

I was working at my second summer job at a national fast food place, and could work any shift and I was often called in for day or nights when needed. Our manager often called me in and I was a quick study so I learned and qualified for all the different positions at the Fast Food place.

I got called in to work day shift and met several women much older than I was. Patty was 25 and about 5' 6", with white alabaster skin and red hair, with a very fine light red arm hair. She was shapely and filled out the brown jeans nicely and I liked the shape of her breasts under our mandatory orange wor... Continue»
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This Was Second Time

Hello And Welcome Guys 2500+ view that's any achievement to celebrate so viewers after reading this go my gallery and check out some hot pics.

well after that day my chachi was not the same way as she was or she used to be now let be describe you how my chachi look she was in her mid 30's as Indian housewife are from lower middle class she is about 4.11' and little lumpy not that great boobs but an awesome ass so lets come back to story her weird behaviour made me little upset so i thought let's take her out
then i made a plan as my mother used to stay in other part of city my so i made m... Continue»
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Barbara, a true story about me and her in the summ

I was in DC for business staying at the Days Inn, near Springfield, VA, in a standard double room with two double beds a TV and bathroom. I was 36 and new to Washington DC, so I stayed local and went over to Springfield Mall for a drink. I saw a nice looking woman in the bar. She had wavy brunette hair, was 46, a nice figure and big hips, pretty with a 36c bust line. She was dressed in a light color button up top and dark slacks. I had glanced at her when I came into the Bennigans there. She was sitting down at the end of the bar and I was up near the front. She later moved over to talk to me.... Continue»
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Macbeth Among The Witches (Version 3)

{Note to all readers: Once again, I acknowledge that I can never hope to even come close to the genius that was William Shakespeare. However, I have always been utterly fascinated by the erotic potential that seems inherent within some of his plays. My primary fascination for that has always revolved around the famous scene in his play, Macbeth, of the encounter between Macbeth and "the three weird s****rs". Witches in the most classic sense of the word! Once again, here is my humble, and admittedly poorly executed attempt, at an "erotic" homage' to one my most favorite writers of all time!}
... Continue»
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How i not banged my mom for the first time!

My f****y consists of my father Ravi, my mom Shradha, my s****r Pooja and myself Harish.My father is 51 and my mother is 38. My age is 20.I was a normal guy until I started watching porn videos.My mind got corrupted and I started fantasizing about women around me – my teachers my aunties .

Slowly I dived into the world of i****t taboo porn especially the mother-son genre.It simply blew my mind I started imagining myself and my mom.My mom was a hot lady she was fair in color with nice juicy boobs and large protruding ass.

I was wrong in ignoring her beauty for so long.I needed a chance an... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt 2 (Prologue)

Ms. Super-Butt 2: Delayed Gratification


Tuesday, Immediately After the Events Described in Ms. Super Butt’s Epilogue

“Ah, Mama!” Kevin called as he frantically shook his boner towards Stacey’s butt. “Stay still! It slipped out!”

“Ooh! Sorry Kevin! I’m so sorry!” Stacey whined, panting. “Mama lowered her hips to aim for the bucket. You don’t want her soiling the floor do you?” Stacey angled her anus back at Kevin. “Ohf! There!” She grunted as she began catching his thrusts again.

“Agh…” Mason watched in horror.

“Okay, let’s go... Continue»
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Wife fucks older guy

My wife Jane was an exhibitionist and a slut, and I soon found out that she quickly got bored with her lovers.
On the whole she enjoyed the build up, the teasing and flirting more than the actual sex. She preferred having sex with strangers or one night stands and rarely had sex with them again.

The day after Tim our neighbour had fucked her we talked it over and I was surprised that she wasn't that interested in seeing him again.
She really wasn't bothered, but I wanted to meet the guy who had fucked my wife!
We decided to go around with a bottle to apologise for me not going out. I st... Continue»
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First time dogging was incredible

I had wanted to try dogging for a long while. I was attracted to the thrill of it, the idea that you could fuck a woman without talking at all, that she wanted to be used by multiple men and that I wanted to be one of a group of guys getting serviced by a filthy whore. I searched a few websites and forums for locations near to me but, because I didn't own a car, it was awkward for me to get to one of these places. They seemed to be out of the city, on the side of motorways or in woods and forests. One place I found was about a 30 minute drive from where I lived in London. The directions involv... Continue»
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Alone with Melissa D PART 3

It has been almost a month, since John and Morgan walked in on me and Melissa. The moment is still melted into my mind. John and Melissa making out getting ready to jump into bed and thats when they spotted me and Melissa laying there naked and speechless. All four of us speechless. I still remember Morgan running out the room straight home and I followed her. I told her I knew about her and John and told her to come out and tell me. It was something I truly didn't want to hear. She told me that she had been sl**ping with John f... Continue»
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(This short story takes place in a working suburb of London in the 1930s)
Henry didn’t have steady employment. He did odd jobs since he was pretty handy with tools and had worked in a factory as a young man. He was about 50 years old. Sometimes he would work as a waiter at a posh restaurant in London, when someone was sick or had to attend a funeral. Nobody knew where he had learned that as well as the foreign languages he spoke. He always paid his rent on time and had lived in the same room for about 25 years. The rooming house was a good one and the people there... Continue»
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The news of the upcoming fuck-fight between Gloria and Grace spread like wildfire. The ladies were very excited. Gloria was not new to this crowd and she had her fans but some disliked her tremendously and stayed away for her in spite of her charms and her expert lovemaking. Gloria could be rude, obnoxious, and pretentious. She practiced rough sex. The blonde was medium height (same as Grace) but thinner than her opponent. Both were blondes but Gloria was the California beach bitch while Gloria was the nice farm-type blonde. Gloria had cut her hair a few inches to hav... Continue»
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Start with the end in mind? (part one)

Start with the end in mind? (part one)

I was just about to abort my reconnaissance of a swingers club when the whole situation changed? The reason I was about to cut short the reconnaissance was? It was either a bad idea altogether which is why I was feeling uncomfortable? Or it was just a slow night in the club giving me a poor impression? However I then met Stella and Hazel.

Hazel and Stella walked into the sauna / steam room as I was leaving and playfully said “surely your not leaving we’ve just arrived”. Wearing the house white towels this comment encouragement to stay even mor... Continue»
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Another out of town experience (True Story)

This is another true story when I was out of town working again....

I was sitting here at work and decided to post an ad on craigslist offering a full body massage. The ad stated that the massage could be a very innocent massage or a very sensual/erotic massage; whichever you prefer. With that said, the following is what happened.....

I received a reply to my ad and we chatted back and forth for a couple days via email. The lady replying to my ad asked for a picture so I sent a picture and she replied back with one of hers. She was a very beautiful black woman with a big booty. I guessed... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

I showered and then shaved myself, i took special care to make sure that my cunt was hair free and totally smooth, my legs had been waxed before the start of the holiday and they still remained silky soft. I had toyed with the idea of having a "full" waxing, but i actually enjoyed shaving my own pubic area and although i couldn't reach every part of my body, my bum hole did i suspect still have one or two hairs that had escaped my shaver and razor and i had decided to ask Jeanie to remove those for me later on when we met. I fastened the thin suspender belt around my waist, and then rolled on ... Continue»
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New Years Eve with the strapon milf next door

So I hadn't been over to the woman next door in awhile because about a month after our first fuck session she got a live in boyfriend who's there all the time. She and I would share glances every now and then but I figured that was it for our sexual relationship. But 3 days after Christmas I hear shouting from next door and they have a prolonged argument and finally he leaves and I see him with a suitcase and he screeches away. 3 days go by and I notice he hasn't come back so I go next door and ask what happened. She begins crying and tells me he cheated on her and she is just so mad and frust... Continue»
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Caleb and Samantha Part 1

I couldn’t help but stare at Caleb, my best friend’s son, as he helped my husband with some yard work. He was nineteen and I was old enough to be his mom, but I didn’t have any maternal thoughts towards him, I was glad he was legal.
“Hun, I need to go into work, there’s a problem with a transformer, Caleb is going to stay and finish up; I left money for him on my dresser.” My husband ran into the house to quickly change and he was gone.
I continued watching as Caleb pulled weeds, edged the yard and picked up twigs before he went into the shed to get the lawnmower. He paused for a moment to... Continue»
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The Potting Shed 3

She pointed her finger at me and then pointed to her fanny, telling me to hurry up and get down there. She used her fingers to pull her lips open. I knew what was expected off me, and I knelt on the floor before her and leaned in to start lapping at her cream. She was soaking wet, and as I licked she placed both hands on the back of my head and started to hump her fanny up against my face, forcing me into her sex. She must have been really horny, as after only a couple of minutes she tensed up and pushed my face into her fanny, really hard, before spraying my face with her juices as she came. ... Continue»
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The Potting Shed 5

I was very reluctant to even touch the tawse but Mrs Cameron demanded I bring it to her. I lifted it out by the handle end and held it in both hands. It must have weighed at least half a pound and it was made of very stiff black leather, probably half an inch thick at the business end. The tawse was the chosen instrument of punishment in Scottish schools at that time, and I’d experienced it many times before in both the primary and secondary schools I had attended. Mrs Cameron took the tawse from me and held it out in front of her. It was about two feet long, and it was so stiff it hardly droo... Continue»
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