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My wife Chloe gets 2 trucker cocks

This is another true account of the fun an older couple can have. This happened today around 1.30 near M9 Stirling Motorway Service Area. For this particular adventure, we were travelling along a motorway with lorries passing by when Chloe decided to lift her top, remove her bra and flash her titties at the drivers.

Chloe's tits are an amazing, sag but still gorgeous. The drivers were all looking on in amazement at a sexy 40+
years-old blonde flashing at them as we drove along. She did this for around ten miles before we
decided to take a break at the service area.

I pulled in and par... Continue»
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My new address Part 1

I was now 22 and had been working for Mike for 4 years. It was early June of 1986. Mike was now 63 It was a Friday afternoon when Mike asked me to come into his office. He said Jenn have a chair. Jenn I sure have had fun working with you but I have had an offer on the investment Firm and I think it's time for me to retire. I was stunned to say the least! But I had thought about it before and did figure it was coming sooner than later as Mike was having more closed door meetings than usual. He said the buy out was from a national firm which had offices all over the country. Mike told me that th... Continue»
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Cock Teasing Wife

Bill and I have spent so much time together since he's been back, We do everything together, I've never mentioned a peep, about his affairs, and I don't see any reason to tell him about mine, even though he always says, he likes my new attitude towards sex, and whatever it is to keep it up, oh if I can only tell him what, and who I was keeping up!

Bill has been really opening up, talking about his fantasies, our sex life has become so much better, he really lets me be myself sexually.

Our new thing is for me to get dressed up, or should I say dressed down, very provocative and go out in ... Continue»
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Horny Sex Starved Mother In Law and Wife

I can only tell you my wife's labia was once petite. When this woman was 20 her labia and pussy was sweet and smelled perfect enough to adore and marry. Through the years of fucking Jen's pussy became so fragrant that her panties would smell up the closet and all my clothes smelled of her fragrance. People would approach me on how well I smelled on a daily basis as my clothes smelled of her scent in a very musky and good way. Then she turned forty...her pussy turned from sweet to musty and sweaty...not good. She would walk with her friends then want me to fuck her and as she took her panties o... Continue»
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An adventure with a European Mature

A few years ago, I was stationed in a remote base in Central Europe. Something that eventually never happened and is best left untold, was the cause for our presence there. Politics came and went, and so did most of the troops in my battalion. But a couple of dozen of us got left behind since the commander in chief did not want the base closed. Our living arrangement was passable, but the kitchen was closed and we got allowance for food. Since we had a fairly small work load, and a very calm routine, I made a habit of going to an American-like Diner for supper every evening at the same time, a... Continue»
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one night in Kilkenny

Was in Kilkenny on business recently and had to spend yet another boring night in a hotel.
After dinner I went to the bar for a quiet drink and to watch some tv in peace and quiet.Just after ordering a whiskey and soda a group of 20 something women came into the bar - full of fun and merriment.At least I'll have something to look at while the ads are on I thought.
As the women shuffled around and picked a spot to sit I noticed that some were wearing skirts and dresses and high heels like they planned going out dancing - too late for dinner and over dressed for a few drinks.
The women, 6 in ... Continue»
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Linda in a blue dress

It started when we went out. Linda was wearing a nice blue dress that came down just 3 inches above her knees. She had no panties on because I told her not to put any on. She looked so fucking hot in that blue dress, I was walking around with a boner. We went to the store, we were looking at some clothes and had to go shopping for some food. I noticed couple young guys following us, starring at Linda. I went to a different aisle to get some items on the list. When I came back, those guys were talking to Linda. Looks like they are flirting with her. I saw one guy grab her butt, Linda jumped. Th... Continue»
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The beginning of the start.

Part 1:

It all started way back in the summer I was turned. The neighborhood was pretty tight and everyone for the most part knew of each other, but didn't quite know each other. We as k**s all grew up in that neighborhood and as for me I moved in when I was early on, after my parents divorced and I ended up living with my Mom due to courts etc.

It was a suburb of a big city, but one of the nicer ones that had swimming pools in some of the yards, and the lawns were cut. Not too bad. More or less efficiency but a bit nicer.
On my block I had 1 male friend "K" and we would play basketba... Continue»
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It Began at the Doctor's Office

Jack, get ready! The appointment is in ten minutes," Leah called up to her son's room.

While Leah waited for her son, she took a look in the mirror. She was critical of herself, but she had to admit that she looked good for 40 years old. She had red hair, a big bright smile, and rosy cheeks dusted with freckles. Her ample breasts created a substantial shelf, and her loose flannel shirt hung down over her small round belly. Her tight jeans hugged and accentuated her toned thighs and butt.

"You coming?" she yelled again.

Jack rolled out of bed, cursing his mom for making a doctor's ap... Continue»
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Beach Party

They stopped the car at the headland and looked out to the north over a deserted sweep of pure white sand. It was a beautiful vista, a low swell pushing green rolling breakers into the beach in a steady pulse, the waves breaking in a white frothy foam on the shore.

"Shall we go down onto the beach?" he asked, knowing that she would agree.

"Yes, let's," she replied as she swung the door open and stepped out onto the grass, her firm breasts swinging freely in her string top bikini bra.

He got out, pulled out the basket of goodies and locked the car. Then hand in hand they walked down th... Continue»
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Last night

A shitty day at work had resulted in me sinking 3 cans of beer upon returning home. I was by no means d***k but I knew I'd had a drink, I'd drank the beers fairly fast and on an empty stomach.

My thoughts soon turned to Christine. I had fucked her numerous times on the very sofa I was now sat on just a few days earlier. I couldn't get my head around how I felt for her. We'd fucked, off and on for years, but I found the nature in which she blew hot and cold infuriating. Many times I had attempted to engage her in sex chat when I found myself horny and desperate to fuck her only to be given ... Continue»
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Hardwood casino action

I was at the hardwood casino playing black jack getting beat hard, when I decided it was time to try another table I got up looked around the casino floor and saw a fine looking woman at the slots by the main isle that goes up to the bar.

I walked up and sat down at the $5 slot I noticed she seemed a bit distracted as I put my $5 in and hit the button, I turned to her introduced myself asking her if the machine she was playing was hot, she told me her name was Vivian and no the machine was cold to her and she was thinking of going to the bar for awhile.

I asked her if she'd like some com... Continue»
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Nurse and the UPS Driver

I am Cindy a Nurse at a large Doctors eye clinic. I’m 38 but still drop dead beautiful for my age. I am very petite and ever since I was 16 I knew I was gorgeous, with a movie star face, small petite body, nice ass, good size breasts and long chestnut brown hair. Guys were always staring at me wherever I went. So I began playing the part, I always wore full make up, tight clothes to accent my small firm ass, and enjoyed men staring at me. I was a “prick teaser” flashing my body to men and letting them enjoy the view.

I got married at 21 but eighteen years later got divorced. Work was bor... Continue»
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Wife and I out meet another guy

I wanted to take my wife out to dinner and dance for our anniversary. Since it is our 46th anniversary I found a hotel that had a band and good food. I made reservations hoping for a weekend of hot sex since my wife had been going thru her change of life and not as interested in sex as much as she used to be I contacted a friend that had told me about Ecstasy and its effects on women I had him get me some. I also got me some Viagra and since I wanted to have some wild sex.
My wife Beth is still a hot lady with 36 C's though she has put on a little weight over the years as a secretary she s... Continue»
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Journey To Work And Mary My Mature Nylon Tights Pa

A story of how my boring mundane work journey was made bearable by fantasising about a lady who used to get on my train each day, her inspiration for this story came from her gorgeous nylon clad legsthe lady was real sadly the story is made up...

One day on the train to work, the mature lady who most days i shared a train carriage with on the way to work, asked if I liked what I saw when I overdid the fleating glances at her vey smart work attire.

Her attire of smart black blazer, white blouse, with lacy bra (sporting a more than ample bosom), tight just above the knee ... Continue»
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Fuck me good baby

It was 3 AM and my bed sheets were a messy lump under my back. I was tired. It had been a tiring day — get up early in the morning, make breakfast, work eight hours, go to movies with boyfriend, have a screaming fight with boyfriend outside of movie theatre, throw drink at boyfriend, cry after being dumped, rip up photos of us as a couple ... all very tiring work.

Like I said, I was tired. Exhausted even. So why couldn't I sl**p?

I knew why, even if a part of me didn't want to admit it to myself. I needed that bastard. I wasn't used to sl**ping alone, and to top it all off, I was horny. ... Continue»
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Graduation Party

It was my high school graduation party. All of my f****y and friends were there and we were really enjoying ourselves. It was also one of the first times I had been allowed to drink, and I was really taking advantage of that. I mingled and socialized with my f****y friends, men and women who had watched me grow up from a young girl. There were a couple of my father's friends who kept inviting me back to chat more and give me more elongated hugs and congratulatory kisses on the cheek. I didn't mind and chalked it up to them just being excited for me.

Fast forward several hours into the party... Continue»
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Granny's Glory Hole Party shoot - part 1

Part 1

Over the years I've met some great women. Best of all are the ones who know what they like and Jenny knew what she liked - cock, cum and plenty of it, oh and did I mention cock and cum? Jenny was a lovely older lady, late 60's (I never as a woman her age), thin, small, nice plump tits and shaved cunt. In the street she was a lady but in the bedroom she was a total slut. Colin and Jenny had been on the swinger's circuit for years but had 'retired' from it a few years before I met them when things got very 'samey' as she put it. Doing videos was a nice little hobby and gave her a chan... Continue»
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In love with mom

EditDeleteSissy187's Blog Trying on mom's dirty Panties part 1
From the first time I fished out a pair of moms dirty panties an tryed them on ,almost 40 years ago, that's when it began for me about 1976 ?
I lock myself in the bathroom An pulled out a pair of moms dirty panties out of the hamper , immediately my cock began to harden, I inspected them , took a small sniff ,then I striped down naked an slowly slid mom dirty pantys up my legs , up over my by now rock hard cock the back over my ass, WOW I NEEDED TO CUM RIGHT NOW . I checked myself out in the mirror , I love it , an still do, the... Continue»
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Angie Takes Husband

Angie, on her way home got a call from Jonny. "Angie I want you to strip your man and suck his cock. You need to make plenty of sound and encourage him to tell you how he feels. You need to ring my mobile and leave the call open so that I can listen in on your sexing him."

Angie stripped down to her bra and thong and waited for her man to arrive home. As soon as her walked inthe door she went over to him, took his hands and put them on her bra cups. She wispered in his ear "You are going to take me in every hole tonight and I dont want any holding back."

Angie stripped his sweater off an... Continue»
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