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More Of The Wild Wierd Women

{Note to readers: Once again, I take as my departure, one of my very favorite plays by William Shakespeare, Macbeth!}

A fever had begun deep inside Macbeth's heart and soul. The spark had been there all along, even before he had met the three weird women on the heath that cold and rainy day, going on now two years prior...and in that time, he had gone back, again, and again, inexorably drawn, as is the moth drawn to it's funeral pyre, to that rocky enclosure below the ground. Each time that he did so, he was always greeted with same mocking derision of "Hail, Macbeth! Thane of Cawdor, and... Continue»
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Voices & Visions In The Night

{Yet another take off on Shakespeare's great 'Scottish Play' Macbeth}

"Whence cometh these strange and fantastical visions that rob me of night's restful sl**p, and push me from my bed?"

He rose, and wrapping his heavy cloak about him, he sat back on the edge his bed; head in hands.

The images that had disturbed his sl**p was by no means new to his fitful sl**p. Ever since he had dallied with the younger of the three weird s****rs on the tumbled heath, such strange visions and dreams, and even voices from the darkness, had assailed him thus.

The vision that had woken him on t... Continue»
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Chris 8

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

'Ouuuuu you hot little bitch.... suck my fucking clitty, honey!' Gene groaned, feeling Ty's lips wrap around his throbbing cock while Ty ground his into Gene's face. Gene tugged on Ty's panties, working them down, and first sucked each of his balls into his mouth, then tongued his asshole, before licking, then sucking, Ty's cock for him. They 69'd each other voraciously, then Gene reversed, slipping down Ty to mouth his tits, tong... Continue»
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Alex and Lily write a teasing story

This story was written by Alex and lily. Lily was abroad without Alex and they were teasing each other. Lily wrote the first paragraph and then Alex replied, and so on............

Lily - So, thinking about this some more.......I would like to go to a very posh party, eyes wide shut type.....formal dinner, beautiful long dresses, but with nothing underneath but black hold ups and high heels......during dinner we play games, but the couple who lose have to perform for the make sure we lose and you are told that you have to tie me to the cross, with my legs spread and spank me w... Continue»
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My Pussy Eating Fantasy

I sign in to Xhamster and notice I have a private message. I click on it. "HI lyqs. I like your profile. I've posted some pictures and was wondering if you would comment on them ". Of course, I thought. I clicked on her avatar.

Reading through her profile, I see that she has been on for a while. She's only been posting pictures recently. She started working out and is feeling bold, and a little naughty. I look at the three pictures she has up. They are all rather modest. None of them show her face.

The first, is of her sitting in a chair. You see her from the side. She is wearing a loo... Continue»
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My wife turns me into a cuckold

Well my story will start with my wife Lisa, who I have been married to for 30 years. Twenty years ago, she confessed to me of having an affair on me. She confessed that I was just not satisfying her like she needed. She had always wanted me to get a Harley and ride with some of her friends and their men. I never cared much for bikes, and always dismissed her requests. We got married at a young age, and had k**s right away, and I worked a lot, and much of it was out of town. Her affair went on for almost 5 years, and I was clueless. When she finally came clean with me, I was at first furious, b... Continue»
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Di follows up

For a couple of weeks after I fucked Rani I felt quite guilty and paranoid that my wife would find out, eased somewhat when she left for her overseas adventure. But that didn't stop me from transgressing again.

A few days after Christmas a group of us went out to a club, and when we left we headed back to Di's. She lived near a beach, so we detoured to continue drinking at the beach being a warm night in Melbourne. There was 7 of us, and we ended up stripping down to our underwear and going for a swim. About 30 metres out there was a sandbar and the water was only about a metre deep, so... Continue»
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Mommy Tries To Resist

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Genre- True Story, Blackmail, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, First Time, i****t, Male / Older Female, Masturbation, Mature, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, ****, Teen, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Young

My mother Helen divorced my dad when I was 16 years old and I chose to live with her. I am now 17 and just graduated from high school. Everything seems to go well and normal until one time I noticed my mother standing outside the bathroom spying on me while I masturbate with her panties. It’s funny because I spy on her when she masturbates... Continue»
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With Jean again

Well it appears I've started something really good with Jean my neighbour. Yesterday I saw her in her garden and when she spotted me I simply pulled my shorts down and flashed my cock at her. She smiled and mouthed the words very nice. This morning, as usual, I was watching porn and wanking while keeping an eye out just in case Jean came into the garden. After a while Jean appeared and I could see she was looking at the house. I stood where she could see me and she started smiling. She was in her dressing gown and watched for a minute then motioned me to come out. I opened the patio door and... Continue»
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Fucking My Aunt's Neighbor (Straight)

My Aunt and Uncle this past summer were going on vacation to France, and were going to be gone a couple of weeks, and asked me if I could stop by, get the mail, and cut their lawn. I rarely ever have to cover for them, so I didn't have a problem with it, and my place is close enough where it's not a hassle.

When they first left, I didn't head over the first day, and kind of forgot about it, but the next day I ended up going to make sure to get any mail they had,and check up on the place. I drove in, and everything seemed fine, but their mail was leaking out, so I took the key I have, grab... Continue»
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Alone with Melissa D PART 4 (Final)

The anger I was feeling was so intense no one knew what I was feeling. What was is it exactly? Was it anger or was it regret? I was angry that Morgan had continued to fuck John, but I was regretting the fact that I had done the same with Melissa. Regardless of the fact I knew Morgan was showing no signs of either. It was clear she knew I was on to her little game. I had began sl**ping on the couch, I couldnt sl**p in the same bed as her anymore. I also started staying out all day so I wouldnt have to speak with her. On days I was... Continue»
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Alberto the Landscaper

The Landscaper
I always hate it when my husband goes out of town and doesn’t tell me that workers are coming to the house. I never know who they are, what they are supposed to do, how much they got paid, or how long they are supposed to be there. It’s ok when he answers his phone so that I can ask, or if the workers speak English, but that usually isn’t the case. So that was what happened on the first Friday one May.
Nothing was going on at the office and the AC goes out, so I leave at noon. My boss gives me a lot of freedom to do things like that because I do special “favors” for him someti... Continue»
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Patty, the Second Time

I saw Patty in the parking lot before work, she had come early as I asked and I told her to stay in her car, a silver ford mustang. I got into the passenger side and Patty looked over at me, she wasn't dressed in the burger places uniform yet and before she could say anything, I reached over and took her hand. I asked her if she had fucked her husband and she looked down and said yes with a faint smile.

I smiled and asked her when and she said last night and this morning and admitted that she was still full of his sperm and leaking. I told her "great" and reached up under her dress and stuc... Continue»
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How I imagine it would have been

I've been trying to imagine the way things "might" have happened if my Dawn hadn't passed away. Everything from getting to watch her and getting surprised by coming in and finding her and one of her(our) female friends in bed together to the things that "would" have happened if we'd gotten to attend a wild swingers party to getting to see her with a black man for the first time .... all those frigging "what ifs". Well this is how I imagine that her first time with a black man would have gone.
I actually meet with a young black man in his mid twenties and we've been hoping to get tog... Continue»
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Patty, Meeting My First Older My Married Lady 1977

I was working at my second summer job at a national fast food place, and could work any shift and I was often called in for day or nights when needed. Our manager often called me in and I was a quick study so I learned and qualified for all the different positions at the Fast Food place.

I got called in to work day shift and met several women much older than I was. Patty was 25 and about 5' 6", with white alabaster skin and red hair, with a very fine light red arm hair. She was shapely and filled out the brown jeans nicely and I liked the shape of her breasts under our mandatory orange wor... Continue»
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This Was Second Time

Hello And Welcome Guys 2500+ view that's any achievement to celebrate so viewers after reading this go my gallery and check out some hot pics.

well after that day my chachi was not the same way as she was or she used to be now let be describe you how my chachi look she was in her mid 30's as Indian housewife are from lower middle class she is about 4.11' and little lumpy not that great boobs but an awesome ass so lets come back to story her weird behaviour made me little upset so i thought let's take her out
then i made a plan as my mother used to stay in other part of city my so i made m... Continue»
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Barbara, a true story about me and her in the summ

I was in DC for business staying at the Days Inn, near Springfield, VA, in a standard double room with two double beds a TV and bathroom. I was 36 and new to Washington DC, so I stayed local and went over to Springfield Mall for a drink. I saw a nice looking woman in the bar. She had wavy brunette hair, was 46, a nice figure and big hips, pretty with a 36c bust line. She was dressed in a light color button up top and dark slacks. I had glanced at her when I came into the Bennigans there. She was sitting down at the end of the bar and I was up near the front. She later moved over to talk to me.... Continue»
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Macbeth Among The Witches (Version 3)

{Note to all readers: Once again, I acknowledge that I can never hope to even come close to the genius that was William Shakespeare. However, I have always been utterly fascinated by the erotic potential that seems inherent within some of his plays. My primary fascination for that has always revolved around the famous scene in his play, Macbeth, of the encounter between Macbeth and "the three weird s****rs". Witches in the most classic sense of the word! Once again, here is my humble, and admittedly poorly executed attempt, at an "erotic" homage' to one my most favorite writers of all time!}
... Continue»
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How i not banged my mom for the first time!

My f****y consists of my father Ravi, my mom Shradha, my s****r Pooja and myself Harish.My father is 51 and my mother is 38. My age is 20.I was a normal guy until I started watching porn videos.My mind got corrupted and I started fantasizing about women around me – my teachers my aunties .

Slowly I dived into the world of i****t taboo porn especially the mother-son genre.It simply blew my mind I started imagining myself and my mom.My mom was a hot lady she was fair in color with nice juicy boobs and large protruding ass.

I was wrong in ignoring her beauty for so long.I needed a chance an... Continue»
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Ms. Super Butt 2 (Prologue)

Ms. Super-Butt 2: Delayed Gratification


Tuesday, Immediately After the Events Described in Ms. Super Butt’s Epilogue

“Ah, Mama!” Kevin called as he frantically shook his boner towards Stacey’s butt. “Stay still! It slipped out!”

“Ooh! Sorry Kevin! I’m so sorry!” Stacey whined, panting. “Mama lowered her hips to aim for the bucket. You don’t want her soiling the floor do you?” Stacey angled her anus back at Kevin. “Ohf! There!” She grunted as she began catching his thrusts again.

“Agh…” Mason watched in horror.

“Okay, let’s go... Continue»
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